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  1. redskinss

    Random Thought Thread

    I told her to make sure Jim Bob doesn't forget his maga hat in the e.r.. She was like no he's actually a hippie.
  2. redskinss

    Random Thought Thread

    My wife is an e.r. nurse and she's working triage today. 10 minutes ago she triaged a guy who ate a wild racoon and now wants a rabies shot. She's like you can't make this stuff up.
  3. redskinss

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Bernie would be 79 years old on election day and 86 years old his last year in office if he attempted two terms. I'm sorry I'm not trying to discriminate against the elderly here but we don't need a president who's of nursing home age. It's a sad fact that your senses and mind dull when you age and we need to consider putting a law in for a maximum age for president. We have a minimum why not a maximum for almost the same reason?
  4. And he had to explain it to his followers because he knew they'd wonder what this has to do with chickens.
  5. redskinss

    The alliance of American football

    Seeing as how this league and the NFL are working together I wonder if they instituted any rules or policies on player acquisition. For example I'm sure the aaf doesn't want teams poaching their players midseason, are there rules against an NFL team signing a player right now and telling him he can't play anymore? And what if a player really stands out and multiple teams want him, is there any process for fairness or is it just like undrafted college players that they can choose any team they want.
  6. If you had any ability for self reflection (which I doubt) you'd realize that if you are forced to chase after friends at all much less ones who apparently abandoned you several years ago then the problem is most likely yours.
  7. Enlighten me please, I've never heard of the dante continuum and Google doesn't explain it very well either.
  8. redskinss

    Random Thought Thread Can you imagine if this was your local store and you thought you might have bought a ticket that day or heaven forbid knew you had. How do you live with that anguish. Lol.
  9. And now you're arguing with a trump supporter about whether or not it's possible to argue with a trump supporter.
  10. Since this has absolutely nothing to do with a wall and everything to do with a campaign promise that needs to be kept for him to have a shot in 2020 Why doesn't trump just tweet this picture and say the big beautiful wall is complete so we can all get on with our lives. It's not like his supporters fact check anything.
  11. redskinss

    The alliance of American football

    Does anybody know if the out of high school 3 years rule that the NFL has is also in place for this league? I Would assume it is because the NFL would never work in conjunction with the AAF and also threaten their already extremely prosperous farm system.
  12. redskinss

    The alliance of American football

    I am happy with the quality of product on the field. It Isn't half as watered down as I expected.
  13. redskinss

    The alliance of American football

    Are they playing their games in college stadiums? Nevermind I just googled it.