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  1. JNJs vaccine in studies so far has shown to produce neutralizing antibodies above the level of concern for Delta variant.
  2. I am glad this person is not in the hospital and I agree on keeping people aware that you can still get COVID after vaccination but I honestly think sharing these anecdotes is not helpful. It scares vaccinated people into thinking the vaccine has been beaten by variants when it hasn't by any means, and it makes people who haven't been vaccinated ask then what's the point?
  3. One study doesn't dictate that boosters are needed. Wouldn't freak out over this headline.
  4. More explanation of the misinterpretation of decent percentages of infected or hospitalized being vaccinated.
  5. This is to be expected - as more people get vaccinated, especially in high risk groups, more of the cases etc. will shift towards vaccinated people. In the UK, 95% of people over 60 or 65 (can't remember) have been vaccinated).
  6. Hope you're feeling better. New study just came out this week showing JnJ produces neutralizing antibodies against Delta and has roughly the same efficacy against severe disease as it did vs. Beta, 80 percent or so. So while JnJ folks are more likely to be infected, still great odds for it to be mild at worst.
  7. Delta is for sure the biggest threat, it is already the dominant U.S. strain and will be close to 100% of our cases at some point just. It is also the only strain so contagious that it is becoming the globally dominant strain, which has not occurred yet to this point. To this point it has been regional, but Delta will be the sole strain eventually. Good thing is the best data we have (from Scotland and UK) shows full vaccination is still around 80% against infection, better against symptomatic disease and terrific against anything worse. But the pockets of America where vaccinatio
  8. UK has been dealing with Delta rise for a week - cases skyrocketing but hospitalizations nowhere near as much, hopefully a sign of the vaccine at work. Most cases are in the unvaccinated. Israel likewise has seen higher cases with much smaller hospitalization rise. The bumps are also way lower than the pre-vaccination waves and the B.1.1.7 Alpha wave. Gamma (P.1) has less immune escape than Delta, which the mRNA vaccines still perform very well against - study estimates of 79-88% infection protection and even better in hospitalization against Delta. Gamma is also going to be outcom
  9. I do feel bad that so many people are being prayed upon by grifters who want to use vaccine skepticism as their next way to grab followers and boost their self-ego. If social media didn't exist the vaccination rate would be much higher.
  10. For anyone who comes across the inevitable OMG I saw that people in XX place got Delta after vaccination headlines... read the thread
  11. 853,000 COVID hospitalizations reported last month in U.S., 99.9% in people not fully vaccinated. Not sure how much more data is needed to show how good these vaccines are.
  12. UK data shows the odds of infection by Delta is just 1 in 22,000 after full two dose vaccination compared to 1 in 2,000 for unvaccinated. The vaccine works incredibly well and is holding up well vs. variants. Get vaxd, live life!
  13. Tell all the people who first got chickenpox, recovered, and then thought there was nothing more the virus could do to them. Oh wait, it actually just hides in your nervous system and chills. Why don't you have the same energy for the virus as the vaccines in terms of what could happen long-term?
  14. You know what else it will take years to determine the long-term effects for ... COVID-19. And considering we already know that it can cause neurological, heart, lung and other issues after you recover, I'd prefer not to find out.
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