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  1. Apparently, some people will only learn the hard way (like in the story visionary posted above): El Paso was still grieving when the coronavirus arrived. Now, death has overwhelmed it. EL PASO — The coronavirus has overwhelmed El Paso for months, with few signs of abating. Inmates were paid to move hundreds of bodies into mobile morgues; the National Guard is now in charge of the grim task. Funeral homes have turned storage closets into freezers to hold the dead. A crematorium broke down from overuse. The city’s convention center has been transformed into a
  2. My latest search "Economy" in THIS FORUM (Tailgate), where I would normally expect to find the recession thread, which I did (see below), but also The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread (which I did not). The thread I was looking for (found on p. 7 of the Tailgate Forum): And after posting in The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread and searching again: Does the search engine not search beyond the first couple of pages of the forum?
  3. South Dakota Unveils New ‘Come Die Here’ Tourism Campaign PIERRE, SD—In an effort to attract visitors to a state that is home to some of the worst Covid-19 infection rates in the world, South Dakota officials launched a new tourism initiative Friday that will be centered around the slogan “Come Die Here.” “For years, people have flocked here to see Mount Rushmore, but now South Dakota is also a great place to just come and die,” said Gov. Kristi Noem in a prepared statement, which touted the dwindling availability of ICU beds, lack of a statewide mask mandate, and opportunity to ta
  4. A good football weekend, the WFT beat Dallas, Michigan State won, and Michigan lost.
  5. Well, as I suspected, after posting in the thread the search feature found it: It also found this thread but did not find the thread about turkeys running amok (maybe you should see if you can find that one - "amok" is not in the title but the search feature used to always pull it up because in was in the content). FYI: Not sure what's going on, but it's weird and annoying.
  6. Trucker pictured naked & ‘pleasuring himself’ at side of busy Scots road THIS is the moment a trucker was pictured naked and "pleasuring himself" in a West Lothian lay-by. The bizarre snap from last night shows a man standing outside his lorry on the A801 between Falkirk and Bathgate. Click on the link for the full article
  7. I'll run a test. I found an article I wanted to post in the Naked People Run Amok thread. I've done this search dozens of times with the term "amok" and always get two threads both with "amok" in the thread title (the aforementioned Naked People Run Amok thread and one about Turkeys running amok). Searching now with "amok" I got nothing: I will find the thread and post in it and then search again.
  8. @TK I noted above that before when I searched for Liquor, it wouldn't pull up the thread during the search, but now, when that thread is on p. 1 of the forum, it finds it for me when I search for it. Similarly, I posted above that I couldn't find the Iran thread with searching either with "credibility" or "Iran", both terms in the thread title. After that search I posted in the thread and it is now on p.1 of the forum. So I tried searching for it again with "credibility" and it found it this time: It seems to able to find threads that I have posted in re
  9. @TK I will usually either search in TOPICS or THIS FORUM. I haven't been searching in THREAD TITLES (I don't see that option). I usually leave it set to search within both CONTENT TITLES and BODY (see below): After reading your comment I went back and tried the "kids" one again, this time searching in CONTENT TITLES ONLY and got this:
  10. U.S. aircraft carrier deploys to Gulf, Navy says unrelated to 'specific threats' U.S. aircraft carrier USS Nimitz was deployed to the Gulf this week, days before the killing of Iran's top nuclear scientist, although the U.S. Navy said on Saturday the deployment was not related to any specific threat. "There were no specific threats that triggered the return of the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group," Commander Rebecca Rebarich, spokeswoman for the U.S. Navy's Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet, said in an emailed statement after the carrier deployed on Wednesday. Click on the l
  11. Just did this search looking for the Iran thread: When I searched for "Iran", I got this: I found the thread I was looking for (which has both "credibility" and "Iran" in the title) on p.4 of the Tailgate:
  12. Just for fun, I'll give you another one. Searching for the Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues thread, searching the Tailgate: Yet again, the thread can be found on page 8 of the Tailgate:
  13. Here's another example (searching for the "Emerging Technologies" thread, searching it topics: If I modify the search to search not just topics but the whole Tailgate forum, I still get nothing: Yet, this thread clearly an be found here (on p.4 of the Tailgate): BTW, I'm using Google Chrome as my browser.
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