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  1. Just night and day from a guy like Gruden. I've been watching this game for some time, and I'm very impressed with him.
  2. His mechanics are really and truly awful. Combine that with no vision and little college experience, and I simply don't understand how he was ever considered a top round pick, let alone #15.
  3. I want to like Haskins, but he just looks awful.
  4. Can't watch the game where i am...did he leave the field under his own power?
  5. I don't know how after all we have seen over the years with Dan that you can possibly believe what you just wrote. Dan is involved in everything. Amazing catch by McLarin btw!
  6. You know it's not going to work as long as Dan owns the team. Bruce is simply an extension of Dan.
  7. That was a nice 2pt conversion. Good control by Haskins there.
  8. Haskins looks like he has zero football IQ. Just totally lost. Awful mechanics; sails every ball; terrible arm motion and release point. I actually see nothing worth building on with him. Doesn't carry himself like a winner either. Very disappointing.
  9. Possibly the most disgraceful and embarrassing performance I have ever seen in all my years of watching this team. That's 34 seasons that I can remember.
  10. It won't matter. Snyder is a disease and he has cursed this franchise.
  11. Manusky's D continues to impress! Guys come out of the bye week looking even more lost than they did before it. That's hard to do. Hats' off to Manusky.
  12. I'm out boys and girls. This is unwatchable...I need to go change a few lightbulbs or something.
  13. Haskins mechanics need a complete overhaul. That's a bad, bad sign.
  14. Jesus, Haskins. OMG....this team. Don't come out of the tunnel in the second half please.