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  1. But with the amount of snaps from gun in the NFL (it’s circa 70% overall and under Chip Kelly the 49ers were 99% one year) it’s not really a surprise formation. It’s pretty much ‘base offense now’ in the same way (and directly related) that nickel is the base NFL defense.
  2. That's a REALLY good and complex question. Conventional wisdom is that is harder to run out of gun. Or at least you are more limited in what you can run. The depth of the back is less, the timing on blocking is changed, by being one side of the formation gives the defense a read on what you can/cant run. You tend to see a lot more outside zone and 'stretch plays' and backs starting laterally rather than downhill. There are some backs who just prefer to be lined up deep (AP for example!) and run downhill on gap or inside zone rather than laterally - and the better the back the more that might be, gives them a chance to use their superior vision and ability to set up blocks and make people miss compared to an average back. Pistol formation evolved as a hybrid of gun/under centre to try to address some of the perceived (or real) issues with gun. There is data that shows that play action is more effective from under centre (though that gets more complex when you look at down and distance and position on the field etc). BUT there is also data that shows that even when you adjust by down and distance etc running out of the gun is more successful overall than under centre. But THEN some of that depends on who you have at QB .... So, short answer is it's not clear. What is interesting is that with one single exception the top 10 most productive NFL offenses of last year were also the offenses which ran the LEAST percentage of shotgun. The exception was Kansas City and Mahomes might well be an exception in many ways by the time he has finished.
  3. What would you define as heavy shotgun? Because last season we had 624 snaps from the gun and only 342 from under centre.
  4. Ain’t that the truth. But at least we know what a winning team looks like and got to experience Championships. It’s time we had that again.
  5. That's game planning and play calling largely (though last season we were so banged up and limited it was hard for any play caller to put together a game plan and call plays when your starting QB had only had about 3 practice sessions with the playbook and your O'line was decimated anyway).
  6. Could be semantics but ‘scheme’ is the offensive system. WCO, spread, Coryell, wishbone, run and shoot etc. game planning and play calling are what you do within that scheme game by game, series by series and play by play. And then you have situational football - short yardage, goal line, 3rd and 3-4, 2 minute etc etc which is whole conversation in itself.
  7. Thats not scheme, that’s game planning and play calling. Pretty much everyone in the NFL runs the same ‘stuff’ - same concepts. Terminology and window dressing with motion and formation might be different but that’s about it. The difference is the talent executing the plays, the matchups. And the game planning and play calling to identify, create and exploit the matchups favorable to you.
  8. It could easily mean he knows the substance of Williams complaints about how he was diagnosed and treated. That's how I took it anyway. I think it's clear there is some level of unhappiness here - and it's hardly a unique occurance for a player to be unhappy with how a teams medical staff have handled an injury/condition. There is a natural tension in that the medical staff are there to get and keep a player available to perform and that medical issues are often not black/white - which leaves room for a player to feel his long term best interests are not being looked after.
  9. Even given how partisan politics is it boggles my mind that 41% of the population of this nation approve of the job being done by Trump as President. Simply amazing.
  10. MartinC

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    As far as I am concerned we dodged a bullet.
  11. I see you don't follow instructions in threads any better than the rules. I told you not to reply in this thread. That was an instruction not a suggestion. Take some time off to consider if this is a place for you. If you decide it is when you come back read the rules and comply with them and any instruction given to you by MODs.
  12. MartinC

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    Not being Trump and having the polling to show you can beat Trump is a compelling offer right now. Though I admit having a positive set of alternative policy proposals would be very welcome as well.
  13. Next offseason is going to be all about putting some more weapons around Haskins and adding to the O'Line (whatever happens with Trent).
  14. If you wish to keep posting in these threads you need to bring something to the conversation. This type of crap might fly on Twitter - it will not here. Below is rule 12 of the forum rules you agreed to abide by when you signed up for an account. Read it. This is an in thread warning to you and in general. Please do not respond to this warning in this thread, just read the rules and abide by them. 12. No trolling. Beware of making baiting posts.Do not post comments that are fundamentally inflammatory, or of little substantive content, or of some broadly insulting nature that serve primarily to incite your fellow members. ExtremeSkins has always prided itself on its zero tolerance policy for the common internet troublemaker. Trolls come in many forms and will be identified and censured at the discretion of the ES Staff. We are seeking a better level of conversation than just habitual drive-bys, being simplistically insulting, or gratuitously flaming various well-established points of view regardless of how strongly they may differ from yours.
  15. MartinC

    Press Release: #REDSKINS QUOTES - Gruden

    It would be the best coaching job of the decade - but here’s hoping. I thought this was interesting. I’ve been high on SDH - but this is very encouraging. Sounds like he’s got the inside track on one of the starting ILB spots. “but when I look at the tape on Shaun Dion, he has showed up more so than any time I've seen Shaun Dion. He's healthy. He's running faster, way faster now than he was this time last year. I mean he looks fast. He looks instinctive. He's what we thought we could get when we drafted him from Alabama. He's set.”