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  1. PCS

    Random Thought Thread

    Always cool to watch my wife's joyful reaction when one of the boys stops by for a surprise visit.
  2. PCS

    J.D. Gibbs... Rest in Peace

    Just walked into the break room at work when they announced this on tv. Sigh. Tough time for the Gibbs Family. RIP JD.
  3. All I have to do is walk in to the break room at work to find them. He's the hero here. Has kicked everyone's ass who's challenged him. Rescued the economy. Greatest President since Reagan or at least this century and the most criticized ,(by the "liberal" media and others),President ever because he's not part of the establishment. Democrats are the real problem in this country. They're the racists,liars and cheats. Hell I dove in to the political "conversation" there one day not that long ago and hit them with some facts and was called a bleeding heart liberal in return and I was quoting fake news.
  4. PCS

    Anyone have experience with photo licensing fees?

    I'm a member of a group of Photographers based in Utah and this was/is a fairly common subject of discussion amongst the members. It's very common when it comes to the Portrait photographers. One of them posted this article which is part 4 of 4. Good read on all 4 parts. https://fstoppers.com/business/guide-pricing-commercial-photography-part-4-license-fees-8713?fbclid=IwAR15JJN_kCeevgqAODrNR-k1kcRsabkaFwKdfEvD2GB-L0cGyCZo2-hDFkw Big thing to remember here,(statement of obvious),is that the licensing contract/fee doesn't,(or shouldn't),forfeit your copyright to the image. Hope this helps.
  5. https://www.apnews.com/d0679b3ae5d8440887e15f0b2f13310c *Click Link For More*
  6. Cool. Can't wait to watch the game today. *
  7. PCS

    Favorite tools?

    Hmmm. Okay. Let's see here. Photography,(aside from obvious). DSLR Controller app. Let's me see what the camera sees and a whole lot more through the phone. Digital Dark Room: NIK Building/Carpentry. Pocket hole jig. (Kreg).
  8. https://www.politico.com/story/2018/12/13/trump-breaks-silence-michael-cohen-sentencing-1061817?cid=apn Trump breaks silence on Michael Cohen sentencing The president claims he never directed his ex-lawyer to break the law. By CAITLIN OPRYSKO 12/13/2018 09:03 AM EST Updated 12/13/2018 09:42 AM EST *Click Link For More*