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  1. Maria Torres @maria_torres3 1m Nationals announce Trea Turner tested positive for COVID-19.
  2. He's not going anywhere Back to your regularly scheduled programming
  3. Ken Rosenthal @Ken_Rosenthal now Hearing Turner has NOT been traded. Dan’s tweet indicates potential physical issue.
  4. Jesse Dougherty @dougherty_jesse Trea Turner is out of the game in Philadelphia. Not sure of the reason yet.
  5. The treatment of our athletes is very unfair and it's spurned on by people like trump who openly encourage supporters to root against their own country because of rapinoe or other targets. Most conservatives are hesitant to follow any sport now because "they are too woke".
  6. sadly this type of logic is leading to unfair criticism of many of the athletes including Biles who is being vilified for "quitting" on her team despite having mental issues we should be more understanding as a people instead of rushing to criticize a lot of the Olympics right now have college kids, like Emma Weyant who goes to UVA, and Chase Balusz or whatever his name is, he swims for UGA
  7. It's been okay. The US hasn't been up to par in high profile events but is still top 3 medal wise (gold medal and overall count)
  8. USA finish silver in gymnastics. USA trailing to Japan 2-0 going into the bottom of the 7th. Last chance for the Yanks.
  9. Japan takes a 2-0 lead in the gold medal game against the USA.
  10. Very sad about Simone Biles. We Americans love to prop up our athletes, hype them up, and when they succumb to the pressure, rip them up.
  11. They have a Olympic "Red Zone" where they just switch between sports all stream. Pretty good stuff. No commentary like Scott Hanson though lol\\ It's called "TEam USA Moments"
  12. Scola out here 41 years old just playing ball, respect and Luka is tearing it up no surprise
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