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  1. i'll try to capture one of those 'trump-voter' talks with this one guy---the theme was about 'what's on the facebook oage of these voters' this one was a white dude, 30-40, garden variety human appearance i only saw/heard a bit of it all but this part of his was one of couple easy to remember: reporter sees the fake vid of biden 'falling asleep' at some appearance (heard of this, never saw it, didn't care) on dude's page and that he's shared it a ton and asks about its impact on him and the dude goes like a trumpster on it and then the reporter tells him it's fake and t
  2. not that trump won't actually try the 'election bad--me stay' things he says if he can at all, but whether he does or not, the hoped-for voter suppression aspect of it makes it worthwhile to ALL of them and one (just one) reason why goper congressionals aren't more vocal in pushback
  3. fwiw, since the number of flags/signage people see keeps coming up in lots of places first, to not minimize trump support, keep in mind that over 60 million voted for him and you can speculate on what percentage of those are still backing him but it's a large majority of that 60 million next, while a respectable number---still small overall---of both indies and never-trumper-gopers have left, it would be reasonable to allow for some new trump voters who maybe haven't been voting and didn't even in 2016 becuase they didn't believe he had a chance have decided to join th
  4. trump just now with press in front of helicopter baldly making up lies about and/or exaggerating a couple of already suspect rw media reports of "new" ballot fraud issues, and making it 100% clear he's going to contest the election under any condition that isn't him winning by the end of the first night he's also making it clear he's going to fight all along the way to change something about the process even before it happens because that's what the people want--
  5. i'm tempted to shut this down as little is about reflection on rgb though it is, as has been pointed out, featuring the fight she'd want fought nevertheless, there is little tribute to rbg for awhile now and all kinds of other stuff, some of it far from being connected to rgb at all plus, as i just posted in, we have a thread about scotus and i think another one more generic about courts in general (not sure, haven't looked yet) if you think that's cool 'like' me here...oh please please like me...i want to be liked
  6. most of the main tenets of the article are familiar already but it's lays out context and details with cohesions and does add some stuff--i'm quoting just one thing i alluded to weeks ago that about lower courts too but it fits fine here as an addendum...and i do recommend reading the whole piece https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/republicans-supreme-court-gambit-may-backfire-heres-how/ar-BB19nqAS?li=BBnb7Kz Republicans’ Supreme Court gambit may backfire. Here’s how.
  7. i just caught the very end of great leader's presser as he apparently cut it short unexpectedly, but he had just announced he may over-rule the fda on when the vaccine will be approved because he "doesn't see any reason why one shouldn't be ready" and that he thinks they're "playing some kind of politics:"
  8. i did a lot of family work down at the doctor places over the years as part of my karma---not my original plan since to me the more people involved the ****tier everything is and i did a lot of work with groups of kids of all ages, singly and in little herds of various sorting (i suggested we add one called 'little ****head' but they take such things very seriously at most doctor places) but es is really the only daycare work i've ever done this recent stuff above is all it's been said to be and it's all so far off topic i think it w
  9. think of rand paul now keep in mind not to post the way you're thinking it should happen
  10. yeh vis, that's the stuff i was watching live ...not good cop work afaict but no big incident at this time...can only hope it says that way and not too many agenda-agitators race to the fun
  11. so i had live coverage of verdict-protest right now in louisville, and they'd be all walking, no issues, shimon prokupecz ---good reporter---doing play by play after 45 mins or so they get to a street where cops decide to move in in force and shut it off for no apparent reason--peaceful protest, just marching, me watching sort of a wtf and out of nowhere deal, lot of riot gear cops...cops start to aggressively push line back when protester get close yelling why you stopping us...some water bottle and garbage--littler bit--gets thrown and more cops move in and get more a
  12. bill barr's stepped in with about what you'd expect with the rigthwing buzz words and prerequisite winks and nods to certain constituencies i guess it's not xmas season quite yet becuase these aren't visons of sugar plums dancing in my head right now...more game of thrones and a bolton
  13. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/louisville-grand-jury-indicts-1-of-3-officers-in-fatal-breonna-taylor-police-shooting/ar-BB19lQVu Louisville grand jury indicts 1 of 3 officers in fatal Breonna Taylor police shooting more at link
  14. in was in my late teens when brian's song came out, and i loved that movie, but i'd long been a fan of sayers---two all time fave rbs for me were gale sayers and barry sanders for the fluidity and grace and speed and reaction-time and decision-making...loved watching that combo of traits more unique to them then to many of their contemporaries (at least that's how it seemed to me as a young fan back in the day)...and sayers seemed like such a great guy off the field rip mr.sayers and thank you
  15. golly do i see selective capitalization again? what does that mean boys and girls? i keed i keed
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