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  1. Love the second round of disinfectant after reading 26 sexual assault accusations.
  2. I wish I could find the video. Cnn was interviewing people in line to vote and asked someone how long they'd been waiting to vote. A person in line a ways up front overheard and said "4 years" Perfect reply.
  3. As she was railing on democrats and socialism all I could think was that her message isn't going to land with her audience in that accent. I know it sounds awful but if you're going to preach to people who buy stereotypes, prejudice, racism and propaganda like most people buy morning coffee you better do it in a manner that makes them think merica, not slovenia.
  4. I put my snowmobile registrations in a mailbox Sunday night and got the registration in the mail on Friday. I was absolutely stunned, I expected it to take at least a month between the stories of slow mail and slow state processing. Obviously not the same as a ballot but still a positive sign.
  5. Actually I was referring to his injury, the reports were that they feared he tore his Achilles but I haven't seen any confirmation. Does anybody know if that's been confirmed yet?
  6. How come we haven't heard anything definitive yet?
  7. I didn't say any of that, you did. All I suggested is that this story is something that could go viral if the right picks up on it with only a week to go before the election. And for the record I agree with everything you posted, I just don't think what these employees did was acceptable. But to suggest calling police officers pigs or saying all cops are ****s isn't political is just being deliberately obtuse.
  8. I didn't see a guy trying to be dirty. I saw a guy who was trying to make a critical stop on 3rd down and got way over aggressive. He definitely deserves to be punished by the league but in my opinion not admonished by fans as being dirty.
  9. You don't think this is political? You don't see how writing "all cops are ****s" on a police officers coffee or drawing a pig on an officers coffee could be construed as an over reaction by the far left? Sounds like you're choosing not to see it.
  10. Capy said an employee was fired for writing ACAB, which stands for All Cops are ****s, on the bottom of a coffee cup served to a police officer and long-time customer of the cafe after another employee drew a pig on the officer’s cup in an earlier incident. Both were offered a “path” to return to work, which involved apologizing to the officer. The employee who wrote ACAB didn’t feel comfortable doing so, Capy said, “so we weren’t able to reinstate that person.” https://www.reformer.com/local-news/mocha-joes-staff-pickets-over-wages-service/article_7f521f6a-16ba-11eb-908c-c79d
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