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  1. The goal now that the celebration is over, is to become the 96-2000 Yankees not just be happy with one championship.
  2. If they let both go over pretending to not have enough $$$ it's unacceptable. They made SO MUCH money with this championship - new fans, merchandise, ticket sales to playoff games that will last more than just this year. I will be extremely disappointed if they let both walk to be honest, title or not.
  3. Agreed. But in New York you can get $1 slices that taste better.
  4. Also this poll was D.C. only. I suspect if you included the suburbs the numbers would look worse for Snyder's organization. I do believe the Skins still have the highest ceiling of any team in D.C. if they were good they'd be No. 1 but honestly short of another Gibbs-like run, I don't think they'd go back to what they were even if they settled into a stretch of 10-6 seasons losing in the divisional round regularly. There has absolutely been fairly permanent damage.
  5. Sticksboi05

    Best Burgers (Burgery Goodness,The Sequel)

    The brioche bun obsession is really annoying. Give me a Martin's Potato Roll any day.
  6. The rules of the forum are to post the exact story title and link. That's what I did. Actually the only person who has gotten riled up is you, for what reason I don't know. God forbid, the team you like most isn't the most liked by others. You have beef, go email the Washington Post about their polling mechanisms.
  7. First off, I have not been 18 in a very long time and second, I don't drink coffee. Third, I'm a Capitals fan. Why do you have to come into every thread on DC sports with this attitude? I love hockey but let's not forget DC's baseball history goes WAY further back than the mid 70s. And baseball was America's favorite sport for decades. You don't like baseball, fine, but it's more popular than hockey unless you're in Canada, Russia or various parts of Europe. Accept it. And this is from someone who grows tired of people forgetting the NHL is the 5th highest revenue league in the world.
  8. A World Series title coupled with years of on- and off-field blunders by the local football team has reshuffled the sports hierarchy in Washington, and the Nationals are now clearly the city’s favorite sports franchise, according to a poll from The Washington Post. More than one in four D.C. residents — 28 percent — name the Nationals as their favorite local team, four times the number that named them in 2010. Meanwhile, fandom for the Redskins, long the dominant sports team in the region, has plummeted, with just 13 percent of Washingtonians now calling the Redskins their favorite local team, down 21 percentage points from 2010. The Nationals and Redskins are followed by the Capitals with 10 percent, the Wizards and Mystics, both at 8 percent, and D.C. United at 6 percent. Under a quarter, 23 percent say they don’t prefer any of the local teams. The Nationals being No. 1 isn't surprising since they just won the World Series but 34 to 13 percent is a staggering drop. And for the Redskins to be nearly even with the Capitals ... Football is America's game, hockey is a Canadian sport that has only recently not been a Canadian league as well (over 25% of the league is now American and from college hockey). For the local football team to be nearly even is staggering.
  9. Sticksboi05

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    And unlike Cincy we have two other championship-level organizations in town. Not that hard to find something else to pay attention to. There was an Oklahoma-based Skins fan in the Capitals thread last year who said he had never watched hockey before but he followed the Caps entire Cup run with the people on this forum because it was incredibly fun.
  10. Just as a reminder, this was always a laughable proposition. It's okay, BILL HAS STOPPED MUSIC AT PRACTICES AND NOW WE ARE DISCIPLINED!! In the time he's taken over we have been: 1. shutout at home. 2. gone on the longest TD-less drought in the NFL since the start of the Dubya presidency and 3. got absolutely demolished by a 2-7 Jets team that has been outscored by 100 points this season. The Jets average 231 yards of offense PER GAME. IN 2019 when the NFL is desperate to remove defense. Let that sink in. We were down 34-3 and they called off the dogs. At this point if you still pull the "I will still go to every game blah blah yada yada" you're a sycophant.
  11. Sticksboi05

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    I never said he did. The team defense cost us vs. Carolina, it was subpar and a major step down from 2018.
  12. Sticksboi05

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    The defense may have a say in it as well. It basically cost us vs. Carolina. But right now it is not a "who cares" because 4 goals per game - more fun games to watch. And I want entertainment.
  13. Clinging. to the "overprotective father" mantle is cringe-worthy in most cases like the ones who think they're cool for being like "I have a gun, I'll shoot you if you talk to my daughter!" This is shameful as well and doesn't even prove if she had sex, that's the other thing.
  14. Sticksboi05

    Post-Curse D.C. Sports Thread

    What's also great is from now on, every postseason run in this city is no longer with weight. It's just, let's try to win and see what happens. No more we're cursed nonsense.