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  1. Those season ticket holders pretty lucky. They were being sold by scalpers for like 230 lol.
  2. You're assuming they fire brooks They keep winning which makes his tenure more likely to extend
  3. just don't use force unless absolutely necessary i keep seeing people defend cops like "well don't flee" like that kid. "don't resist!" "follow orders!" how can they follow orders when they've seen how biased the system is against them? empathy should not be something that has to be taught. a cop's job is to enforce the law but also to be understanding and a pillar of the community A cop's job is not to power trip and exert authority recklessly. Anyone doing so should face judgement.
  4. it's probably the most disturbing thing I've seen the last few years the cops made a mistake and nobody was held accountable let's hope the woman who accidentally shot a kid with her pistol faces similar justice. We all know cops aren't perfect. Cops make mistakes. They must PAY for their mistakes like normal people. Why are they special because they are police? Why do most police get off (66%) of murder cases? If a cop shooots and kills someone without reason, it's still murder. It doesn't magically not become murder just because he or she is a cop. Also underlooked
  5. the most puzzling thing was how none of the briona taylor cops were charged for basically busting into an innocent person's house and raiding them
  6. AprilDRyan @AprilDRyan 50s Breaking: #Verdict is expected in one hour in the #DerekChauvinTrial
  7. New promotion: buy one get one popeyes sandwiches during sunday home games at nats park https://www.mlb.com/nationals/sponsorship/popeyes?partnerId=zh-20210418-395476-WAS&qid=5530&bt_ee=XFWVfzYap02Hoz8RPk%2BDd5tRMqLZEuezOGFOTRiny7jMrfHQnz0SFr6qrZ8hot9U&bt_ts=1618755641141
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