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  2. I am shocked, I tell you, to discover that his pick has made a career out of being completely partisan.
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  4. There’s no denying that better form would serve him well. I’m just of the opinion that vision, ball placement, IQ, and drive are far more important.
  5. So what you are saying is that although he makes unorthodox throws ( bad mechanical throws), it’s ok because it works? That’s exactly the point.
  6. What is a better switcharoo role? Pesci in Home Alone, or Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop? Brilliant s***.
  7. Glad you said something. Mahomes is so good that he can try random crazy **** for fun. Same thing with Steph Curry. They are both mechanically sound. Back to football, being flawed mechanically only isn’t a “big deal” if you can use your legs as a legit weapon like Josh Allen, Lamar, Cam, etc. Otherwise, you’re just Joe Flacco or worse
  8. so the timeline goes like this: 1- Trump‘s Campaign is widely reported to be short of funds. Trump even discusses the possibility of spending his own money, an unthinkable situation for a sitting president that’s been essentially fund raising for four years, 2- Trump is losing badly, largely because he failed as a leader during a pandemic. He knows this, it’s an inescapable reality that even Fox News can’t hide. 3- Trump then asks HHS to spend 300 million of public money on propaganda about his COVID response. These dots aren’t terribly hard to connect. B
  9. Josh Rosen is super mechanically sound. Waaay more than Haskins and Mahomes.
  10. Freirmuth and Tutu Atwell would open our offense up so much. Especially if you can add some more horsepower up front.
  11. Yo Alexa, who is the greatest drummer of all time. THE GREATEST DRUMMER OF ALL TIME IS GINGER BAKER. .... .... I respect your opinion.
  12. what ‘industry’ are you referring to, and who is ‘we’
  13. It depends on the QB. For Haskins it’s what’s most important.
  14. What we need is for Joe to be winning in AZ,FL and NC so that those other rust belt states are just sweet deserts.
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