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  1. So true. Hopefully Dallas keeps McCarthy for a long, long time. Horrible coaches get recycled in this league several times before people realize what was always blazingly obvious: that the coach was always awful (see, eg. Norv Turner).
  2. You did--with the stupidity of your argument that you then tried to back out of and pin on others through their unconscious bias. Have a nice night dude.
  3. And your basis for that conclusion—that others are being impacted by their own unconscious biases—is what, exactly? Your own unconscious bias? Your argument is pure tautology, solipsistic nonsense.
  4. you really diagnosed this one: one of the few minority head coaches in the league doesn’t like his black QB simply because he is black and also the hand picked draft pick of the owner. Oh, and on a team which was the first to win a super bowl with a black QB and that former QB is still in the front office...but I’m sure you’re right—this is clearly a race based decision....
  5. Agree with everything KDawg posted. I'll add a few additional thoughts to this: --I've seen enough of Scott Turner already. Multiple times today, there were receivers practically running into each other on routes. The spacing was terrible. --I fail to understand why we don't get the ball into Terry's hands early--call a bubble screen, anything, just get the ball into the hands of our playmakers (of which there are arguably two) on offense. --Allen has a mediocre arm, is jumpy in the pocket and far too careless with the ball. He basically cost us this game. --The PA fak
  6. No-we cannot but take heed, I'm sure we will give up large chunks quickly and will get the ball back.
  7. That was the definition of PI. Cannot miss that call.
  8. Even on that 3rd and 1---a real NFL LB recognizes that play and jumps it. Awful awful recognition by 55.
  9. There is zero starting NFL talent at the LB position on this team. They are all massive liabilities in every phase of the game.
  10. Put some pressure on their QB....sitting back on these soft crap zones--zero pressure from the front four...I've seen this before...
  11. How about an adjustement on the line???? They are just getting to the second level on 55 and destroying us. This is pathetic coaching on defense.
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