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  1. Agree to a point. Though I would still say that having a stud at one tackle spot allows you to help out both guards and the other tackle by sliding protection away from your stud without the need to tie up an additional eligible receiver be that a TE or a RB. Andrew Thomas from Georgia is someone I would be keeping a close eye on this College season. He can play LT and RT.
  2. MartinC

    Can The Redskins Ever Draft Skill Players?

    Stephen Davis was a multiple thousand yard rusher. 1400+ and a couple of 1300+ seasons. I would add Chris Cooley as well - TE is a skill position in the modern NFL. Them I’m starting to reach a bit. Michael Westbrook was not a complete bust. 7 years well over 4000 yards receiving and 20 odd TD passes. Only one thousand yd’s season though. But your point stands.
  3. Agreed. This ultimately falls on coaching.
  4. Should I mention the ‘don't quote video or pictures in replies’ rule at this point? Nicholson has shown more than potential. He has extremely good range and tackles. The communications stuff HAS to get cleared up but that’s not just him.
  5. It’s **** like this a strong HC would jump all over. I’d thank Moses for his input, put on the tape of him committing drive ending holding calls and giving up sacks and trade his ass to Miami. Then tell the rest of the team to just focus on doing their damn job. You’re right - it is stale. But just changing the HC and staff will not change that, the stench starts higher up.
  6. You and I are just guys on the internet. No one really gives a crap what we think. A fan questioning a HC decision is as common as oxygen. A player publicly calling out his HC though ... that’s just a no. Not even in a team meeting behind closed doors should that happen. 1-2-1 player with coach is the only way that can happen. You think Tom Brady can go on air and publicly question a decision by Bill Belichick? You think he would?
  7. I would advise Redskins fans to watch Georgia games (AndrewThomas), Iowa games (Tristan Wirfs) and Tennessee (Trey Smith).
  8. I can't recall if Allen was still there - but the while the Bucs deactivated Keyshon they still paid him. They had to to retain his rights.
  9. He gets his entire base salary from the week he reports. He is losing weekly game checks worth $638K each. So given he has not reported this week he is now out $1.2M for those keeping count at home.
  10. I would tweak this. On field is what matters - it's the end. But human psychology, roster management and asset management is an undervalued part of the means.