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  1. It's the little things I guess. A silver lining to be found in these kind of dumbass statements,(on social media),is the prevalence of outstanding replies found in the responses to these tweets.
  2. I was only able to watch snippets of the game because I was working at the time. I was glad to see AP run the ball like he did and the offense put up a few scores,but tempered with the knowledge they were playing a team as bad,if not worse than they are. I tend to agree with Kdawg in this one,though I note that they desperately tried to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory but unlike other times,they failed.
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    NFLShop.com Sweatshirts

    I get it,but it was covered a few days ago in that thread. I'll close this one and leave a link in this post for reference.
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    Little self indulgence here. Love this time of the year around here.
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    The Impeachment Thread