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    Or maybe he really really really likes Ping Pong
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    Will be interesting to see how long this stays open. So let me get mine in now. 1. This really belongs on ATL - these players are no longer Redskins. 2. If you are going to do this, at least be complete. You are forgetting Austin Reiter who barely made it off our practice squad before going to Cleveland and being released. He was the starting C for KC. 3. Very few rooting for Kendall Fuller to be traded - almost no one. This was BA save his ass move that 99% of all fans hated him even more for. 4. Braushaud Breeland was a malcontent here. But still the majority wanted him kept. So it's fair to trash the FO for these moves - but the fan base? This rant on the fan base honestly makes no sense at all. Next time you may want to put down the scotch before posting.
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    LOL let them call Obama, please. Any time the GOP tries to confront Obama about anything, they are the ones who end up looking like fools.
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    Let me tell you something about Chase. I am a PSU fan, this year I honestly thought we were going to make a huge comeback, OSU was in trouble, momentum changed totally after their fumbles. Then Chase took over. I mean he took over the damn game. Penn State simply couldn't block him period. He took his game in that 4th quarter another two levels up there. I WANT this guy on our team. With him in there rotating with Sweat and Kerrigan, plus the 3 monsters in the middle of the line and our new DC, plus Foster as one of the LBs I see us going from mid 20s D to top 5. Yes I said top 5. Unless someone goes totally stupid and offers 3 number ones and their 2nd this year I don't want to even think about us not taking this guy.
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    Wifey is 9 months pregnant. Prior to Go Day, I invited her whole crew over for brunch. All told, i made 20 eggs benedict. I only got a picture of 12 of them. After 90 minutes of bottomless mimosas, I could not convince them to let me get a picture before they started grabbing. Respect the garnish.
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    I don’t want to make this about myself, so please don’t take this the wrong way... A few years back, I was lucky enough to share the stage with Judas Priest at the Whiskey in LA. I could’ve worn anything in my closet, including several Judas Priest shirts...I wore my Kobe jersey. Not quite 81 points, but I gave it a go.
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    This--this is what we all wanted to read.
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    He was also so good that ten years after leaving football he was able to come back and lead a Vinny Cerrato/Snyder built team twice to the playoffs and even won a game, something that other reportedly great coaches like Marty and Shanny failed to do. He also went 3-0, including a beatdown of a Superbowl rated Cowboys' team with a team of scabs, 90% of which never played a game after the strike. Joe Gibbs is, perhaps, the best leader of men in all of or any sport's history. Hell, I bet if he took a month off to study hockey he could guide a women's team to win the Stanley Cup.
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    For Immediate Release February 10, 2020 REDSKINS NAME JENNIFER KING FULL-YEAR COACHING INTERN LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have named Jennifer King a full-year coaching intern. In her role, King will work with the offensive staff throughout the course of the offseason, training camp and regular season and will specifically assist Randy Jordan with the running backs. King comes to the Redskins having coached in the National Football League, the Alliance of American Football and in the college ranks. “Jennifer is a bright young coach and will be a great addition to our staff,” said Head Coach Ron Rivera. “Her familiarity with my expectations as a coach and my firsthand knowledge of her work ethic and preparation were big factors in bringing her to the Redskins.” King was most recently an offensive assistant with Dartmouth College. She primarily worked with the wide receivers and created defensive scouting reports and secondary specific scouting reports for the wide receivers. Dartmouth finished the 2019 season 9-1 and captured the Ivy League Championship. The team averaged 33.3 points per game and averaged 382.4 yards per game. King interned for the Carolina Panthers during the offseason in 2018 and 2019. In 2018, she was an intern wide receivers coach and assisted Lance Taylor with on-field development drills and in position meetings. She assisted with the creation of scouting scheme cards for the opposing defense and charted practice and in-game player participation and defensive schemes. In 2019, she returned to the Panthers in the role of intern running backs coach and worked with the running backs in organized team activities, mandatory mini camp and training camp. She worked one-on-one with rookies on playbook proficiencies and individual skill development along with analyzing drill efficiency and drill concepts. She worked with the Panthers running backs, including Pro Bowl running back Christian McCaffrey. In between her two internships with the Panthers, King was an assistant wide receiver coach and special teams assistant for the Arizona Hotshots of the Alliance of American Football. The Hotshots were 5-3 and tied for first place in the AAF Western Conference before the league disbanded. At the time of the league being dissolved, the Hotshots ranked No. 2 in yards per game (343.9) and points per game (23.2). King has participated in NFL coaching clinics from 2015-18 and also took part in the NFL Women’s Career in Football Forum in January of 2018. The forum was a highly selective two-day event which connected qualified female candidates for positions in football as coaches, officials, scouts and athletic trainers. King also has experience as a player. She was a seven-time All American quarterback and wide receiver for the Carolina Phoenix women’s tackle football team from 2006-17. In 2018 she played wide receiver and defensive back for the New York Sharks women’s tackle football team and captured the 2018 WFA National Championship. Most recently, King played wide receiver and safety in the District for the D.C. Divas women’s tackle football team in 2019. King also has experience coaching women’s basketball. She was the Head Coach of Johnson & Wales University Charlotte from 2016-18. During King’s tenure the team had an 37-10 record and they captured the USCAA Division II National Championship in 2018. She was named the USCAA Division II National Coach of the Year in 2018. King also was an assistant coach on the Greensboro College women’s basketball staff from 2006-16. During King’s 10 years with the team, they went 136-54, won five conference titles and appeared in the NCAA tournament five times. King holds a masters of science in sports administration from Liberty University and holds a bachelor of science in sports management from Guilford College. She was a member of the Guilford College women’s basketball and softball team’s from 2002-06. KING FOOTBALL TIMELINE 2020: Full-Year Coaching Intern, Washington Redskins 2019: Offensive Assistant, Dartmouth College 2019: Intern Running Backs Coach, Carolina Panthers 2018-19: Assistant Wide Receivers Coach and Special Teams Assistant, Arizona Hotshots 2018: Intern Wide Receivers Coach, Carolina Panthers -REDSKINS-
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    Just wondering - do we have a thread for Nazis showing up invited? Or do they just go in the "Trump and his cabinet" thread? I'm here all week, folks. Try the veal.
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    NBC Sports Washington's Tyler Roman: Chase Young Analysis: "Chase Young is a stud and the greatest talent in this class. The Redskins are lucky to get him here at No. 2 since the Bengals need a QB. Young is a transcendent talent, he is an absolute monster off the edge indicative of his school-record 16.5 sacks. Young is a game wrecker that has the potential to be in the same class of the Von Millers and Khalil Macks of the world. Young and last year’s first-rounder Montez Sweat should strike fear in opponents coming off the edge for years to come." NFL.com's Chad Reuter: Chase Young Analysis: "Young's the top defender in the class. This is an easy pick." ESPN's Todd McShay: Chase Young Analysis: "This could be the easiest pick on the board, and considering the Redskins were 10th in the league with 46 sacks, it doesn’t have much to do with a particular need. No, this instead has everything to do with the special talent of Young, who has one of the highest grades I’ve given a player in two decades of scouting. Last year’s No. 2 pick and former Buckeyes teammate Nick Bosa was a difference-maker in Year 1, but the scary truth is that Young is an even better prospect. He can line up opposite Montez Sweat at defensive end or drop back into a 3-4 outside linebacker role. It doesn’t matter — Young will be in the face of opposing quarterbacks every Sunday. He led the nation with 16.5 sacks in 2019, and he missed two games." ESPN's Mel Kiper: Chase Young Analysis: "If you scanned Washington’s depth chart, you probably wouldn’t pick out an edge rusher as its top need. It might not even be in the top three. And yet, the Redskins absolutely can’t pass on Young — unless they get bowled over with an offer from a team trading up. With 16.5 sacks in 2019, Young was truly dominant, and he’ll make an instant impact at the next level. Yes, Washington has veteran Ryan Kerrigan, who has one year left on his contract, and just took Montez Sweat (seven sacks in Year 1) in the first round, but Young has All-Pro talent and is my top-ranked prospect overall. New coach Ron Rivera will love him." CBS Sports' Chris Trapasso: Chase Young Analysis: "While this is the first team that'll get some trade-up inquiries, Tua Tagovailoa's hip will limit what teams will offer and should lead to Washington staying put and picking Young." The Sporting News' Vinnie Iyer: Chase Young Analysis: "Young qualifies as a better prospect than recent Ohio State studs Joey and Nick Bosa. With defensive-minded Ron Rivera hired as head coach, assuming the Redskins don’t get a can’t-refuse offer to trade back, they should jump at the chance to get this cornerstone talent for the team's defensive rebuild. Young (6-5, 265 pounds) is a game-changing disruptor who had 16.5 sacks in only 12 games as a junior." USA TODAY's Nate Davis: Chase Young Analysis: "Widely perceived to be this draft's top overall prospect, the Maryland native is also a natural fit for the 'Skins. Young compiled an Ohio State single-season record 16½ sacks in 2019 (in just 12 games) and should nicely man one of the edges as Washington switches to a 4-3 defensive front under new coach Ron Rivera." Bleacher Report's Matt Miller: Chase Young Analysis: "Just like the No. 1 overall pick in this draft, the second pick is almost locked in—the Redskins should select Ohio State pass-rusher Chase Young. There will be talk and speculation about drafting a quarterback or trading this pick—both of which technically could happen but are incredibly unlikely given what we know about Ron Rivera, lead personnel man Kyle Smith and the direction this team wants to take. Young, like Nick Bosa last year, is too good to pass up at No. 2 overall. Even if this isn't a top-tier need (Bosa wasn't either for the 49ers), sometimes you have to take the best player available. Especially when the player is at the second-most important position in football. With Young on the roster, Washington will have four first-rounders and stud Matt Ioannidis on the defensive line for 2020." WalterFootball.com's Charlie Campbell: Chase Young Analysis: "The Redskins take the best player in the 2020 NFL Draft and could form a legendary defensive line with Young, Jonathan Allen, Da'Ron Payne and Montez Sweat. Young (6-5, 265) dominated a lot of the opponents Ohio State played this season and missed two games with a suspension. He has some size to him to go along with speed and athleticism off the edge. With his superb first-step, pass-rushing moves, agility, and ability to close, Young looks like a future Pro Bowler who annually produces double-digit sacks. In 2019, Young had 16.5 sacks with 46 tackles, six forced fumbles, three passes batted and a blocked kick. With the way that Young dominated in 2019, he is the top prospect for the 2020 NFL Draft regardless of position." The Draft Network's Kyle Crabbs: Chase Young Analysis: "We’ll get several months worth of speculation trying to convince us there’s any other possible outcome for the Washington Redskins and the second-overall pick but we’d only be kidding ourselves to buy it. The only way Washington takes a different route is if a team decides to give them a Robert Griffin III level package of three or more first-round picks to jump ahead of the Detroit Lions to ensure a quarterback of its choice. I have a hard time seeing it — so the best player available is the choice at two." The Draft Network's Carter Donnick: Chase Young Analysis: "Another slam-dunk selection. Young is pound for pound the best prospect in this class, and makes complete sense for a team already committed to their QB of the future." Pro Football Focus' Michael Renner: Chase Young Analysis: "While Dwayne Haskins didn’t solidify any sort of franchise quarterback status with his performance in Year 1, we’re not going pass on a talent like Young to take another swing at the signal-caller position. Young is the best player in the draft regardless of position, and he plays a pretty valuable position in his own right." NFL.com's Daniel Jeremiah: Chase Young Analysis: "The Redskins already have some talented pieces on the defensive line, but Young is a once-in-a-decade talent." https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/redskins-mock-draft-roundup-clean-sweep-chase-young
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    Why do we have so many people with ****ty character in this country? People who don't believe or value anything beyond what they can use to feed their appetites. Why is it that so few people have any interest in being ethical leaders and pillars of universal positive values? Why are people so weak and accepting of terrible character and why aren't we making fun of nihilists for how short-sighted and incredibly dumb they must be, how terrible at life they must be, to derive no meaning from it? If the only thing you're doing with your life is supporting a nihilist because it makes you happy to see other people hurt, because you think they look down on you, then you're a weak mother****er, a god damn moron, and a ****ing waste of existence. There is nothing genius about ****ing people over, or preying on people who trust you or who abide by rules and laws that you don't give a **** about. Trump is not a genius. McConnel is not a genius. They are short-sighted, angry pieces of **** who hate how people see them and react to them, but rather than do/be better, they destroy **** and bring everyone else down so they can be a king in their own personal **** hole. I mean, how ****ing weak and stupid do you have to be at life to choose making the world worse for everyone so you can rule over your diarrhea vision for humanity, rather than working hard to find your place in a world while making it better for everyone? I'm tired of these weak, dull, disconnected, failures of humanity. Especially these weak ass, cowardly ****ing men who wouldn't last a second in the jungle of real life without their privilege to leverage and their dunning kruger bumpkins to prey on. **** you and your lives without meaning. Pathetic mother****ers.
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    I’m with you. Needle unmoved Never mind, now I’m pissed.
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