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  1. Jumbo

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    same in wa state...wait till the bars get going per participating in the "reopening" yes, in general, being in open space around a large group of folks (a park or beach) is typically going to be less risky---usually by a fair margin---than being in an enclosed space, including even the larger-seating venues after typing it i realized this next goes off-topic a tad, but it flows from the previous comment and i think is worth putting in here and not to encourage any extended digression of the four basic high-priority suggestions (distance/mask/wash-hands/don't touch face) i'd say the two most important in order and least vulnerable to being compromised by others are to not touch your face at all and to clean hands as often as workable in your outings then when you get home, if you like using a little extra effort to increase safety, change out of those clothes in the doorway and bag them for laundry later or right to the washer, and the same after a shopping trip or other extended exposure In a group of people if you have the energy/will it's a fairly decent return for a rather minimal effort imo
  2. Jumbo

    The Quarantine Thread

    the animal life and foliage is especially bountiful this spring here and around the nation with the reduction in hooman activity all the feral cats are getting fat
  3. keep in mind this assumes both sides except the outcome of the election, and if he does lose it, that he leaves office normally i know i say this often lately, but one of many things i predicted way back when he won (even before, really), and have been right about, is that he isn't gong to leave normally---yeas, i was years ahead of bill maher on that one and i regret to add more concern to the already overloaded, but ya see all the fortification/construction that numerous reports have called precedent-breaking and militarization going on around the wh under the cover of this unrest isn't just for the here and now....it's to make it harder to dislodge him by anything other than a major show of force...not "some squad of marshals sent over by congress" etc.. and he'll have his share of top brass, congress, and the doj behind the play and yeh, i think there's still excellent chance he/they have over-reached, if not by much, and will not pull that off if such does occur, but it will still be a horrendous event if it does
  4. i'm not an m.d., but i have an excellent old-school medical remedy for billy's condition that i think would be perfect
  5. spiff-and junkies go edit your posts like has been said many times---do not reply to moderating posts in the thread you just made "jokey" off-topic posts after a moderating post abut that being an issue actually n/m, i'll just do it this time
  6. tk and i are deciding whether you guys who brought up redskins will be temp banned and/or restricted to the stadium for an indeterminate time, especially the ones still going (there's more slack given here than in a rope factory) you're going to see more people restricted from this forum when they don't follow mod directives (like extended off-topic discussion that often adds agitation as well as diverting the topic) and keep creating issues/work
  7. Jumbo

    The Quarantine Thread

    i was inspired by gmfb
  8. i know i'm going off-topic and violating my own requests with this, but i'm calling mod privilege becuase this is important too renegade is calling me awful names in pm
  9. renegade--let's not make this a conduit for reddit/face book too often and you keep using shots with hashtags etc. that violate rules so you're going to get penalized for that if it keeps happening---and i suggest you maybe take a break every so often (fwiw, articles...links...actual discussion...vis's or others relevant tweets from known/important/relevant sources or public figures etc etc should be more the deal in general, c'mon some of you guys self-awareness is not fatal
  10. golly...i just typed stuff about these kind of posts and then i read a bunch of them here and i'm noticing certain names are repeating i suggest the frequency gets reduced
  11. @Mr. Sinister and everyone don't make posts just to "chat" in this thread a habit... look back at the two sinister made that are basically spam (nice/interesting/fumy aside) per the topic...and people respond to them and the off-topic replies propagate...it's a serious-topic thread, not a "let's chat about other stuff, too" deal...a little every now and then is no big, it's when it gets over-indulged not being a hardass, just pointing out how quick and easy this gets loose and then sloppy and i get to do the tired old shtick of "please get back on topic" every few days ok, maybe that's a little hardass and it's all for zero dinero and further loss of what little social status i have left
  12. per this summer as this goes one: keep in mind there are huge numbers of cops all over the nation who hate this racist/other ****...we need to be mindful of that, too, while not letting up on those who are the problem, and yes there are huge numbers of them too, sadly nah, that's not what this was, if i'm taking that correctly---the right thing for you to do is edit the second part or all of it
  13. Adhere to the following: 1. do not make posts that call for specific acts of violence on specific public figures---even if you have a justifiably and appropriately (in your view) harsh reaction to something, find a way to express those thoughts and feelings in a way that doesn't cross those lines 2. return the "cops needing to be fired" thread to just that specifically, and not this (and vice-versa) 3. given the topic and the times----try hard to keep your heads on straight and your feet on the ground, planted for balance---these are the times we need that the most, and my own head is looser than it's been in a long time and my feet hurt regularly so i need all the help i can get myself start your engines, be responsible while still energized, and stay safe