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  1. Islamic State’s ‘very own Jabba the Hutt’ captured in Mosul IRBIL, Iraq — An Iraqi SWAT team this week captured a hefty high-ranking Islamic State official who was pictured crammed into the bed of a police pickup truck after his arrest in Mosul. The arrest of ISIS mufti Abu Abdul Bari, also known as Shifa al-Nima, was announced by the Iraqi government’s security media cell in a statement Thursday. Bari, a preacher known for “provocative speeches against the security forces” is considered one of the top leaders of “ISIS gangs,” the statement said. Considered by ISIS to be an authority in Quranic law, Bari issued religious rulings, or fatwas, ordering the execution of scholars and clerics who refused to pledge allegiance to the terrorist group when it occupied Mosul, the statement said. He also ordered the July 2014 destruction of a mosque built at the site believed to be the burial place of the biblical prophet Jonah, who once had a notable encounter with a whale. The mosque was one of several cultural sites the extremist group destroyed as it swept across Syria and Iraq, claiming large swaths of territory for its self-styled caliphate. The group has been ousted from all the territory it once held but remains an insurgent threat in the region. Memes including “He puts the fat in fatwa” spread on social media after photos were posted of Bari seated on cushions inside his apparent hideout in one image and loaded into the back of a pickup truck in another. The images of his arrest would strike a psychological blow against ISIS, Maajid Nawaz, founder of the London-based counter-extremist organization Quilliam, wrote on Facebook. “Gluttony is frowned upon by jihadists. But also, ISIS branded themselves as fighters possessing rare courage & discipline ... meanwhile this walrus was their top religious cleric,” he said. Click on the link for the full article
  2. China pneumonia outbreak: Mystery virus probed in Wuhan Chinese authorities have launched an investigation into a mysterious viral pneumonia which has infected dozens of people in the central city of Wuhan. A total of 44 cases have been confirmed so far, 11 of which are considered "severe", officials said on Friday. The outbreak has prompted Singapore and Hong Kong to bring in screening processes for travellers from the city. It comes amid online fears the virus could be linked to Sars, or severe acute respiratory syndrome. The potentially deadly, flu-like Sars virus killed more than 700 people around the world in 2002-03, after originating in China. The Wuhan health commission said on Friday it was investigating the cause of the outbreak. In a statement on its website, it said it had already ruled out a number of infection sources - including influenza, avian influenza and common respiratory diseases - but did not mention Sars. Click on the link for the full article
  3. CDC: 3 U.S. Airports, Including JFK, to Screen Travelers From China for New Virus Travelers at 3 U.S. airports, including JFK Airport, will be screened for a new virus, potentially from China, effective immediately, the CDC announced Friday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection will implement enhanced health screenings to detect ill travelers traveling to the United States on direct or connecting flights from Wuhan, China. This activity is in response to an outbreak in China caused by a new coronavirus (2019 nCoV), with exported cases to Thailand and Japan. Click on the link for the full article
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    The Flint Water Crisis

    187 million gallons of partially-treated sewage spilled into Flint, Saginaw rivers last weekend FLINT, MI -- Heavy rains pushed more than 187 million gallons of partially-treated sewage into the Flint and Saginaw rivers last weekend, according to updated reports filed by wastewater officials in Flint, Saginaw and Bay City. The discharges, treated with disinfection and some settling, were also heavily diluted by rain and melted snow, according to reports filed by the three cities with the state Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy. Flint, Saginaw and Bay City each have combined sanitary and storm sewers, which means runoff from rain ends up at sewage treatment plants that have retention basins but limited capacity. Once that capacity is reached, the overflow is released to prevent sewage backups. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calls combined sewer overflows “remnants of the country’s early infrastructure” in which communities built sewer systems to collect both stormwater runoff and sanitary sewage in the same pipe. During dry weather, the combined sewers typically carry a manageable load of raw sewage, but during heavy rainfall or snow melting, systems can be overwhelmed and overflow into streams, rivers or lakes. The Flint River feeds into the Saginaw River, which discharges into Lake Huron. Flint discharged more than 62 million gallons of stormwater and partially-treated sewage into the Flint River, according to state reports. Bay City released more than 47 million gallons in the Saginaw River after skimming and partial disinfection, and Saginaw released more than 78 million gallons of treated discharge into the Saginaw River from a series of retention basins that are used to hold overflows until capacity is reached. Earlier this week, the city of Lapeer also reported a 2.5-million gallon discharge into the Flint River. Saginaw also reported having treated the overflows, which “had floatable and settleable solids removed ... with chlorine prior to discharge," according to its report to the state. “It’s the way the system was set up to work,” Brian Baldwin, superintendent of the Saginaw wastewater treatment plant, said of the use of partial treatment and releases to the river. The EPA says approximately 860 communities with a total population of about 40 million people still operate with combined sewers, most of them in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions, particularly in Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The agency calls combined sewers a major water pollution concern and among the major sources responsible for “beach closings, shellfishing restrictions and other water body impairments" because of concerns about bacteria. Click on the link for the full article
  5. Report: Deaf man sues Pornhub over lack of closed captioning PHOENIX - A man is reportedly suing an adult video website for alleged rights violations because there is a lack of closed captioning on at least some videos. According to TMZ, Yaroslav Suris' lawsuit against Pornhub claims the lack of closed captioning violates the rights of deaf and hearing-impaired under the Americans with Disabilities Act. In court documents cited by TMZ, Suris claims the deaf and hearing impaired can't understand the audio portion of videos on the websites, and listed a number of videos that the man watched, but couldn't understand the dialogue. In the documents, Suris reportedly claims he and those in similar situations would pay money for a premium subscription, but calls it pointless without the subtitles. Suris, according to the TMZ report, is suing for Pornhub to add closed captioning, in addition to damages. Pornhub officials told TMZ the website does have a closed captions category, and says the company generally does not comment on active lawsuits. Click on the link for the full article
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    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Apparently this happened back in 2010, but... She called at least 4 times, then when police showed up she initially refused to answer the door and then urinated out in the hallway outside her apartment
  7. Feral Hogs Killed a Texas Woman. Experts Say They Are Coming for America. “Exsanguination due to feral hog assault” was the official cause of death for 59-year-old Christine Rawlings as determined by the local medical examiner and announced by Sheriff Brian Hawthorne of Chambers County, Texas. She had been set upon around 6 a.m. on Nov. 22 as she arrived at the residence where she worked as a home care attendant for an elderly couple. “It was probably still dark and that is when hogs normally move, in the dark hours,” Hawthorne told a press conference the next day. “She had gotten out of her car and locked it.” In the next moment, the feral hogs, also called feral pigs, were on her, slashing with curved lower teeth kept razor sharp by grinding them against the uppers. “Multiple animals,” Hawthorne said. “We can kind of tell that from the different sizes of the bites.” He noted that an attack by any number of feral pigs on a human is unusual. “This is very rare,” Hawthorne said. “Less than six in the nation over many years.” Mayer confirmed that such attacks are unusual, though less rare than shark attacks. Sharks average about six fatal attacks a year globally. Feral pigs are at that now. “But you never read about them,” Mayer said. Whatever triggered this tragedy, there are likely to be ever more encounters with humans as the feral pig population in the United States grows. A sow can conceive her first litter at 3 months old and keep doing so twice a year, usually producing five to six offspring, but sometimes as many as 12 at a time. “There’s not another animal that can put little feet on the ground quicker than a wild pig,” Mayer said. And climate change may be a further population booster. Scientific studies in Europe have determined that generally milder winters encourage feral pig reproduction and increase the survival rate of newborns. Warmer springs encourage production of acorns, the feral pig’s favorite food. And prolonged wet periods increase the supply of delicacies: bulbs and roots and tubers. The population growth may at times outstrip the abundance of immediately available foods, sending the omnivores in search of alternative such as whatever is to be found in garbage cans. At present, there are as many as 6 million wild pigs in the U.S.. There may be 2 million or more in Texas alone. Add to that the possibility that wild pigs could become a vector for the African swine fever virus that U.S. officials are desperate to keep from our shores. The disease has either killed or caused to be euthanized half of the 600 million agricultural pigs in China in the past 13 months. The virus can live for more than a week in meats, which explains the pork-sniffing dogs that are welcoming passengers arriving from China at our airports. Pork confiscated at California’s San Jose Airport has apparently been ending up with the rest of its garbage at the nearby Guadalupe landfill. Mayer noted that YouTube videos show numerous wild pigs foraging there. He said all you would need would be for a wild pig to gobble something infected. The disease would quickly spread to other wild pigs, which interact with farm pigs through fence lines. “If that happens, it’s all over,” Mayer said, “We’ll never get it under control… You’re not going to be able to afford bacon or pork chops after that.” Click on the link for the full article
  8. Japan confirms first case of new China coronavirus strain Japan has confirmed its first case of infection from the new China coronavirus that has killed one person and prompted a travel alert from the US state department. A man in his 30s from Kanagawa prefecture, next to Tokyo, tested positive after being treated for pneumonia, Japan’s health ministry said in a statement on Thursday. The man had been to Wuhan, in central China, where there has been an outbreak of pneumonia believed to be caused by the new coronavirus strain, it said. Officials in Wuhan said last weekend that 41 people had pneumonia caused by the virus and a 61-year-old man had died. The US state department issued a health alert update on Wednesday about travel to the Wuhan region, urging citizens travelling in the region to avoid contact with animals and animal markets or products, among other precautions. Click on the link for the full article
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    Naked People Run Amok

    Woman Caught On Camera Walking Naked Through Miami International Airport MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A woman walking through the baggage claim area of Miami International Airport while casually removing all of her clothes is now in custody for a mental evaluation. It was just before midnight when stunned passengers spotted the woman walking by in her dark blue underwear. Cellphone video shows the woman appears to be singing as she calmly takes off her clothes while walking through the area. Eventually, she is nude in the middle of the airport. Moments later, video shows her on top of a police car near the airport exit. She jumps off in traffic and runs over to a waiting police officer who takes her into custody. Click on the link for the full article and video
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    Naked People Run Amok

    'Manure-Bomb' Thieves Fall Into Dung, Flee Crime Scene Naked BERLIN, Germany — A woman trying to make "manure bombs" using stockings, slipped into a slurry tank and fled the scene naked, German police said on Friday. ---------------------- Police Arrest Naked Bus Hijacker Maybe he lost his shirt at a casino. Police in Las Vegas say they arrested a naked man who stole a beer and then hijacked a bus several miles northeast of the Strip. A police spokesman says the man fled from a convenience store when an officer arrived to investigate a report of a shoplifter Tuesday. ----------------------- Ship man jailed after naked trip to Sheetz By Dale Heberlig July 8, 2008 A Shippensburg man landed in Cumberland County Prison Tuesday after a naked early-morning excursion. Police in Shippensburg say Brett Tyler Schatte, 21, walked into the Sheetz convenience store wearing no clothing around 2:49 a.m. Schatte reportedly ate a Slim Jim and a bag of chips and downed a bottle of Gatorade, then accosted a female customer. According to police, Schatte approached a 20-year-old woman, pulled up her shirt and tried to pull down her skirt before the woman’s boyfriend intervened and escorted Schatte outside. According to arrest papers, Schatte grabbed a jug of windshield washer fluid outside the store and threw it at the woman’s rescuer, then fled north on North Queen Street. Click on the links for the full articles
  11. Rain pelts fire-ravaged Australian states, bringing new risks -- and some relief Melbourne (CNN)Severe thunderstorms are pelting some regions of Australia suffering from historic wildfires with powerful rain, bringing much-needed relief to firefighters battling the worst blazes the country has seen in decades. "Our fingers are crossed that this continues over the coming days," the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) said Friday in a tweet. Rain has fallen on most firegrounds in the state over the last 24 hours, the RFS said. However, it wasn't enough to put out the flames. Eighty-two fires are still burning, including 30 that are yet to be contained. Residents of drought-hit areas who have spent years waiting for rain celebrated its arrival on Thursday. Rain fell in major cities, including Sydney, where water flowed through the streets. Click on the link for the full article
  12. Feral Hogs Are Invading Yankeeland. Northern Friends, Here’s What You Need to Know. Dear Yankee, The South has fallen. Apparently so has Canada. Now an invading army of feral hogs is threatening to come for you. Trust us, we’ve seen the worst down here in Texas. When the hogs arrive up North, you’re in for a porky horror show. Wild pigs are rapacious. Rooting and marauding day and night, they can and will destroy your lawn, your crops, the fairways of your local golf course, and whatever else they run across. Feral hogs were blamed for the recent death of a woman from Liberty. (That’s a town in East Texas, not a state of mind, though we do like to live free in the Lone Star State.) And yes—as the memes foretold—thirty to fifty feral hogs can run into your yard within three to five minutes while your small kids play. It’s never too soon to panic. To help you Northerners prepare for the coming onslaught, we asked a few professionals of the porcine arts to offer their advice, and maybe their condolences. “Lord willing, the pigs don’t get all the way up there into Yankee land, and that we can keep them down here and we can deal with them,” says Wyatt Walton, vice president and hog removal specialist for De Leon-based Lone Star Trapping. His company catches up to 6,500 hogs a year throughout the state, from West Texas ranches and Hill Country subdivisions to the Big Thicket National Preserve. In the past three years, he has trapped 1,200 pigs at the U.S. military’s Joint Base San Antonio. The live hogs are hauled to a USDA-inspected processing facility where they’re butchered and sold to restaurants, primarily on the East Coast. Wild boar can make for a fine meal, but if the pigs are still oinking when they arrive in Yankee land, Walton says landowners should keep in mind that these beasts are incredibly intelligent. Half-measures just won’t do the trick. “If you start throwing little box traps at them because they’re cheap, you might catch four or five and think you’re doing good,” he says. “Well, if there are fifteen pigs out there, you just educated the other ten. There’s only one thing worse than a feral hog, and that’s an educated feral hog.” Walton deploys an elaborate system for catching pigs that involves monitoring game cameras on his cellphone to count the number of hogs in any particular group, called a sounder. He lures them in with a corn feeder and then, over a period of several days, slowly builds a circular pen around the bait, one panel at a time, lulling the pigs into a false sense of security. Then he sends a text message to slam the gate shut, trapping up to 78 hogs at once. “It takes me twice as long to get ’em, but I can get ’em all with one text message,” he says. Walton, who made local and national news when he caught a 411-pound hog in September, says you Northerners shouldn’t get too worked up about the possibility of hog attacks. “As far as Yankees up north probably wetting their britches thinking about these killers coming north, I’ve been around thousands of these pigs, and they want to get away from us just as much as we want to get away from them,” he says. “You’ve got to corner them to get them to want to fight you.” Click on the link for the full article
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    Local (to the DMV) News and Events

    Do you really think that will stop people? At least it may get more money into the coffers.
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    Random Thought Thread

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    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    That pass from Wilson on Ovi's third goal...
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    Random Thought Thread

    Lighten up, Francis.
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    Local (to the DMV) News and Events

    Virginia Tries Again to Ban Handheld Devices While Driving Some Virginia lawmakers are reviving an attempt to outlaw drivers from holding communication devices while operating a vehicle. A broad transportation safety bill assigned Tuesday to a Virginia House Transportation subcommittee would make it illegal to hold cellphones and similar devices while driving. Drivers wouldn't be allowed to physically manipulate the drive to view, read or enter data, the bill's text says. Riding without a seatbelt would become a primary offense, meaning officers can pull over drivers and ticket them for that issue alone. Localities would also be able to reduce speed limits below 25 mph in business or residential areas. Highway camera speed camera monitoring would also be allowed. Finally, open containers of alcohol would be completely banned in most passenger vehicles. Click on the link for the full article Wait, so it isn't currently illegal to have open containers of alcohol in vehicles?
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    Random Thought Thread

    My son turns 21 this year... Natural Light giving free beer to anyone turning 21 this year CLEVELAND (WJW) — Are you turning 21 this year? Well, Natural Light wants to help you celebrate. The beer company says they're giving away a free case of Natty Light to anyone who turns 21 in 2020. First off, the birthday boy or girl needs to purchase a case of Natty. Then, they must submit their receipt or UPC code for their purchase on the website My Beer Rebate. Natural Light says customers must provide documentation proving that they turned 21 this year. After submitting the rebate, the company will then refund the cost of the case. Click on the link for more
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    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    Do not wake the sleeping giant.
  20. Well, the article I just posted does say he could have had a stroke or a heart attack, and then his body was eaten by the pigs, not that he was eaten alive.
  21. This can't be right. Hawaiians love Spam and they rarely get tornadoes. BTW, you're not god, delusions aside that is.
  22. In other news... Farmer 'eaten by own pigs' as horrified neighbours discover bones in his yard A pig farmer is feared to have been devoured by his own pigs after he vanished from his farm in Poland leaving just bones. The man in his 70s lived alone on his farm in Osiek, Lower Silesia, and hadn't been seen since late December. He was likely eaten by the animals between December 31 and January 8, the Gazeta Wrocławska newspaper reported. The elderly farmer had long been abusing alcohol, and when police were called they found his pigs out of their pigsty and wandering freely around the farmyard. Magdalena Serafin, prosecutor for the surrounding district, told the Gazeta the man was last seen alive on New Year's Eve. At the time, he was reportedly fetching water from a well, which was where his bones were discovered by a neighbour on January 8. "We do not know the exact date, but in the period between December 31 and January 8the victim was eaten by pigs," Magdalena said. Click on the link for the full article
  23. School with major chickenpox outbreak has high vaccination exemption rate ASHEVILLE, North Carolina — A chickenpox outbreak at a private school now ranks as North Carolina's largest since a vaccine for the virus became available more than 20 years ago, health officials say. As of Friday, 36 students at Asheville Waldorf School had contracted the varicella virus, known to most as chickenpox. The school has one of the highest vaccination religious exemption rates in the state. Click on the link for the full article