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  2. Well I guess you can now add Bobby McCain (S) to the mix. Not sure it is relevant to add Jordan Ta'amu in the QB list as he replaces Steven Montez for this minicamp.
  3. After all that clarity you provided on the trademark stuff...Wolves would work for me. I'd consider Wolves a gift from the almighty at this point.
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  5. I'm really, really disappointed. Like...wow.
  6. It's going to be real interesting what we do with the McCain/Collins/Curl trio. Im wondering if McCain essentially spells the end of Moreland being on the field and we somehow do a 3 safety defense?
  7. I was yelling at the TV on that play. Raffl had everyone beat to both sides. I saw about 4 Bruins wipe out trying to forecheck behind our net.
  8. Ah, that's probably right. I was trying to come up with something else, but heroine was all that came to mind; if she were on that, she wouldn't be our problem anymore.
  9. It was a suit and tie affair.... Maceo Parker - Shake everything you've got (feat. Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis) on JAZE.club - YouTube
  10. Do guys even get blown up anymore lol I hear you though, will be interesting to see how responds to live hitting. Seam route only in year 1 works for me though.
  11. Just thought I'd randomly drop in to say **** you. So...
  12. yes it will be on the national broadcast for NBCSN
  13. Exactly - I think they're being more risk averse until more information comes out. We're just trying to be extra safe
  14. FWIW, one expert's POV https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/14/health/children-under-12-cdc-masks-wen-wellness/index.html It appears to be largely dependent on the risk tolerance of the parents. The chances of the little ones catching it from a fully vaccinated adult are really really low (certainly lower than the many risks kids are exposed to in everyday life). In your case, you can just follow the parents' wishes right?
  15. I wish there was more guidance on what to do with kids that are unvaccinated in that newborn-3 year range. I still wear a mask around my nephew and niece even though I'm vaccinated
  16. My wife didn't get sick a single time last year. Normally she gets sick a few times and its really bad. Her thought process is that she will continue to wear the mask. She doesn't trust others to do the correct thing. I am not sure how I feel about it just yet. It seems so early to drop the masks after a little more than a year. If this was Trump's CDC, I would not think twice about wearing the mask. However, Biden's I am cautiously optimistic. That there is the dilemma. I guess my questions is, are they saying this to get more people vaccinated? If that is the case, then I think
  17. Felt the SAME way. I expected this team to win tonight and they did so, I’ve heard that games 2, 3 and 4 are on NBCSW. I’m in SC for my brothers wedding for the week, will it be shown to out of state too?
  18. Me as well, I've made that abundantly clear in this thread. However, the truth of the matter is trademark concerns are likely going to influence this decision. Personally, I hope we don't end up with a **** name because nobody in the organization had any foresight to have a plan B for decades. I get that as a fan Dan never wanted to change the name, and word getting out that the organization was trying to secure trademarks for other names would have just added to the pressure on him to change the name, but damn...very frustrating that it's led us to this predicament. Oh well...
  19. That's taking the punishment a bit too excessive on KDawg. So I'm going to have to throw a flag on a couple of you guys and penalize you all, for a "Technical Foul" aka "Givin Him The Business"
  20. The “do you want to have fun?” Crowd is out on full force
  21. Randomly saw this dude on Twitter. Someone to keep an eye on for a bigger promotion..nearly perfectly hit the cutter too.
  22. I know a Nikki and I know a Joe but not together
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