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  1. 37% of people think Trump could teach a child to read? He doesn’t read and he admittedly took almost no part in raising any of his children.
  2. And? Actors don’t generally write and direct their own movies. They do the acting part though right? Same exact situation applies to wrestling.
  3. They mailed a flash drive? Fox News might be buying their own stories. Next thing you know we’ll see Tucker in sunglasses trying to look natural while taping a flash drive under a park bench.
  4. I’d like to know what Digital Underground has to say about the election.
  5. This is what happens when an organization treats lying like it’s no big deal. They stole a kid out of an SUV and then crafted a story that had almost no truth to it, just to paint themselves as heroes. If cops worked under basic standards for accountability this sort of thing would cost people their jobs. Most of us exist in a world where getting caught lying about something important at work results, rightly, in near instant termination.
  6. We’ve been able to quickly send documents since the fax machine sprang from the pits of hell in the 80s. These clowns want us to believe that they didn’t scan these magical documents so their team could see them immediately (and actually work with them to create graphics for tv).... and then what, sent the originals with no backups?
  7. Only as a last resort. If he comes back and plays like a star I think the Knicks or some loser would trade us a pick. Remember some teams are starved for stars and they need a reason for fans to show up. If Wall plays well, someone will want him.
  8. Wall’s contract is the problem. There is no fixing the team with a injury prone guard earning 40 million plus. Trading Beal doesn’t magic away what might be the worst contract in the nba. The best hope the wizards have is that Wall comes back playing well enough that some terrible team is willing to take him. Doesn’t matter if we get anything back.
  9. Everything with Trump is communicated the way you’d expect from an excited child. The best economy ever. Obamagate was the biggest scandal in history. Biden is the most corrupt politician ever. The media is so unfair. So is the IRS. That women is very nasty. I am having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that so many people, having seen this for four years, are getting off their asses and voting for more of it.
  10. Yeah I saw it pop up on Twitter. What is the point of having laws that are obviously unenforceable? Can they tally up the costs and send him a bill once he’s voted out? (Not that he’ll ever pay it) White House for political rallies. Using Covid press conferences for campaign speeches. Using military equipment as props for campaign rallies. That doesn’t sound cheap.
  11. I could definitely see him holding one of those gold plated rifles that were so popular with middle eastern dictators and narco bosses.
  12. I don’t like the idea of the entire election coming down to PA. Is Trump allowed to use fighter jets at political rallies? I’m not even sure why I bother asking at this point because it doesn’t matter to him and apparently there’s no one to hold him accountable.
  13. This week feels like the longest week ever. I’m ready for this election to be over and this nightmare to end. I want to go back caring too much about sports and fishing.
  14. Is this all in response to the guy shot while running at police with a knife? Protests and looting (which isn’t protesting) aren’t going to make that scenario murder.
  15. We’ve all been saying for a long time that the best way to attack trump is to let him speak without a script. As long as he wants. That’s why the mute button helped him, not Biden. The longer the leash he’s given, the more damage he does to himself. By having campaign rallies in rapid succession he puts out bull**** too fast for his people to even attempt to clean it up. Think about the last two days. - “Covid Covid Covid” as cases rise - "I mean, we'll have to see if it's a problem. Right? People are entitled to say maybe it was a problem, maybe it wasn't” - regarding t
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