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    Its all directly related to the 3 things you aren't interested in hearing. So I will bow out.
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    Thank God we had that practice last Wednesday or things really could have gotten out of hand. I was listening to the Redskins Talk podcast last night, and they made a decent point. You can pull the old school Bill Callahan discipline and hard practices and it's 1972 bs if you have a three year contract with the team and you start with off-season workouts and carry it through training camp. The players may think you're a fossil, but at least they have to accept this as reality. When you come in at Week 6 and every knows that you are gone in twelve weeks, they aren't going to respond to this. To put my own spin on it, Bill Callahan is your mom's new boyfriend who suddenly wants to enforce a bed time and force you to eat your vegetables. You know that you just have to put up with this asshole for a few weeks and mom will start dating roadies and carnival workers again. PS I don't post for a few days and you jags lose your minds. Everyone thinks it's easy to do what I do. To quote Jack Nicholson in The Departed, "The only one that can do what I do is me." You want to play the race card while also acting above the fray while simultaneously making fun of three people at once? It's harder than it looks, kids.
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    I see the Trent possibly getting traded excitement wasn’t enough blue balls for you, @ConnSKINS26
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    To answer the OP, anyone that is remotely suggesting that, 2 starts in, is living outside the realms of reality with little to no patience in them. Hail.
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    Inside the trade deadline as Dan and Bruce drive for hard bargains Feel free to share anywhere and with anyone, and as always; have fun! ~Bang
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    So, going by the parameters of the opening post I would start with our off season program Based on everything we heard from draftees and free agents, the Redskins offseason practices and workouts were soft. We're talking tissue paper left out in the rain soft. College guys who arrived proclaimed they were shocked how much harder the college drills were. NFL vets who experienced other teams workouts noted the same things. Gruden's camps compared to everyone else's camps were way too easy. This led to players being out of shape, undisciplined, and not ready for the rigors of the NFL. I'd argue that the Redskins are mentally out of shape, too. How often do we get team come in that was horrible against the X and every team exploited them until they met up with the Redskins. The Redskins game plans are so rigid and dogmatic. Every defense can call out our plays before we do. Gibbs once showed that if you execute perfectly you don't have to trick 'em, but the combination of poor discipline, soft practices, and hyper-predictable game plans doomed us. The other thing we did far too often was not take advantage of our strengths. If a player is great at X (like Peterson running out of certain formations), we either shelved him or forced him to run out of formations we were weaker at. When we got Norman who with Carolina was an excellent zone corner, we asked him to be a one on one corner like Darrell Green. When we have a good front seven that runs downhill, we rush four, leaving guys who are not good in coverage out in space. When we bring pressure and bring five or six, we combo that with off coverage that's really soft so the QB always has an outlet. In short, we make our good players look bad. Now, you can't overcome a lack of talent and so you have to weigh that in, but a good game plan can make your talent appear better just as a bad one can make our talent appear worse. This year, our hyper-conservative and lazy game plans combined with average talent takes our C and drops it to a D. It takes our A players and drops them to a B. It takes our bad talent and drops them from a D to an F.
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    I heard Haskins is so bad and stupid that in practice he spent 30 minutes trying to put a glove on before realizing it was one of his shoes. He's so terrible that when he throws the football the wind itself screams in pain. Even God hates Haskins and only made him because He was on a 5 day bender and didn't realize what He was doing. Satan even disowned Haskins because he's so awful. Haskins is a bust. He's the worst thing since unevenly sliced bread served with ice cold butter and a broken knife to spread it. Everyone knows it. And if you don't know you are dumb and you have a stupid face. And you probably smell like burnt cheese.
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    What the hell happened to "I want to see Haskins progress as the season goes on"?...When did it turn into "I want to be convinced after two starts"?
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    If he buys the Redskins does that mean we can post reviews of the team on Amazon?
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    My prediction: Guice gets hurt diving across the goal line, but the play gets called back because Moses is flagged for holding.
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    It would benefit every American personally.
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    You win this round, kid. But mark my words... We'll be back, more indignant and self righteous than ever before.
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    My gawd Marie Yovanovitch is an intelligent woman and she was obviously a huge asset in the state department. Damn anyone trying to ruin her reputation or paint her in a bad light. And a double FU to Pompeo for being a scared little b**** and cowering to Trump by not coming out and publicly defending her against attacks. Absolutely disgusting.
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    Hell no. Not even close to enough. I have seen progress from week to week. We all knew he was raw. Lets see if we continue to see progress over the next 7 weeks.
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    Well I don't know about you but I'm waiting until twa gives an opinion.
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    He was drafted by Dan Snyder. What else needs to be said?
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    Jeff Bezos' best initial offer: (in my opinion) 1. 5 billion for the club 2. Free Amazon prime for life for Danny boy 3. Allow Danny to be the first person to travel to the Bezos space station (but "accidentally" set the coordinates to the sun)
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