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  1. The Nationals were also pressured into playing constantly and did well. I'm telling you, rest is bad in baseball.
  2. ixcuincle

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I was at the Wizards game Sunday and the Bucks signed for nearly everyone, except Giannis who warmed up before gates opened. When the game ended he signed for like 3 people and ran off the court. There were like a dozen people or more waiting for autographs. Wonder how often NBA players sign by the tunnel during warmups because **** if they do what they did Sunday often you can bet I be attending Lakers and Pelicans games. Watch me in the crowd hustling trying to get Zion autographs
  3. ixcuincle

    Redskins Fan Revolt Thread

    I'm not going to STOP being a fan but I don't think i can make it this Sunday despite it being Homecoming. I just am too old to go through the routine now just to see them get ground up to a pulp. Things may get very ugly Sunday. ****, I've already seen 3 beatdowns already. Cowboys, Bears, and Patriots. So I'm sorry to all the regulars I see at the ES Tailgate but I may not make it there Sunday. Just can't do it. The way the team is playing it's better off I sit at home and watch. Hell, the last times the Redskins won at home (Cowboys, Panthers, Packers) I wasn't at the game. Maybe this is my fault.
  4. The sooner the Astros or Yankees finish off the ALCS the more that "rest advantage" the Nats have is equalled out. I am worried. One team has won the WS after sweeping the NLCS. Just one.
  5. They aren't selling public tickets this year Your only chance is third party sites I purchased tickets yesterday and most of them are gone. Sorry ES folk.
  6. dude how did you get tickets?  I didnt get an email for presale??

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    2. ixcuincle


      I have 2 left for Saturday but we'll see if the people I know want to use them. If they can't use them I'll see


      They're 100 level seats, about 380 per seat.

    3. skinfan2k


      thats easy. I'll pay you right now. 

    4. ixcuincle


      All the tickets I have are gone. Sorry. There might be presale for NLCS ticket buyers.

  7. I got tickets through pre-sale for the ws yesterday. If I can't use them I'll give em to es folk for the amount I paid per (300 dollar lower level seats)
  8. ixcuincle

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    Lol gatas
  9. Tickpick Also why'd you spend on lower bowl?? Sit up high with the peasants. Metro will stay open late throughout the playoffs for every Nats home game
  10. ixcuincle

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Don't bother going. Team has no expectations this year. I m only going once for wiz bobblehead in March or April.
  11. In their first season since star slugger Bryce Harper left as a free agent, the Nationals became the first team in major league history to rally from three or more runs down twice in elimination games during the same postseason. ''It's not just one player, it's a team,'' left fielder Juan Soto said.
  12. ixcuincle

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA