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  1. i saw some funny "joke went over your head" gifs somewhere here the other day wish i had one of them now
  2. i was re-watching avengers endgame not long after it came out when i first thought of this idea about the mouse turning on the time machine in the van to bring back antman and the way that segment is put together...t seemed so unlikely and for everything to hinge upon it and i wondered if it wasn't an accident, but maybe some conscious force influencing it...like a dr. strange move via time-magic, kept secret, as part of the 'only one time and one way we win' process i never saw anything on such an idea in the media, but as i've been reading up on new new slate of marvel stuff and it
  3. i'm behind on several things i wanted to post in the last couple weeks but before i even read the article i couldn't resist posting this just because of the headline (given what's continuing to progress instead of regress on the right wing since 1-6)...also confess i don't read 'salon' maybe the article's good (and i think the trumplikans have gone far enough in certain areas to at least flirt with the nazi comparisons--i forget the name of the 'rule'....schultz's law? )
  4. the following deep analysis is solidly grounded in science and objective analysis of validly established empirical data and could go in the 'gop sewer' thread, but since it's related to the garland doj hearing going on mow, i'm putting it here: lindsay graham's value to humanity is less than that of a bag of fertilizer
  5. rg3 might be gettable he's matured and still has great hair
  6. i'm not sure i like him he spells his name wrong on purpose and i heard he lies about his height
  7. trapped in a world i never made (also spaced out on cold meds)
  8. just carry on as you were--consider it my bad; having not read the stadium for a bit, i went by thread titles and board rules (existing heinieke thread) when posting and missing how pervasive the henineie discussion was in here already and yeh, tit would be hard to for many to avoid (i could do it easy ) all good
  9. <edit my lack of awareness---don't tell anyone>
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