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  1. With everyone sure it’s Warriors or Red Wolves, I’m going to laugh if there’s a surprise and the team announces the name is something entirely out of left field like the Owls. You’ll be able to feel the entire fan base stop breathing for a second or two. I live for moments like this.
  2. We’re laughing at the wolf Bros, but wait until the furries show up. Maybe the new hogettes will be furries and we can raise the creepy factor at games to maximum cringe.
  3. It won’t be the Braves. They won’t stay with Native American imagery unless they want to repeat this battle all over again.
  4. Wolf t-shirts tucked into khakis... Those guys look like they have intense conversations about how women never go for nice guys.
  5. Oh no I hadn’t even considered the little red riding hood connection...
  6. As a fellow nerd, werewolves would be rad. Better than the Red Pandas or whatever this nonsense is about.
  7. Red Wolves would be better minus the word “red”. I’m not really into anything with the word red in it, it just feels like refusing to let go of the past. Like dating a girl that looks just like your ex. If we’re changing it, then let’s let the past go.
  8. While I understand the argument that police don’t live in the neighborhoods they serve being a problem, you’re never going to get professionals making good money, which veteran police officers do, to live in the bad part of town. This is especially true of those with families. Someone could offer me 200k more a year and I wouldn’t raise my daughter in a gang infested bad neighborhood. Best you can hope for is that they live in the city itself.
  9. The moment it got out that guys made a statement to police, met with the lawyer, and then immediately issued a statement opposite of what they had just told police, it looked like a clear payoff. The details of what the cops found make it worse. They texted about it, and the cops have it. They exchanged the cash at the lawyers office, which is covered in cameras that the police now have. Money man even opened the bag on the elevator (which has cameras) showing that it was filled with cash. The latest reports read like a comedy show about stupid criminals hiring a stupid lawyer.
  10. ¡Esto es traiciòn! Never thought my canned beans would betray me, but it’s 2020 and everything is terrible.
  11. CDC should have put out this design as an alternative to the basic double cotton barrier. For the advanced crowd.