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  1. Don't remember 980 hosts going off on politics. Tony Kornheiser used to but he's not a 980 host anymore. And he never treated them with disdain or said anything stupid like we shouldn't wear masks. IN fact he would probably **** about how he is in the age group where he can't leave the house and complain about that. Meanwhile, EB and Dukes have been going into politics more and more which is disturbing. It's sports talk. It's not your FOX NEWS chat hour.
  2. And you tweeted at him too. He blocks people who don't even follow or tweet at him. Then he has the nerve to talk about how he is a victim with CDVW. "The world hates me. I'm going to embrace it and make it my radio show." It's hypocrisy.
  3. think this is the only time I've ever seen anyone talk glowingly of Dukes or saying they would "Miss" him the overwhelming majority of people dislike him. And a reminder that he blocked me on social media despite me never tweeting at him at all.
  4. But how will he be able to stay COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL in LORD DUKE'S MANORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR cropp metcalf oh **** that dude. His reads were awful. His takes were awful. He never talked sports and always rambled about wrestling and food on his show.
  5. some wizards fans have suffered 40 years of losing i'm not sure how yall could handle that mentally
  6. I'm so happy right now. It's not a Caps or Nationals title, but damn it, it matters! We Laker fans have suffered for a decade! No more!
  7. GS started the three point abuse trend because analytics.
  8. Nothing wrong with getting dirty in the paint. If you posted up against Laimbeer you got hit and then he hit you again as you were getting up. Lol. The old day. That wasn't just the Pistons too. The Celtics in the 80's played just as dirty. And the Lakers, remember the clothesline? They don't let you play like that anymore sadly. Too much money tied up in players. It makes for a more difficult product to watch when every light tap or breathe on is a foul.
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