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  1. MartinC

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    Nonsense. You would be aghast at some of the stuff that happened back in the 60's and 70's. There have been several books written about the Raiders of the 70's alone - there is nothing happening today that didn't happen back then with bells and whistles. Just that it's not the Good Ol Boys doing it anymore and every single person on the planet could not video things real time and post it on social media.
  2. MartinC

    Redskins vs Jets Prediction Thread: The Bowel Bowl pt. 1

    Jets 19 - Redskins 9
  3. At least it will be quick. Tried to fit into a tight window. Well worth the effort.
  4. Well I watched the Jets and Giants game. If we try to run the ball 35 times against the Jets we will extend our record streak of games without a TD. They are extremely difficult to run on - at least in part because they commit a lot of bodies around the LOS and are aggressive. This means they are playing single high and man behind that an awful lot. They also have corners who could not cover a fire with a blanket. If there is ever a game when you HAVE to pass on 1st down against favourable passing looks this is it.
  5. MartinC

    SI: Bezos & Amazon Want In ...On the Redskins?

    No argument he is toxic. But I think this is more confirmation that success in one line of business is no guarantee of success in another. Quite the opposite in many cases. Especially if you are too arrogant to learn the lessons of failure and examine what makes your competition successful.
  6. I can imagine that's a line you use when you are not wearing Skins gear as well Unless I am wearing a suit for business I generally can as well.
  7. MartinC

    SI: Bezos & Amazon Want In ...On the Redskins?

    Yep. I suspect the most that happens here is a naming rights deal for the new Stadium.
  8. MartinC

    SI: Bezos & Amazon Want In ...On the Redskins?

    I'd say that's at least one definition of successful.
  9. I wear Redskins gear all the time here in Arizona. The most common reaction I get is sympathy.
  10. Mistakes were made. Let us never speak of this again ...
  11. MartinC

    Election 2019 - D's take VA. Bevin takes L.

    It does make me somewhat ashamed to be an ageing white male. We are dragging our heels here.
  12. MartinC

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Totally fair - consider the source is always a good thing to do.
  13. MartinC

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    We should probably consider some kind of rule about quoting Florio on this board - he rarely adds any value and his positions are normally transparently anti the team. (Only joking @BatteredFanSyndrome - this was perfectly reasonable to quote). But let's just examine the section above. First - 'ravings'? I think we can sense where this is heading from that pejorative start. Then lets pick apart Florios logic - he is inferring that the fact that Williams was at the team for three years after failing to follow alleged advice to seek a second opinion somehow means it's not possible that advice was given. Really? How does that work as a logical position? Do players (or anyone) always follow the advice given by medical professionals? No. Do the team doctors or the team have the ability to compel Williams to seek a second opinion? No. Florios position here is nonsense. He raises a reasonable point about what would Williams have to gain from an independant review. The obvious answer is confirmation he is telling the truth but these things tend to get muddy and its entirely reasonable for the player and his agent to feel that there really is not much to be gained. But then wouldn't it also be reasonable - and balanced - to ask what does Williams have to lose (assuming he is telling the truth that is). In summary a typical Florio hit piece on the Redskins which adds no new information and even less logical thought to the subject.
  14. MartinC

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    All good information and as you say muddy. It is possible an athletic trainer noticed the initial skin condition - but at that point I would be amazed if he was not referred to one of the teams contracted medical staff for a further examination and likely a scan of some kind. At that point this would be in the hands of the medical team not the athletic training staff. I would also be very surprised if an outside specialist was not involved in the final diagnosis. I am reasonably sure that no member of the athletic training staff would have been involved in that final diagnosis. If the condition persisted (which it clearly did) it would also be really strange if advice was not given (possibly by the athletic training staff) to seek a second opinion. Just make sure its cold. Would not want to provide any warmth.