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  1. you should edit out the 'shut-in' as we have no evidence of that in his posts which makes it a little rule 5ish and not all shut ins are the same anyway some have just been too embarrassed about their football team to socialize much but i see the true face of the lot of you
  2. remember we welcome diversity of informed viewpoints and entrance is fairly easy and it's a good thing cuz you'd never get your own key
  3. maybe put the bottle down and rest awhile, bill the following has zip to do with being 'right' or 'left' you've jumped in all drama queen/nutso and you got the attention how long do you plan to play it out and just drop your personal drivel (not discourse) in multiple posts? it's pretty pathetic, ya know
  4. man, for me this was a very unexpected and pleasant surprise i've been lower on the football-wise and other---than i ever have before and it's been a very long time since i've actually enjoyed a whole game let alone a win like this---sweeping dalllas (i'm old so i really still have that rivalry) and winning in their fancy house on t-day it's the same type of long-term behavioral conditioning that leads to a gambling addiction fortunately i have no money
  5. this is an alien sensation to have when viewing this team play a whole game, but if my memory serves, it is called 'happy'
  6. that was just a blazingly stupid play, dallas---loved it! keep it up!
  7. that drive = fun, cool, and disappointing all in one still liked it overall
  8. ok...no one spazz...yes, we all see it...we all see it...his hair is blue...
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