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  1. in the 28 mins of the copter spree today he blamed/insulted obama 20 times (actual)....looks awesome on a loop...just a bulbous vile nutcase
  2. want to note--because it many cases it does matter, though not this one ---that don (i presume* under advisement) actually referred to denmark's pm's comment as nasty, not that she was nasty *presumably some aides wanting to avoid the obvious backlash of calling another woman nasty since don wouldn't make such discernment or even have such concerns on his own....i imagine they had to sell him on the 'softening", probably by telling him his base would still get the use of the key word, but it would give him an out that covers his ass and makes for a "huh-uh, no i didn't call her that, libtards" that he and his familiars can use assuming we have a future history (heinlein ref intended), history will really have fun with this time period
  3. the "middle east" is as thorny for me as it has been for the world at large for a long time "both sides", i'm afraid, have extensive elements of injustice and justice, bad and good, in their conflict i am "pro israel" and "pro palestine" in the base sense ...my take is that even being steeped in relevant history doesn't lead to a solid grasp on the last 60 years or so, especially for those who have lived far removed from the regions and peoples involved...anecdotally, i have talked to a lot of smart fair-minded people over the years who have been there---i haven't---and i get as diverse reporting as one might presume...granted, these folks i'm thinking of are mainly academic or clinical types, or active military, but basically it's "we saw lots of good and bad with almost all parties involved"....but i'll stop there...OT
  4. not defending everything tlaib or omar have said re: israel, but imagine if one of them had said what trump said but reversing parties the repub jewish coalition (who cheeto didn't even know existed) issued a pathetic supporting cover-his-ass statement for don today sad face aside never-trumpers (and that's not a totally free pass) no non-goper ever needs to accord any goper any credibility or integrity when said goper wants to slam the morals, ethics, hypocrisy, or honesty of some official on the left (policy, fine)....zero, you've abdicated that luxury for at least half a century
  5. and the Gross Orange Pig, supreme leader of the party/cult of racism, gun fetiishism, religious nutters, homophobia, science-deniers, and alternative facts, has now added the pm of denmark to his "nasty" woman list (he called her nasty) because he has never grown past the lowbrow wit and stunted personality of his underachieving insecure frustrated boyhood, mentored by a father and others who represent the worst in people look at your malevolent twisted little boy republicans, and look at all your brothers and sisters still wearing that r proudly....what a historical testimonial to your thinking overall and the dominating absence of current positive value
  6. for me it's another one of those things i file under "distinctions without a meaningful difference" in terms of pragmatism, but in terms of personal attitudes (more emo-based), i think the stupid is less vile that the cynical...both are worthy of genetic and developmental adjustment like people arguing over trump (and other figures similar) "really" being racist or "actually" being anti-semite, i think it's unnecessary....by word and action there's enough outright racist tropes for him to own that he gets included with them at 100% confidence level and it's 100% just, and then you apply the consequences accordingly i waste no energy in arguing about the accuracy of regarding trump or 'a trump type' or even just any actual trump supporter who believes "the peaceful patriotic proud boys" are victims of the "radically militant antifa activists" the same way i'd regard a guy using the n word regularly you ride with racists and bigots as part of your pack, you're with them...you're one of them and if you're a party-supporting republican, you are, and long have been, much more in the service of racism and homophobia among other vile (imv) things than not i've just been too equitable/forgiving in my life, putting too much stock in the premise of "both sides...."
  7. not to mention that were the dems to even win the senate too with the presidency and hold onto the house, just the clean-up and repair mission (and i'm not talking some "reinstating all overturned liberal/obama policies" scheme) all across the government, domestic and international related, will be such a huge task aside from even getting to advancing actual dem policy changes, and you can count on all of it being frenetically oppsoed by the now terminally diseased gop/right wing...they will rage on with their many particular forms of low-decency low-intelligence dysfunction to obstruct all they can even were it to be an unexpectedly sweeping and major defeat that went beyond losing the wh in a decisive manner just imv it's unfortunate that a 'brand' that has some important positive history and more than a little fundamental worth, as far as such things go in our current state of development as a species, is just so sickly soiled that it's hard for me to want to see it survive at all, as non-pragmatic as that may be... but i'm really not sure at all anymore that the brand is absolutely "needed", objectively, to have a very high-functioning democracy that covers all the bases well enough, with enough of a range of "conservative to liberal" just within the dems and independents were the brand to really dissolve over time i'm just indulging in silly-speculative too-simplistic fluff here
  8. this thread had just dropped to the 3rd page prior to this post.....progress? 4 shot on college campus in Atlanta during back-to-school block party, police say https://www.yahoo.com/gma/4-shot-college-campus-atlanta-during-back-school-121658795--abc-news-topstories.html
  9. the right wing is only the best people just looky
  10. oh yeah, good morning vietnam so now trump is going full circle on this anniversary by saying "jews will not replace me"? the orange rat-****er (hi melania) is pulling out all the stops in his current distraction campaign while there obviously are/have been various worthy policy planks and many fine people over the years that aligned with the gop, i'm moving more and more towards having little or no positive regard for anybody that wants to spend their time currently on positively arguing "conservatism" as if it was still a laudable affiliation and not, as manifested in the good ole usa these many years, a mostly sick-minded other-hating bubbly-religious hodge-podge of anti-science anti-fact "notions" that needs major transformation across the board or, preferably, utter annihilation of its ability to impact sane decent intelligent people (and dems too ) who prefer to see civilization and the species move in a much less dysfunctional direction the brand overall, like its subsect of 'conserv evang xtianity', is mainly a diseased odorous pile of **** now, to way too many young folks in particular imv, and i expect a continuing downslide but ya never know this, even though there is sooooooo much dumb and ugly to work on for the left/dems our work will never be done
  11. i'd ban him because of his phrasing/context