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  1. I still worry how he will handle debates against a persistent, sociopathic liar. His current debate performance is no where close to the clown pounding he dished to Paul Ryan in 2012.
  2. Lol. A lot of us in here have been posting about the Wizards for years and I can tell you that none of us had your reaction on reading this thread. The success of one DC team doesn't take away from the others.
  3. No Excuses

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Socialism is cool as long as you don’t call it socialism.
  4. China is hurting from this trade war too. Only difference is that Xi doesn’t have run for re-election and no one is free to protest their slowing economy. Trump probably wishes he had that luxury.
  5. Deport every person asking for all deportations to end. Morons. She has a name recognition problem and she doesn’t have a clear coalition like Warren/Bernie or Biden. I like her too and am considering her over Warren.
  6. No Excuses

    Is this the worst Redskins team in the last 20 years?

    This is by far the worst Redskins team of all time but disciplined, commitment to the run football is back in DC and it works! Who knew?
  7. No Excuses

    What would you do IF YOU bought the team???

    I would change the name, fire anyone from the previous regime, hire the most talented analytics nerds in the world, dump the entire roster, tank for three seasons at a minimum and when ES inevitably runs out of patience, capitalize on the vitriol and move the team to a far cooler city like Toronto.
  8. No Excuses

    Best Burgers (Burgery Goodness,The Sequel)

    Live in DC, work in Arlington.
  9. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge’.” - Isaac Asimov A consistent theme of US democracy throughout the countries history. Not sure how long it’s sustainable in the Internet Age which disproportionately elevates BS.
  10. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    One of big takeaway from these hearings is how much of an influence grifters and conspiracy nutjobs have in the GOP now. Someone like Alex Jones went from a low level freak show to someone who now gets millions of conservative listeners every day. The smearing of Yovanovitch which was the precursor to this ****show started initially on his show. And the entry of people like him wasn’t a warning sign, but now Fox et al compete for the same audience by stopping to its levels of insanity and fear mongering.
  11. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    Swalwell is one of the more effective people on the committee. He’s absolutely right that Nunes tactics are to accuse others of what he’s been doing, and Nunes should have to answer why federally indicted grifters were feeding him information that led to waste of taxpayer money.
  12. No Excuses

    Best Burgers (Burgery Goodness,The Sequel)

    Big Buns in Ballston is very good.
  13. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    They don’t like that she’s clowning all of them so the new strategy is to not let her talk.
  14. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    Where we are. This is the chief correspondent for OANN, Trumps favorite TV network and somehow a worse version of Fox News: God help this country since the GOP has decided to elevate turds, grifters and bottom feeders.
  15. No Excuses

    The Impeachment Thread

    Hill so eloquently called Nunes a useful idiot. She needs to be a witness at every hearing to rebut his garbage.