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  1. Got to love NBC putting this game behind a paywall on Pea****. Bunch o' bollocks, as the scousers would say. Biggest game of the year behind a paywall lol
  2. I was curious where Bertans was all season I questioned it and then he showed up big time last night welcome back to the team lol also yesterday doesnt' really change much they need to trade Beal for a king's ransom and rebuild
  3. Bertans used to be good that's why they gave him the contract extension. Seems like he's regressed this year by a lot.
  4. My psyche can't take much more of this terrible Wizards team lol can't wait for Thursday when a real hockey team takes over
  5. I'm not trying to be harsh on the kid, I know he's a rookie but he's still a rookie and RAW. the point is other than westbrook and beal there' sno other options on this team. Plus Bryant went out for the year. So who's on the team other than Westbrook and Beal? Someone else here even defended it by saying that those 2 take the majority of the shots. So I'm not wrong here. Again, lack of a team. It's 2 players. This could be an ugly year for Wizards fans.
  6. He's okay. There still isn't any talent outside of Westbrook and Beal. Not much depth.
  7. IT is. I am old so I remember the old rants and rambling of Kornheiser which were done in professional decorum. Then you see Magary's writings and it's this meme edgy **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****. He loves to curse in his articles and it comes across as unprofessional IMO. That is the major reason. He is capable of good work but it appears more rarely than not. Magary made his name on Deadspin and defector with edgy and profanity laced tirades at the outrage du jour.
  8. you need more than 2 people to win games it's 5 on 5, not 5 on 2
  9. Is there any supporting cast other than Beal and Westbrook? Seems like no one else shows up. I was looking at social media, Rui had like 4 pts at the half. Come on man.
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