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  1. OH ****,(as we in the construction business have called them in the past),is pretty much in charge of enforcing mask rules here in the state. They dropped by for a visit a couple of days ago. We didn't too bad,but there were enough folks wearing masks below their nose and a few customers not wearing them that may have cost the place a few points and a promise for another visit. This could get interesting. There's enough knuckle heads coming in not wearing masks and ready to fight about it to cause a bit of a concern as to if/when somebody gets......nasty about it.
  2. He also just doesn't care. His myopic,the world revolves around me attitude won't allow any empathy. It's all about his ego and what feeds it. Power and and how to keep it. Little desperation thrown in as well. It's not that he trying,it's just that he doesn't give a ****. Also. On that article above,it's tough to compare anything to back in April since New York,(with New Jersey right behind them),skewed the average pretty nicely.
  3. Ice is back with my new infection. * Oh wait.
  4. Whew. Morning started off animated yesterday to say the least. One of our regulars,(small time general contractor who finally started talking to me again after I called him on his bs a few years ago),was on the warpath yesterday. Now I've seen this guy come in regularly during this time of lockdown and phased reopening. Credit to him he has worn a mask in the past but minded his own business. Yesterday morning however,was different. Training a new guy,(Iraq vet),and he wasn't wearing a mask,(mandatory). I was in the midst of talking to him,(and remind him about the mask),when this guy came around the corner and ordered him to come with him. They went around the corner and I heard raised voices. He was yelling at the MOD about people not wearing masks,the store not enforcing it,and how he would report the store and we would have to pay the big fine. Apparently,he had also confronted 2 young ladies,(17 and 18),about not wearing masks. He cussed and took their pictures even,(bad mistake). He called the manager and all kinds of stuff. Next thing you know a table with complimentary masks,sanitizers,and a sign saying masks were mandatory showed up at the main front door. Apparently,a relative of his tested positive for Covid-19 and is on a ventilator. Amazing how that can change one's opinion of things. Probably find out about the fall out tomorrow. I will say that an even larger percentage of people are wearing masks in the store these days even without all that. Locally however,not so much in a few of the popular places in town. One place has you wear them inside,but outside no. Total lack of social distancing and people are actively walking from table to table,group to group. Future cluster origin right there.
  5. My wife makes me a nice mask to wear at work. Lot's of stars and red,white,and.....kind of a tan color. Pretty cool actually. I happen to walk by two coworkers and one of them looks at me and says,(sarcastically),: "I'm sorry sir. That mask looks very similar to a Confederate Flag and I find that offensive. You need to take it off." The other worker laughs and they high five each other. I'm going to get fired before I quit I think if this **** keeps up. There's even a couple of backwards assholes who fly the Confederate Flag with the American Flag on their trucks around town,(dumbasses need to brush up on the Nevada history there. Not that that would help of course).
  6. While I like the idea of a "reboot",I'm a cynic where the team is concerned and unsure if it'll make one bit of difference. Grumble **** complain. My position really hasn't changed over the years though. It's the opinions of the Native Americans that I listen to on this one. . They want it changed,so be it I'm in 110 percent. Other opinions,(those not Native American),are irrelevant to me. Same attitude I have with a few of the white assholes I hear talk at work about the Confederate Flag and African Americans,(different topic and another thread just showing the similarity in attitude).