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  1. Jumbo

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    well hey look at that whaddya think of that deal
  2. Jumbo

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    dan and his nephew can't wait to have him up to the estate for lunch! at least it gives us something of actual interest to distract ourselves with as this season's circus of doom unfolds
  3. Jumbo

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    saw bootleg endgame last night did not expect the shazam cameo heck of a crossover
  4. Jumbo

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    i spent some of the last month establishing another identity as a secret warrior-sect xtian militia guy theere trump-pets there----part of the apoplectic apocalyptic /jews-plus-xtians= rapture segment of the much larger religiots faction for trump i won them over having throwing hatchets and night goggles the first time we all met by happenstance and the full-size actual fire dept ax in my trunk was a big hit nothing that weird for loggers around here, really
  5. Jumbo

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    no personal issues in the stadium
  6. Jumbo

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    first round ahead and i can't wait to find out if we start out of the gate getting a really really really tall wr with knee and ankle "concerns" that "could" be serious, or we make a dynamite blockbuster deal trading the next three years away for another qb plus, another year of bruce and dan i may resume social crack smoking
  7. not that i hold a grudge \ but back to topic while still on this one too i didn't know until a couple months ago that mulvaney (who promoted this attack on the aca) was another uber-evang xtian types, maybe even more than pompeo and pompy is supposed to be bad...half of all tumpco is religious nutters...hucksan is convinced she doesn't lie except when she's doing it for god, helping to work his will and then it's not a lie it's what the real truth should be and therefore in god's eyes, is i don't think mulvaney is that far out there but what i did heard him say sounded real close to nutter category (keep in mind my rankings are based on my system )
  8. Don't listen to Destino. If they kill Dog, we riot.
  9. another mayonnaise festival in michigan for trump? we have a lot of cranberry festivals 'round here
  10. sadly, my call is schiff's conduct has weakened that cause all along way too camera hungry and too far out over his skis too often (strategically, i mean) and then when he's not blowing it that way, he's doing it by being a wordy impotent promiser...lots of chin movement but not enough muscle/product behind it now i'm talking about how he and his results/lack of impact and his appearances strike me in aggregate, not that i don't think his fundamental stances aren't well more to the correct side than the opposition's, or that nunes and the gopers made a joke of the committee already/anyway i just wish he had played his role as harder-edged but quieter, more detached, and analytical...but i figger that ain't who he is... btw, when i saw the goper slimers go after him in all their own deceit and hypocrisy i wanted to haul every one of them out of the room and make them all i could make them be....it's a helping thing... what an ugly bunch of folks too much of congress seems to me