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  1. interesting you'd come back to this thread to gratuitously quote yourself and violate the very thread rule you were already busted for once and then go on to extend the "kirk talk" in further violation also this is your 3rd rule 18 violation in short period of time which usually would mean a perma-ban, but we'll just go with what the thread states---90 day ban (and after you were previously given a pass) also, I think this latest act of self-immolation in the qb wars can cap another of these epic (many other adjectives also fitting) threads since we have other topics available that fit the changes in the QB situations as they stand, we'll bury this one alongside its infamous comrades and await the birth of the Josh Johnson Jubilation Jamboree thread
  2. I'd like to take doddering old goper Orrin "Mormon Morals" Hatch for a quiet talk way out in the woods, into nature's bosom and away from the toxic political environment, where we could discuss "caring" and I could make some very particular points on the matter without us being interrupted by the constant bother of persistently inquisitive reporters named Manu or any other witnesses.
  3. Jumbo

    Gameday Thread

    i predict tonight kurt will literally piss AND **** his pants. there will also be many tears and much mucus from him. it will be a bad night for his bodily fluids.
  4. Jumbo

    Ain't nobody got FIRED YET?

    c'mon man. like this isn't covered in 4-5 threads already. be grateful you're not getting dinged with a rule 7 violation. calling for heads and plenty of waling and flailing opportunities already exist, and i don't blame anyone for doing plenty of either. just don't start new redundant threads for it.
  5. Matt, along with the entire "freedom cuckolds", is among the many many many trumpistas who can best serve all that is good by submitting for the full Ramsay Bolton Citizen Reformation Program.
  6. Right back atcha @Epochalypse, but don't "feel' like you should remove yourself just over this of course---participate all ya want, it's preferred (on my end anyway), just within the parameters is all. And I didn't miss how you qualified what "kind' of christian you weren't and "who" you're not as a person. We have a lot of agreement, overall, including in areas that may surprise you, not that such is important in any way.
  7. ok---so the temp lock was a pause---now all can resume sticking to the topic, and NOT the recent digressions start a new thread "how would you fix the <insert choice> religion" maybe?
  8. @Epochalypse since you quoted me, i'll reply one more time though i had indicated being short on further interest--your initial premise was misplaced epoch, and "genuine (do you decide?) christians" are not under some unfair attack or any kind of threat here but you're doubling down on propping up straw man tangents and digging rabbit holes. so i said this was NOT to become an extended OT tangent and yet it is. so---moderator directive to everyone---note the thread title (read/comprehend)---stick to that and drop the ot tangents. thank you.
  9. Agree with the first sentence, but not any implication that blatant ridicule is off the table by merit---I'd say it's well warranted, but expression is limited here by our rules, so one must watch how they use their words. The rest is more full of holes to address for my state of interest, but still covers matters that should be considered, and none of this is any "personal" rebuke towards you as a member at all.
  10. i know you i'd mock your beliefs at the drop of a hat or whatever mystical headgear your group promotes so while you may not like it, the truth is "the sisko" was simply a tv character, not really a higher being
  11. your political and religious beliefs are as open to all forms of comment, from supportive, to mocking, to castigating, to admiring, as is every other poster's content (when done within the rules and guidelines of the forum) and in fact---wait for it---such a range of commentary on such matters is sort of the point of the forum for the record, i'd dismiss islam/judaism's tales of "salvation" or "creation" in similar manner--but this is NOT to go into an extend OT exchange, so no one should do that you might brace yourself for finding that even your movie and music choices, as well as your culinary views, are similarly met with wide-ranging responses
  12. well, for me this is criticizing fantasy (xtian "salvation") the same as reality, but to play along i'd suggest low bars are an appropriate hurdle for the kinds of ethical/moral cripples common among evangelicals
  13. Jumbo

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I wrote my lion's share on gruden from the beginning to the end of last season and stand by all that analysis. jay, no surprise, was a center for many of the dumbest exchanges in the forum for a long time. I'm not going to do a detailed recap, but there also were numerous legit complaints that were generally agreed to by most posters (time management; 2nd half adjustments; play-calling predictability or oddities--this latter complicated by not knowing concisely who's responsible for what, when, per these issues). These would, unfortunately but inevitably, be mixed in with more-clueless or exaggerated or lazybrain stuff to a huge degree. but that was then, this is now. I also wrote more than once the last few seasons about how if someone I cared about was headed for a team, I'd prefer they find just about any other team since I think the Redskins work environment is quite toxic/dysfunctional/incompetent and risks stunting/damaging "new people" in their course of development. This is not making excuses---a never-useful exercise I don't engage in---it's analysis. Without reviewing my own pro/con list on jay (which has become more con of course this season), I became more concerned about him when talking to some around the team during the off-season. Since scot was fired, I'd heard of jay enjoying more "socializing" with bruce and dan and ever since I got here I'd heard that lots of drinking/partying/good times were long a part of the culture and jay was becoming more of as good ole boy. I don't know if any of that is totally or partially true, for sure. But I found the possibility credible and either way I thought this year would indeed be a make or break for jay in terms of overall success moving forward, regardless of what misfortunes befell him. And plenty of misfortune did fall to him, but the way he responded was, in the end, quite unsatisfactory. I don't know if today's jay is as solid as jay at the beginning of the previous season, but i seriously doubt it. I think he may still be able to salvage himself, hone some real strengths he has and work on his real weaknesses. But the sooner he's out of here the better for him, and at this point, for us. Jay has had a very ****ty hand here all along---really a long unfortunate run of negative events beyond the norm and his control---but he's also created so many messes and failures of his own in his responses that this is well and fully over afaic. The sooner jay's gone the better for him and us--but yeas, everyone is right also in saying bruce is even more of a line to cut and if you do jay you really need to do bruce the same time.
  14. You guys are all correct---obviously TK is doing what he can and then it's up to what support we can get from team/invision after that (there's a punch line waiting to be delivered there), but I think it's a good idea to leave this open for members if only to process anxiety and maybe even receive a useful tip/solution or just become more informed via our members. fwiw--I have several machines in play regarding this: one has extensive security and shows no infections----very high confidence----though it's seen dozens of those warning screens by now---and one older desktop I tried deliberately here since it has only avira free and superantispyware free which are pretty basic but it shows no infections yet either even after a similar or greater number of warning screens. Again, just fwiw. In the meantime, I always advise paranoia with your internet security. It seemed rather fitting to me that the team's official site should become malware infected as the franchise continues on its course as a perpetual cesspool of fail while finding ever lower bottoms to reach.