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  1. The current GOP is composed of 2 factions: the Donor Class, who are the rich mother****ers who just want to accumulate and keep their vast wealth and do not care about the rest of the people one way or the other (so they want low taxes and minimal regulations on business), and the Proles, the poor, white, christian faction that the Donor Class needs to keep angry and scared (via FoxNews and such) so the vote for politicians that will keep taxes and regulations to the bare minimum. The MyPillow guy is what happens when a Prole miraculously gets into the Donor Class. Donald
  2. I think im going to join Parler just for January 20th.
  3. You start to fix the parity issue by expanding the playoff. The playoff has now been around for 7 years. That is 28 spots. Only 11 teams have ever been in, and 20 off the 28 spots have been taken by 4 schools. Those schools therefore get the best players, and therefore go to the playoff, and therefore get the best players, and therefore go to the playoff.
  4. Corporate Crossfit has certain benchmark workouts that they give names to. “Murph” and “Fran” and such. Since I quit my box due to Covid, me and some neighbors have turned my garage into a gym and have been getting our workouts from an online crossfit community. We’ve started naming the workouts we really like.
  5. Can we please not debase the word “magnate”
  6. The seventh seal will be broken and the blood of centuries shall flow forth from the ground. But in the nick of time, Jesus Christ Donald J. Trump will stride forth, an army of #PATRIOTS at his back, and lay the ground asunder. The great cataclysm shall commence and His (Donald’s) chosen will be anointed with oil and repel the savage libruls who have defiled all which #RealAmericans hold dear. I’m guessing something like that. Probably.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/15/nra-files-bankruptcy-incorporate-texas-new-york NRA files for bankruptcy and seeks to incorporate in Texas
  8. Wow, someone actually took the title of “America’s Dumbest Swimmer” away from Ryan Lochte.
  9. When lawyers for the company about to sue you into oblivion get to draft a statement for you to release. I’ve done this, it is a tremendous amount of fun.
  10. "Nearly a million" signature isn't really all that much in California. Its about 2%. I'll also point out that the headline says "California Democrats Starting To Take Gov. Newsom Recall Effort Seriously" but the evidence for that is the GOP guy pushing the effort "thinks the Democrats may be getting worried."
  11. It looked to me that the Caps could dominate when they wanted to, but did not put together a full game. Got up 4-1 then immediately let the Sabres get to within 1. That Vrana goal ended up really bailing them out. Overall they looked better than I expected given a new coach, a handful of new faces and no preseason games, but also the Sabres aren't very good aside from a few guys. Hopefully we learn more tonight.
  12. I mean, wading into such a dysfunctional, backstabbing, crazy, corona-virus laden environment to recover valuable historical artifacts is probably the closest that person ever gets to being Indiana Jones.
  13. Well, Buffalo stinks, but the Caps new system seems effective and fun.
  14. Yes, sorry I was distracted because I was laughing at how difficult it is for most of the Caps (aside from Oshie) to read a cue card for a commerical without struggling to sound out the words.
  15. Rusty or old. Too soon to tell which. PK looks good.
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