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  1. No one is beating the Jets to that first overall pick. No one. They had four total yards of offense in the second half of last weeks game. FOUR.
  2. Have we really got to the "lets rehash the arguments about RG3" portion of this thread?
  3. Its Monday morning - I am on my first coffee over here. Give me a break :-) Edit - actually now I have read the OP (and finished my coffee) you were talking about only 1 catch went away from Terry in the OP. That catch was also the only TARGET that went away from Terry to another WR. I was pointing we only targeted another receiver once the whole game. A similar but different point.
  4. That or the Dallas front 7 is flat out embarrassingly bad. They were awful yesterday. Still you can only beat whats in front of you and Lucas played well. Not sure if this has already been posted but we had 12 targets of receivers in the games yesterday and 11 of those went to wards Terry McLaurin. Everyone in the world knows Terry is our only real downfield weapon and we are targeting him a ton and he STILL gets open and produces at an elite level. guy is flat out a stud. On a related note what Dallas were doing on the long TD pass leaving a rookie CB on the island ag
  5. Never? I don’t think we (or at least ownership/front office) have accepted we need a complete blow it up rebuild. We have always clung to the idea we were ‘just a QB’ or ‘just need a WR and FS’ away from competing. The old Bruce Allen ‘We are close’ bull****. We were a million miles away. And we are still.
  6. Personally I don't think there is any question he is/can be a good backup. Unless he significantly cuts down on the turnovers though he cant/wont be a long term starter.
  7. Agreed - I said exactly that in another thread.
  8. I don’t think he’s 100%. He was stout at the point of attack and got some pressures (he caused the pick that Jones threw) - but he seems less explosive than before the groin strain. Thomas was benched for the first quarter. He played the rest of the game - and was so so at best when he did play.
  9. That’s why Jones is getting the much longer rope with the Giants. But today was the first game since week 1 when he has scored a TD, he barley threw for over 100 yards again and he threw a bad pick (which is becoming his signature play).
  10. He looked like a good backup to me. He showed nice touch (Haskins does not hit that fade pass to Thomas for the TD for example) but he turned it over last year in Carolina and he turned it over twice today. I thought he had more arm than he showed today as well - he looked like he lacked arm strength. He made some clutch plays on 3rd downs to be fair and he gets credit for an excellent last drive and TD pass to Simms. But overall it’s was pretty meh IMO. But as I said when Haskins was playing any QB would struggle in this offense with the lack of talent around them.
  11. To be fair he’s been injured - on IR right now. For me Wes Martin. He was solid when he played at RG last season when Schreff went down. I thought he would be solid and maybe even a bit better than that at LG. He’s been flat bad.
  12. Is not the highlight - that was probably that whole first half against the Giants at the end of last year. That and the Eagles game that preceded it were what I hoped he could build on coming into this year. But it's not happened.
  13. We’ve not been big players in free agency for quite a while though. Collins was the last big money guy we brought in (not that he’s earning the money we spent). We did offer a big deal to Cooper as well. But with the lack of talent we have on offense in particular we pretty much have to be big players next offseason.
  14. But his guaranteed money is up at the end of this season. He can be cut this coming offseason with an $8M and change dead cap and save us $14.7M against the 2021 cap number (and we are already about $60M UNDER the projected 2021 cap.
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