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  1. I think right now this is a hope more than something we can confidently expect. I think the D will be better - not least because it literally cant be worse! But how we create sacks and pressure plus will the outside coverage hold up are big question marks. As for run game, I think we have good but not elite backs, but the run game is so O'line dependent. We should be better from guard to guard, but how the Tackles (and TEs) hold up in the run game is a question. For me (and a lot of us I think) this season is less about wins and losses and much more about the development of Jayden Daniels. His progress is how I will judge the season.
  2. He can play some FB as well. TE/Hback/FB. Gives us the ability to disguise formations. His versatility will get him on the field and opportunities.
  3. "Receivers into the backfield and visa versa" Don't tell me we are going to hand off on a jet sweep this season ...
  4. Thanks for this - and sorry for your loss.
  5. He's due $13M base plus a $500K per game roster bonus this season and next season (not guaranteed). Thats not elite WR pay but its a lot to pay for what would likely for a 50-60 catch a season guy (though he did have 10TDs last season). He's looking for a new deal and I don't think we should be paying a WR who is a borderline #2/#3 circa $15M per year, which is what he is reported to want. Broncos are reportedly not looking to trade him anyway.
  6. I was thinking the exact same thing!
  7. I THINK I would take 15 right now (not just a bull**** #15 based on total yardage but a DVOA #15). Its year of one of a big rebuild - I think we need to add a real quality pass rusher and true #1 corner to get into the top 10 range. Thats a huge thing and great sign. One of the best part of sports was the dressing room/locker room banter and just 'being with the guys'. If people cant wait to get out after games and practice its speaks volumes, if people get in early and stay late just to hang around its a great sign of a team knitting together.
  8. Top ten is optimistic IMO. I think we will be improved, let’s be honest only way is up. I 100% agree better coaching is a huge plus. We were abysmal last season in terms of coaching and especially defensive coaching. That alone will be huge. But I worry about our pass rush and outside corners. Pressure will need to be schemed and require more aggressive play calling. I worry about our ability to get to the QB and cover I would see league average as a good step forward.
  9. Wash, rinse, repeat. Dyami might not make it to full training camp.
  10. He is certainly better in zone or off man - but he played almost exclusively outside in College, hardly lined up inside at all. Moving him there would be totally changing what he did in College that got him drafted to the NFL in the 1st round. He does have talent - speed, length and good ball skills. I’m not giving up on him totally, but his lack of play strength is a huge problem.
  11. I’d give EB more chance of getting another NFL gig over Ron or Del Rio. Maybe not as an OC though. I don’t think Ron or Del Rio will ever work in the NFL again.
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