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  1. Of course the trade market is disappointing because he sucks. No one is going to want to trade for a mediocre qb, you have to pay big dollars in a year.
  2. If we are in position to draft him and we do, Adam better find our Brock Purdy later in the draft; in case we need to go to him. I’m sensing nothing but problems for whomever drafts him.
  3. I’ll give Napoleon a C+. Saw a wierd lesbian romance - stupid criminals movie , Drive-Away Dolls last weekend. That gets a D. If you’re a fan Dune, Dune part 2 just came out.
  4. Well, Caleb you are going have to get checked out by teams at some point, if you want to be drafted.
  5. Unless they trade up to #1 or #2, then no. I don’t see Chicago or Washington trading down. If Maye is still there at #3 on draft day, Giants would give Pats a call but why would Pats trade down and not take a qb? I don’t see that happening. I can see Giants going with JJ, Bo or Michael and sit them for a year.
  6. The owner has a hard on for Daniel Jones. Plus, Daboll is on the hot seat; is he going risk his job going with a rookie? Giants may take a flier on the lower tier qbs and gave them sit, they are going with Jones this year.
  7. No problem with Josh being there for interviews; as long as he lets Peter’s make the decision.
  8. Since the tampering period is the 11th and free agency beginning on 13th; shouldn’t the 24 free agency thread start?
  9. Dynasty Chiefs is ranking low in some things and the players hate the Steelers Art Rooney II.
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