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  1. The Q boards are absolutely buzzing with energy. They’re sure the moment has arrived. Not just the moment when Trump clears the board of their satanic commie enemies (defined as anyone that’s ever opposed Trump), but a personal moment as well. The moment where they prove they aren’t crazy (presumably to friends and family). They’re even advising each other to be patient with the expected rush of people coming to their message boards confused once “the storm” happens. It all happens between now and the inauguration. They know that the military in DC are there to install Trump for
  2. Bills offense looks far worse than what they’ve shown recently. Hopefully they’re back into form against the Chiefs.
  3. And the clock is ticking on him as a runner. The damage catches up with everyone eventually. That said, he’s an exciting player to watch, so I hope he keeps being his style of great for a long time.
  4. Wow. And I was thinking “just go down in the endzone” after the pick too. What a huge play.
  5. I skipped the early game because it looked like a laugher on paper. I’m counting on this one being good.
  6. Wether or not they feel guilty doesn’t matter to me. Do the sorts of people that write articles and produce videos for the purpose of radicalizing future terrorists even have the capacity to feel guilt? Seems like a bad bet to me. These American fascists have created a justification and a reason for violence and spread it far and wide. I want them held accountable. How they feel about it is for their mothers to worry about.
  7. The Q faithful are now certain that all the national guard troops in DC are part of the plan. The rewrite now tells that the great Trump tricked DC into inviting them in and that arrests will occur shortly. Biden will not be sworn in etc etc.
  8. Trumps people are still pushing the big lie. You can’t wash your hands of violence while supplying mobs with what would be, if true, a very good reason for violence. A coup is a great reason for people to rise up against their government. Republicans aren’t so stupid as to not know this, so anyone pushing this fiction has blood on their hands. In this instance those bloody hands belong to Peter Navarro.
  9. The name of the organizer of this attack on the Capitol is really Ali Akbar? Im starting to think life really is a simulation. A simulation that needs a better writing team.
  10. The election fraud lie is what this has always been about. It’s not about the words strength or strong in his speech. It’s not about rallying the base. It’s not about any details of any one speech. The violence was caused by a President that rather than admit defeat, told a very big and serious lie. He told his supporters that his political opponents had pulled off the greatest act of election fraud in history and that if they failed to stop it they’d lose their country forever. If that were true it would be a reason to fight in the streets. That’s the problem. You can’t tel
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