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  1. Destino

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    That little girl looks like she found the biggest girl on the playground and earned herself some respect.
  2. Destino

    All Things North Korea Thread

    Add it to the list. At what point does the US simply refuse to keep playing this game?
  3. Destino

    All Things North Korea Thread

    Help me understand why South Korea not trusting Japan is Trump’s fault.
  4. I'm very curious to see how many people actually show up for that. I don't think they'll actually raid area 51, but I mean generally attempt to drive into town for an event that has exactly zero organization of any kind.
  5. On August 5 CNN reported this: Then today they reported this: I don't know if what the FBI started doing is working or if police agencies are starting to take this more seriously. Maybe people are more likely to report stuff they see on social media. Whatever it is, it certainly appears that law enforcement is becoming more proactive in these situations. I hope that's the case, anyway.
  6. Being acclimated to something because you're used it, by virtue of being from an area of the world extremely hot and humid areas of the world, isn't a valid argument. There are people that live in cold areas that would enjoy a laugh at how we dress in balmy 40 degree weather. Swap either of those people to the opposite climate and see how tough they seem then. It's also pointless to compare what people with air conditioning choose to what those without air conditioning endure. That's like saying we're weak for eating only select cuts of beef, while people in other places resign themselves whatever they can catch. It's only by having an option that we see what people actually prefer.
  7. I would never do it, because of the easily foreseeable consequences, but I feel like putting together an event catering to conspiracy theorists would be an interesting experience. I have ideas about how to generate interest among a paranoid target audience that would run entirely against the accepted standards for event marketing. I certainly wouldn’t call it “digital soldiers” and make it a fund raiser for a government type. A good number of the people they hoped would attend probably felt suspicious. These people are drawn to the idea of a great big enemy existing in the world, and that they are among special few opposing it. That by some virtue they are able to see the enemy, to see truth, where others cannot or refuse to do so. That this knowledge comes with a cost, the enemy is not happy with those seeking to expose it, and may take action against them. It’s a story. I’d be interested in seeing if an event that played into that storyline would work.
  8. Has someone declared war on you Bang, or have you declared war on others? Who is this group you seek to go to war against?
  9. Is he another Qanon whacko? Sounds like it. I got a kick out of the linked article where Mark Taylor really blows our minds: hahaha
  10. I question the very humanity of anyone intentionally making the house 82 degrees for sleeping.
  11. I'm watching the entire interview now and it's amazing. Amazingly this crazy show calls itself TruNews TV. Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstien's "handler" Jews are protecting Leslie Wexler Corrupt Clinton doctor conspiracy theory Epstein escaped prison Epstein's will transferred his assets to a trust because Epstein still controls it Entities control the news media, which is why TruNews is independent. He provided girls for Clinton, so he's never going to be arrested. No one is even talking about the possibility of escape. (lol) No police agency is investigating a possible jail break. Rick Wiles believes he escaped to Tel Aviv "all for the cause of Zionism. ... Filthy dirty Zionism." I can't take anymore... I have a headache now.
  12. This is just one reason, of many, on a long and growing list.
  13. Destino

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    But have they fired him yet?
  14. Destino

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    It took 5 years to fire this guy for killing someone. That union job security is really something.