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  1. Playing devils advocate here, ties to far right militias could mean several things. For all we know they could just have friends on Facebook that are members of something and that doesn't really disqualify them from serving in the national guard. I've unfollowed so many people on Facebook I could be friends with half of qanon for all I know.
  2. All these troops in the capital wouldn't be so scary if I had never watched game of thrones. I can't shake the feeling biden is gonna walk confidently into the capitol, put his hand on the Bible and Mitch McConnell is gonna put a knife to his throat and say "I did warn you not to trust me" I can't wait until Thursday.
  3. If he doesn't get a shot here I guarantee he'll get one somewhere else. If we give him the initial round tender I think we'll have some competition for his services, I don't care how small the sample size, there are not that many available quarterbacks out there that can do what heinicke did even if it was only 4 quarters. I have a feeling that if we bring in a guy who's already considered the starter we're gonna lose him to a team that'll give him a chance to compete for first string. If that happens I hope it's Watson or stafford so we don't have to worry about watching anothe
  4. When is fox gonna get rid of that God awful theme song they play every time someone gets hurt and they go to commercial?
  5. Imagine how drunk you'd be if you took a drink every time the announcers said Washington in this game.
  6. That was a comically bad call on the crackback block followed by an even more comically bad interception.
  7. That's why I hate the all cops are ****s term. He's not.
  8. Gotta get rid of that extra medal of freedom. Don't want it to spoil.
  9. Yet another ex redskins coach who made it to head coach. We may have sucked something awful over the last two decades but somehow we've been the masters at scouting head coaching potential.
  10. At least now we can assume we have an accurate count of trumps true immovable base.
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