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  1. I feel like the Biles thing should have been news for one day. It's over. An American still won the all around and is now pretty famous. Not a bad outcome. On to other stuff. FWIW I am off of Twitter, which is the only social media i use (besides ES), for the duration of the Olympics both because I don't want to see results before the events are televised and because people have the absolute worst takes.
  2. Use a baseball card broker. Pay them to do the work, they'll do it better than you ever could.
  3. This is literally the opposite of leadership. “Eh, do whatever you want, it’s whatever.” -George Patton
  4. Between this thread and the Covid Vaccine thread, I think a certain poster should cite "mental health" and end her pursuit of a gold medal in "Worst Cumulative Takes in a Single Day in ES History."
  5. It would not surprise me if Susan Sarandon was at the January 6 insurrection looking lost and holding a Bernie flag.
  6. It's not often that I'm happy a USA team loses in the Olympics....just every time I disagree with their politics.....or if they are LGBT ..... or black .... or immigrants .... or just non-white .....ok I root against most of them. Edit: Also, at least spell her ****ing name right so you aren't outing yourself as a total idiot.
  7. So far my favorite part of judo is the announcer. For obvious reasons, NBC does not permanently employ a judo analyst, so it's clear they went and found a really personable and articulate former elite practitioner. He's so great. He does the Tony Romo thing were he calls what is going to happen before it happens and does a great job of explaining what he's seeing that makes him think that. For someone not super familiar with judo, it's very educational. He also does not give AF, so far I've heard him drop an s-bomb and describe an athlete and her coach as "going back like pimps and pinky
  8. It is a choice. A choice to be an asshole.
  9. Seriously, questioning the toughness, mental or physical, of arguably the greatest gymnast of all time is ri-goddamn-diculous.
  10. So happy that we'll never see Ovi in another sweater.
  11. I remember Gabby Douglas winning 3 gold medals in London, including the women's all-around, that whole gymnastics team was America's Sweethearts, McKayla Maroney was applauded for her "not impressed" expression when she won silver, yet Douglas caught a whole ton of **** for her hair (which was pretty typical of black-girl hair and probably steeped in racism). Pissed me off. **** those people.
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