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  1. PCS

    Spider Nightmare

  2. Rumor has it this tweet being discussed has since been deleted. That said.
  3. PCS


    Thank you. It's a popular landmark here and I wanted to "bookend" it with a Sunrise pic I took of it from the other side a few years ago. Thanks. That one was 2 Summers in the making. Drove by that spot and took a lot of pictures of it at all times of the day and different lighting. Fortunate enough to finally catch it at pretty close to something I was looking for. It's called Big Ditch here in the Carson Valley and that was one the last time I saw the poppies and sun flowers bloom like that. Link to an Art Wolfe photo. Big fan of his. https://artwolfe.com/showcase/blue-beauty/ The Sunrise pic. Oh. And of course a waterfall pic.
  4. PCS

    DIY Home Improvement Thread..

    Repairing it should be cheaper. Replacement shouldn't be super expensive depending on whether he finds issues after removal of the old one. One just never knows. Keeping in mind what I said about water damage,water can be very sneaky. Should be okay though.
  5. PCS

    DIY Home Improvement Thread..

    Shouldn't need one. Nope. Personal note. One of the attractions of vinyl floor planking is that you can install it over just about any existing floor,(with a few exceptions or guidelines). Makes it cheaper,easier,and faster to install it or have it installed. I however,prefer to get the old stuff out of the way and start over. I need to see under that old flooring for one. Never know what's been done in the past and therefore covered up. Anyway. Stuff,(vinyl),goes in pretty quick and is real forgiving of subfloor imperfections.
  6. PCS

    DIY Home Improvement Thread..

    tshile your were correct. They're called treads,(treads rest on stringers and the back vertical part of the stair is a riser). Most if not all coming with the bullnose on the front. The built in underlayment on a lot of vinyl planking is for warmth and a slight cushion,not a vapor barrier per se. Most of the manufacturers of the stuff don't recommend a vapor barrier unless it's over concrete and even then they're specific on the thickness,(too thick and it can cause the flooring to shift or roll. Especially if it's a floating floor, I believe). Even then it depends on the moisture content of the slab,(age and if there is a vapor barrier between the slab and the ground).
  7. One of the all time greats and glad I've gotten to watch and listen to him over the years. Enjoy that retirement Sonny. You've earned it and then some.
  8. PCS

    DIY Home Improvement Thread..

    Flat head screw driver,(smaller size),phillips head driver,utility knife,wood glue and either a couple of clamps or some tape,(if using the blue painters tape careful not to to tear it). If this is water damage related,then you probably have more issues than that cracked door jamb and they probably would have revealed themselves by now. Looks like the crack started at the strike plate,(specifically at the screws). While a gentle shove may have cracked it,that was probably the finishing move after enough pushing the door open for awhile. Licensed and bonded is okay and preferable if you don't feel comfortable with the diy thing and go that route. No guarantees there,but at least it put the odds a bit more in your favor,(though it will cost a bit more).
  9. PCS


    Right over my head near my house last year as they practiced for the air show.
  10. PCS


    Ansel Adams in Manzanar,(I've passed by this place a few times,but didn't have the chance to stop and look. Not much to it now,but it's definitely in the middle of nowhere). t One I took,(Back to landscapes). Oh yeah. And a bird pic. (From the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary/ Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center).
  11. PCS


    Taken by one of the artists I have looked at to learn from over the years. Thomas Mangelsen. And one I took recently.
  12. PCS

    Do we have any ES dentists?

    Had the opportunity to have all 4 of mine taken out when I was in the Air Force a few hundred years ago in the 80's. Never got around to it and it cost me in the years following. One decayed and got infected,(one of the worst pains ever),and had to be removed via local. The next 3 came out at different times via local,(You know. That 3 foot long needle they use on the roof of your mouth kind of local). Ouch. Followed the instructions to the letter and never had a problem with the sockets though. Ibuprofen was the drug of choice btw.