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  1. Competition. He is probably taking the camp roster spot of Foster until he is ready to come off PUP - if that ever happens. Meanwhile he has a chance to win a job. Hes young, an excellent special teams player and has starting experience. He has a chance to stick.
  2. Given the lack of experience and injury history of Guice and Love I don't see anyway AP is cut. Not unless he has fallen off a cliff physically and Barber beats him out as the 'veteran insurance policy'. Which I doubt. I think they would like Guice to stay healthy, win the starting job and have AP spelling him - hell I think we all would.
  3. He almost certainly will be used as a WR. I would bet money he will get more touches in receptions than carries (unless there is a rash of injuries to the RBs - which with the injury history of Guice and Love is far from impossible). But he's going to be moved around a lot - lining up as a RB and then motioning out to the slot. Lining up at slot and running jet sweeps, running fake jet sweeps, bubble/tunnel screens. Don't think he will run too many deep crossers from slot or seam routes, that will be more Simms role from that slot position. Nor do I think he will line up a tailback and run inside zone very often. Lets not forget he's a rookie who has never seen NFL game speed. We are asking a lot of quite a few very inexperienced players here.
  4. Thank you 16 years to be exact.
  5. The Antonio who this creates more opportunity for is Gandy-Golden.
  6. One of the knocks on Marino when he was coming out of Pitt was they said he ‘pushed’ the ball. He threw from his ear. What people seemed to miss was he consistently pushed it about 65 yards downfield into ridiculously small windows.
  7. I’m not dear, I’m very cheap - in fact free. And even then you are not getting your monies worth. No it’s not X’s and O’s. And as I said in an earlier post it IS OK to reference the politics in the context of the impact on the locker room, on his ability to relate to and communicate with players. It’s NOT OK to spin off from that into general political rants or statements with no relation to the impact on the team. Now that’s not always easy - it’s shades of grey. And the decision on where the line is one I and other Mods take. So staying well to the right side of the line is the best way to go. This strays towards the line. But in my judgement stays JUST on it. Just ...
  8. Thank you - to be clear though, it was not a suggestion Is any of this relevant to this thread? Or related to the team? This is a final warning to you - and everyone - keep political conversations for the Tailgate. I swear I don't want to start banning anyone of ANY political persuasion but the next person who gets off topic and into politics will be getting time off.
  9. Sound advice for everyone in this thread.
  10. Let’s try to stay focused on the topic of the thread and not let this get derailed into political discussion centred around BLM and what surrounds that. It’s Ok to reference tweets like the latest from Del Rio as that’s relevant to the thread, just be careful to not spin off into a side conversation about the general issue as opposed to how it impacts (if it does) the team.
  11. The NFL and specifically Sunday Ticket is the reason I have DirecTV.
  12. Yeah - jerseys for sure anywhere. The rest mainly around the house. I have a crap load of gear that will suddenly be obsolete though as will most of us.
  13. The poster you are replying to will not be PM’ing or replying to anyone on this Board again. We do not allow politics in the Stadium nor do we allow troll level rants of idiocy anywhere. General warning - keep politics out of the Stadium and if you feel the need to scream nonsense at the moon do it in private and in a place that does not annoy anyone else.