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  1. i liked the song when it came out, but even then i thought it a little off to have been made by this little white kid in england
  2. bernie actually has made a couple of very strong statements denouncing russia (tho the bot excuse hangs in the air) and made great contrasts to how don reacts...he was very firm and went on a bit and challenged putin by name and if he's pres he'll make sure it stops...obviously it's all fwiw... time tells most either bernie or don would be far preferable to vlad than most
  3. boy, i hope the whole, or a lot of, mulvaney's speech to those college students gets a ton of air time.....potentially fun fireworks beyond the initial headlines...he says a lot of stuff....like the leaders in his party believe climate change is real but their constituents don't want to have to change their lives like they think they'd have to in order to deal with it so they just move on.... and how the deep state is super-real ---this is where they once again tap into that deep vein of inherent nutterism, dishonesty, hypocrisy, and ignorance dominating the gop....in this case it's where they substitute bureaucracy and bureaucrats most of us, right/left/whatever, have decried throughout history and make it a one-side only conspiracy called "deep state" now once upon a time you could have argued with some truth the conservative contention that their claimed preference (debatable--just as much a bait and switch as not when you examine reality) for a tiny fed gov't reduces that problem whereas the left wants expansion of gov't which is inevitably more unbearable and counterproductive, and then argue the pros and cons of both views and find a middle ground (crazy talk now, but it used to be common) but no, now it's a gargantuan gov't wide one-sided dem conspiracy deal...which somehow (thanks vlad!) still allowed a gop controlled senate and a gop potus....lying stupid greedy nutter gopers....rational people in gov't jobs who aren't all emotionally bubbly can be against bog-standard idiocy and corruption and malevolence without it even being partisan let alone part of a vast left wing conspiracy
  4. ah, seeing nunes on fox yesterday...the gross blatant lying and spinning with laura ingraham...what a piece of human detritus i suggest a tour of the kennels
  5. certainly there is still some worthwhile debate on the subject, but just per the football acumen permeating it, your body of work on cousins is ranked by more than a few village elders as right up there with the dysfunctionally dogged diehards of the rg3ocd thread on the side of rg3 and ajskins' mariana trenches deep issues over patrick ramsey.....tbf a lot of it was just pretty much spam, or effing with people (good-natured or to annoy is in the eye of the beholder) too, and of course some of it was actually valid or close enough football-wise i'm alway pulling for your--and really everyone here currently i can think of--survival but i risk mod action talking football, esp. redskin football, in here so i end all that now and hope pcs or martin c doesn't ding me couple of headhunters
  6. i can 'like' a serious post for various reasons other than agreeing with all, or even any, of the specific views expressed in it, and i can imagine how people seeing i liked it may scratch their heads or given the venue, it may be lice
  7. it's occurring to me that when i see a member use the 'confused' or 'sad' emoticons (of the four we get to 'rank' a post with) on one of my joking around posts i should use it as a data point to update the member's density quotient it should be obvious i am a ****ing funny mother-****er even though i am always deadly serious
  8. Jumbo

    The Impeachment Thread

    attn---moving forward, people who post in any thread about a title change will get a week ban if not done ala the quoted post below this is the last warning of any type you can expect on that---no pinned thread on it which too many of you seem to ignore anyway, so if you see a pal do it in the future, ping them pronto to fix it here's the post quoted below that i made recently in this very thread on this same matter, and after it will be an explanation as to why the thread was left open mod-wsie, too......not that such is ever necessary to explain to anyone....but if there ever is such a question on it the thing to do is ask in the feedback forum focus especially on the "it's not very intelligent, effective, or even rule-compliant" now, a couple of the reasons the thread wasn't closed after the senate vote to acquit was because the topic itself was still live and the arguments on partisan behaviors in the process and the process itself were still hot....also, there was immediate discussion in media and congress after the senate vote about subpoenaing bolton or maybe even opening up other charges for another impeachment, and this would remain the thread to discuss with the title being fine (though the op could always amend it if they wished) the plan as of a few days back became to close it soon (like today), since those matters have yet to develop further---yup, omg, there is moderation! i suggest more than a few of you would do well to work on not adding any more unpaid maintenance in this forum...seriously the alternatives are a much sloppier forum or bans
  9. everytime i see this thread title i wonder if we are ever going to find out who q-anon is is there some sort of timeline when we might expect to know, if ever? it's like 'anonymous' right? we're supposed to find out who that really is at some point in the somewhat near future i'm just hoping this doesn't end like 'lost'---that was disappointing
  10. as usual, the only way i can find the type of person i really want is to take pieces from different ones and put them together which is also why the powers that be persuaded me to take early retirement no room for new ideas in the establishment
  11. warren starts her town hall out interestingly...takes over right after the intro, steamrolls a very passive erin burnett...and with a bunch of papers in her hands goes into a recap of last night then on to how and how she wrote up a contract (the papers--and she reads from them) to release all the complainants from their nda's with bloomberg...long spiel still was going with no interruption
  12. biden does a lot better i think in these town halls than the debates...this is a hard race to call, just way too early yet
  13. per rooskies former asst ag for bush2, referring to how trump can keep rolling over temp positions forever to evade congressional questioning/oversight---'our govt is such that a person with really bad character at the top can do a lot of damage to it, and that's what we have now' (paraphrase, but very close)
  14. it's a mess if only there were one ring to rule them all