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  1. I agree so long as its not, expected starter ( insert name here) tears a.c.l and m.c.l and will miss the entire season. I love training camp news but always hold my breath while practice is occurring.
  2. Yeah, except that picture is like 2005 Bet ya feel even older now huh!
  3. My biggest reason for optimism this year is actually the reaction from my friends more than anything. Most seasons I try to be as cautiously optimistic as possible but the people around me are like, yeah sorry man but Washington sucks, then they go on to point out the things that my homerism obviously doesn't want to hear and have sub consciously blocked out. This year, most of the people I know believe that Washington is the team to beat in the division and they are more optimistic about this team than I am. There's definitely a change in the expectations from pe
  4. And from a players perspective it's smart to get a couple tags before your first big payday because it's far less likely you'll get those Two huge one year deals after your first big contract.
  5. I'm a little confused by the date. Wouldn't that make America 22 by most people's basis of American independence?
  6. Sucking against the giants is what got us chase so I can live with the fact that it's in the past. Now they're gonna have to deal with the curse of the youngbino twice a year for a decade plus!
  7. Not sure where this belongs but we may officially be living in an alternate universe or hell has frozen over. Maybe both! https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdq33eFX/
  8. Wouldn't it be funny if this team turns it around, becomes a perennial winner and she gets all the credit. Lord farquad would lose his mind!
  9. Truth be told, I know absolutely nothing of those games he was offensive coordinator for Carolina but I myself would never hold anybody to anything that happened with an interim head coach and a lame duck staff. Too much turmoil going on to expect any decent results even if you're an offensive savant.
  10. He wasn't the offensive coordinator in Carolina except for a couple games after Rivera got fired. He's had one season on a new team with an entirely new staff, during a pandemic. I think he deserves a little slack here, at least until he gets a competent quarterback and a season or two of continuity.
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