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  1. My wife and I were also thinking of going to Vegas for the game but I'm sure everybody else has the same idea, that stadium is going to be overrun with opposing fans every week.
  2. Why would Mayhew assume that other teams don't know what they're looking for in a quarterback? Seems a little arrogant at best, or am I missing something?
  3. And considering there's 32 teams in the league it makes that name even worse if that's possible. Might as well name ourselves the Washington last place
  4. Number one is never going to happen, didn't they just remove his statue from somewhere in an attempt to distance themselves from him? Number 2 is my least favorite of all the options because Washington monument is supposed to be singular (or at least that's what you think of when you hear Washington and monument together) and a team name needs to be plural to sound right, it reminds me of that scene from the movie air heads when the dj sees the band name is the lone rangers.
  5. Fair enough. I picture Amazon workers sitting on some assembly line bored to tears putting packages into boxes.
  6. I'm betting it's because that's all you've ever known them as. Just out of curiosity, how does packers sound strong and intimidating?
  7. Everything sounds terrible at first. No matter what they pick, for the first 5 to ten years most people are gonna hate it but 40 or 50 years down the road it'll feel like a comfortable shoe and despite the fact that I'll probably be long gone most people wouldn't be able to imagine it any other way. Take the packers for example, how stupid did that sound the first time somebody brought it up? now you can't even fathom green Bay with any other name. I agree, it rolls off the tongue better and sounds more exclusive. But I also think the soccer thing might ruin it
  8. This is bull****!!!! I was out on the harley last Saturday in a t shirt.
  9. Hopefully they bury him near Rush Limbaugh so I don't have to pinch it off too long when I visit their graves.
  10. You may be right, and the brand has certainly taken quite the hit in the last 30 years I just think they're going to try very hard to keep the history as much as they possibly can. I think that's why they put the "established 1932" after Washington football team because they know how much that matters. We'll see, it'll definitely be interesting to see how this plays out.
  11. I agree but I think you underestimate the psychological value of history when it comes to branding. If coca cola changed its name to Johnsons cola or whatever and kept its product exactly the same it would still decimate its sales. People need history for their attachment to stay strong, even new fans will want history, its not necessary, you can build a brand from scratch but nobody wants to when they already have an existing successful brand. And as I said before our last 30 years have certainly hurt the brand and dropping redskins will hurt it more but it's still an existing
  12. They have that automatically covered though, whatever the name ends up being it'll start with Washington. I think it's important to them to protect the brand as much as possible and the brand is the Washington redskins and their 90 year history. Despite how much they've sucked for the last 30 years they don't want to have to start completely over on history and branding and I think that's why most suggestions keep team colors and many have some variation of red in the name or just Washington football team or club which technically we've been for the last 90 years.
  13. This guy is growing like a weed. His r.a.s. Said he was 6053 then there was an article that said he was 6'6 now he's 6'7. By tomorrow he's gonna be 7 feet tall.
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