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  1. i remember when you used to call me a baaaad man for pulling the wool over your eyes
  2. no---this move was not for you to pick fights for fun...and it would be a stupid fight stick to the topic of the team and covid, specifically
  3. yup, been planning on that for a bit now and was talking with tk about doing it earlier, even before pcs had to deal with the frothing dude it will be a few minutes and peeps can still post while i'm doing it we've done this 3-4 times over the years when there is serious spillover in the rare topics that are about the team and yet so intertwined with hot sociopolitical issues too...this seems the best compromise for solid reasons, and if peeps need that rationale explained, ask me in the feedback thread (but i'm betting most can figure it out) al
  4. Jumbo


    you wise guys think you can just 'covertly' drop a "tk sucks" post in here and get away with it apparently you can but it's a good thing you didn't say 'he blows' he's sensitive about his allergies (bonus points for the vonnegut reference)
  5. i pretty much agree in general, and again, as i indicated originally, i'm glad to have him as a decent competent intelligent legislator in congress any day of the week---that was noted in the post right before i made my specific critique and to me it isn't about 'marketing' but assessing and critiquing the level of tactical effectiveness of any given 'front man' on either side of what i see as a 'soft war' (for now) in the nation politically and "culturally" to that, my deal was his on camera stuff sometimes came off poorly and turned off a fair number of (active) de
  6. i'm watching the hearing while doing other stuff but from what i've seen so far i'm encouraged in a general sense c'mon america---weed out the malevolent igwads
  7. you should have seen me at the plate---no danger of ever being drafted i did word my post in a certain way that you may not have fully internalized before reacting, but i'm just saying 'may not have' i don't disagree with that much of your take on him, i just was focusing on his effectiveness as on-camera party spokesman outside of appealing to diehard partisans, and i have no criticism of someone thinking highly favorable about him as a legislator or usually (not always) when leading a committee, as i think my post indicates, or even disagreeing with every aspect of w
  8. just a side note from the hearing: i recognize the basic decency and beyond average competency of adam schiff but i've always had a strong distaste for his political communications and 'persona' in front of cameras and think he's one of those democratic leaders that's an anchor for his party's ship if he was a lot more 'media hesitant' and restrained in his shtick it would be much better for the dems, imo the trump years really exacerbated what i see as his shortcomings
  9. Jumbo


    according to statistics (and not even counting tk) about 22% of the population are enjoying the breakfast of champions
  10. Jumbo


    there seems to be stuffs going on at this site about the wft---discuss
  11. to misquote reality tv pioneer art linkletter, "christians say the darnedest things!"
  12. i am now really wishing i had become an nfl team owner only so i could name my team 'the ______ psychedelics' or with an 'x' at the end---i'd leave that to marketing experts not only would that be a super cool name, just think of all the marketing themes and spins that could be real fun in every way/medium/venue...and profitable even just the t-shirt graphics potential $$$ plus we'd be talked about in the media all the time i'm also now wondering how smoking/drinking early in the day on weekends ever got a bad rap
  13. the more i read, the more i'd consider something a little more representative of the (any) fan base suggestions? i benignly move on....
  14. had just been on mine (wellsfargo) before checking in here retaliation for taking down that one rooskie ransomware server?
  15. joe's been doing pretty good, but then he really nailed one turning one of his answer into a (reasonable) tangent that was a good imitation of a 'win one for the gipper' speech about saving democracy and how xi and putin are among so many betting autocracies will win out and we have to show them they're wrong, and he actually hit it out of the park and got some real cheering going he's done a lot of 'thoughtful, decent, responsive, and reasonable" during the whole thing in a way i think still appeals to a lot of moderate/conservative people who aren't vile/crazy even if str
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