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  1. PleaseBlitz

    NYMAG: Who is QAnon? The Storm Conspiracy, Explained

    Same. It's a festival of stupid, and I am here for it.
  2. PleaseBlitz

    The Liquor Thread

    Last week and this one have arguably been the toughest (not worst, just toughest) two week stretch that I’ve had professionally. I got home at 9 tonight. It’s Thursday and ive already billed 57 hours this week. Tomorrow is light.
  3. PleaseBlitz

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Colt is claiming their margins are too low, which i can tell you is corporate-speak for “not worth the headache.”
  4. We should combine the Dakotas and declare Wyoming a myth. Have you ever actually met anyone from Wyoming? It’s because it isn’t a real place. #Wyominganon
  5. Lots of good paying jobs too.
  6. And pay way more in taxes than Wyoming.
  7. PleaseBlitz

    The Forthcoming Recession

    Very true.
  8. PleaseBlitz

    The Forthcoming Recession

    Not sure that recessions cause lots of people to retire early. I seem to recall them losing jobs and then taking young people’s (****ty) jobs rather than retiring.
  9. PleaseBlitz

    Local (to the DMV) News and Events

    **** every single one of these people. Meet the Folks Planning to Ruin Your Commute on September 23 In related news, I just started a Facebook group called "Bring a pile of rocks with you on September 23rd."
  10. This is incorrect. He consistently said that Trump had a 30% chance, rubes rounded that down to 0%. Also, moving the sliders right before election day is probably warranted given the Comey testimony the week before. Here is that actual item from 2 days before the election: Try again. I'm aware that he editorializes, he's also pretty good at pointing out when he's doing it. Also, public sentiment = polling. Polling measures public sentiment. Sheesh. Yea, that's his job. See @No Excuses posts.
  11. Can you provides some examples? Also, numbers change, and therefore the interpretations of numbers should change. People can do both. 538 is apologetically about polling and public sentiment. It's important because you can't enact change without winning elections. I'm not a leftist, yet I also support Warren. My second is anyone but Bernie. I tried. Way too much sanctimony and being full of ****.
  12. PleaseBlitz

    TSG: "Very Clean" White Girl Cops To DUI Rap

    Things heard at a Game****s football tailgate. Things heard after a Game****s football tailgate.