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    Rivera making smart character moves already. Keep changing the culture, Ron.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself. ~Bang
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    Trump hands down. At the end of the day, football is just a game. As bad as Allen is for the team, Trump is ruining the whole world.
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    Says the man named after his wife's vibrator.
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    I guess you could say we dodged a bullet.
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    My mom was actually speaking non-nonsense last week. Everything she said was stuff I hear & read...which is MSNBC & visionary. Now, I know she knows nothing of either of my sources...so that means what she DOES know is that trump is talkin' . News from Chewy: his FIL pulled through! He's off the ventilator and has been transferred to a different hospital. Talking is still difficult, and he'll probably need oxygen forever, but good vibes were felt, prayers were answered, and I truly believe we all kinda witnessed a miracle. Hopefully a bright spot in the day for folks not having the best time of it right now...hang in there.
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    Thanks y'all I appreciate it. We are all in this together and it's important we keep that feeling of connection alive and realize we need to share in our care and responsibility for each other. There are so many others like me and many more who are in even worse situations and it breaks my soul to think of the agony and fear they're dealing with. Then I think about the people who take their health for granted, blindly kicking down the sandcastles of frail health these others are trying to protect and I am filled with so much rage. I've worked so ****ing hard trying to climb out of the hell my body has become only to find a new hell to deal with in the threat of this virus. But, at the same time I feel blessed, because there are people dealing with both hells and many other different flavors as well, who don't have the shelter and support I do. I can't wait to be healthy enough to help those people and to make sure no one ever again feels the types of things I've had to feel.
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    Yet you're still a Redskins fan...
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    This dude rolls into a 2,106 page thread and is so overcome with what he sees he immediately quotes a post on page 1 from 4 years ago in his never-ending effort to show the libs what conservative superiority looks like And he doesn't even make it worthwhile, it's Obama/Muslim hurr durr. What a waste.
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    These double standards are wild. Trump has over 2 dozen women accuse him of sexual misconduct ranging from harassment to straight up rape and the GOP is mum, and in many cases actively tries to run interference. Biden has 1 woman accuse him of sexual misconduct (which, don't get me wrong, absolutely should be investigated) and the GOP is up in arms about how Biden is a sexual predator and is unfit for the office. Then there are the "protesters". Unarmed BLM activists get together and protest and they get tear gassed and arrested and called all sorts of names by the right ("terrorists", etc). White protesters armed to the teeth literally storm a government building and start screaming, threatening, and getting in the face of LE and nothing happens to them. And then the right gushes over them, calling them patriots and commending them for exercising their rights. Add: A visual breakdown. Thug Terrorists who need to be arrested: Great Patriots who are exercising their rights:
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    This below is a good sign. I got some fear though about lack of reps with a new system.
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    OMG, y'all. We were so busy today. Definitely got my steps in, for sure. When I was told we were doing well, it was not a joke. 14k yesterday. There are 7 people on tonight in the front of the house, dining room is still closed. We are blessed/extremely fortunate.
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    My take is that the father and son deserve the death penalty.
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    You can believe whatever you want. I saw on-field performances that I think matched what he was saying. Everyone that saw the Bills game could see how he just tried to take it step by step, focusing on making fewer mistakes by keeping it simple. I mean this guy is basically saying he was overwhelmed. Not only by the on-field stuff but also by the talk around him. He got away with stuff in college that he couldn't in the NFL. That he tried to overcompensate and then decided to take two steps back to make one forward. Even if the draft party thing was true, I mean he is a 20 year old star QB coming out of college. He did not face a lot of (on-field) adversity ever. He obviously thought he was further in his development than he actually was. Admitting it and going back to start working on your biggest problems by asking your veteran QBs for advice - and we heard from multiple sources how much Alex Smith helped him - why is this so hard to believe? Especially when you also saw some on-field growth on a week by week basis. No one knows for sure how his on-field performance will look like this season but that he had a humbling experience and that he changed his working habits because of it...I don't see how you cannot believe that.
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    We had a discussion in the Keith Ismael thread about anchoring, and this gif is germane to that, but it's a Saahdiq Charles rep so I'm posting it here: Here you have Charles anchoring David Marshall for 8 seconds. It was quite a rep, and you see a good demonstration of the technique when Marshall tries to re-direct back the the outside after the initial inside rush got stymied. Charles stays engaged, keeps his feet working post and set, post and set, and he sinks his hips. He sits down on Marshall for the rest of the snap and Marshall just can't get to Burrow no matter how he counters or changes plan. I've been going back over some LSU OL cutups, and Charles's pass protection looks fairly well developed to me. His scouting reports have complained about a lack of power and ability to anchor, but I'm not sure I agree with that take now that I've been looking out for it. He's got some really good snaps in pass protection like this one in his film. Raekwon Davis got him on skates a few times, but that's an unusual match up because most edge players aren't going to put Charles at that kind of size disadvantage--Davis is basically the size of a high percentile offensive tackle. Saw some missed blitz pick ups, but nothing that far out of the ordinary. So we can probably conclude that Charles will have some issues with length, but I think he should otherwise be able to hold up on the edge in pass pro against most match ups. I noticed a balance and accuracy issue in his run blocking. He'll lunge after being too aggressive with his angle rather than being patient and letting the play and his block develop. He's not in Josh Jones's world as a run blocker. And he's not a road grader, he's a positional blocker who wins by beating defenders to their fits. So maybe that's where the complaint about his functional power shows up. I'm sticking to my take that we should try him at tackle first and only play him at guard if he doesn't play well on the outside. His quickness is more of an asset at tackle.
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