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  1. I think Fitz was brought in as the bridge starter. It’s his job to lose and he’s going to have to be really bad or get hurt to lose the job. Let’s also be wary of drawing conclusions on much of anything from OTAs in June.
  2. In this case this means he tagged Jason Wright on one of his tweets. On that basis I’ve been in a ten year relationship with Megan Fox. But on a serious note a brief read down his Twitter timeline makes me worry about his mental health. He’s not a well man.
  3. Troy Apke at CB seems ...suboptimal.
  4. Going off on a tangent but what the hell. What position does Collins project to? He's like 260 and looks like a 3-4 OLB/4-3 DE hybrid to me more than an off the ball LBer?
  5. I can’t believe I’m having to say this again - but making threats of violence against a POTUS is a Federal crime. Let’s not do that - or quote people doing that. Even, or perhaps especially, in these crazy times. There have been warnings before recently about this. This is going to be the last warning - people are going to start getting perma bans. The Board just can’t allow this to happen.
  6. That kind of response will not fly around here. The post your responding to was a bit snarky but within the rules - your response is not.
  7. Smith has always been a check down guy. Teams would game plan to try to force him to throw down field to get him out of his comfort zone. Now he lacks mobility he’s a sitting duck against pressure. What I expect teams to do his bring pressure and sit on the check downs and double Terry. Force Smith to have to hold it knowing he can’t escape. Building some screens into the game plans would be something we should be thinking about ...
  8. I would absolutely not call WR a strength. Terry is elite and we do have some young guys who have promise but they are more 4th or 5th receivers on a good unit. Adding another legitimate quality outside receiver would be a huge boost for the offense.
  9. McKissic could end the season with 100 catches if Smith stays healthy - for about 500 yards ...
  10. Kendall Fuller has played excellent football this season. The first half of this game though he was poor. He was badly beaten for the first long TD (bit on the pump fake) and although he was put in a bad position with the coverage call (and a corner who did not carry the vertical route as he should have with no route challenging him underneath) he was responsible for the deep half on the second TD pass as well. Not his best day. But I’m with @KDawgon the need at ‘backer. We need at least two new quality starting backers for next season. On offense we need a #1
  11. By the way on Chase Young and his production.
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