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  1. Live shot of Democrats in Congress discussing what their going to do about this.
  2. redskinss

    What was the best vacation of your life

    This thread is going to be too depressing for me to participate in. You guys and gals have fun.
  3. redskinss

    Massive fire engulfs Paris Notre Dame Cathedral

    Although I do agree with that order and the sentiment of the statement the building itself is also an historical work of art. Technically you can repaint the mona lisa if you wanted to but it wouldn't be the same if it wasn't done by davinci. But yes the priority has to be the stuff that absolutely cannot be replaced then work on the things that have been getting re-done for centuries anyway.
  4. redskinss

    Starting QB 2019???

    Why is the giants 3rd round pick lower than ours? Nevermind I just Googled it, forgot about beal.
  5. redskinss

    Starting QB 2019???

    Exactly. Now lets just pray snyder doesn't take out another loan he can't afford!
  6. I'm sad to say that executive order was signed at our brand new training facility in Crosby texas. I feel like I'm living in some alternate reality, trump and Republicans are totally anti union and push right to work laws non stop but come to our training facility and sign a couple executive orders that might get us a little work and suddenly we're cheering and acting like you're our best friend. I was so disappointed to watch that speech he gave, it really did pain me to see it.
  7. redskinss

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    It also confuses me that everyday people wouldn't want to have a beer with people like Warren. I'm a blue collar union operator and I'd love to have a beer with her. I had a neighbor years ago that was brilliant beyond words, he had like 3 PhD's and a library in his condo that was full of books way beyond my comprehension but he was a cool guy and I loved hanging out with him. He taught me all sorts of things I never would have dreamed of knowing and I probably also did the same for him when I taught him how to ice fish. I don't understand what makes people so insecure and afraid of things they don't know.
  8. redskinss

    Starting QB 2019???

    I went and looked up the article you mentioned. I'm pretty sure that's just some sort of extra padding, maybe ti prevent rib injuries or back or who knows. Do a Google image search and I can't see a single image that looks like he's carrying any unnecessary weight on him.
  9. redskinss

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    She's very popular in Massachusetts yet very few Democrats wanted her to run for president. Their happy with her performance and want her to stay as a senator. Most of the Massachusetts Democrats I've talked to feel she'd make a good president but also think she's too easy a target for trump and dont want to take the chance. She deserves better but unfortunately that's where we're at.
  10. Sad but true. An audit is designed to find nefarious activity in regards to your tax filing and trump is basically saying I can't show you I have nothing to hide because the people trying to find things I've hidden may find them.
  11. Can someone please explain to me why being under audit is even a viable excuse? I mean obviously its bull**** but why cant we say "why would that matter"? Is there something I'm missing, how is releasing his taxes going to have any effect on an audit?
  12. redskinss

    Random Thought Thread

    Anybody been to see two cello's? I got free tickets for tonight's show but not sure I'm even interested.
  13. redskinss

    Starting QB 2019???

    Agree completely. I wouldn't even mind giving up this years first as long as we got another pick in return with Rosen, maybe a 3rd rounder. But to give up an unknown future first rounder on a team that has all the makings of a dumpster fire could be totally disastrous. Especially considering the talent at the quarterback position coming out next year.