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  1. Wow, UVA upset by a school I’ve never even heard of.
  2. VCU may want to try scoring at some point.
  3. The season has officially begun! 15 of the top 25 teams play today. It is the first round of the Battle 4 Atlantis Bad Boy Mowers Crossover Classic.
  4. I don't know what PS+ is. Still having fun with Just Cause 3. I'm still not great at grappling, but improving. I've recently realized that the tethers are the best things in any video game ever. Last night I drove a tank off a cliff, jumped out, and (while in freefall) tethered the tank to the helicopter that I was fighting and watched as the tank/chopper plummeted into the ocean as I parachuted to safety. It was ****ing epic and I considered turning the game off and never playing it again so I could go out on that high note.
  5. I celebrate Thanksgiving like I celebrate Xmas and every other holiday. I observe the parts I like and ignore the other parts. Thanksgiving is a particularly strong holiday, for reasons already stated.
  6. My opponent this week only needed 2.5 points out of Ronald Jones tonight to beat me. He got 2.4.
  7. I assume Katie Porter threatened her with the Five Finger Exploding Heart Punch if she didn’t do her job.
  8. I think I must've missed that lesson. Most of my playthroughs for any of the Fallout games had something like this happen: Me: Oh, this town full of people has an unexploded nuclear bomb in the middle of it. Ooooooh, how to I get that to blow up????? The game, 15 minutes later: You now have to choose to disarm the bomb or blow it up. CAUTION, blowing up the bomb will kill everyone and.... Me: Skips rest of dialogue.
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