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  1. China

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    ‘Felt like someone was drilling into my bones:' Venomous puss caterpillars back in Florida These fuzzy creatures might look cute and harmless, but in fact they pack a big punch. The venomous puss caterpillar appears to be back in Florida for its seasonal return. A Florida woman documented her scary and painful encounter on Facebook. Bri Oteri was in Dade City, Florida, said in the post she leaned against a wooden fence and felt her wrist start to burn after coming in contact with the puss caterpillar. Oteri said, “It felt like fire ants in that moment. I looked down and saw this fuzzy thing moving across the wood.” The woman was checked out by an EMT but symptoms increased later in the day and her husband took her to the ER. “I was watching my son practice and all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe. I thought I was going to pass out, and then came the pain. In my chest.. in my entire right arm, radiating from my wrist all throughout my arm and shoulder,” Oteri said. “The pain was so excruciating I was hysterically crying in the hospital pleading for the doctors and nurses to help me. Morphine didn’t even touch the pain.” A 2014 report by National Geographic said the caterpillars are the most venomous of their kind in the U.S. and that their “soft, outer comb-over hides small, extremely toxic spines that stick in your skin.” Click on the link for the full article
  2. Gun policy gets its biggest political test in the Virginia Beach district that suffered mass shooting VIRGINIA BEACH — The ad begins with grainy footage of the municipal building, somber music and a woman’s voice: “May 31 started out like any other day,” Karen Havekost says, then describes walking out of the bathroom at work and seeing a gunman on a rampage that killed 12 people. She slams her state senator, Republican William R. DeSteph Jr., for failing to “make a difference” on gun violence. The campaign ad — sponsored by DeSteph’s Democratic opponent, Missy Cotter Smasal — has stirred raw feelings in Virginia Beach, where almost everyone seems to know somebody touched by the mass shooting in the municipal building more than four months ago. The tragedy has elevated gun policy statewide in this pivotal election year for the state legislature, with voters calling it the top overall issue in a recent Washington Post-Schar School poll. No candidate is pressing the topic more than Cotter Smasal, who thinks outrage over the mass shooting in her city will be key in turning a red-leaning district blue on Nov. 5. National groups on both sides of the gun control debate have poured resources into the district, viewing it as a warm-up for next year’s presidential contest as gun violence continues to make headlines around the country. And Democrats see the race as a measure of how far they can go on election night in taking majorities in the state legislature, with Republicans defending narrow margins of 20-19 in the Senate and 51-48 in the House of Delegates, with one vacancy in each chamber. “The key battleground is Virginia Beach. It’ll speak to the kind of night we’re going to have,” one Democratic strategist said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the party’s thinking. Democrats like the optics of the race: Cotter Smasal, a business executive and Girl Scout troop leader who crusaded for school safety even before the shooting, against DeSteph, a wealthy developer and licensed gun dealer. Click on the link for the full article
  3. Yeah, in Merrifield they took a sprawling Cineplex and parking lot and bulldozed it and renovated the area which is now Mosaic which is great for walking with condos/apartments, restaurants and shopping. If they do something similar in Tyson's it would make it a lot better.
  4. China

    Random Thought Thread

    Get ready to have a bloody good time because tomorrow we celebrate:
  5. General Jim Mattis breaks silence on Trump with jokes Speaking at a New York charity event Thursday the day after Trump demeaned him as "the world's most overrated general," Mattis joked that he took it as a compliment. "I'm not just an overrated general. I'm the greatest, the world's most overrated," he told diners at the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner. "I'm honored to be considered that by Donald Trump because he also called Meryl Streep an overrated actress," he said. "So I guess I'm the Meryl Streep of generals, and frankly that sounds pretty good to me." Trump lashed out at his former defense secretary Wednesday, during a contentious White House meeting with members of Congress. Mattis resigned as defense secretary last December after Trump said he intended to pull 2,000 American troops out of Syria. In his resignation letter, the retired Marine general told Trump he had "the right to have a Secretary of Defense whose views are better aligned with yours." Since then, he has largely refrained from criticizing the administration publicly, saying he owed the commander in chief "a duty of silence." But he did save a zinger for Trump at the laughter-filled gala, saying the "overrated" moniker didn't bother him. "I earned my spurs on the battlefield ... and Donald Trump earned his spurs in a letter from a doctor," Mattis joked. Click on the link for the full article
  6. Study says 1 in 4 food delivery drivers are sampling your food before you get it If you’re ordering out tonight, you may want to pick it up yourself. A new study by US foods shows the delivery person may steal some of your food before you get it. Food delivery apps, like Uber Eats, Door Dash, and others, have made ordering food very easy. "There’s prime times where you’ll have at least five or 10 drivers in here at once waiting on an order,” said Bianca Rengifo, a server at La V Vietnamese Fusion in St. Petersburg. She processes orders all the time. "Downtown is definitely a pedestrian place so if they can’t get here in the rain or they’re stuck here in the rain that’s kind of where we’re at,” she said. But a new study from US Foods reveals a germy little secret: About 1 in 4 drivers sample your food before you get it. "What do you expect when people make as much as they do delivering food? They’re going to get hungry and they’re going to want to eat,” said Ernie Fuglevand, who uses these apps all the time. Click on the link for the full article
  7. Manhattan, Kansas, to allow women to go topless, with restrictions MANHATTAN, Kan. — Women are now legally allowed to go topless in Manhattan, with some restrictions. The Manhattan City Commission on Tuesday unanimously decided to amend the city code to allow females to go topless. However, property owners and businesses may still require all patrons to wear shirts. Click on the link for the full article
  8. China

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    Naked Florida man steals American flag from yacht, police say DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (WPTV/CNN) - A naked Florida man is accused of taking an American flag off a yacht, but only after he put on a little show for crew members. Capt. Joe Reardon, the owner of Delray Yacht Cruises, said the suspect is “certainly not shy.” As surveillance video shows, he’s also extremely comfortable in his own skin. “He goes up to the upper deck and it looks like he’s motioning to someone else behind us on the dock, and he jumps in with the flag,” Reardon explained. Reardon got an eyeful after a crew member first noticed Friday morning their American flag and a wooden pole were missing. The crew checked the security camera. Now pictures of the naked man running through the Lady Atlantic and Lady Delray are all over social media, shared hundreds of times just from their page. “They take my life jackets and use them for pillows, some of the homeless people do. They take my fire extinguishers and CO2 and chill their beer with it and it’s all stupid stuff. This is stupid, and I get the humor in it, but it adds up.” Click on the link for the full article
  9. Hitting the strip clubs in Windsor?
  10. China

    Random Thought Thread

    Or if you hover your cursor over the person's username a window pops up with info about the user and one of the options you can click is ignore User
  11. China

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Tennessee Deputy Sued Twice In The Same Day Over A Roadside Anal Search And A Forced Baptism You've got to be a special kind of law enforcement officer to have two lawsuits filed against you in the same day. Hamilton County Deputy Daniel Wilkey is that kind of special. The Tennessee law enforcement officer managed to violate rights against enough people that two of them retained lawyers. This suggests Deputy Wilkey violates rights on a regular basis, but maybe not egregiously enough to merit a lawsuit in every case. Both cases here are disturbing. And they're disturbing in very different ways. I've never read a civil rights lawsuit against an officer that included claims of a forcible religious experience, but here we are. The first lawsuit [PDF], filed by Shandle Riley, alleges that Deputy Wilkey followed her to a friend's house from a nearby gas station. Once he had (sort of) pulled her over, things got weird quick. First, Deputy Wilkey claimed Riley was holding meth. To prove this, he engaged in a full body patdown. Then he ordered her to take off her bra and "shake her bra and shirt" to prove she hadn't stashed any meth there. Riley asked for a female officer to be present during this "search" but the deputy told her the law doesn't require female cops to search female citizens. He then asked if she had anything illegal in her car. She said she had a marijuana roach stashed in a pack of cigarettes. At that point, Deputy Wilkey became verbally abusive. Then he decided to strike a deal with the alleged criminal. We'll go to the lawsuit for that because… well, it offers the driest recounting of a positively insane situation. Um. Do what now? These are words coming from the mouth of a sworn peace officer. And that's not the end of it. The option given to Riley was to participate in this highly-unconventional baptism presided over by an officer of the law or get thrown into the gaping maw of the criminal justice system with as much force as Deputy Wilkey could muster. If Riley agreed to a baptism, Wilkey said he would only cite her for marijuana possession and speak to the judge on her behalf. Riley complied with Wilkey's demands, which included grabbing towels from her friends house and following Wilkey's cruiser out to a nearby lake. At the lake, Riley and Wilkey were joined by Deputy Jacob Goforth, who did nothing as Wilkey proceeded with the "baptism." The second lawsuit, filed in the same court on the same day, alleges Deputy Wilkey engaged in a suspicionless stop that turned into an impromptu roadside anal cavity search and the beating of a handcuffed man. And oh my god does it start with one of the dumbest things an officer has ever said to defend a pretextual stop. From the lawsuit [PDF]: This assertion of Wilkey's exceptional olfactory senses is followed by a parade of brutalities inflicted on the passenger of the pulled-over vehicle at the hands of the deputy. Fortunately for the plaintiffs, this whole interaction was recorded. Click on the link for the full story