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  1. The Trump era so far has really shown that the GOP views the broader American public similar to its own base as low-information, poorly informed goobers. The public held them accountable in 2018 and it's really up to the majority to hold them accountable again next year.
  2. Theatrics and point scoring as usual take over rather than the substance of the story. The fact that Dr. Ford was interrogated by a prosecutor and held her own, and Kavanaugh was having a meltdown until the prosecutor was shoved aside really was all that one needed to know about where the truth lies in this story. It really should be no surprise that men highly interested in controlling women’s bodies and their choices are also perverts and sexual assailants.
  3. It’s bad editing which is typical for NYTs op-Ed section at this point. The book, which the op-Ed was based on apparently didn’t omit this so it seems more like bad editorial practice rather than poor journalism. It would be a big blunder I think if the news portion of the paper got this wrong, but getting bent over an op-Ed that talks about a book..meh.
  4. It's a different woman than Deobrah Ramirez and the Times never stated that she is the one making the allegations. The only thing the Times left out was that the other woman doesn't have a recollection of the event, but several others who were at the party remember it. The initial story that Debbie Ramirez has additional people backing her story and that several people recall a similar incident with a different woman at a different party hasn't changed. A circle jerk going on in this thread from people who supposedly read the article and want to pile onto reporting that seems to not have fudged anything substantial regarding the story. The Times never alleged that a new woman directly accused Kavanaugh, just that other people remembered him getting drunk, pulling out his wang and thrusting it into a girl at a different party,
  5. There was no fiasco unless you live in a bubble of right wing talk shows where recounting of basic historical facts is an affront to blind worship of the country and its founding fighters.
  6. Our primary goal of stopping Iran's nuclear problem was solved until this administration, influenced by hardliners in the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia decided that a policy of more confrontation with Iran was a better solution than diplomatically working with our European partners and Iranians. Now that we have an escalation of conflict, which was the predictable outcome, there is a call for more military action in the middle east. Getting involved in the Middle Eastern pissing matches between the Shia and Sunni's has never had good outcomes for the US. I have no problem with a radical transformation in US foreign policy that tells the Saudi's and Israeli hardliners opposed to diplomacy to kick rocks and instead seeks diplomatic solutions like JCPOA.
  7. Questioning and perhaps going the extra way by discarding our alliance with Saudi Arabia is perfectly fine as a policy position. There is no hard and fast rule that we must support the Saudi's at all costs. We are probably 20 years too late already in evaluating our relationship with the Saudi kingdom.
  8. Iran/Europe both want JCPOA restored. It was working and there was no reason to back out of it. I'm sure Bibi and MBS are more than happy to drag the US into a totally avoidable confrontation with Iran.
  9. This is pandering for Latino votes and is an awful policy position.
  10. Men who assault women will be deciding bodily autonomy choices for women. It really can’t be said enough that every GOP voting male is a total creep and danger to the women around him.
  11. No Excuses

    Rental Car Insurance

    I would get it because you never know. My girlfriend was recently driving back to DC to from Indiana in her rental and was 15 minutes away from home when she hit a raccoon on GW parkway, going 60 MPH. It left a noticeable crack on the front bumper. Our mechanic told us it would be a 2K fix to replace it. We took it back to enterprise and they they somehow didn’t even notice it. We always get rental car insurance now.
  12. No one did anything to change my vote for Warren. Unlikely that happens at this point.
  13. No Excuses

    The Random Politics Thread

    North Carolina is the testing ground for the GOP to examine all forms of undemocratic tactics, from election fraud to extreme gerrymandering. It should really be a warning call to the rest of the country of what's at stake if the GOP is allowed to go about doing its business without a serious rebuke at the polls.
  14. It’s almost like religion is one big joke, collectively being played on billions of people worldwide. We should give more federal aid to a school that teaches about Jesus and his pet velociraptor.
  15. No Excuses

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    “John Bolton is a leftist” is the kind of dumb thing you can say these days and not be considered a total idiot and lose your job. Probably because millions of dopes are going to head this and accept it as truth.