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  1. Jumbo

    Any actors or actresses you have met?

    i've met most of them
  2. Jumbo

    Random Therapy Thread

    it's not about the enemy as a yute back then i just assumed the idea was that it's your own wounded you shoot rather than use resources to save them and you don't want to just leave them to be captured and risk their being used for some benefit to the enemy just seemed obvious to me i blame lack of quality parenting
  3. <careless revealing of top secret info deleted>
  4. next year dwyane will be on another team for whatever they can get for him cuz dan's gonna pony up tens of millions in cash to bring brady to the 'skins
  5. Jumbo

    Random Therapy Thread

    well, tso is a mod, so yeah, he outranks you in any category you share and i still have my 50 year old t-shirt from national lampoon magazine (i have several gems from them) that says "shoot the wounded" on the front but then there was a lot less violence in the violent 60's then there is now
  6. Jumbo

    Random Therapy Thread

    i refer to you as "our other terrorist"
  7. Jumbo

    The Impeachment Thread

    sometimes it's hard to work the internet, amirite skintime?
  8. Jumbo

    Random Therapy Thread

    i suppose you're really gonna bust on us for running a blackmail ring with what we mill from your "private" messages, too
  9. Jumbo

    The Impeachment Thread

    what has relevance got to do with anything? (see what i did there ) you're willing to defend a woman who was involved with assassinating jfk?
  10. Jumbo

    The Impeachment Thread

    there's truth in the premise that it's whatever congress ends up declaring it so by weight of numbers in the end but for me the low bar that's the problem is the one too many voters set for their candidates and for themselves, behaviorally and cognitively
  11. Jumbo

    All Things North Korea Thread

    i think this goes better here than the 'trump does s.e. asia" thread but i almost put it in the "something cool" tread because i think it's a cool idea https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/japanese-island-of-mageshima-could-become-an-unsinkable-us-aircraft-carrier/ar-BBXSEJC?li=BBnb7Kz (much more text and pics at link)
  12. Jumbo

    Some More Cops Who Need To Be Commended

    some may find this too snowflaky, i don't https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/seattle-police-departments-safe-place-program-creator-to-retire/ar-BBXSKXS
  13. Jumbo

    Random Therapy Thread

    a reminder....mods are able to view all edits done to any post...so first, good on you taze for helping keep the thread alive and helping your fellow es'er, abcd it does matter that you edit even if we can see the original post....editing will almost (key word) always get you off the hook if you had posted something that violated a rule/guideline to once again attempt to be helpful here, i refer all back to the post i made in the feedback forum on the rtt thread and read carefully what's stated, not just about the problems, but about what might not be "perfect" yet are things we can live with---like extended conversations that don't necessarily fit the description "random thoughts" once they become ongoing dialogue...it's just length and topic that usually become an issue (i.e. don't discuss any specific topic at too great a length or go on very much at all about matters we have other threads or even other forums for) finally, the title change was tk's inspiration as was the doctor is in gif...he also sent me a "the doctor is out" gif to close the thread whenever deemed necessary (both of which i thought were on point and pretty funny) ....i was always planning on changing it back some of you obstruct that by whining about it immediately and i use the word whine with deliberation if you haven't personally developed in a manner that allows you to be serious, to share, or to have fun and be silly and goofy, or whatever, in this little community within a community, and don't self-regulate within all the latitude you enjoy already, then don't post in this thread and mess it up for the large majority who seem able to do that and are never an issue (gee, how do those rtt'ers pull that off?) now let's see if you all can keep any more moderating posts out of this thread for awhile namaste (for larry david)
  14. Jumbo

    Random Therapy Thread

    i have spent zero dollars on xmas yet not participating in black friday/cyber monday/ruby tuesday is unamerican i've been told