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  2. I'd be all for starting over. He can take the championships and hall of famers with him for all I care. I'm over the Snyder B.S.
  3. Skinsinparadise

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    McShay, that's quite a fall for Oliver compared to others
  4. I couldn’t agree with this more. The other thing that is important, and also held true with the Browns, they stayed in the same division. I would reject getting the Jags, changing the name and then still playing in the AFC South. For me it would have to be exactly like the Browns: same name, stats, history, division, everything except the current owner and team. You really should have used the gif
  5. So he actually interviewed Kushner yesterday about the job.
  6. Cooked Crack

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Individual 1 is in trouble

    I'm worried Jared won't be able to bring peace to the Middle East, solve the opioid crisis, or reform the criminal justice system if he's busy being Chief of Staff.
  7. Absolutely as long as the team moves to Arizona, retains the name, history and records and leaves the owner to pick up the new expansion team.
  8. Why am I Mr. Pink?

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Reminder me of when DC came up with the "Top Gun"program which ... The month-old Top Gun Award Program will pay officers who seize more than three weapons $100 for every gun confiscated if the seizure is accompanied by an arrest. The officer who seizes the most guns by the end of this year -- the "Top Gun" -- will get a seven-day, all-expenses-paid cruise for two people. Initially, the program will last through Dec. 31. ^^ this was from 1994. What happened? Police started pulling over every car they saw targeting black men. If they found a gun, they made up a BS reason for the stop and search. If they didnt have a gun .."we are so sorry for the inconvenience, you may go on your way". People who only get a warning from a cop in SE DC dont complain even though their constitutional right against unreasonable search and seizure was just violated. Proud to say i worked on an excessive force case in Federal Court and took down one of the biggest abusers of the top gun program. edit --- this program is not like the top gun program.
  9. Nobody else wants the job, and frankly, I think this was the plan all along. Him or Ivanka.
  10. To get rid of Snyder I would entertain this in all honesty. Even if it cost me a few seasons with no team in the area. But i want to keep the team name here like Cleveland did. The Redskins belong to the DC region. Yes. Technically our franchise started in Boston. But the history developed here needs to stay here. Dan can take the team wherever he wants and name it whatever he wants. But he has not earned the right to take my Redskins.
  11. Any chance he gets thrown in jail also? I would be the happiest person in the world.
  12. I was just using them as an example of a team that might move eventually. I’d take the chargers if they decide LA isn’t for them. Lets face it, at this point, most nfl teams are in big makets and not moving. Or they’re Green Bay and not moving.
  13. December 13, 2018 Head Coach Jay Gruden On injuries: "Did not participate [Ryan] Anderson, hamstring; [Tony] Bergstrom, ankle/knee; [Josh] Doctson, in concussion protocol; [Colt] McCoy, fibula; [Jordan] Reed, ankle/foot. Limited [Matt] Ioannidis, shin; [Ty] Nsekhe, knee; [Shaun] Dion Hamilton, shoulder; [Adrian] Peterson, shoulder and [Morgan] Moses, ankle and blisters." On decisions to place some players on injured reserve: "We have roster decisions to make, yes, possibly. We're still going through the process on who we want to play and possibly dress. We've got another day or so to figure all of that out." On if QB Colt McCoy and TE Jordan Reed are possible injured reserve candidates: "We have been talking about them. We feel pretty good that Jordan is coming along and Colt, we're optimistic. We've just got to get with the trainers and do what's best for those guys, number one and then obviously for the team." On the latest on McCoy: "Well, he's just healing right now, so we've got to wait. It will be a little while before he can get out of the boot and then once he gets out of the boot, he'll start the process of working out and getting better." On QB Josh Johnson and new plays based on his skill set: "When you have a new quarterback brand new, you're going to disrupt it a little bit, so have to try and figure out things that he can do to try and move the chains a little bit. Jacksonville has a very veteran style defense, very good defensive coordinator, great skill in the secondary with the players they have in Jalen [Ramsey] and obviously Tashaun Gipson is a great safety. It’s a very good defense. We have to figure out how to attack them and then make him as comfortable as possible [and] also try to install some things that might make him more effective that fit his skill set." On who will start at guard this week: "We're working through a couple of guys. We're trying to get Ty [Nsekhe] in there still and obviously we're still looking at a few others." On how facing CB Jalen Ramsey challenges a quarterback and if he tells them to avoid specific players: "And throw it to A.J. Bouye? He's pretty good too [Laughter]. So yeah, that’s what makes their defense very effective, they have two great corners. Like I said, Gipson can come out of the middle and cover a tight end very effectively and their linebackers and very fast and can handle the backs. When they do play man-to-man, they are pretty effective and they have an unbelievable pass rush, a really good pass rush. They play some zones. We have to attack their zones. We've have to protect the quarterback. But most importantly, we have to stay out of third and long and we've got to run the ball effectively somehow." On how much they can incorporate Johnson's legs: "It doesn’t require much change. I think the terminology will be easy for us. I think the big thing is when he drops back to pass, our receivers have to adjust to possible movement in the pocket. That means breaking off routes. You might run a basic cross and then it might turn into a corner route or it might turn into a comeback, but they have to make sure they stay alive when he scrambles. He's very effective in the pocket moving around." On the difference in Johnson in the pocket versus McCoy or QB Alex Smith: "He can probably do it more often, especially this week with the pass rush that Jacksonville has. There will probably be a lot of movement around, but we'll see. We have some different type plays, getting him outside the pocket possibly, but we'll see. I think he's just trying to get in the flow of our terminology, our system, the plays that we like that our good for what Jacksonville does and then also trying to implement some things he can do well." On LB Shaun Dion Hamilton's shoulder injury: "He practiced today, he's sore though. He was limited. He was off and on there, but he said it's pretty sore." On if he sees Hamilton starting over LB Zach Brown this week: "We'll see. We haven’t made that decision yet, but we're just making sure we get the defenses taught that we're going to use in this game plan. They both can play there's no doubt about it." On what he made of Brown saying the writing was on the wall: "Nobody wrote anything on the wall really. He hasn’t talked to me yet, so I don’t know what he's saying. Like I said, I don't read anything. If anybody has a problem, they can come see me." On the offensive holding penalties: "Yeah we try. We teach the fundamentals. We watch the referee tapes every week. We watch the penalties that were called on us and we talk about them, the techniques that we use. We don’t ever teach holding contrary to belief. But there are times in the backside where you sometimes try to pull yourself through and that can be viewed as holding. Some teams get called for it, some teams don’t. There's a lot of those gray areas that we seem to be getting called for a little bit more than others, but it's something we're trying to work through and teach. When you have different guys playing and you're running the same teams with different people and different combinations, sometimes it gets a little difficult." On RB Chris Thompson: "Well I think the big thing is staying on the field. I think it's very, very important having drives of seven, eight, nine plays somehow where we can utilize both Adrian [Peterson] and Chris and Byron [Marshall] or Kapri [Bibbs] or Samaje [Perine]—whoever else is up. When you're three and out and you're third down and 18, let's throw a screen pass to Chris and hopefully we'll break it. We have to stay in the positive down and distance, move the chains, have some effective drives. Chris's strength when we're in third down four, five, six, we expect some man to man, we get some matchups or zone coverages where he can attack a zone coverage. Third and 18, I mean you guys could probably play defense and get a stop. More difficult. Like is said, the key is to get us in some good drives so they both can play and be effective." On T Ty Nsekhe moving to guard: "He did good. I don’t think people really realize that it's really totally different going form tackle to guard. When you're playing left tackle/right tackle and then you go to guard, it's a different stance, it's a different set, it's a different eye progression, it's different combination blocks in the running game, it's different pass sets. It's different, a lot different. He's been very good to us in his role as far as backup tackle. When he's had to play, he's been very good at both right side and left side. Then you ask him to move to guard, you know, the words and the plays are the same but they're different for a guard." On if he has seen the response he wanted from the team following Sunday's game: "Yeah, it was tough. I think you have to learn from losses like that and you have to do everything you can not to let that happen again. That's what we're trying to do, but you also have to forget about it as fast as you can and move forward and understand that we're in December, we're half a game out of the playoff hunt. That's the fact. If you start thinking about 'oh we've lost this game and that game' and 'we didn’t stop this play' and 'we couldn’t throw this pass', then you have no chance. We have to be confident moving forward. We have to have good practices. We have to be focused in meetings. Coaches have to have a good plan and we have to go get a victory against a team that was a game away from the Super Bowl last year." Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky On what he is trying to clean up from the defense's performance against the New York Giants: "Yeah, the run fits. I think the biggest thing, very good back [New York Giants RB Saquon Barkley]. We knew that going into the game. We had to stop the run. We didn’t get it done in certain situations. The biggest thing for us is trying to get those big backs down and sometimes the run fits, we didn’t hit him the way we wanted to and it wasn’t a good first half." On missed tackles and a lack of consistency when swarming to the ball: "I think just overall consistency of swarming to the ball is major in the National Football League. We didn’t get it done. We have to do a better job in a coaching aspect and same thing on the field. We have to make sure we get those big players down. Playing a running back like that this week, a good running back, big body guy that can hit it right downhill and we got to make sure that we tackle him in space, tackle him in the box and just hone him into that box area." On the difference in defensive play from the beginning of the season to now: "I wish I could put my finger on it across the board. I think we got to keep on practicing, keep on preaching the tackling, the angles to the ball and swarming to the ball. I think those things eventually we have to make sure we take hold of in these next three weeks that we’re playing because you never know what’s going to happen." On S D.J. Swearinger Sr. and LB Mason Foster expressing their frustrations: "Well, I think it’s important to talk to those guys and see what their feelings are across the board. We want to do the best that we can, but as coaches, we’re having our game plan and sometimes we’ll get some adjustments. If those adjustments need to be made, we’ll make some adjustments at times based upon not so much on what they say but sometimes they bring light to certain things that we as coaches sometimes don’t see. Sometimes we’ll implement some of the stuff that they do say into the game plan. Not so much from a call perspective, but sometimes from the leverage kind of stuff." On LB Shaun Dion Hamilton’s performance vs the Giants: "I think he played okay, you know, first game in the National Football League in the regular season. Can he play better? I think yeah. All of us can and we have to make sure we do it this week. We got an opponent that I think we have to get after and swarm to the ball." On how DL Daron Payne and DL Jonathan Allen are holding up: "I think playing at Alabama in the years that they played, they played a decent amount of games. I think overall it’s a grind every time that you play in the National Football League from start to finish. You’ve always got nicks and bruises and things here and there. But for the most part they’ve been playing pretty good." On keeping players fresh this late into the season: "Yeah, I think that’s very important. But from a practice standpoint, you got only so many reps. I think with the walk-throughs and stuff you try to get that and get the right fits Then during practice you don’t have as many plays as you normally did in the beginning of the season or during training camp. You try to focus on that and try to talk about that. It’s very important." On how RB Leonard Fournette compares to other running backs the team has faced this year: "A big cat that can really see the field, you know what I’m saying? A good downhill runner that can strike. He has that explosive speed to get around the edge. From last year to this year, he’s still a good running back. I know he was out for a little bit of time, but I’m just saying from our standpoint, I think he’s a good running back."
  14. I will note that a sizable chunk of Trump’s inauguration funding came from Dan Snyder. He’s also trying to lobby the govt to approve a new stadium on federal land.
  15. TD_washingtonredskins

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Yeah, Gruden will come out of this just fine. You have to fail big time in Washington for the blame to be assigned to you. Gruden will leave with 5 years of head coaching experience, some very strong offensive seasons on his resume, along with 4 consecutive years of competitive teams despite horrific injuries. Regardless of how we feel about those caveats, that is the general perception. I think he'll be an OC as soon as he wants to be and one of those next-in-line names in another couple years to be a head coach again (if he wants to). We also have to realize he's leaving Washington with $20M so at some point the headache won't be worth another couple million bucks.
  16. You're welcome.
  17. Things are so HOPELESS at this point that I would sign up for the Colts/Ravens scenario. 13 years without a team and start over with expansion. Only difference is I would want to keep team name and colors.
  18. Would you really want the Jags' ownership, though? lol...or did they change ownership from handlebar mustache guy?
  19. Yeah, I’d prefer new also, but the nfl isn’t going to expand. 6 divisions of 4 is really perfect. As long as the name, records, history stays, the actual franchise/ownership whom is here I care less about. And I’d be willing to send this franchise to Djibouti if it meant Snyder went with them.
  20. UK SKINS FAN '74

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I agree. Gruden clearly wants out. Chances are the dirt will come out soon enough, and it'll be about him being undermined in some capacity. Although he has proven himself to be an average HC so it seems like a very good time to move on as soon as possible.
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