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    Bill O'Brien's chin a rabbit's nose
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    he can move the sticks. He can throw on time. He knows this offense much better than Smith, knows the guys much better than Smith and he can move around the pocket. I see an upgrade to what we had with Smith.
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    I'm not numb, I'm not indifferent, I'm not done, I'm not pissed. I've been mulling this for like a day now and it hit me after the hit in the helmet call that got missed on Reed, watching him throw his helmet. The best analogy I can think of I brought up in RTT is that this whole season has felt like watching an underdog boxer hit the mat multiple times but keep getting back up. Not only that, but winning a couple rounds as well. I'm at the point that at any given moment I know they might not get off the mat. But i really haven't been this proud of this team in a minute. Maybe for a game here or there where they won a game they wasn't supposed to win, buy this whole season has felt that way, where we've had multiple games were weren't supposed to win but did anyway. Of course i am frustrated by our QB situation, and injuries we saw coming hurting our season again. I really hope Bruce doesn't come back, but i hope Jay does. We already have a thread about replacing him and give him ZERO credit for holding this together with an ineffective QB then even with a backup QB and losing multiple starters on offense they can still move the ball. That offensive system works, it was one of few strengths we had when we went to the playoffs, i see how it can be a strength again with right QB. Will Jay ever get that guy, i don't know anymore, but i saw that look on the Dallas players faces when we were driving over and over again in fourth quarter, I've seen that look before. I can already see how this is going to go, people will come in and say I'm an apologist, a homer, an optimist separated from reality. I'm not and you shouldn't be either. I just know I'm tired of looking for signs of the Apocolypse like this is the end of any other season, because this is not like any season we've had in a while and it's NOT OVER. Eliminate us first. I'm not going to talk about the next coach until this season is over. I'm not going root for loses to help our draft status. I'm not going walk into every game expecting a loss. This particular team this season has earned the right for us to not give up on them until they give up in themselves. You will get no support from me on any of your "i told you so talk" wishful thinking wish hopefully true posts. The day they can't get off the mat this year should get a respectful round of applause all things considered. I'm going to the Philly finale regardless of our record to get one last time to see them and say thanks. This might be the year that gets people back in the stadium, but them not giving a damn won't be the reason i won't go, and ad a fan, that's what i ask for first. If some of y'all want to tear apart this franchise for everything that's gone wrong, i can't stop you. But life is very much about appreciating what you have gotten right as well. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and i was thankful that other teams fans see what's going on and saying same thing to me. What are you thankful for? Or are you too mad to be thankful for any of it?
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    a visual representation of Otto during the drama
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    Until Bruce leaves or is fired I hope Gruden stays. Until we get a full authority GM with final say on the HC and roster and a proper front office structure under him - everything else is just moving the deck chairs around.
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    I think 10 days of prep and practice vs 2 days of walkthroughs will result in a much better performance from Colt next Monday. Call me naive...
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    When was the last time we won a game on a bad call and afterwards the league apologized to the other team? The 33nd of Neveruary, 1877?
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    I just heart the title. Being a Redskins fan---ain't nothing like it, eh? Over half a century here. I changed marriages that were actually much less disappointing in far less time.
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    Spent about 3 1/2 hours at in Santa Fe two weeks ago. It's hard to describe. To call it a multi-media, multi-sensory, interactive art exhibit doesn't do it justice. There's a Victorian house inside a dark building. It looks like a regular house... almost. That's really the floor and wall of the bathroom: Different pathways... through closets, unmarked doors, walls, lead to an alternate reality: The back story is that strange things happened to the family that lived there. I opened the refrigerator in the kitchen and it led to a tunnel into a different world: THAT was fun. No psychotropic drugs involved.
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    None of this will matter with no QB, players who can’t stay healthy and awful coaching. Just rearranging deck chairs on the titanic
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    (@Skinsinparadise Going to piggy back off your recent post while responding to this here from NoCalMike...) Which makes the trade that much more of a travesty in terms of resource management. The big sell was that we gave up what we did, and that we just HAD to do it, BECAUSE Alex was a super smart 13 year vet who would come in, learn everything right away, and “we wouldn’t miss a beat” regarding the only consistent strength we had as a team. That was presented as the worst case scenario, with tons of talk about how we may have even upgraded! Except, guess what? Every single aspect of the team improved (rushing attack, defense, ST) and only THAT PART of it, which was our only consistent strength before, regressed. Bruce. Friggin. Allen. And before anyone gets ridiculous and tries to make Alex’s play the reason itself those phases improved or even a big reason, for God’s sake, think of the children! Alex didn’t draft Daron Payne and keep Jon Allen healthy, which is the biggest reason we’ve improved our rush defense. Alex didn’t teach Tress Way how to punt and have a career year; again, the biggest reason our ST play has improved. Not to mention, Alex didn’t remove Crowder and his 8,000 fumbles last year from that equation, either. Alex didn’t sign Peterson, who ended up being an absolute freak at his age and is the biggest factor in why our rushing attack improved. Sure, his lack of turnovers and general conservative play helped some with field position, but his lack of scoring equally hurt and kept putting the defense on the field with little margin for error. By the way, how many sacks did Alex take when we were in FG range that knocked us out of it this year? That sure got ignored a lot. He is/was a liability. It’s not his fault Bruce executed what is arguably the worst resource management we’ve ever seen, but his play came nowhere near matching it. It’s a minor miracle we have a season right now, as the majority of teams would struggle to overcome the handicap that type of extremely wasteful negligence causes. Now we’re hampered with that travesty of a contract while that player, who severely underperformed as it was, might never recover. Bruce should’ve been done after the first franchise tag if Dan had any sense. If he’s not stripped of his title now, I don’t know if Dan will ever grasp the concept of team-building, proper organizational structure and whom/how to hire. I’m just so sick and tired of seeing the top brass of other organizations give their staff a considerable amount of tools to succeed, while ours continuously handcuffs them instead. It’s maddening, really. We had so much going for us offensively by 2016. Any half-decent executive would’ve built upon that, instead it was completely torn down and we’ve witnessed nothing but regression there personnel-wise. All we had to do was maintain it somewhat while the rest of the team improved, and the ability to do so wasn’t difficult. The cherry on top is if Colt actually plays well, we might not even be able to afford to keep him because of the Alex contract. You can’t make this stuff up.
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    This is a revolt. If Beal gets Ernie fired I will love him forever.
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    Happy Thanksgiving ES! I’m at the hotel waiting on Murf to finish making himself look all pretty. Enjoy your turkey & enjoy the game.
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    Things we see in this tweet: - he thanks himself for something - that thing is now just getting back to the same price it was before he took office (see chart below) - cites this as "like a big Tax Cut" because he didn't deliver on his promise to pass a middle class tax cut - Note how he ignores the stock market which is not doing so hot right now but how he loves to cite it when times are good - And of course, his plea to the fed to not bankrupt him because of his variable rate mortgages Also worth mentioning, oil only went so high because Trump pulled out of every green endeavor he could (unlike all those women he bought abortions for), taking market pressure off the Saudis and removing competition, leading them to be able to raise prices again without consequences, and they are only lowering it now to thank Trump for covering for their murder of a journalist (and also to hopefully curry some favor internationally with countries who aren't so easily distracted away from that murder). TLDR Trump is a foreign agent/asset for at least several different countries.
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    This is a great post. This is NOT the same ole Redskins and it hasn’t been that way since Jay arrived. We’ve taken a big step. We’ve gone from laughingstock to competitively mediocre. No, that doesn’t sound exciting but it’s still a step. Taking that NEXT step is proving difficult, but after 25 years I’m willing to wait a little longer. The team plays hard, they seem to care, and we’ve mafe better personell decisions as well. They’ve been dealt some blows on the injury front that go a bit beyond what you can reasonably prepare for. And there are also legitimate concerns and legitimate criticisms. But the factoid being talked about today is pretty striking and shouldn’t be overlooked: Since 1991, we have been in first place in the division heading into December THREE times. THREE. 1996, 1999, and now 2018. Being 6-5 and in first in the division is NOT same ole Redskins. I totally get why some aren’t overly jazzed. The games are a grind. It’s not pretty football and it can be frustrating. They still do some dumb things. They still made mistakes and get beat. But for me, at VERY least I believe this team deserves my attention as a fan. Whether or not I really “believe” in them doesn’t matter. What matters is that if they DO beat Philly they are in really good shape. The game absolutely matters. For me, I’ll take December games that matter. Its not about being being an apologist or trying to convince people the Redskins are something they are not. It’s just about what is right in front of us and the very simple fact that the Redskins play the Eagles on December 3rd and the game is important to the Redskins— they have something to play for; so therefore I have something to root for. Period.
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    As I said in another thread, QBs off the bench almost always provide a spark, and I like Colt a lot. But I remember when he was our starter a few years back, and he seemed to get worse with each passing week. Great game in Dallas that year, but not so great as the season progressed. Once teams start preparing for him, it'll be a lot tougher than it was today. Hoping he can squeeze out a win next week, though. And of course if he DOES exceed expectations for us, the obvious question will be why we brought in Smith at all.
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    It is not impressive in the least that only 6 NFL teams have drafted more current NFL players than the Redskin have? Another way to look at it is 25 teams have drafted fewer current NFL players than the Redskins have. Not only have the Redskins become more draft centric, but the quality of the players they drafted is good enough that even if they do not make it here, get traded, etc., they end up on another roster. The Redskins are in the top quarter of the league when it comes to draft picks landing on a roster. I had no idea that was the case and am a little impressed by it.
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    Women want to be with him. Men want to be him.
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    QB coach Sean Ryan That's gold, Jerry, gold!
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