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  1. PCS


    Mr. Mangelsen doing what he does with the Polar Bears. Sometimes,that rain snow mix is kind of cool. (Just me having some fun).
  2. These days,it's best to deliver those instruction personally.
  3. So there I am,with the Mrs. and all kinds of family and new family members,post big event with one of them and taking pics. We get in front of a sign with a Big N,(on campus),and everyone is taking pics. When we're done,one of the new members of the expanding family says "Now we have to find a big letter Q". When asked about this,she stammered and just wanted to find one to take a pic in front of and when asked why,the answer was a word salad that just trailed off. My eyes were already wide open by that time and I think she saw my reaction. I want to think that I missed an inside joke,however considering certain circumstances,I didn't and don't believe I am. Sigh. Great.
  4. PCS

    Any actors or actresses you have met?

    Yep. More than a few. Dennis Franz being the nicest of them all. It was cool warning the customers away from him because he was such a nice person.
  5. PCS

    Anyone ever met any music stars?

    Back in the late 80's to mid 90's,yes I did. My bartending gig back then in Park City allowed for that,(which we thought,and still do,think was cool considering the size of the small town back then. I will say that to a member of the bands,they were all pleasant and very cool,(though a few could drink,well,a lot).
  6. PCS

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Watching the videos just after this happened,it's tough to say who shot first. Did see possible flashes from a weapon on the passenger side of the truck once it did start. I got the impression from the press conference that they're saying the suspects shot first. This is not completely unbelievable since they shot it out with the Jewelry store owner,(wounding an employee),before hijacking the UPS truck and kidnapping the driver. Easy to say they did no matter what though. The video I posted above,(you can hear the bullets whizzing by when the shooting starts),shows pedestrians strolling down the sidewalk towards where the chase was heading before the shooting starts. That's gotta be one of the all time worst situations to be in if you're a cop and the bad guys start shooting. The bystander killed,btw,was in the car stopped in front of the person taking the video in the one I posted. All that said and instincts not withstanding,hiding behind bystanders' vehicles? Yikes. SMDH I'm with NCMike on this one.
  7. PCS

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    https://www.local10.com/news/local/2019/12/06/they-murdered-him-family-of-ups-driver-killed-in-shootout-lashes-out-at-police/ *Click link for more*
  8. PCS

    I'm over the snow already!

    Couple of feet of snow have fallen,(so far),out here in the Sierra,(just above Lake Tahoe included),with 6 feet falling up near the tops of some resorts in the area. More of a snow/rain mix where I live but there's more falling right now and more on the way this weekend. Living 25 years in and around Park City Utah prepped me for this. Though I admit it seems like it snows more,(and faster), just up the hill at Tahoe and the surrounding area. Ah well. That's mountain living for ya.
  9. PCS

    Let's brag about our kids thread

    Well here we go. The youngest spending his last night here for a several months. Heads off to basic training tomorrow morning. His Mom is taking him,( I have to work ),then off to tech school. He'll do well.
  10. It was bull**** when he pardoned the ****er. Now?
  11. PCS

    All Good Things "Star Trek"

    Majel Barrett played "Number One" as well in the original Star Trek pilot. Bit of back and forth as to why Hunter wasn't hired to play in the second pilot of the show though. Gene said it was his decision and Hunter and a couple of others say it was his. Good to see that they've decided to delve more in to that character after all of these years.