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  1. wow! hey! sunday! thank you dan! thank you bruce!
  2. watching sen kramer (r) just sweat through a chain of occasional tolerable positions for a conservative intermixed with numerous and just pathetic lies and kindergarten-obvious deflections, after presenting himself as "one of the many reasonable thoughtful republicans" (that's how he described himself and his fellows) i can't think of a goper senator off-hand who wouldn't best serve the species by being an Otis (WD) in the upcoming real zombie apocalypse (come back shane)
  3. the saudis royal fam/government is mostly a bottom feeder scum circus just like the trump family and their cronies
  4. it would be better to attack a vital organ
  5. hey c'mon, bruh...at least give yourself some credit for all the effort you've put into waging the keyboard campaign here in this miscreant-filled side-forum of an nfl team website this below isn't "to" benning, just in general while plenty of the usual suspects, besides all the elected oldschool gopers, are sitting on their hands during this crapfest, like so many of the left sat on their asses and let trump win cuz hillary wasn't "good enough" to pick over ****-stain, there's also a helluva lot of "non-docility" out there (i.e. i frequently leave the house), and in 3D land activism is up big-time, as i hope most reg tailgate politicos are discovering first hand otoh benning's sentiment is appropriate afaic given the level of stupid, sick, & ugly under way with all the passive or active help from too many by far to the title topic----i could see more oldschool gopers at some point maybe make a shift away from trump, using something like this kurd deal or similar/other scandal(s) to either do their own impeachment conversation and take the credit for gop-approved "proper" and "bold" oversight, which i think would be smart if they decide they to call the trump experiment over, and salvage more of their party's power if trumpco seems to be swirling down the toilet bowl for real or they can just use scandals of their choice as their reasons and to join the dems, maybe making some legislative demands for that "gift", and add the goper charges they come up with, again getting credit for turning out to love the country after all and then they declare all this nationalism as a temp haze that really wasn't as bad as the dems say, and hey, dems are still so full of crap anyways, and everything's back in place, nothing to see here now, it's just biz per usual moving forward (whistles theme from the andy griffin show)
  6. mike pompeo joining the gop idiot-pig babble on how putin is not at fault for the ukraine, only obama (hear his latest---it's impressive trump co is heavily stocked in all the scummy types the gop cesspool has to offer and getting them out of office is a big deal but not truly satisfying to me falls well short of my preferences
  7. what's frightening is i have no doubt we could take a tailgate mix of twa, buzz, burgold, larry, lsf, spjunkies, llevron, techboy, bang, sisko, mary, and no excuses and have a better running gov't (as crazy as it'd be) then with the current group it would certainly be more moral and ethical by quite the margin
  8. per that trump rally everytime i see a trump rally video i envision a withdrawing camera shot pulling out of stadium hosting the event to outside and above the building, it's parking lot a circus unto itself, and then focusing overhead on the roiling forming of angry dark clouds, flashes of jagged lighting, and strange low rumbling sounds that don't seem like thunder, and then a huge ominous alien ship, bristling with armament like a porcupine's quills, appears and makes with sort of an 'independence day' move....cut! print!
  9. buzz, as an individual and the way you represent your conservative leanings, you're an example for some of the reasons i keep working at properly applying accountability (in all matters of concern) to goperdom at large while trying to leave exit doors for all decent gopers or suggest "conservatism" is some fundamentally "bad path" in governance/society there's a lot of policy-based structural and operational pros and to all sorts of liberal and conservative policies/ideas....but the gopers i used to hold in very high regard as intelligent and relatively (for humans) decent (moral/ethical) political figures have increasingly become fewer and much farther in between and the number of those who garner only the harshest thoughts have multiplied every decade of life and, with zero help from the rooskies, has culminated with trumpco and his yuge fervent support and left me with a very severe outlook for the gop as an org now overall the dems suck a lot and there's a lot more nuance of course to all this, but i am in a mode where "republican" (not 'conservative') is such a ****ted up barnd that i wish the never-trumpers could make a new name for it, or the party somehow do some hard to imagine major reversals over the next couple years, starting with getting rid of all things trumpish twa posted while i was doing my version of typing and i agree that, minus the mass shooting events, in terms of more widespread large-scale social violence, it's not yet looking to get as bad as the 60's/70's as i've said before (and i was really "there" in the midst of that stuff)
  10. giuliani is on fox talking about how badly he'd like to testify for graham on "four decades of crime by 'biden incorporated' " meanwhile, syria and kurds....(ot i know) again, for me, the left is about as appealing as a **** sandwich on any number of matters at any number of times over my lifespan so far, but it terms of---let's just say "vital good" v "crucial bad--- on the most serious matters, there's really zero contest in "the really bad" categories and i've extended way too much credit/grace to the right in my life until trump...though gb2 and then palin's entry brought me closer to writing that whole wing of the bird off (which still isn't my preference of course) than i'd been since the late 60's early 70's it's difficult for me to find anything other the harshest of sentiment for such gopers and that condition aligns with my detached analysis side in my overall evaluation of that side now and all who support its continuance of such diseased conduct i said it the other day, but other than never-trumpers focused primarily on trump's garbage over most everything else, to me being a "proud goper" has about the same worth-level at this point as being a proud member of nambla and touting that org's beliefs it's such a good thing for those with queasy digestive tracts that i'm not sitting on the iron throne
  11. Jumbo

    The Impeachment Thread

    re: jim jordan again this a.m.-------i know i'm a broken record, a stuttering cd, or a glitchy download (select your media preference) and this is just self-indulgent venting (the only bennies from being a mod are ones you give yourself) but i would really like to be able to transport jimmy back to one of torquemada's tent talks on "rebranding your participation in government"
  12. i was going to ask benning for a source yesterday. he usually uses reputable major media sources, left/right partisanship aside, but i was curious (not reactive) as to which source he used for that claim. the matter is one i have had some connection to and the best mega-data taken from about 6 months before the vote to about 6 months ago seems to put things in an interesting "about half and half" state of play in that favorable numbers in the low to mid 40's (percentage) of current active military were common to each candidate with a gap of 4-6 points between either, depending on the study, with the remaining responses made to get to 100% were in an undecided or other category. and yes, retired military went in bigger % for trump, and reasons given are worth some discussion on its own when it comes to that population, many of whom will vote right/left/whatever if they think it will help there overwhelming medical needs i was surprised that the active military wasn't more weighted to trump, although the "about half and half" mirrors my personal experience being around a lot of military, including post-election until this last year the most commonly quoted source for benning's claim is cnn exit polling, which is quite good but is still exit polling. what i want to go review though is trump support among law enforcement which i haven't done for awhile and is another interesting demographic view but this is OT for the thread so we should let it fade sooner rather than later here's some links, inc. a relevant study with its methodology and format explained that some (or one) may find interesting from 2016 (refers to the commonly used cnn polling here) https://www.aol.com/article/news/2016/11/11/why-veterans-voted-donald-trump-swing-states/21603486/?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAGjpmZcvR4QDUf0tCGFwlSxINmwHKseHsz47jXJyZrVFrssO3DQ4QoWoHZvWY5KJgU7iEnheb2vJepyN0rXiCxHXd5eCB29h6w8YqnPktHt7yOLDoyyhC6bgP2ikClOhJcxB2gCm9VZ-wheiDjy-NfItUwbwbtOHGdEAoWkFw3Z6 from oct 2018 https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2018/10/15/support-for-trump-is-fading-among-active-duty-troops-new-poll-shows/ from nov 2018 https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/10/26/military-times-poll-majority-troops-support-president-trump/802279001/ a pdf of study mentioned earlier (opportunity to see an actual study design in this case) https://www.fvap.gov/uploads/FVAP/Reports/PEVS_ADM_TechReport_Final.pdf back to topic
  13. if i believed in satan i'd figure robertson was one of his fave guises talk about a soiled (putting in mildly) brand xtianity should just sell its rights to trumpco and call it a day---the catholics could secede from the rest of the church and have their own kingdom
  14. how dare they question don's great and unmatched wisdom if they're not careful, don and stevie and billybarr may have lindsey and marco hung for treason as an example to any goper who dare criticize him on anything which would then put me in that extremely uncomfortable position of finding even a pile of vile debris like don can be right about some things