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  1. I actually love the outtakes. Here is my son trying (successfully) to eat the scenery.
  2. LOL Hannity clearly does not give a single **** about Lindsey Graham.
  3. Yea, I definitely had to resist the urge to pick a bottle based on the label rather than the description. The bottle (from thesame distillery) next to the Rat Pack bottle was a scene from Field of Dreams, which is one of my favorite movies, but everything Prav was telling me about the actual booze said go Rat Pack. Its the same deal with wine. I know that if a bottle of wine has a too clever name or, god forbid, a high heel on the label, that wine is going to be trashjuice.
  4. I say all of this and Halloween is my second favorite holiday. And my birthday.
  5. Not even that. Just, if you come into contact with 1000 people, 80% kids, you are catching it. I just spent 7 months upending my life to not catch it. The “reward” side of that equation is ****ing KitKats. GTFO.
  6. My community is still doing Halloween this year, which is ****ing stupid. In a good year, like when it’s on a Saturday like this year, we will get 1,000 people. Some of my neighbors are suggesting ways to do it while social distancing but I am noping out of it this year.
  7. I did not see Snoop. I saw a poorly drawn picture of a penis and a butthole, but did not get that one. The Makers is 100% for me. Not sure if I am giving my buddy the Starlight or the Rat Pack. I think I will casually ask him if he likes rye, and if so, then the Starlight. The Starlight has two bottles, the only difference being the amount of char. I think that will appeal to my buddy's analytic nature (he is a Navy JAG). What is the deal with the labels?
  8. OK, I made it to the glorious booze palace. Before I get to the haul, let me extend my deep appreciation to @HOF44. Awhile back, I mused about finding a "booze concierge" and that is exactly what this place is. AND IT'S TWO BLOCKS FROM MY OFFICE. When i got there, they were making some lady stand outside while they filled her order. I said HOF's name and the door opened and i was invited in. #ballerstatus Prav, the proprietor, is the ****ing man. Obviously extremely knowledgeable, and he seemed intent on really learning about my tastes, rather than just filling an order tran
  9. Not for Roberts, yes for Gorsuch. Fun fact: Gorsuch was the first SCOTUS justice confirmed with only a simple majority.
  10. I mean, pretty much whenever. My posts so far have been about getting a present for a neighbor, but make no mistake, I am filling up my trunk for myself too.
  11. Awesome. And yes, I did go back and review all of our past discussion on this topic this morning. You have been an incredible resource on this stuff.
  12. Thanks! Taking a step back, can you explain the concept of a "store pick"?
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