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  1. Oh good. Well maybe I'll just put some ribs out on plate and leave them there for the day. High of 99 and that AQI and I should have a good smokey flavor on 'em by this evening.
  2. It's in Nevada now and then some. Jumped 395 and is running. 2500 acres East of 395. Homes very much threatened. They're throwing the works at it now before it gets dark. This beast doesn't sleep. Can be very active. Lights up fire camera everywhere. North side of fire slowed down some. Pretty rough terrain there. I've spent a lot of time in the area where it's burning over the years. Keep it from crossing 88 and they should be good.
  3. Thanks. Sorry about the smoke. It's been downright nasty here the past 6 days.
  4. Meanwhile 12 miles South and West from here. Frightening stuff. The Tamarack fire.
  5. Pretty accurate it appears. Looks Covid was the #1 killer of cops last year according to a few studies. One article I read said that dying from Covid is considered LOD with proper documentation.
  6. This is an angry,evil beast of a fire. Not as big and nasty as the #dixiefire , but still mother ****er. Smoke from the fire is dense and for the most part,has kept the vlats away. Choppers and boots on the ground have done most of the work with some occasional help from SEATs. Beast was running wild. Still no containment and we do have friends who may end up being evacuated if this things keeps moving. We should be fine,but I'm keeping an eye on it. That and taking a few hundred pics of it. Took the first one yesterday afternoon before work and 2nd one from my driveway. Fire is between 12 an
  7. Went out of the building at work briefly and saw smoke to the East. It kept going as I started to look South. Left work at 7p.m. and went out back. This is the Tamarack fire in Alpine County Ca. At the time it was about 30 South West from where I live and 6 miles South West of a charming little wide spot in the road called Markleeville. Early this a.m. around 1:30 it was a half mile from Markleeville. They evacuated the town yesterday,(some nice homes and country back there),and the surrounding area. Modis Hotspots show it reached town. Took these yesterday. First pan is from work.
  8. Modern renaissance man. Conservative Trumper radio guy. Has a radio show in Illinois I think. Big youtube personality known for doing reaction videos and such. Yeah he get's taken to task a lot and is accused of doing this kind of stuff for the $$$. Got some good publicity last month for going to a PTA meeting and slamming Critical Race Theory. Video went viral.
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