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  2. Baez might get drilled every time up tomorrow...
  3. If you already know the comparison is lousy, why make it? Or if you seriously think Giannis is an apt comparison and that Wiseman has a future like his, then we're going to have to agree to disagree, because I have no idea what you're basing that on. Almost every mock I've seen has Mobley going #3 to Cleveland. What is the reasoning they give for Cleveland trading down and taking another undersized combo guard? Don't get me wrong though, that scenario would be fantastic for us. Even better would be to get Cleveland to trade #3 to us for 7 and 14 instead. Then we get Wiseman a
  4. Definitely true, I'm just happy we finally signed someone that we drafted. I think Ioannidis may have been the last one, I could be wrong though.
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  6. Damn. RIP to my third grade teacher. Haven't seen her in the longest.
  7. Your religion is totally not a way to control you though don’t worry just do what he says or it’s hell I guess I dunno
  8. I had a dream last night… My belly button was a Phillips head screw, and I'm workin' unscrewin' it, and when I get it unscrewed, my penis falls off. You know, I pick it up, and I'm holdin' it, and I'm runnin' around, lookin' for the guy who used to work on my Lincoln when I drove Lincoln so he can put it back on. And, you know, I'm holdin' it up, and this bird swoops down and grabs it in its beak and flies off with it.
  9. Hudson hates closing. Hand had a 2-run lead and sucked. That's on him. He won't be here by weeks end anyway. Someone will hopefully take a flyer on him.
  10. ya weird to want to see our best bullpen pitcher close out the game (who was doing well the inning before) instead of a guy that's in full meltdown mode this month.. but have to go with the closer just because he's "the closer", right? just asking for a LITTLE creativity
  11. Yeah, no flying toaster baseballs like the Guardians.
  12. I thought Redwolves would be off the table due to what Wright said about Warriors, but after Jon Allen's comments and now Rivera's comments, I'm thinking that might be the way they go. Just don't **** up the emblem, guys...!!
  13. to misquote reality tv pioneer art linkletter, "christians say the darnedest things!"
  14. and you can't be certain Kyrie won't take some random sabbatical during the season to go teach penguins to fly
  15. Nats envision the next big 3 being Cavalli, Rutledge, and Henry. They also have Andry Lara from Venezuela. Of their top 30, 7 are 20 and under. I am growing increasingly okay with dealing Turner. I do not want to end up like the 2012 to...well...present day Phillies.
  16. Yea, have some studs in the farm like Cavalli & some international prospects a few years away. Aside from that we have close to nothing down on the Farm. Need to restock.
  17. ****ing Davey, going to the guy who's job it is to close out games. What was he thinking? At this point, they're doing us a favor--too old, injury prone, inconsistent, and just bad to compete. Let's not wait 3-4 more years of this before unloading players. **** it, trade everyone not named Soto.
  18. Or what if you had to shoot a bazooka from long range, and to win, you had to hit a bullseye while a bunch of roided out people shoot at you?
  19. huddy can go 2 innings, but dave continues to play with fire
  20. I didn't hear it, therefore it didn't happen.
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