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  1. PCS

    Best Workout Music

    I remember that original PB thread. One thing that hasn't changed since then,is that I think I'm one of a few on the planet who doesn't listen to music when I workout. Though when I did way back when,I found a lot of those 90's rock songs were outstanding for workouts,(Sad but True being a favorite).
  2. PCS


    Pretty early actually. It happens at Sunset so one has to be there long before that I imagine. From what I gather,it can a nice atmosphere,almost festival like. Which is good since it's one of those been there done that sites that you'd be hard pressed to convince others that yours is better than all the rest. Be cool to go and see it though. Dry year this year out here and from what I've read,the Falls aren't looking all that great so far. Past few years though,I'm surprised they could even get folks there to see it with as much snow that fell,(2017 and 2019). Okay. Not even close to as spectacular as Horsetail Falls,(Yosemite),when on fire,but it is a waterfall,(Lower Eagle Falls in Tahoe at Sunrise. Orange tint provided by smoke from fires in California at the time).
  3. PCS


    Ah yes. The Yosemite Firefall. Wouldn't mind taking a few pics of that one,however.
  4. Tom Steyer dropping by just a couple of blocks from my house What the hell. I'm there now. Big crowd considering where we're at.
  5. No worries. I've deleted more than my share of gifs that I've posted for the same reason. Whoooops.
  6. @SkinsGoldPants . Love that gif,but the second part,unfortunately,is a no no. Going to want to fix that. Thanks.