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  1. i sincerely hope it’s from after October, because who sat around learning to say death to America in solidarity with Iran in 2022?
  2. Minny, by virtue of being blown out by the Suns today, have earned a 3 v 6 series against those very same Suns. OKC ends #1, Denver 2nd. They’ll play the winners of the play in. fun times ahead!
  3. Maybe they offered to send some volunteers to continue training Americans “peace activists” for free.
  4. That says Venezuela is also showing the Chilean forest fire video as evidence of a successful attack in Israel. Not surprising. When you’re a weak saber rattling authoritarian paper tiger, pretending to be victorious is the best you’re ever going to get. Depends on the level of damage. I could see you being right if the iron dome did its work and the damage and loss of life are minimal. Hopefully this is the case.
  5. This is my concern as well. Israel is not one to shrug anything off. Irans strike could prove largely ineffective, and Israel might still decide to launch a major strike in retaliation. It would be very much in character for them to do so.
  6. Absolutely. He gave everyone the business in his era, and centers haven’t gotten any better defending in the low post.
  7. both the centers playing in that game are players the likes of which we’ve never seen. it wasn’t long ago we were lamenting the state of the NBA center position. Now we’re marveling at its reinvention.
  8. Great article on how suits and their wall street culture killed Boeing. https://prospect.org/infrastructure/transportation/2024-03-28-suicide-mission-boeing/ this part is extremely telling Among the multitude of predictable sins detailed in this article this point here annoys me the most. It should be a federal crime for any company or organization to instruct members or employees to avoid documentation of problems. There is only one reason to ever do this, and it’s to avoid accountability.
  9. I could have gone with taxes or even how to farm bug protein to prevent the vegans from winning… but I’m trying to be a more positive person.
  10. No Timmy you won’t be in music class like your older siblings, you’re part of our new 3rd grade program on life skills. You’ll be learning how to use tampons to stop puncture wounds from bleeding. Then, assuming you survive, we’ll move on to mortgage loan applications.
  11. And now there’s a three way tie at the top of the west. Denver somehow managed to lose to San Antonio today.
  12. The fact that he shoots on the move gives me hope. Spot up shooting just can’t be trusted sometimes, but guys that can pull up usually can shoot for real.
  13. Edey is slow. Glacial. He has no future in the NBA as a starter, though I’d be surprised if he didn’t hang around on the bench. He’s huge and rebounds well. There’s always the possibility that he might develop enough offense to be useful and 7’4 players don’t grow on trees. We all saw how long Boban stuck around in the NBA, and he didn’t have much game other than just being enormous. Clingan is the better prospect but he’s really just a high energy big with no offense. I think he can be a starter in the NBA, but not a star. It’s a shame he wasn’t developed better, because with his speed and size, he’d be dangerous if skilled. As he is though he’s not the sort of player you’d want out of a lottery pick where you’re hoping for bigs like Embid, KAT, Wemby, AD, etc. Guys that force the opposing team to account for what they bring offensively. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think the wizards should draft a Zaccharie Risacher. I know I know. Another foreign born wing player?! lol the difference this time, is this young man is 18 and is hitting threes off the dribble. A 6-9 wing that can drive and shoot off the bounce? That’s hard to pass up in this draft.
  14. the suns are clearly the biggest threat in the play in though. They have big time scoring options that will likely hit another gear come playoff time. Eliminating KD Booker and Beal won’t be easy, and easy is what you want as a top seed in the first round. If things stay as is I’m looking forward to that Clippers Mavs series.
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