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  1. 1996 is the gold standard for the east coast. It's either No. 1 or No. 2 all-time up and down the seaboard. 2009-10 was another super snowy winter.
  2. Perks of being a federal worker but they shouldn't be jumping the line.
  3. Unless you are in a nursing home, a healthcare worker, have serious predispositions, or are over 75 you aren't sniffing it until April.
  4. Lol "the libs"....guessing there's a picture of someone in sunglasses attached too.
  5. I will eat crow. Early on I thought same old losers, the stench is too high for a coach to make a difference. And to be honest we still need to hire a real GM and act like an adult organization in that respect. But Rivera has changed this culture 100% and it is showing. It doesn't mean we're Super Bowl bound, it doesn't mean we're in line for 5 playoff appearances in 6 seasons, but it does mean we look like we belong in the NFL as a professional franchise. It's a nice change from the Goose Allen **** show.
  6. That's why I said I'm also not completely off that mentality either. I love that he just wants to win period. But let's be real, Durant's titles in Golden State will not be viewed the same as LeBron's in Cleveland. Even a guy like Bird, yes he played with great talent - nobody knew who Robert Parish was before he started playing with Bird. McHale is a Hall of Famer no matter where he goes but playing with Bird absolutely made him a better player. Before Magic came to LA, Kareem got that team to a gentleman's sweep in Round 2, Magic made them champions. Cannot say the sa
  7. I will never fully get on board with the mentality of not wanting to beat the best but join up with the best. If Giannis played with all of those guys and won a title it'd be completely hollow, a minimal accomplishment. BUT on the other side, he wants to win and he cares more about winning that accolades, which is exactly the type of mentality you want. So I'm not fully off that mentality either.
  8. LOL you are wrong for this one. Hey we've had two parades since 2018 give us credit.
  9. With the lottery protection we win the trade AFAIC but people are right it's a very very sad way to end the Wall era. It should've been less treacherous.
  10. It's Gen Z, this is the new normal for fans of that generation. They pick players over cities. And yes NBA fans are front runners too.
  11. I honestly think he just wants to be the focal point of a playoff team. Granted he isn't dumb he knows this franchise is a black hole.
  12. Why are we doing the hockey vs. basketball thing? Nobody thinks hockey is on the level of popularity as basketball - it's a Canadian sport (actually Canadian, Naismith may have invented basketball but it's our sport) that requires ice and expensive equipment, it will never be on the level of the other Big 4 sports in America. And that's okay, they are a top 5 revenue sports league in the world, and just expanded to Seattle, they are doing just fine. Anyway, Westbrook is the biggest sports star in this city probably since Mike. That's really cool in and of itself.
  13. Biggest basketball star in D.C. since Michael Jordan easily. First rounder is heavily protected, I'm fine with it. Bring on the triple doubles.
  14. +1. I'm not going to pretend the Celtics shot wasn't awesome but the peak of the era was a 2nd round game 7 exit. I don't think Wall shortchanged anyone, he gave it 100% every night and quite frankly was used to sell tickets playing absurd minutes when we should have been reserving him for when we had a chance. He should want to GTFO of this dumpster fire and SHAME on Ernie for trying to keep his job needlessly letting Scott Brooks play him 40+ a night. SHAME. But if and when he leaves I will not be devastated, this isn't like hypothetically if Ovechkin decided he wanted out in 201
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