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  1. tina bringin the heat....always loved tina....always wanted to modify ike....change his act to "stumpy" turner or blind lemon turner.... hard to find a great live take on this great old song..this one's just ok
  2. Jumbo

    Random Thought Thread

    kinda trippy.....my fave old carlin stuff was Al Sleet the Hippy-Dippy Weatherman and his Wonderful WINO dj shtick on sullivan, then the john davidson show, and the smother brothers show often...
  3. Jumbo

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    i said this 4-5 months ago, and i don't think he's a likely primary winner, but you know one of the dems i like a fair amount so far is pete buddhajudge i like the idea of him as a veep with the most darwin-approved person left among the current contestants and can we just go ahead and close the gop like a restaurant with too many code violations to ever be allowed to open again? even with all i still value in what i used to call conservatism or even republican, i now think we'd do much better domestically and internationally if our government and society was just operating within the "left to right" range as it already exists in the dems/indies...we can simply attach moderate never-trumper ex-gopers to the indies if they don't wish to be the new "conservative extreme" of the dem party
  4. i was 3 or 4 when this was rockin' on my mom's jukebox (at the diner) ...and it was one of the first records i bought when i was 6 and got my first all in one phonograph ( an rca folding suitcase type)...i began the design part of my audio career early by customizing the tonearm, taping a sliver dollar to the headshell to make the needle track all the warped records i was being given by relatives
  5. so if some jackass uses "sea-lioning" to channel his inner lemming is it a menagerie de trois?
  6. i wouldn't have your reputation sullied by association with riff-raff
  7. Jumbo

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    first of all, i can only hope the bernie biden phase is just that, and wish we didn't have to go through it, and it can't end soon enough for me i feel almost the same about ole beto and gov inslee, and acknowledge all but bernie may be fine in terms of "able to beat trump" but still, rather see the others duke it out without them
  8. yeah, but you, sacks, and tshile are politically differentiated to a fair degree...how will that work with only one vote
  9. a little OT, but timely and appropriate i think you know the mythical "community and ES" thread some obnoxious dotard---"Dumbo" was it?--- has mentioned maybe starting someday? this is a post from a couple years ago, so early trump era lol, (and still relevant at times these days i'm told ) made by one of the former old guard es mods (tk, me, and pcs were on staff too then) who was also one of those that started another msg board, and one on which they have had issues of close, reopen, repeat, and just serious problems/strife in general with their political side-forum (the quote refers to their site) love is everywhere
  10. i got to enjoy a bonus round in pm (once again, psa rules-wise, don't give mods advice or "thoughts" on moderating in a pm---read #18 for more) he's taking the turf like you all here have little understanding of a number common themes that have indeed been well-trampled into dust here of course or that most of you haven't thought outside a paper bag before, and he's going to be one of those "rare" dissenting voices that have come to enlighten or guide or insult and troll if/when... tiring, and a major 'joining" fail, but he's been a reasonable egg in the stadium from the best of my memory and you guys are all weirdos after all and i am a big grumpy pants, so let's all just have a moment of mental hugs... at least sacks and mary will like that.... back to reality perceptual filters can become as clogged with debris as those in a swimming pool in the middle of an orchard after a windstorm and short people should not be allowed to vote
  11. with this passive-aggressive reply, partly addressing comments i made to you (violating the directive i gave you not to comment on that post's content in this thread) , you once again misrepresent reality and proffer strawmen (i.e. "why are dissenting opinions so threatening') so yeah, you will "stop" and excuse yourself from the political threads for now... but if you wish to read the threads going back awhile and give some thought about what was stated re: going off track (not your actual specific views, but your behavior in communicating them) and maybe get a picture of these conversations and the regular participants that reflects reality halfway decently, and return and try again in a couple weeks well...i just read the post you made while i was typing this, and given how you wrapped that one up with your 'emotional' and 'scary thoughts' comments, just go back to the stadium you are talking down to posters from left and right and middle who have long histories of offering highly (though not exclusively ) intelligent content and projecting your own apparent shortcomings onto them from what i read