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  1. Seems like a win win. Agree with @bearrock, my kids’ safety comes WAY before your ****ing feelings.
  2. Im out in Old Town Alexandria this evening and the pandemic is over.
  3. Not sure “winning” is a word we ever get to use with half a million dead Americans.
  4. I’m just saddened by the whole situation and angered because I suspect Bibi is doing it in large part for personal political gain.
  5. I think hes counting the 2 weeks after the 2nd shot for it to be fully effective.
  6. Same. Unrelated, my kid’s jiu jitsu class has gone from 5 kids to 18 in the last 2 weeks, so it seems like people are getting pretty comfortable.
  7. I mean, run with it and claim you know the Antichrist.
  8. Firm just sent out some guidance on their thinking. "We are actively considering requiring vaccines for all employees (subject to reasonable accommodations for religious, medical exceptions and as otherwise required by law)."
  9. My firm is discussing re-opening our offices around Labor Day and whether or not to mandate vaccines is a big topic of discussion. Most people, as far as I can tell, want the mandate, the issue is whether the firm can require you to submit medical information
  10. Why ugh? I’m all for antiVaxxers self-identifying and separating themselves from the rest of society. This is great.
  11. Im also using my fake aversion to indoor public spaces to ensure I never have to join my wife shopping.
  12. Welp. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2021/05/13/israel-gaza-conflict-latest-updates/
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