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  1. That's also such an indictment of the position for this franchise for years. We've been in purgatory for decades because of our inability to find even above average talent at the most important position. There have obviously been some other factors as well, but it's truly remarkable.
  2. Great write up as always. There's a lot to build on for the future. Importantly, we seem to have the kind of stability at coaching that we've lacked for years. We have drafted well and found gems. We know what our weaknesses are and where our strengths lie. There's a lot of positive things ahead for this franchise and brighter days are ahead. I'm excited about the defense. As we all know, LB is a huge need. And i have no doubt it will be filled. Chase needs to get healthy and really work on his pass rush technique in the offseason. On offense, we have pieces
  3. He needs to work on his pass rush skills. He really had nothing last night against a top LT. He hesitated off the ball and went outside almost every time. He looked slower to me than usual.
  4. We also need a lot more from Scott Turner. I'm just not impressed with the guy at all.
  5. Love Alex Smith and love the narrative arc of this season, but let's see the kid against Tampa. Smith can't move and can't throw the ball down the field.
  6. Hail to the Champions! The Washington Football Team has never missed the playoffs!!!
  7. totally agree with all of this. I’m 40 and I haven’t seen a QB as bad as Haskins take the field for this team, and I saw Heath Schuler.
  8. I agree with KDawg that this game really made me wonder about Rivera. How can a head coach get it this wrong? Is he too loyal? Did he want to give Haskins a chance in spite of everything and not simply throw in the towel on the young man? Is Haskins the kind of guy who looks like he has it in practice and then completely unravels in games? Regardless, Rivera should have self corrected before half time. After the first pick it was blazingly obvious we didn’t have a chance with him behind center. The whole team knew it. Rivera will be raked over the coals for this decisio
  9. Ugh. That’s just the worst reasoning ever. Just the worst. Past performance is no guarantee.
  10. he should be cut tomorrow. He’s the worst kind of guy to have on a team. I like Ron but it really makes me wonder seeing him go with Haskins and then having him start the second half. We didn’t have a chance with him. It was clear as day. Really hard to understand it.
  11. I don’t feel bad for him at all. A spoiled selfish brat.
  12. If you put the ball in Traskins hands on 4th and 2 you deserve what you get.
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