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    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    3 hours later.
  2. PleaseBlitz

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Cabernet braised short ribs.
  3. PleaseBlitz

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    They just reported that everyone, including the horses, is okay, so.....
  4. PleaseBlitz

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    Holy ****! The Oklahoma wagon just ate it. Scary.
  5. PleaseBlitz

    The Impeachment Thread

    It’s like a sovereign citizen situation where the cops pulls someone over, and they claim the cop has no authority over them using nonsense arguments and jibberish, then goes even faster.
  6. Yep, but Tysons should be the same thing 50 times larger with Metro and 150,000 jobs. It’ll take another 10 years to get close.
  7. That was a good post. I would make the distinction that it's not "Christianity" (meaning, the source material) that is the problem. It's "christianity" the institution with its structures and leaders and agenda (political, financial and otherwise) that is the problem.
  8. The answer you seek lies in the source.
  9. There is a ton of policing, it just goes in the opposite direction. If you don't tow the company line, you get ostracized by the people at the top of the pyramid (who make the most money off of keeping people in line).
  10. PleaseBlitz

    The Impeachment Thread

    Oh my yes. Trump should 100% be impeached for this. I'll also note that obstruction is not the main reason I think he should be impeached.
  11. PleaseBlitz

    The Impeachment Thread

    More like Mick LOLvaney. Amiright?
  12. Tysons is never going to be good, but it can be remarkably better than it was and currently is. They are trying to shoehorn the Arlington model onto it, but they keep ****ing up important details. The area of Arlington from Rosslyn to Ballston is pretty great because it's all along that line of Metro stops, which makes everything accessible and then walkable, plus easily connected to DC. Tysons is already too sprawling for that, and they cheaped out and put the Metro above ground, which ****s up what should be the walking corridors. That said, the most important thing they are doing is adding a ton of condos and apartments. The worst thing about Tysons used to be that so many people had to pass through it either because they work there, shopped there or had to go through it to access major transportation corridors. But nobody lived there, so 100% of the former group came in cars, and the roads, particularly Route 7 and the offshoots around the malls, where not even close to being able to handle it. By adding all of the condos and apartments, now a lot of the people that work there live there, and can theoretically walk or bike places. However, as @No Excuses noted, it is still a pedestrian nightmare and they still need to make a lot of progress on making it actually walkable. Next phase will hopefully be for property values to go up and price out the myriad car dealerships and other land-intensive businesses associated with urban sprawl and replace them with open space or towers (residential or offices), or hopefully mixed use neighborhoods that include all of them.
  13. PleaseBlitz

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready! Donald Trump Jr.’s Oblivious Gripe About Nepotism Gets The Treatment On Twitter
  14. “The Lerner family has spent money on this team.” Yep, thats how it works guys.
  15. Re: Whiskey commercial. I would not ingest anything that Conor McGregor participated in producing.
  16. Nice play by Tommy Edman. He’ll be a good player once he hits puberty.
  17. I have done the water taxi from Alexandria to a game with my 4 year old. Definitely a good option.
  18. PleaseBlitz

    Redskins Fan Revolt Thread

    I joined this club a solid 10 years ago. The ONLY thing that can be done is to STOP SPENDING MONEY ON THIS TEAM. I have not spent one dime on anything Redskins related in a decade. Hell, I boycott Johnny Rockets.
  19. It was a really good option. The best part, besides the game itself, was that if i walked quickly to the bathroom as soon as a third out was recorded, I'd be the first person to the there. By the time I walked out the line would be 50 people deep.
  20. It was the first time I did SRO. It was a good experience overall. I went with some work friends, there were 5 of us. I really wanted to get there when the gates opened and run to the Bud Light Loft and watch from there, but 2 of our group could not get out of work early enough. Instead of going in separately, the other 3 of us instead went to Walters to wait for them, which I had never been to before and is great (except for the Caps getting demolished). We went in about 6:00. Tried the Bud Light Loft but it was packed, so we went to the Devils Backbone Left Field Lodge in the upper deck in left field. That was okay, but on our way there we scoped out a few other good options and ended up watching the entire game from the top of section 203. It was pretty great because there was a long high table to put beers and food on (but no chairs), and it was easy access to a beer stand, a bathroom, and Old Hickory BBQ. The sight line was pretty great, you can see the picture I posted last night, and the scoreboard was directly in front of us. I'd do it again. The only real drawbacks were standing the entire time (but I was ****ing amped up and didn't really notice) and the fact that we were behind one row of accessible seating, which just means for old people that can't navigate stairs (or claim to not be able to in order to get those seats). The issue wasn't being behind them, the issue was that an old lady saw me with 2 of the 26oz beers and she took one and gave it to a Cardinals fan. She was very old and I was too happy to punch out an old lady. The Cardinals fan tried to give it back, but i took pity on him and let him have it. He was actually super nice. He did not, however, buy the next round, possibly because I said some not-so-nice things about Yadi throughout the course of the game and where Juan Soto should direct his crotch grabs.
  21. On StubHub? I had a mini-season ticket plan, so I believe I get priority access. I certainly hope they aren't that much. Edit: Plus I did SRO tickets last night, they were only $134. I found a pretty awesome spot with easy access to a beer vendor and a bathroom.