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  1. redskinss

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Yes and I'm sure we would have but when somebody decided they wanted him we no longer had that choice. All I'm saying is that I think teams should be allowed to protect their practice squad beyond just paying a little more and offering the same opportunity. Otherwise it's an advantage to good teams because players are more likely to want to play for good teams. I'll bet anything if simmie cobbs was on new Orleans practice squad and we tried to poach him that he would have decided to stay with them on their active roster. Just seems like an advantage that should be negated, but then again practice squad players are free to choose any team they want so the advantage is already there. Just sucks to spend a lot of resources on a player and then have them walk when we want them to stay.
  2. redskinss

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I'm starting to think a team should be able to protect players on their practice squad by getting right of first refusal when someone tries to poach them. Simmie cobbs is a good example, we were allowed to make him the same offer but of course he wanted to go to the saints, they're a much better team with a much better quarterback. But why should the lesser teams be used as a partial farm system for the better teams? Its pretty obvious that the saints never intended to play him this year and he was just put on i.r. without ever having played a snap. Once players pick a team and coaching and resources are put into that player the team should have the ability to keep that player by activating him to the active roster if they choose to. My opinion anyway.
  3. redskinss

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    No he wont and if he did he'd most likely just decide to play baseball. Hard pass for me on this one. If he didn't have baseball I'd consider him but he has way too many question Marks for me to have any interest.
  4. redskinss

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I think it would be very Redskins like to use a first round pick on a tiny outfielder for the Oakland athletics.
  5. redskinss

    Gameday Thread

    The defensive coordinator for the chargers should be taking notes here.
  6. redskinss

    Gameday Thread

    Eagles must have borrowed our strength and conditioning coach for the playoffs
  7. redskinss

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    Sadly all very true
  8. redskinss

    Gameday Thread

    I was almost certain after last week that the Patriots were gonna represent the AFC in the superbowl and the cowboys and eagles would somehow tie in the NFC championship game so the two teams would combine to represent the NFC. Patriots vs the eagboys, my worst nightmare come true.
  9. redskinss

    Gameday Thread

    It could be worse, try living in Massachusetts.
  10. redskinss

    Gameday Thread

    Jesus the chargers are playing so sloppy right now. Little things like the punt that Edelman picked up and returned after it bounced while the gunner just lazily strolled by him. That's just bad football.
  11. redskinss

    **** the Cowboys

    Wrong thread.
  12. redskinss

    Gameday Thread

    One pump ok. Two pumps no good unsportsmanlike conduct
  13. redskinss

    Gameday Thread

    Why did the colts have to use their last timeout when the chiefs rb ran out of bounds? No way he had forward progress and the clock was under two minutes. Why didn't the colts freak out and say the clock should have stopped?