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  1. While I can appreciate call ahead ordering, I cannot stand it at places like Chipotle where your food is clearly made in front of you in the line. At the location closest to my house, you can walk in and see only 3-4 people waiting and it can seriously take 15-20 minutes to get your food because of idiots ordering more than one item, and because of call ahead orders backing things up even further. If you're going to have a call ahead system, don't have it at the detriment to the customers in your store.
  2. http://www.usa.gov/topics/money/credit/credit-reports/bureaus-scoring.shtml
  3. Finally started watching Homeland. Good show so far.
  4. A couple fun Gold Cup games last night. Well, the first one wasn't really fun until Martinique's golazo to edge out Canada 1-0. And the second was fun simply because it was another Mexiclol fail. I'm starting to wonder when the Mexican fans will start chanting puto at their own free kicks. Maybe when they're not too busy running out on the field (while their team is losing, mind you) like a bunch of drunken dumbasses. (See Chivas/Club America friendly last week and last night's game)
  5. The argument between Matt Damon and his son in that movie gets me every time. Like crying my eyes out gets me. I saw World War Z this weekend I read the book a while back and this was nothing like the book, but I thought it was a great zombie flick none the less. Good action and fascinating story. Also I liked that unlike most zombie flicks, this one wasn't stuck in one location (a single mall, town, city, etc).
  6. If you feel your percentages are low off of the corner, then why not just play possession ball from there? Not that they were having much luck with that last night either. And yea, I have no doubt Spain will be just fine moving forward. I just get tired of one team dominating unless of course it's my team.
  7. Thought Brazil played a good game. They didn't allow Spain to get in to a rhythm and dictate play. I never really noticed before, but does Spain always take corners with only 2-3 guys max in the box? Seemed like such a waste. I get it that you don't have any big guys, but if that's the case then take a short pass and play the possession. Also I will never understand how a player at that level ever hits a PK that is not on frame. There is absolutely zero excuse for that. Perhaps now soccer fans around the world will slowly remove their collective heads from Spain's collective ***es.
  8. Kind of dazing? Sounds like you were in a coma . That happens to me every once in awhile after a busy day. I mean, I really wasn't paying attention. But if I head a regular horn my first reaction would have been to look at the light.
  9. Yesterday I was sitting at a stop light, waiting for the left turn light to turn green. I was kind of dazing when I heard a police/ambulance horn (the one that's more like a buzz or air horn sound) buzz a couple times. So I looked back to see where the vehicle was. I realized it was coming from a cop sitting behind me, then I looked forward to see the light which had just gone from green to yellow. Oops. My bad for not paying attention, but I wish the cop had used his regular horn then I would have looked straight up at the light as a natural reaction instead of looking back to see where the e
  10. Everyone loves a winner. That, and they are one of the most widely marketed national soccer teams in the world. (I don't have any particular problem with them, btw. It's just annoying that they are kind of like the Yankees or the Lakers of international soccer)
  11. I always say no to the rewards card and last time I was at CVS the guy asked if I had one and I said no so he just handed me one. Lol. As long as I don't have to give personal information they can track all they want.
  12. They lost all three of their group games and I believe only scored one goal and it was off a PK.
  13. Is anyone else unable to edit thread titles? I bumped one of my old threads and would like to update the title, but I don't see any option to do so even in the advanced editor.
  14. Mexico is at least temporarily at the top of the table as a result of their win. I would update the CONCACAF thread but I can't get to it even through google.
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