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  1. In 2017 they were 45 points favorites against Howard and managed to lose. I believe that is the NCAA record.
  2. Depends on who else is available.
  3. As a Big 10 fan, I can tell you Sean Clifford was very disappointing. I wouldn't even put him in the top half of the Big 10 for the 2020 season. He was better in 2019, but unless he improves tremedously I would stay a way. Tanner Morgan likewise was much better in 2019 than 2020, but Morgan was still good in 2020, just not NFL good. In general that list of 2022 QB's is uninspiring, but its important to remember new guys will emerge. Two years ago at this time Joe Burrow was considered a mid to late round pick. Last year at this time Zach Wilson and Mac Jones were not any of the list
  4. Do you have a link on Burrow? I cannot find anything that looks credible. The only thing I can find is somebody said that on a message board (sort of like here). I googled "Joe Burrow 40 yard dash" and "Joe Burrow 4.54" and didn't see anything that looked credible.
  5. I googled Joe Burrow 4.54 because that didn't sound right and I found a bunch of articles about how Tee Higgins ran a 4.54
  6. I haven't been following this thread that closely. Can somebody explain why Parsons fell so much. He was viewed as a sure first rounder by this board about 4 months ago.
  7. Taylor Heinicke was a 4 year starter and a really good player at ODU. For his first two years as a starter, ODU was FCS. For his junior year, I think ODU did a transition year and then his senior year than were FBS. His numbers went down with the improvement in competition but he still put up good numbers and his team was usually at a talent disadvantage overall at the FBS level. The announcer made a mistake when he said he was the QB of ODU when they beat VT. Heincke last season in college was 2014 and ODU didn't beat VT until 2018 so there was a four year gap. Ve
  8. The first one wasn't really double coverage because we had two receivers in the area.
  9. I didn't think Fields had a good game, but the game didn't change anything for me. Lawrence is still the clear number 1 and Fields and Wilson are still top 10 guys. I don't think this game and the Indiana game has made me question Fields ceiling at all; however its made me aware his floor is not as high as some hoped.
  10. Javon Leake was a really good return man at Maryland. I am not sure exactly what trait made him a great return man in college. He is fast but nothing elite. He only ran a 4.65 at the combine in the forty which is very disappointing, but from watching him for 3 years at Maryland I can tell you he plays faster than that. He shared the workload at running back with Anthony McFarland, the 4th round pick of the Steelers. McFarland was faster, but I thought Leake was the better of the two running backs. They could both hit the homerun but Leake was better at getting the 4 yard gains
  11. Very strong recruiting class by Maryland, but on paper definitely stronger on the defense than offense. I'd give the defensive haul an A and the offensive haul maybe a B-. Next year they definitely need a good QB recruit and 4 or so solid O-Line prospects.
  12. Since I am a big Maryland Terrapin fan, I'll give my thoughts on all their possible prospects even though I don't see any being a great fit for WFT 1. Running Back Jake Funk: An effective zone runner, he lacks NFL athleticism, but is a very effective college zone runner. He leads college football in yards per carry at 8.6. One thing that he does extremely well for the college level is pass pro. The drop off in pass pro is noticeable when he is out of the game. He has a great understanding of what he needs to do in pass pro. Unfortunately due to getting covid he only got
  13. Or the coach made the right decision for their scheme but in a different scheme it may not have been the right decision.
  14. I have no idea where he stacks up nationally, but he is a local kid.
  15. Watching live football, I have never been a fan of Feleipe Franks
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