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  1. ixcuincle

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball Thread

    http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26325304/msu-izzo-apologize-yelling-henry Izzo has always been a jerk. This was just another moment. "but he's coaching that kid HARD and giving him tough love" lmao please
  2. ixcuincle

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    LSU doesn't even have a coach screw themm GO TERP
  3. ixcuincle

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Maryland needs a coach who can win games in March
  4. ixcuincle

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    i just don't understand why this team is so bad in march quick exit from B10 tourney and now getting beat by 9 to BELMONT! BELMONT
  5. ixcuincle

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball Thread

    It' insanely early but it would be hilarious if Izzo couldn't even get out of the first round Michigan State was plagued by multiple injuries and some how won the B10 tournament and a share of B10 title I really don't think they're that good. Eventually that catches up to you.
  6. They were like 40 dollars after Harper signed with Philly and they might have gone up since then. I traded my tickets from Wednesday to Tuesday so I'll be there.
  7. The Racing Presidents podcast is the best Nats podcast out there everyone listen
  8. ixcuincle

    ES Soccer Thread

    Klopp has always been very religious so to hear him talk about "what did you do all your life" at the gates of heaven was very interesting discussion. I have always been a very big fan of Klopp since his days at Dortmund
  9. it's cheeseboy. DC Sports Bog has always been overrated. Don't see why everyone loves them. That being said get your tickets now and drown em out.
  10. ixcuincle

    ES Soccer Thread

    Safe to say Kloppo is probably my favorite manager in EPL and his interview with MIB and Rog was very enlightening. He offered a lot of good advice and life lessons like how second place wasn't that bad and how we stress too much importance on sports.
  11. ixcuincle

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    1067..."Sources" report Redskins looking to move on from Josh Norman. IS this really news? Lmao. PEOPLE THEY JUST SENSATIONALIZE AND MISREPRESENT NEWS TO GET YOU TO LISTEN. THEY'RE THE FOX NEWS OF SPORTS RADIO. 1067 source, EB source just some guy at Bar Louie that he met. Imagine thinking a common radio show host actually has a pipeline within the organization
  12. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/03/19/mike-trout-upstages-bryce-harper-again/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.df8d6444379b Meanwhile, Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal “fainted” upon reading the news of Trout’s pending payday and suggested he’ll raise his kid to be a baseball player. “Son, grab that bat!” Beal tweeted.
  13. can't say that bama didn't deserve it. He basically prolonged his free agency with his dramatics then signed last second for a deal that got eclipsed a few days later lol
  14. Bryce on radio publicly recruiting Trout to come to Philly...then Trout is like "hell no" and re-signs with Angels LOL get rekt