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  1. Adhere to the following: 1. do not make posts that call for specific acts of violence on specific public figures---even if you have a justifiably and appropriately (in your view) harsh reaction to something, find a way to express those thoughts and feelings in a way that doesn't cross those lines 2. return the "cops needing to be fired" thread to just that specifically, and not this (and vice-versa) 3. given the topic and the times----try hard to keep your heads on straight and your feet on the ground, planted for balance---these are the times we need that t
  2. Per requests, this is a revival of the previous one that got archived (title change, random to misc). Try to avoid abusing rule 13 too much. "NSFW" (not in our rules btw) isn't "anything goes." this was the first post in the original thread This guy rode a one-trick pony back in the day, playing the funniest drunk ever---even better than Frank Fontaine or Red Skelton (Crazy Guggenheim and Willie Lump Lump --much earlier).
  3. As TK posted previously, all our normal rules do apply to this thread, and of course: NO POLITICS---NO RELIGION---NO MUSIC VIDEOS----NO "BABE" PICS, MALE OR FEMALE Posting an image related to the "random thought" is ok, but use restraint: check the page, avoid clutter There is a revived random humor thread for all those kind of vids/gifs/memes etc. Member management of this thread will be required
  4. I found it too offputting forum-wise to keep seeing the one thread there (being made for a second time, even) and no one thinking making this one should be a thing. "Fixing" the dems is a bigly fine topic (which is why I made it originally, months ago, but that's ok) and having its mate is not just about logic in service to intelligent discussion, it's also addressing what is somewhat like a family focused on attending to "fixing" the kid that's tagging buildings vs. the one who is setting fire to buildings. So how do we "fix" the GOP? C'mon Buzz, Popeman
  5. Per requests in other t-threads and because it's fitting as a standalone. To that end, I will ban for trolling anyone who pops in with a complaint about the thread's existence. Have at it.
  6. I kept thinking we need a place to stick stuff like this (there's so many I see) but that don't really fit anywhere else (they're not all China turf) and aren't worth a new thread for every one that comes along. "Two and a Half Men" star finds religion, calls TV show "filth" http://news.yahoo.com/two-half-men-star-finds-religion-calls-tv-213606045--finance.html more <incl. video> at link
  7. Let's take care of some business first: I started this as a new thread after perusing already existing alternatives and being dissatisfied with the options, including a thread I MET'd awhile back trying to accomplish the same goal----which is to give a regular place to learn about, or comment on, movies that are in the making, or rumored to be so, but haven't got their own threads yet :cool: So if we're going to talk about Rocky #32 in here, it's fine until someone starts a thread just for that, and then we'd just post there to discuss that movie. To start off, I'd recommend a trip to the M
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