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  1. but but but i want them all tutored...oh, darn that spell check!!!
  2. posted by our beloved amigo, the indefatigable Wildbunny in B&H's BRN http://www.espn.com/blog/washington-redskins/post/_/id/38054/mike-shanahan-knew-he-had-something-special-in-his-young-assistants regardless of any cred issues with mike one may have, i'm just on "woulda coulda shoulda"
  3. Jumbo

    Ruth Bader Ginsberg.... Lung Cancer :(

    should name your source when you make a post like that here's one---don't know the inquisitor as to veracity but it's consistent with other recent reporting fwiw https://www.inquisitr.com/5254187/ruth-bader-ginsburg-fights-for-her-life-with-pneumonia-dodgy-website-claims/
  4. another day in the hopefully terminal ****-show that is the gop but, there's some good news for them...for as long as don's longtime handler/fashion sphinx/champion of surgical-chemical body mods and egotistical putin-proxy cartoon, melania, is comfy in mara lago on taxpayer $$, catered to, and most importantly, respected....
  5. I hate washing brains but drying them is easy.
  6. actually, as details continue to play out...i may have to take my "masterful" comment back...in fact, it looks like the coverage may pile up in a very negative way for trump on this deal...i think you'll see what i mean by 5-6 this evening also, watching mc carthy play his little where's nancy shtick...let's juts say there's not one of those freedom caucus guys that i wouldn't happily use in experimental development of flesh-eating bacteria...everyone needs to be willing to sacrifice to advance science is all i'm saying...
  7. strictly from a hardball politics pov (that fox and his tribe will love), trump cancelling nancy's trip---and withholding the move until her group was all packed and ready to leave---is a surprisingly masterful counter on the surface, with a workable if transparent cover...not saying they're equivalent, there are meaningful distinctions between the two, and above it all are suffering people being deliberately needlessly injured by their own government, but as far as the gutter fight don will make this, it was another nasty round....
  8. imo, in terms of morality/ethics/character, hillpill earned some of the hate she gets much more than nancy has, but of course hillpill got way more hate than merited i've never had much use for schumer on his best days, and loathe what he (and more than a few other dems while i'm noting it) brings to the table as his standard fare....very disappointing for his level of influence
  9. again, for me, i would have run this whole thing from the pelosi perspective staying focused on two major tenets---one: the dems had more than one supposed agreement on immigration with the WH changed will nilly at the last minute on the emotional reactivity of the pres. the pres himself has made it pointless to dialogue with any of his mouthpieces or even himself so where do you go? he's shown repeatedly his word can't be trusted in negotiation.. so what needs to happen is the senate and the house develop and present a veto-proof agreement and that's where the energy should go, but it can't because gop...the legislation itself has already been done and approved in more than one package, and they have sufficient agreement numbers-wise right now to do that with some of those previous offerings, but to hold onto their power the gop (mcconnel and his bffs) is willing to let this kind of **** go down instead and two---and it's a big one---you can't reward this kind of tactic with any form of success or---especially given don is the pos he is---he'll juts do it again for any reason that suits him...and i'd stay on those two themes btw, i don't even fully take off the table given how this shutdown helps putin interests in sooooo many ways, particularly the longer it lasts, and that may be a deliberate consideration as one piece of don's doing this (i'm into actual conspiracy territory, here, and that's far from my comfort zone)---this is crippling us in many ways and the longer it last so does recovering from it i do also wish the dems would get their position on barriers within the larger border security articulated more plainly---not all their fault---from their majority just for the sake of public discourse (it may be too late in this matter)
  10. just for me--you bet he can do it anywhere else he wants....but since this is about a house of reps setting with certain formalities that include a invitation to proceed and allows for postponements or suspensions, i support a scenario where the non-traitorous members of congress aren't held hostage to another total pathetic farce by this uniquely specific potus tossing the kind of **** show we've seen repeatedly i also would like the media to stop covering most any of his sick and mindless nonsense...juts summarize it afterwards with clips
  11. well, what decent sane intelligent human could possibly want to hear trump blat out another lengthy lying mindless diatribe from that cognitive cesspool, in between sniffles and his standard repertoire of psycho-lite facial and body movements? why would anyone not a trump supporter want that? you know what it's going to be. worse than a waste of time.
  12. it's worse than ridiculous to let trump give that speech, as things are, if there's any way to stop it. and it's hardly some long held vital sacred tradition. i know at least one postponement, too, when the challenger accident occurred. it's cheap political theater and self-fluffing for the party in power and very little substance most years. anyway, putin's personal scrotum lickers, donald trump and mitch mcconnel, have a lot of planning to do...for don, how to bury this coming report and make sure he and his kids escape consequence, and for mitch, if they lose the senate and wh in 2020, how to fund his gang moving forward if all that russian money that's been flowing to the white nationalist party for years suddenly dries up....might be like working without getting paid for him and other elected gopers...
  13. this is a deliberate self-indulgence on a rule violation as i know you know better no time out this time but you need to edit this quickly and don't do it again
  14. it's been deliberate and chosen and i still hold back these days in many of these matters typcial levels and availability of traits like tolerance, patience, compassion, mercy, etc. are subject to the reality on the ground the worse it continues to get and the more i still see certain slices of our population enabling or actively supporting this ****, well, i always reserve the right to pay in coin earned
  15. i had always assumed this was part fo the plan all along... making private businesses out of prisons and morphing the military into more private contractors as much as possible is rife with corrupt and despicable motivation going back to bushy and blackwater via rummy and prince and devos and ross all raking in big $$$$ as a big prompter for the phony yellowcake iraq invasion...this has been a major thing in the crooked goper world at the top...pile up the zillions pillaging the taxpayers and just keep appealing to the xenophobes, bigots, racists, homophobes* and all the generic ignorant losers whose main drive in life is "hating the libtards" cuz that's how empty and dysfunctional their existence is *a 'wishing you the worst' shout out to piece of **** uber-xtain mike pence and his sicko religious nut wife karen