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  2. Yes, and it's why people want to remove the electoral college, among other reasons. .
  3. Skinsinparadise

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I just listened to the Keim segment that was referenced on here. His points were: A. The current regime leans optimistic about Haskins B. They have a plan to push him (motivate him) -- Keim didn't specify what those things are. But to me it seems obvious and that is they want to keep him on edge and make him feel he has to fight for his job. C. They want to see how things play out some more with Haskins before banking on him as being the guy. They aren't resolved just yet that they got the QB of the future for the next 10 years, etc. Then Keim speculated on his own. A. If Haskins came back for his senior year he likely would have put up good numbers again in part because that team was loaded with talent. B. He thinks Burrow would be intriguing if he fell to #2 but with Tua the injury concerns would make him seriously pause I know from other podcasts, Keim is aware of the team's concerns as part of the soup about Haskins. He's talked about it plenty enough. So I know Keim isn't in the camp of get off of here, there is nothing to be concerned about Haskins and just enjoy the ride because its headed to be a great one. He's expressed that they aren't totally sure about Haskins multiple times. As for me, I just want Dan out of the way and let Kyle and Rivera do what they want -- whatever that ends up being.
  4. You know, everything you said can be reversed to the other position, right? The only signs that point to him not being ready are fans who don't like him? What? I get you support him, and that is fine. Really. It is. But there's more to suggest he wasn't/isn't ready then there is to suggest he is. Now, that can change. But what makes you think he IS ready? Two good games? (And yes, they were good, and they showed a lot of promise). The ones who took the "the Redskins do due diligence by interviewing Burrow and Tua" as "Team is only trying to get trade suitors!". No argument on the slander. That's petty, stupid, unnecessary and a bad look.
  5. That change up was to the #1 overall prospect in baseball, Wander Franco. In 667 AB in the Minors, he's K'd just 54 times. He looked utterly helpless on that pitch.
  6. Feel like Stras could win a Cy Young this year. Gonna be the start of the 2nd half of what will be a HOF career.
  7. Kirk was a 4 year starter drafted mostly because he was an nfl-ready QB. There was no “sit him down and let him get up to speed”. That’s the primary reason he was drafted. The team was also significantly better when he came in. He also looked awful the first time he came in. The first time he started was the third to last game of the year. More or less the same game where Haskins figured it out. The only signs that point to him not being ready are fans who don’t like him. They’re the ones that created a narrative and continue to do so. They’re the ones that took “the redskins do due diligence by interviewing Burrow and Tua” as “team wants to move on from Haskins”. Sprinkle in these anonymous sources slandering Dwayne from twitter reporters and the dude can’t do anything to defend him self until the season starts. If he says anything then fans will he like “just like RG3, he can’t keep off social media” and they’ll just twist it against him. It’s what lazy people do. I think some fans are hooked on the idea that most QBs should be able to come in and do what Mahomes did. If the Redskins did end up drafting Tua and he wasn’t throwing 350+ yards and 4 TD by game two, I can’t wait to watch the board melt down.
  8. That pizza with the mozzarella bites looks disgusting. It's just way too much.
  9. He said he’s fine. Just felt a little cramp after the throw but nothing that lasted.
  10. Aussie didn't live here after 9-11. Some folks on this site did and are American citizens. It was horrible for Muslim folks and anyone that seemed to be of that typical stereotyped complexion.
  11. He doesn’t have to do anything. He can continue to come in unprepared and just deal with it, or he can hopefully study his ass off this offseason and show us when the games start. My original comment wasn’t geared towards Haskins, but more towards people who are complaining about the “narrative”. That narrative can be quieted the second Haskins shows consistent play.
  12. ^^Yeah, 3 up 3 down with 2 Ks in the 1st.
  13. Kosher Ham

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    That's pretty easy numbers in the East in comparison for an MVP. I think the 7 and 8 seeds both have losing seasons thus far...hmm. When was the last time he made a shot longer than a free throw? I think he is a great and needed player these days same as Zion... Kemp and Dumars come to mind. I do not think he is an all time player.
  14. Riggo#44

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Wear 72. We have 7 back, let's go with 72. In his interview he said being a defensive end isn't jsut about sacks "it's about being the most destructive player on the field." I love this man already.
  15. Stadium-Armory summed it up well - my assertion is not based on my personal prediction about the future for DH (well documented in this thread) but rather just saying, DH is on the team, the pick is gone, its a sunk cost. This pick should not be about reflecting on resources already spent but rather about what makes this team most competitive moving forward. If the coaches and talent evaluators believe that Tua (or anyone else for that matter) is a top 5 QB for the next 10 years on the level of a Brees or Rodgers, they absolutely have to take him if they do not feel they have one on the roster - the position is that critical.
  16. The odds of a recession are skyrocketing because of this. And that might be the least of our concerns.
  17. It's weird how so many have completely forgot how improved Haskins looked as the season progressed. His last two starts showed incredible promise IMO. And Tua is on the small end with real injury history. If I was making the pick, I would have to think Haskins is close to a lost cause and think Tua is really something special.
  18. UK SKINS FAN 74

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Diggs would great here. I can’t see the connection with a Dunbar trade really, but as a principle I’ve been advocating Diggs here for a while. No brainer.
  19. Tariffs on steel. Trade war with China (even when they retaliate against soybeans.) Color me skeptical when the argument is "Trump wouldn't do that. It would hurt our economy."
  20. Kosher Ham

    Does having a million dollars still qualify as rich?

    The amount of land in that area that he would build his house on. I do admit that I may have read it wrong. If so sorry. Property value goes up when you are sitting next to a more expensive home. I bought a property in 1999 for 70k in downtown's now worth over...ugh, don't remind me. I do more research now. I had no idea about the convention center a few blocks away and the revitalization of the area. I apologize again if I read that wrong. Gates would buy the neighborhood or at least a part of it. That's how I read that.
  21. Hersh

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    no doubt he had a bad series and Giannis has to prove himself in the playoffs by winning it all. However, 7 footers don’t just average nearly 30-14-6 in 31 minutes. Those are ridiculous numbers. I insist.
  22. Too costly economically. Self-preservation would probably win out over the racism boner on this one.
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