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  1. Let it out. Don’t keep that hate inside you. I know I did after seeing that horrible movie:
  2. The book is usually better and we all know it. I just assume it to be the case most of the time. The real crime is when movie writers, thinking they can do better, signficantly change the story. I really hate that.
  3. Destino

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Wall isn’t good enough to be the #1 on a contender. If he was we’d have seen it by now. With him as the best player, the team never won 50 games. Wall hasn’t even shot .400 or better from the field in a second round playoff series, and only twice in the first round. That’s your #1 option on a title contender? I don’t see it. I love Wall, but I’d love him a lot more as the 3rd option. He doesn’t have the scoring tools to be the #1 option in this era. Wall at his best was better than Beal, but how often can Wall be predicted to be at his best going forward? What’s his average game look like now and for how long can he maintain it? At the end of this season he’ll have played in just 73 games in two seasons. I have serious concerns about pinning my hopes on an highly paid often injured point guard leading a broken locker room. It feels like I’ve already seen this movie and the ending sucks. Beal has a smaller contract, is younger, and has been far healthier lately. He also shows up in great shape at the start of the season, which shouldn’t be an issue but sadly has become one. If we’re picking one of our current guys to keep and hopefully pair with another star in the future, Beal is that guy. He fits any offense, can play next to any kind of player, and he’s only getting better. There’s a reason he has the most trade value, and that reason is because other teams would rather have him than Wall right now.
  4. Destino

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Step one in any rebuild is getting Wall and Grunfeld out.
  5. Destino

    ***2018-19 NBA Season Thread***

    Uh oh, Mr. Steal-Your-Man got Steve too.
  6. Destino

    ***2018-19 NBA Season Thread***

    Three teams scored over 140 points, without overtime, tonight. Also the Pacers fans chanted “John Wall hates you” for some reason at Kelly Oubre. lol
  7. Yes because by Hollywood I meant the geographical location. Good catch. I do, and listed precisely what it was that I saw in the plot, point by point. You can’t do the same because you’re argument consists of essentially “nevermind 90% of the things that actually happen in the movie, just focus on the early Christian stuff I don’t like.”
  8. I never said you were the only person to come up with such a ghoulish interpretation. I even granted the film makers may have unintentionally created a classic satan while trying to be edgy. Not terribly surprising Hollywood would confuse choice with predatory behavior either. It changes nothing.
  9. Where exactly did she take flight into the night? Had she chosen to tell the goat "no deal!" before packing her bags and setting off you'd be right. That never happened, probably because that choice lead to certain death. What she chose was enslavement to a satanic death cult that murdered her family, left her helpless, and only then extended a false hand in friendship. We have words for groups with evil intentions that target helpless kids from broken homes that find themselves in dire circumstances. Words like "pimps" "human traffickers" and "cults." Generally we don't consider any of them empowering or feminist. In this way the film makers, intentionally or otherwise, crafted a classically sinister Satan. He made an alluring offer that in the long run is clearly a deal that should be rejected. Temporary gain, to live deliciously, and all it costs is your soul. Given to a person in better circumstances the deal would be rejected outright. That's why those circumstances needed to be manipulated and the offer made at the precise moment.
  10. The crops were rotting, coincidentally I'm sure, and when they attempted to hunt for food they were picked off by literal witches. The coven and their male supernatural master were absolutely directly involved in the failure of that family. The poor girl had the same choice throughout the movie, do what you're told or die. Also "live deliciously" meant what exactly? It meant joining a literal child murdering cult in the woods, as a slave to those that murdered her entire family. Worse than that actually, because if there is a literal Satan present in the movie, that means that the whole bit about the human soul is real and she's found proof. Proof of everything. So she's sacrificing more than her life, she's sacrificing her eternal soul, to avoid starvation. That isn't the choice a person would make with a clear mind. Like I said the movie works better as an allegory for human trafficking. Certainly better than it does female empowerment.
  11. Her family is murdered before a man approaches her as she prepares for inevitable death, and offer her salvation at the cost of enslavement. How did I miss the message of female empowerment in that.
  12. I liked The Witch. Very well made with a wonderfully dreadful tone throughout. Not sure how you read pro satan message in it though. I saw bloody and heavy handed grooming of the eventual victim before ultimately ensnaring her. We’ll make it all better....and it only costs your soul. With a few changes, mostly to the setting, I could make it into a cautionary story about children from broken homes being lured by human traffickers. Changing the subject, I watched The Endless on Netflix. Very entertaining weird horror, maybe sci-fi movie, with and interesting concept for antagonist. Worth a look if you like weird stories in the afore mentioned genres and don’t mind a low budget. I enjoyed it.
  13. Destino

    Anyone have experience with photo licensing fees?

    Congrats man, I'm happy for you. Don't let it go to your head.
  14. Destino

    Gameday Thread

    Foles magic was happening again, the pieces were all falling into place. Jeffrey killed it. Wentz better send Jeffrey a gift basket or something, Philly was real damn close to a QB controversy.
  15. Destino

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Raptors got some bs calls late to win it. Wizards can’t do nothing about that, but still a fun game to watch. Beal is flourishing as the #1 option. That’s the guy people wanted to trade? Like I said before, he’s the last player you trade.