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  1. They are but it's still extremely rare. Hopefully once this is put out, it's put out for good. Cannot deal with last March and April again.
  2. It should be noted though that is just a guess from Pfizer, there are medical experts who also think protection could last years given the fact that natural immunity to SARS-Cov-1 was 2.5-3 years. Question is do more variants change the game, or have we seen most of what this virus can do to mutate. It doesn't have unlimited options but there could be more.
  3. What does that have to do with the delays in messaging that have continued under the Biden administration? Also I don't think Trump would stop the CDC from messaging things positive on the vaccines that would give his ego maniacal ass more credit for Warp Speed.
  4. I disagree, I think they had a duty to be fully transparent no matter how rare, and to ensure there is protocol for future cases no matter how rare they are. It's more about ensuring medical practitioners know what to do if their patients present with such symptoms. Public health agencies like the CDC slow to update their recommendations and messaging. Media has been out in front on new research and suggesting we change behaviors.
  5. 1. FB Marketplace is absolutely the GOAT 2. I definitely will not be breaking the bank on my purchase!
  6. My apartment came with a propane grill. No thanks, ordering me a new charcoal bad boy, chimney and getting grill season underway. I was always a "well for big parties use the propane" guy but hosted my company last summer with my old charcoal grill with ease, and the flavor profile is superior.
  7. I think the fact that they were willing to pause JNJ after 6 cases identified in 7 million doses is a good, telling sign. They are not going to take anything lightly. What would be unacceptable is if they saw this frequently in the trials and still said let's go for it without transparency. I think the vaccine messaging from public health officials has been trash as far as convincing hesitant people to take it. And Fauci is leading the charge. It's more "safe and effective" generalities vs. giving people the full data. Essentially they feel the best way is to treat people like they
  8. Looking back after this I think we're going to see a harsh reality that public health guidance is way too slow to react to new data and research. People are still obsessively saniziting surfaces despite clear, presented evidence last SUMMER the risk was extremely low, we still have people walking around on empty / not that crowded streets wearing masks when that is pretty clearly not necessary, and yet we allow people to go into restaurants and unmask before the food arrives. The mandates don't fit how the virus actually spreads. Then we still have mass amounts of peopl
  9. There is literally zero truth to that myth. That's like telling people you can only have a cold if you have a severe fever.
  10. Technically I have my two weeks but I already feel the microchip working.
  11. Fully vaccinated as of today. BUY MICROSOFT!!!!
  12. We're at 40% of the population, it's very possible once we hit 50% you'll start seeing declining numbers at least in some regions. The UK's numbers are dropping because they are holding back second doses to get more of a wall up in general. Many public health experts here think that was the right call, others disagree.
  13. I'm on your side - I've already had to explain to many friends that they have a better chance of being struck by lightning.
  14. I think there is an issue with public health messaging when they say "it's safe and effective". We constantly try to simplify things for people as if that is the right way to go, and it ALWAYS backfires. If someone hears a million times, safe and effective, they want to know ... HOW safe and HOW effective. Safe when it comes to any sort of therapeutic or medicine, even natural supplements, will never mean there is a 0.0% chance of a bad reaction in someone. Biology is full of exceptions and people need to understand a medicine can be exceedingly safe and that doesn't mean there is
  15. On Mantha - he is a better player than Vrana and may more versatile. Jake has no physical presence, does not play any defense and is speed or nothing. Now that speed is a massive asset and he could develop into a 30-goal scorer given a new role on a new team with proper PP time, but for Lavi's system it doesn't work. If Mantha is motivated he can do much more all over the ice. The 1st rounder hurts but player for player we win and Panik is addition by subtraction because he was overpaid and it was going to be worse now that the cap will not go up for probably two years. We get a ve
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