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  1. Indomitable? Yes Eternal? No, unless you're last name is Brady. The team showed saint's patience during his long recovery, but it's time to go. Long and fruitful career as QB. A great leader. Thank you, Alex. Now let's make some room for the younger guys and pray we don't get another Haskins. If that happens again we'll give you a call
  2. Good move by the FO. The kid showed he can compete for the starting spot at QB. Things are falling into place: - No outlandish trade for an old QB - No pre-drama for the draft - Re-signed what seems to be a very good back-up QB, at the very least Starting to believe.
  3. Average for the league maybe, but very good in hindsight compared to the absolute clown show HCs we got afterwards on multiple occasions. Having said that, he's #8 on the list of HC with the most wins, I think?
  4. It's fair to say that in the last 20 years Marty was the best coach around here after Gibbs. His team was packed with talent. Banks came out of nowhere and added stability to the position. Davis was tremedous at RB. Good O-Line. Scary defense. And despite all the flack Westbrook and Gardner received I could see them as an upgrade over our current WRs Thank's for the memories, Marty. We still appreciate you around here.
  5. Yep, all of those team had superb or historic defenses. They had the talent on D. In no way did the QB carry the entire team the entire season. As of this moment, thanks to RR, we are much closer to those types of teams than to an offensive juggernaut. I like that.
  6. X2 I have doubts about Allen, but Heine clearly showed he at least deserves a fair shot to be next year's starter. Draft some decent QB and groom him. No need to reach. Paying for a high-profile QB or exchanging the whole farm for a rook is exactly what we've seen during the last 20 years around here. How's that worked out? Rivera wants to change that. We ain't Tampa that just needed Brady to become a winner, nor KC. Those teams took at least 5 years of solid building to be competitive. Hopefully RR keeps some sanity within the organizati
  7. Sounds like a good plan. Problem is those two elite vets will cost us a king's bounty in draft picks, which could set us back for years. Sometimes the best strategy is to stay put?
  8. If we want performance right now we should roll with Heine. No other QB we saw with the team en 2020 even comes close to the kind of performance he pulled off against what could very well be the next NFL champion. Pick a decent QB in the draft and let him sit and learn. Keep Allen as a backup. Done.
  9. I could say the same thing about your argument. There is no empirical evidence Stafford will better or even equal his prevous performance with the Lions during the last 11 years if he plays for us. None. What he do know is he has ample experience playing indoors with a very good WR supporting cast whom helped him rack up lots of yards. That's a fact. Thinking he can replicate that performance, under completely different conditions, strikes me as naive.
  10. Ah, so let me get this straight: Playing outdoors in GB once every season invalidates him playing 8 games inside a dome, right? Stafford is happy inside a dome. He's happier when you give him weapons like Megatron, Golden Tate, Golladay, Burleson, Boldin, Ross. Any success he's had must be linked to the system and the guys around him. That's a scary WR lineup by any standard. There's always an exception.
  11. C'mon man, you know what I'm getting at. A considerable amount of QBs that rack up lots of yards play indoors. Or at least under decent weather. That success rarely transfers over to the new team playing outdoors in the North East.
  12. His stats are padded bc he has played all of his NFL career indoors. And he's had some very good WRs in his lineup (and a first ballot HOFamer). Not so sure he can just arrive here and replicate those numbers.
  13. Yes, that would be huge. But getting a good combo like that seems like a reach when there are some gapping holes at MLB, TE and safety.
  14. No way Stafford lands here. He wants to win now. Dude is a AAA quality QB because he has been surrounded by a very competent WR corps with Detroit and they play inside a dome. His numbers are directly tied to those factors. We would need much better WRs to make the guy even turn his head this way.
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