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    Can't help you there, but on the bright side for you, you should have no problem collecting "unused" tickets for the entire 2019 season.
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    Who will we pick at 14 next year. The anticipation is killing me.
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    Rosen’s still in play.
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    "Mr. Kraft, your team just won the Super Bowl, what are you going to do next?"
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    One of my college roommates was from Parkersburg. Utterly not racist. Who the **** goes into a Mexican restaurant and demands cultural assimilation? GO. TO. APPLEBYS.
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    Watching these lying politicians questioning a lying lawyer about a liying President makes me want to move my family to the moon.
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    OK, so I have seen the following: 1. This move means they absolutely not in for Rosen. 2. This move means they are not drafting a QB! 3. This move means they are done at QB altogether! 4. Keenum is the starter and the team will be mediocre again next year - this one at least has some reason to it - but..... Damn folks it's March 7th!! The new season has not even started. Still have Free Agency and th draft. They picked up a journeyman QB for almost nothing. It changes nothing except McCoy now has competition either to start or as a back-up. They could easily still trade for Rosen. They could still trade up and get a QB. A top QB could fall to them. Swapping a 6th for 7th rd pick to get Keenum is just about as close to free as you can get! All moves on the table. Nothing decided today except they have a new player on the team.
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    Tony Romo finally made it to a Super Bowl, and now Trump finally makes it to Vietnam. 2019 is a year of surprises....
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    This is why Uncle Joe needs to run. He can make stuff up but also claim he learned it while VP. "Donald I remember during my time as VP being briefed on some of your personal matters in connection with an investigation. I recall that your net worth was roughly $4.37, your sons Eric and Don Jr are involved in an incestuous, homosexual relationship, Ivanka has had 3 abortions, and you voted for Obama in 2012, AND Hillary in 2008." Sit back and watch his head explode.
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    Jussie Smollett Case: Clues Into Potential Motive Behind The Attack “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, upset after a racist letter sent to the show’s studio didn’t get a “bigger reaction,” is suspected of paying two men to attack him a week later, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the investigation. “When the letter didn’t get enough attention, he concocted the staged attack,” a source told CBS 2 Investigator Brad Edwards. Other sources corroborated that information. The blockbuster revelation into at least part of Smollett’s potential motive comes two days after CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reported Smollett and two brothers — Ola and Abel Osundairo — staged the attack on Jan. 29 in Streeterville. De Mar spoke on the phone exclusively with the Osundairo brothers Monday afternoon. In a joint statement, they said: “We are not racist. We are not homophobic, and we are not anti-Trump. We were born and raised in Chicago and are American citizens.” https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2019/02/18/jussie-smollet-motive-staged-attack/ Photo from the video of the two men suspected of attacking Smollett:
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    Lay off Trump, you guys! GDP numbers came out and the economy (the best in DECADES, per a commercial I keep seeing) grew at a healthy 2.9 pct in 2018...….a LOT better than the meager 2.9 pct growth under that commie Obama in 2015!! https://www.statista.com/statistics/188165/annual-gdp-growth-of-the-united-states-since-1990/
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    Tell him i'll give him $3.50 if he writes "Bang Radio Hour" on a piece of paper and holds it up ~Bang
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    Thanks to Trump, Americans will be allowed to say "Fourth of July" again.
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    Gtfo with this bull**** nonsense. This is a flat out lie and you know it. This is why nobody here and seemingly in your real life takes you seriously or is ok with removing you from their lives. You’ve shown them that you don’t want to live in reality and are therefore not worth their time
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