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  1. Morrissey1972

    Welcome to the Redskins Bryce Love RB Stanford

    I realize that there’s lots of question marks when it comes to this kids durability, but man he is elusive! If healthy, Bryce Love will be the most dynamic player on any field this season. Solid pick but the OL is getting some serious neglect this weekend. Sorta makes you wonder if there’s something brewing outside of the draft.
  2. Morrissey1972

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The worst pic of the night as far as I’m concerned and the fact that Haskins is a Snyder/Allen guy is only more infuriating. Who would want to coach for the organization?
  3. Morrissey1972

    Starting QB 2019???

    Whether on not the Cards like Murray was never really my argument. Instead, I’m saying that the Cards can’t afford to stay at #1 unless Murray is definitely their guy. Unless they want Murray, any other guy can be had at #3 and they could’ve gained some extra picks by moving down a few spots. With that said, the Cards have a vested interest in driving up the value of the #1 pick if they already know that they’re sticking with Rosen.
  4. Morrissey1972

    Starting QB 2019???

    On the surface, it’s only a matter of simple draft value. If another team wants Murray, it’s going to cost them more to move into the #1 spot rather than the #3 or #5 spot. ...that price only increases if the Cards make the impression that Murray is on their radar as well. These two scenarios are exactly why the Cards won’t trade Rosen prior to draft day. Moreover, if the Cards were dead set on taking Murray, they’d be crazy to not trade Rosen pre-draft. I mean, why delay that trade and risk potential suitors going in a different direction for QB? In fact with every passing day that the Cards don’t trade Rosen, I become less convinced that they have any Murray plans.
  5. Morrissey1972

    Starting QB 2019???

    I don’t think Murray is a luxury that the Cards can afford - even if they’re in love with him. My sense is that the Cards are simply driving up the value of their draft position in hopes of trading out of that spot for a kings ransom. It’s really the only scenario that works if the Cards are truly trying to build that team into a winner.
  6. I’m always surprised by the folks who continue to be impressed by Kerrigans stats. Anyone who’s been to a Redskins training camp over the last four years knows that Kerrigan is easily the slowest and most hobbled man on defense. I love Kerrigans professionalism and he’s been a great ambassador for this team but he’s now making his living off the talent that’s around him, instead of his own.
  7. Morrissey1972

    Starting QB 2019???

    Hard to argue with this. Although, it’s going to hurt my feelings to see Hockenson go elsewhere.
  8. Morrissey1972

    Starting QB 2019???

    I’m in the Bridgewater camp. Sign Bridgewater and do whatever necessary to draft T.J Hockenson. Both players instantly take pressure of the o-line and will give Guice some time to grow. There’s almost no risk with this approach and suddenly this is a different Redskin team.
  9. Morrissey1972

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I think that we can safely file this one in the “Daydream” folder. I seem to remember that Dungy is critical of our mascot and pretty much despises everything that this franchise stands for.
  10. Morrissey1972

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Jaguars

    At this point in his career and with our NFC record, can anyone tell me what it is that keeps AP battling every game? The man is just all heart and is the embodiment of what NFL HOF’ers are made of. I’m not sure what will happen to AP in the off season but regardless, we’ll be a better team going forward because of what he’s demonstrated as a professional. Nothing but class.