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  1. Tough to watch the interrogation of a murderer.
  2. Tomorrow through Thursday, the Big 12 is going to be LIT
  3. I don’t doubt that the Grand Canyon has killed a lot of people. There is a remarkable documentary on Nat Geo/Disney+ about 2 journalists who decide to through-hike the Grand Canyon. They do not have a ton of hiking experience and are, frankly, idiots. Their first attempt at what should be a 800+ mile and month long trip ends after 3 days with both of them nearly dying from exposure and exhaustion. So they go home and heal for a few months (their skin had basically come off) and regroup and formulate a much less ambitious, but still harrowing, plan to hike it in stages with lots of ou
  4. Shocking! https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/addybaird/madison-cawthorn-sexual-misconduct-allegations-patrick
  5. Yea, 3 in person appraisals by dealers, including the one that offered 14k, which was Carmax. The one individual buyer showed up thinking he’d talk me down to 10k, he’s dead now. Car is 2014 E350 sport with 72k miles.
  6. The only "video games" she has played to date are like ABCMouse and whatnot on her iPad. I'll check out the Pikimin 3 demo later (it is blocked on my work computer). If there are any games dealing with unicorns or ballerinas, that would be wonderful.
  7. I shopped it around at like 4 actual places, and did a thing where I entered the details at KBB and dealers would send me bids. Most were in the 12-13k range, and I've have to drive it to them (and they'd probably try to haggle with me when I got there). The highest offer was $14k but would be an hour drive there and an hour Uber home. Carvana offered 14,500 and they are coming to get it.
  8. Mario Kart and Mario Odyssey. Maybe not the best picks for a 5 year old girl, but when I got the Switch at the beginning of the pandemic, games were tough to come by.
  9. Regarding masks, I will probably be among the last to stop wearing one. Despite some snowflake "patriots" complaining, I don't find them to be the least bit annoying, other than when i want to wear sunglasses and they fog up. And like @bearrockI haven't been sick since last winter. #jinx. And that's with a baby in daycare in the house. When my first kid started daycare I was sick for like 5 months straight with a variety of chimeric afflictions. I also booked a trip for July to Hilton Head. Going to be staying with about 30 people, all family, no old people. It's a trip my
  10. If the hotel agreed to host CPAC, then they are lying in the bed they made. WTF did they think was going to happen?
  11. I think there certainly has to be a balance. Like, I'm not going to any indoor concerts, and sadly probably no Caps or Nats games. But I sure as hell am going to go out to eat at restaurants and otherwise do some of the things that i used to do, which I feel like I owe to the local economy and all of the people that were laid off and need people to start doing things again so they can earn a living. I will certainly continue to wear a mask unless I am actively stuffing my face and attempt to stay socially distant from strangers.
  12. Wow, Carvana gave me a really good price for my car, and they are coming to pick it up tomorrow.
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