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  1. At no point has he looked promising at all. All the other young QBs look like they have "it" and he does not. He is horribly inaccurate, which is not about progression, you either are or you aren't. You can throw INTs that were accurate balls but bad reads. His balls are all over the place. Also man is he SLOW. In 2020 you need your QB to be somewhat mobile.
  2. Antonio Gibson is not only far from a difference maker on offense like all the annual useless training camp stories suggested, he cannot even fall on a football. Awesome.
  3. The problem is the pieces around him are so awful it's hard to even judge his performance. I don't think he's the guy but he's also being set up to fail. Bad O-line, no weapons besides McLaurin and Gibson is a nice little story so far but he's not making defenses gameplan for him.
  4. Well, I'll be doing productive things the rest of the afternoon.
  5. The one thing you couldn't afford. Also man is he not mobile. No hope of his slipping through sacks and tackles.
  6. MAKE EVERY F-ING RECEIVER WATCH ART MONK HIGHLIGHTS. Run to the damn chains, it's unbelievable.
  7. The excuses are already excessive. I don't expect Haskins to look like 2012 RGIII but you have to make simple 2 yard slants. His accuracy is terrible and that's about the most important thing in a QB along with vision. I have never thought he was the guy and every game I feel more confident GRANTED he also has a trash offensive line and one above average weapon.
  8. Apke sucks, another example of why the "XXX seems to be finally getting it" stories based on training camp are useless filler. How you look in camp is meaningless, he still sucks. Even if that is Kyler Murray, he took a joke of an angle.
  9. Moron fumbles to get a meaningless yard. Unbelievable. Bad enough there's no explosion on his returns.
  10. This offense is AWFUL at basically every position except 1WR.
  11. Landon Collins another failed signing following Norman though at least Norman was great his first year here.
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