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  1. Officer Hit By Bullet During 'Ambush' Actually Shot Himself, Say Police Apolice officer who claimed he was shot during an ambush actually shot himself, his department said following an investigation. John Michael Goulart Jr., an officer in Pineville, Louisiana, is accused of having "altered the facts" after shooting himself on Sunday, the police department said. Goulart said he had been shot once in the leg, with a second bullet hitting the rear door of his police car, while he was at a shopping center in the city. On Monday, Deputy Chief Darrell
  2. Why is the video backwards (check the writing on her sweatshirt)? Is someone trying to avoid a problem with not having the rights to the original video?
  3. FOX NEWS CONVINCED THEM COVID WAS FAKE. THEN THEY GOT SICK. ‘I have no doubt that President Trump and Fox News have caused people to die.’ This is what it’s like to lose your dad twice — first to Rush Limbaugh, then to the ICU as he battles a disease he believes is a hoax. As much as she begged her dad to take the pandemic seriously, she felt powerless against “the barrage of information coming out of Fox News” that he spent his days consuming. Not long after the pandemic began, her dad started traveling and going out to eat without a mask on. Unsurprisingly, he quickly
  4. So despite people not trick-or-treating, candy sales are up 13% over last year. I guess most Americans are staying home and getting fatter stuffing their faces with Halloween candy, no longer needing the pretext of Halloween to buy the candy they're just going to eat themselves anyway.
  5. ’I reached over and got my shotgun, and I ****ed it’: Grandma fends off would-be burglar A 78-year-old woman from Spanaway held an intruder at gunpoint after finding the man breaking into her home, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office. The woman, who goes by Sandy, knew something was wrong when her dog, Booboo, started barking Sunday night. “I opened my door, and standing right 2, 3 feet in front of me was a man. We looked at each other for a few seconds, and he turned and started to leave. And I said, ‘Oh no, you don’t. You stay right there!’” sh
  6. Used Condoms Being Washed And Resold, Inspectors Say After Raid on Factory Almost 324,000 used condoms were found being washed and reshaped ready to be sold after police swooped in on a factory in Vietnam. Officials from the Binh Duong Province Market Division and local police raided the property in the province's Tan Vinh Hiep Ward, in Tan Uyen Town, on Saturday, reported the VN Explorer news website. According to the media outlet, the Vietnam Directorate of Market Surveillance said the facility was rented by 32-year-old Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc. Loc
  7. Are you saying they won't be able to power all of those Teslas when they become the number 1 car manufacturer?
  8. Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine is fourth to begin Phase 3 trials in the United States Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine candidate begins Phase 3 trials in the United States today. Trials for the single-dose vaccine will include up to 60,000 adult participants at nearly 215 sites in the US and internationally. Phase 3 trials will begin immediately, with the first participants receiving doses on Wednesday, Johnson & Johnson Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Paul Stoffels said on a call with reporters. The vaccine candidate was developed by Janssen Pharm
  9. Um, no. Not even close. Even if Tesla has a 40% year over year gain in production (which would probably necessitate new factories which presumably take time to build), by 2025 they would still only be producing fewer than 3 million vehicles. Toyota, the current #1 is producing more than 8 million vehicles. I don't see their market share decreasing by more than 50% in the next 5 years.
  10. Shopper flaunting his gun in checkout line shoots himself in the groin, Oregon cops say A man showing off his gun to a friend accidentally shot himself in the groin and leg, Oregon police said. Lincoln City Police said in a Monday news release that Nicholas Ellingford, a 29-year-old from Lincoln City, Oregon, shot himself Sunday at a supermarket. “Investigation revealed that Ellingford was inside the store and as he was waiting in the checkout line, he un-holstered a Glock 9mm semi-automatic pistol from his waistband so that he could show it off to a friend,
  11. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says company can build a $25,000 self-driving car within three years Tesla CEO Elon Musk offered new delivery predictions for 2020 at the company’s shareholder’s meeting on Tuesday, where the company also detailed a new battery design that it claims will make its cars cheaper to produce. Musk said he expects vehicle deliveries to increase by 30 to 40 percent over last year, when the company reported deliveries of 367,500 vehicles. The new guidance from Musk implies deliveries of between 477,750 and 514,500 cars, a range that encompasses the company’s
  12. I wonder what Trump has to say about this: Mexico sending 101 firefighters to help battle Sequoia National Forest blaze Mexico will send 101 firefighters to the United States to help battle wildfires in California. The country’s Environment Department said Wednesday that five teams of 20 qualified, equipped firefighters from Mexico’s national forestry commission will work with the U.S. Forest Service. The group will land Wednesday afternoon at San Bernardino International Airport, KMPH in Fresno reported. They will be sent first to wo
  13. Great-uncle charged after 3-year-old finds loaded gun in kitchen drawer, shoots himself in Florida A negligent gun owner was arrested in Florida over the weekend after his 3-year-old great-nephew found a loaded firearm inside a kitchen drawer and shot himself, authorities said. The boy, who’s expected to survive, apparently climbed onto the counter, opened an unlocked drawer and pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the hand and thigh, police said in an arrest report obtained by local news outlets. His great-uncle, 61-year-old James Romano, admitted to smo
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