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  1. ixcuincle

    Random Thought Thread

    @Spaceman Spiffit gone official now on ESPN
  2. ixcuincle

    US Soccer thread.

    Just gonna bring up the U-20 US game here as it is this afternoon around 2:30 EST. https://news.yahoo.com/amid-us-soccers-senior-team-turmoil-recordsetting-tab-ramos-keeps-youth-levels-thriving-185831446.html Development of the youth in US after all these years is very commendable. You hear a lot about how the US can't develop talent, yet guys like Ramos have been able to succeed and bring up the next young generation of USMNT players (Puli, McKennie, Sargent, Weah, et cetera)
  3. ixcuincle

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

  4. ixcuincle

    Random Thought Thread

    should have seen cm before. although i heard they filmed endgame before cm.
  5. ixcuincle

    Random Thought Thread

    lmao they puttin stephen a on baby filter now on snap
  6. San Jose tried to cheat the game of hockey with that hand pass and was punished Good riddance
  7. ixcuincle

    Save us, Elias, you're our only hope - The 2019 Orioles

    geez I thought the Nats bullpen was bad I will be there tonight for the Game of Thrones bobblehead. Don't expect much of a crowd. Attendance very poor at OPACY this year.
  8. imagine being so triggered over gay marriage in 2019
  9. ixcuincle

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Yes What team can compete with GSW Don't say Houston because Houston only has Paul and Harden and GS dispatched of them easily in 6
  10. smh they should air that episode it's available online anyway
  11. ixcuincle

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Warriors are head and heels over any other team in this league. The way the league has stacked talent in their favor is flat out unfair. "But dynasties are good for the game!" The only dynasty good for a game is the dc dynasty otherwise parity is good
  12. ixcuincle


    screw Koepka boring
  13. Mets got swept by Marlins Can def sweep Mets and get back into this thing.