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  2. Randy Thomas, Cornelius Griffin and Philip Daniels off the top of my head.
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  4. Cant wait till PTI does a segment on these hilarious revelations. I’m sure they’ll take it easy on Dannyboy
  5. Guessing if there HAS to be a suspension, 7 games is manageable, Hopefully the Capitals can collect points today in Philadelphia, so this can be a very successful five game road trip, with points earned in four of the games
  6. He wasn't himself, for sure, and for whatever reason. Out of his element. Almost looked like he didn't want to be there. That or he was going through the culture shock of a different weight class, and not being able to adjust to the bigger fighter. He had practically nothing for Jan.
  7. Jan was the clear winner. I didn’t expect Jan to do so well striking against Izzy. He didn’t knock Izzy around the ring or anything, but he held his own. He even lead in significant strikes after the 2nd round. I think most expected him to get dominated if he fought that sort of striking battle against Izzy. I certainly did. Jans left jab was big for him tonight. Once he remembered he was bigger and could wrestle, he closed it out fairly easily in the championship rounds.
  8. Has anyone thought of just changing the mascot to a redskin potato?
  9. "Through no fault of his own, he’s unable to brace for contact, anticipate the hit, or protect himself in any way from Wilson who is approaching from outside his field of vision." ****, please. He dropped his head RIGHT BEFORE THE ****ING HIT! No chance to protect himself through no fault of his own my ass. "What separates this hit from others is the direct and significant contact to a defenseless player’s face and head causing a violent impact with the glass." What direct contact? He drove through the guy's arm and shoulder. DOPS is a ****ing joke, but sadly this result is
  10. Last two rounds clearly Jan. He also got round 2 imo. 3-2 Jan. Would be robbery otherwise. I don't watch tons of MMA, but I didn't see anything special from Adesanya. I expected tons of quickness and striking. I realize he moved up 20 pounds.
  11. Jan's got this. Should be the clear winner. Jan in there joking with him, while waiting for the decision "I could be your body guard. You pay good money ?"
  12. One of my favorites is Warthogs. "Washington Warthogs" has a ring to it, pays tribute to The Hogs of old and is a mean, tough and ugly creature. A warthog is a wild pig with bristly gray skin, a large head, warty lumps on the face, and curved tusks. Plus, a warthog is also a helicopter. The A-10 Thunderbolt is also known as the Warthog, the 'flying gun' and the Tankbuster. Imagine the flyover at our home Championship games!!!
  13. Ha, even DC just said that he wants to see Blacho clinch him And a few minutes later, Rogan says the exact same thing, lol And BOOM, now Jan's actually doing it. Word's getting around
  14. It’s interesting. In theory, you’d have to factor Scherff’s production, the drop from Scherff to his backup, and then add the two to compare to Zeitler. Then you have to factor in how much impact Scherff (and his backup, and Zeitler) had on the rest of the offense (or rather, respective offenses, and, if we’re trying to do this whole hog, how the offense performance affected the respective Ds). Of course, it’s football, so despite the myriad stats tracked, you just can’t qualify all those separate parts and their interactions. Suffice to say, I have no idea what the right answer is, but 1)
  15. It boggles the mind how these imbeciles are supposedly elected to represent the people, and yet they are only interested in representing their own personal interests. I rarely get into politics, but I honestly have been mesmerized, and horrified, at how obscene the Republican party has acted both during Trump's presidency (or reign of terror if you prefer) and now. It's disheartening to know that they could care less about assisting the very people that voted them into office. All for one dip**** who is continues to treat politics much like he has operated his business ventures and reality T
  16. If Amanda went in there with a bear... I’d worry for the bear.
  17. Outside of the Paxton Lynch selection, youve had some pretty great drafts. We get it. No need to rub it in.
  18. My first choice would be: RedDevils My second choice would be: RedCrabs <-- this area is famous for it's crabs
  19. I agree with Joe. It was illegal. It was a DQ...BUT, I don't think a fighter should earn a championship belt through a DQ. Aljo is crying out loud. At first I thought it was pain, but now it seems like he's crying because he's upset that he did not want to win it, this way.
  20. After you finish all 4 seasons of Farscape then watch Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars which continues after where season 4 ends with a cliffhanger. Dark Matter is another good show to watch, if you haven't already.
  21. This is what happens when you are a baller.......nothing. I am not saying Von did anything. I'm just saying, I've never ever read this before: The nature of the investigation has not been released by the police department. I will say that if he wasn't charged the right thing to do is to tear the ****ing paper up. Looks like this is what's happening. Great! Otherwise the sorry ass media will spin public opinion. And of course and the sheep will follow and jump on the preverbal soup box. They'd burn him at the stake for something he apparently didn't do. https://www.nfl.com/new
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