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  1. I jokingly say Washington corruption. And put an elephant on one side of the helmet and a donkey on the other side.
  2. Bruce is gone at least as gm and team president. He may stay to get the stadium deal done
  3. Any fan that roots for a loss is not a real fan. I have been watching this team since 72 . Losing gets stuck into a “culture” the team expects to lose. Winning does the same thing. and In the nfl the difference between a 2nd and 20th pick In the first round is not much at all. It all depends on need and draft position. And we don’t need to draft a qb
  4. He has moved up in the pocket many times today . Haven’t seen many runs.
  5. I have been on ES for years. i really don’t get attacking our players. i have seen improvements in Haskins and every thing he does wrong it comes out by many here that omg he is not an nfl qb. sorry but he is an nfl qb .
  6. Sorry but Haskins is doing fine for his 4th nfl game . A lot of improvement this week. qbs miss receivers every game multiple times. If Haskins completed 19-20 passes for 600 yards many on here would say he should have made that one completion
  7. How the hell do they do this illegal formation all the time
  8. That doesn’t matter if the ball makes contact with the kickers foot. other wise you could try a 70 yard field goal on 3rd down and get the ball back when it’s missed if you fall on it.