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  1. Man those tornados were awful. Been through a couple and they're horrifying. Out here in the West,Winter keeps on beating us up with the snow. Pic of the ski patrol is apparently at Squaw Valley recently. Snow so deep the chairs on the lift were scraping on it.
  2. Back in the early/ mid 80's,Rich Hall on HBO came up with "Sniglets". I remember coming up with one after watching Jeopardy one day. "Jeaporjoy". The joy and excitement that one feels after getting an answer..er..question right while watching Jeopardy. I do remember a guy I served with in the Air Force who could walk in at any time during the show and get most,if not all the questions right. We hated him. Alex got on my nerves a few times,but he's been the constant on that show for all these years. I wish him well.
  3. That pic was from Spring last year. Apparently Gaetz took it well. Girl's mom however. https://www.ktvb.com/article/news/nation-now/sixth-grader-gives-republican-rep-matt-gaetz-the-middle-finger-in-viral-photo/465-794ddec0-c2cb-480f-ac1b-66ebca045323