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  1. Meathead who plays football, a game with a high likelihood of giving you brain damage, but is scared of a vaccine. If the dumbos on this team refuse to get vaccinated, their best hope is that the inevitable outbreak happens during training camp and preseason.
  2. No fly list until you pay your fines should do the trick.
  3. National healthcare is a good policy to work towards. But imagine being so dumb that you show up at AOC’s office to protest for it, instead of working in districts with members of Congress who are currently not on board. Leftist activism is mostly a clown show in the US.
  4. The double dose Pfizer shot is 88% effective against delta. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2108891 It’s in the ~30% range with only one dose.
  5. I haven’t played ME3 since release. I’m currently working through ME1 in the remaster. You’ve got to finish Frozen Wild. Not just for the great story, but also to encounter the freeze and fire claws LOL. The final boss fight is the most rage inducing but deeply satisfying gaming experience I’ve had in a long time.
  6. Did you play the Frozen Wild DLC. The fireclaw and the scorchers, holy **** lol. I can’t wait for what they put in Forbidden West. Plus, it seems like they’re adding a lot of quality life upgrades for grappling and sky diving that the game badly needs.
  7. I finished Horizon Zero Dawn on PC and now I’m going to desperately try to score a PS5 so I can play Forbidden West when it comes out later this year. Awesome game; finally an open world game that excels at story telling, with challenging gameplay to match. The ultra-hard difficulty really, really kicks your ass and forces you to learn how to surgically destroy the robos.
  8. Pretty much. If vaccines were a scarce commodity, I would understand. But they’re not so who cares honestly if some dude on a ventilator feels regret. They finally get to test out “the cure can’t be worse than the disease” mantra in the real world.
  9. They still haven’t given up on HCQ, and have even added another useless drug called Ivermecticn to the mix. It’s honestly a waste of time and money at this point trying to get the GOP-adjacent country vaccinated. Institute vaccine passports in cities and let the rural and exurban communities engage in their self-determined Darwinian experiment.
  10. Even for a 15-minute presser about encouraging socially beneficial behavior, they can’t make themselves just say the right thing and move on. Anyways, I honestly don’t care what sob stories come out of these communities when Delta is hammering them. I talked to my grandparents in India when delta was ripping the country apart and people were helplessly trying to access vaccines and medications. People in the developing world with access to 1/10th of our education and resources understand the value of life saving medicines. The spoiled, entitled brats in this county who thin
  11. They know it’s about to get bad, the sane part of the country will rightly blame them and that the Dems will use this as an opportunity to pass even more spending and popular public welfare legislation.
  12. We’re headed for 100% population wide seroconversion, either through infection or vaccination. It’ll be interesting to see how what the pace of the outbreak is with some % of the population vaccinated and cutting transmission chains. But everyone who isn’t vaccinated is catching COVID at some point.
  13. It may not be a bad idea for lib pundits and talk shows to start telling conservatives to not get vaccinated. Openly mock them and encourage anti vaxx behavior. Guaranteed they get the vaccine the next day.
  14. The GOP must have seen some dreadful projections about the outbreaks about to happen in their represented communities to start sending out a highly coordinated, increasingly pro-vaccine message.
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