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  1. this could be really bad news about snyder too, I'm not betting on it but just because the media says it's bad doesn't mean it's not about snyder. just because we'd love it doesn't mean they wouldn't still list it as being bad and disturbing. I mean if snyder did something awful they wouldn't be teasing great news all week because they'd look a little ridiculous when it broke and it was about sexual harassment or something.
  2. yeah, no doubt but reports are something big is coming soon, plus with the entirely new coaching staff and the name change this is shaping up to be the most tumultuous offseason in team history by a huge margin. no need to add fuel to the fire, let's just avoid any other possible snares where we can. or as I said before we could add the gremlin and watch the chaos multiply before our eyes. could be the only fun we have this year anyway.
  3. with the P.r **** storm that's brewing on the horizon Is it a good idea to add antonio brown to the mix? it'd be like adding a gremlin to the titanic, it won't be your biggest problem once the ship starts taking on water but its certainly not gonna help. could be rather entertaining though.
  4. that definitely changes things a little, but I could have sworn I read disgusting a few places. I coulda just read it that way in my mind. either way reporters should never tease the hell out of a story relating to someone else health under any circumstances.
  5. its definitely not about someones health, if that were the case the only thing sad and disgusting would be how the media has been teasing it for 3 days. put me in the camp of feeling this has something to do with new information on the cheerleader scandal, and most likely ties to Santos and mann somehow. I guess we'll see soon enough but if this is a truly disturbing report and not just a nothingburger, between the name change and a massive scandal the team wont need to announce that fans cant attend home games this year, it will happen organically.
  6. after the giants beat the Patriots in the superbowl we were hoping we'd beat them the following year because of trends and that didn't work out too well so I'm not holding my breath on this one either.
  7. I've noticed people saying we'd have to change the "h" in httr to howl, why? why can't it be hail to the redwolves? hail just means to cheer, salute or greet.
  8. why does the government even allow trademark squatting? am I the only one who thinks that you should have to be using it or have no right to it? rounding up all the possible names for the purpose of blackmail should not be allowed in my opinion.
  9. to your first statement, that kinda proves my point, the ravens history doesn't really go back to when they were the colts, at least I don't think anybody really thinks it does. the second comment, I dont know maybe that is why they forced Baltimore to leave the browns in Cleveland. I think you can make several logical arguments about how we'll still have our memories and that it's ok to move on bit I don't see how it wont be the end of one era and the beginning of a new one with a team that has no history at all.
  10. another logic buster for the people who cant understand why the name matters so much and fans may move on after the change. why do you think the ravens were allowed to move to Baltimore only after they agreed to leave the name all imagery and history in Cleveland? if it didn't matter the commissioner wouldn't have made that a stipulation. technically there's already a team in green bay with that name.
  11. a red wolf may not be the baddest of wolves but it is a predator and I kinda like the thought of showing some restraint. very few fan bases are put in this position but if it were more common and everybody just had to "one up" each other, eventually we'd end up with a team called the great white grizzly lions a mythical swimming bear cat that weighs 10 thousand lbs and eats megalodon for breakfast. we have enough of that in the marvel universe.
  12. ahhhhhh, gotcha, sorry that went right over my head. no I just pulled those right out of my backside, or so I thought I did.
  13. I read this like 5 times trying to find some sort of link between my comments and your response and I still cant find one.