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  1. Destino

    Racist costume?

    I doubt Mexicans (the ones in Mexico, or at least grew up there) would be offended by that. Not saying it isn't offensive, it is, just that this level of offensive is tame by Latin American standards of humor. Latino-Americans, I mean the ones born in the US, would almost certainly find the costume offensive. I don't think it's as bad as black face because it lacks the history.
  2. lol I know that struggle. My daughters cleats fit for two weeks.
  3. The previous two rounds were as close as it gets, and the dodgers were the best offense in baseball. Doesn’t seem like these nats need it to be easy. They stay in the fight. And sweeping the cards isn’t easy, the nats just made it look easy.
  4. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    Lebron must be stressed to deliver these bizarrely self flattering quotes. Lets just admire these one at a time: I had a sense of how what I said felt for me. when I speak upon things, I speak from a very logical standpoint on things that hit home for me. I tweeted out responses to people not understanding my knowledge and where it came from with my brain and learning from the situation. that reads like a cross between Donald Trump and a yoga instructor with their own brand of healing crystals.
  5. Hudson’s facial expressions after that walk, do not convey tremendous confidence.
  6. Have I told you guys how much I hate this stupid stressful sport? Well I do.
  7. Destino

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Isnt protective custody just a form of solitary? It's better than being killed by a fellow prisoner, but it sounds like an awful way to do serious time.
  8. Good luck?! Good luck collecting the insurance on that accidental fire that will consume both our properties tomorrow.
  9. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    It's China's mess. They're the bad actors in this situation. The choices on this side of the ocean are to be complicit via your silence or speak your conscience. This was always going to happen, because there is no way the NBA and China partnership was going to go on forever without someone in this woke league noting something China is up to at some point.
  10. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    Cleaning up his mess... man you must be trying for sainthood with that level of charity. Harden Lebron are throwing him under the bus, and boot licking China, to protect their pockets. They're catching it on the chin in the US precisely because we all know exactly what they're doing.
  11. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    James Harden could have said whatever he wanted. He’s playing mvp caliber ball on a guaranteed contract. His career is as secure as it gets. He’s not Colin K out there sacrificing his career to say what his conscience demands of him. He could have told the rockets to kick rocks if they asked him to apologize to China. He chose to lick those boots. Lebron did too. So did Steve Kerr. And lets not pretend Morey has more power than Harden in the rockets organization either just because he’s management. If Harden said “him or me” Morey would be out. We all know how the nba works. The only thing keeping Morey employed now is that firing him would be the absolute worst PR move in the US. They’d be literally firing a successful GM on China’s say so, over a tweet the vast majority of Americans agree with.
  12. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    Did Lebron think that through? Does he think he can just say Morey wasn't educated on the situation and then not elaborate and people are just going to accept that at face value? What does Lebron think Morey got wrong? Why does he think that? These questions are obvious and practically ask themselves. Lebron is more than smart enough to know it. The truth is as obvious as it is disappointing. Cash rules everything. Never doubt it. These players have been telling us they are all about their brands for years, and now we know just how true that is. Not even genocide is worth risking profits. Edit: When China says to "shut up and dribble" all that "More than an athlete" **** gets put on hold.
  13. Destino

    2019 Game Day Thread

    I was kind of hoping they’d miss the field goal, just for the laughs and the hand wringing that would follow,
  14. How sick do you guys think Cardinals fans are of hearing the announcers talk about the greatness of the Nats pitching? There is nothing else for them to talk about so they just keep hitting the same topic. Hahaha sucks for them.