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    1. Destino
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      By Destino,

      Good afternoons Redskins fans, I’m here with the exceedingly friendly, but not always creepy, @Spaceman Spiff to bring you live coverage of the final moments of the long dead 2018 season.  I will welcome the end to this misery from the warm confines of the press box, while Spiff rolls around in the mud in order to justify his continued ownership of knee pads.


      Special thanks to @pez and @Huly for the warm welcome and great food at the tailgate.  I certainly didn't plan on eating an enormous bowl of beef stew today, but it was delicious.  Also, bourbon.


      A season that began with greater promise than most of us expected ends not with a bang, but a whimper.  All we have left is a chance to play spoiler., so let’s all embrace the pettiness of “if we can’t win, then neither can they” for one day.  With a win the Redskins can deny the Eagles a chance at the playoffs and a chance to defend their title.  One Superbowl is enough for that fan base and the Redskins would really be doing everyone a favor by winning today.  The world doesn’t need more Eagle fans. 
      There’s only one problem.  Winning isn’t something the Redskins have done very much of since the team was beaten mercilessly by the injury bug.  Well for the especially petty few among our fan base there is something to be had in losing as well.  Or at least there could be.  If the Vikings lose, then a Redskins loss would keep Kirk Cousins out of the playoffs.  (Wouldn't be the first-time poor play by the Redskins have kept Kirk out of the playoffs.) 


      Side note:  I can see, from my perch in the press box, Eagles fans in furry white costumes with Eagles jerseys on over them.  Have these people never seen an eagle before or are they supposed to be some sort of eagle like monster? Is there such a thing as a were-eagle? 


      blog will be updated as the game unfolds, check back for updates....


      1st Quarter Updates:

      This is an eagle home game. I’m not sure how apparent this is on TV but the clear majority here are eagle fans.  The Redskins were very loudly booed on their way out of the tunnel.


      First play of the game was an interception, Eagles gave it back, and the rest of the first quarter was exactly as exciting as 3-0 sounds. 


      tshirt canon malfunctioned.  We'll never hit enough of these eagle fans without the canon.  All hope is lost. 


      2nd quarter update: 

      "This feels like a home game for X" is a thing that is often said when too many fans from opposing teams show up, but is usually greatly exaggerated.  Not today.  The chants I can hear from my vantage point are entirely for the eagles and the stadium erupted in cheers when Philly scored a touchdown.  And then there's this (note the colors in the seats):



      Half time!

      How many hotdogs would be too many to eat during half time?  I'm going with four.  I would never eat four. 


      3rd Quarter Update:

      Redskins continue to struggle, Eagles score again, and just when you think there is no reason to watch *boom* they hit you with the fake punt.  Sadly no points.  On the bright side most of the fans in the stadium seem to be happy with the way things are going. 


      Main topic of conversation in the press box is the Vikings Bears game going on far away in a universe where football isn't nearly as sad as it it in this one. 


      4th Quarter Update.

      This is it folks, the last quarter of football and many questions remain unanswered.  By how many points will we lose this game?  Will the Redskins be shut out?  Will Kirk feel guilty about taking all that money from the Vikings?


      Loudest cheers in FedEx field in the 4th quarter were from Eagles fans... for the Bears. 


      Redskins finish the game on the losing end of a 24-0 shut out. 








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