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  1. Perhaps I missed it, but did this article cover exactly what the jury felt left the college liable? It says the jury found they supported the students actions. Supported how exactly, and by which employees of the college? That seems significant.
  2. There are some people that need to be told that they simply don't belong in society. That while we regret having to take such drastic measures, and we realize break ups are always difficult, that we insist they gather their things and leave at once. Exiled. Banished. Whatever. There really isn't anywhere to banish them to, is there? I wonder how quickly we could build a moon colony if we really wanted to?
  3. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    If you’re the Bucks do you tie your franchise to Giannis, Bledsoe, Middleton, and Brogdon long term? Giannis and Bledsoe are already signed long term. Middleton declined his final year hoping for a max deal. Brogdon is a restricted free agent whose numbers probably attract a decent sized offer. If they sign both, that’s their team long term with cheap role players filling out the roster. No room for Lopez, George Hill, or any depth. In fact, if they give Middleton a max deal their probably at the cap already. Middleton looks like a Harrison Barnes to me. Good numbers when under no pressure, but absolutely doesn’t come through when he has to make the plays. They’ll regret giving him max deal. Brogdon has been hyper efficient, but low volume. If he demands nearmax. That might end up being a bad contract too. bucks seem likely to take a step back next season.
  4. Destino

    Good Night. Malaysian Three-Seven-Zero

    I agree. My imagination has no problem imagining how it would happen. The plane shudders and tilts towards eventual meeting with the ground... but takes entirely too long to get there. Passengers are left with an unreasonable amount of time to contemplate death before meeting it. That time is just prolonged misery, that’s the part that makes it especially horrible.
  5. Destino

    Spectator: The sexbot apocalypse The future is stupid.
  6. Destino

    Good Night. Malaysian Three-Seven-Zero

    But then only criminals would have them.
  7. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Is this one of those weird things like The Secret, where you’re just trying to will something into existence by repeatedly putting it out into the universe?
  8. Destino

    Good Night. Malaysian Three-Seven-Zero

    It reads like mystery fiction. A beach combing goofball living off his inheritance, and certain he’s being watched. An assassination. Military officials asleep at the wheel (or radar screens). Corrupt investigators hiding a unknown something. Twists and turns, like having the world search the wrong dang ocean. It even has a young accomplished female protagonist seeking to hold the government accountable, all because she loved her mother. It fun to think about in that way. As a murder mystery. It’s less fun to dwell on the very real people that died or that their loved ones left grasping at implausible theories because the alternative was despair. That’s a hell of a thing to have waiting to ambush you in your quiet moments. There’s no information that can make sense of mass murder, but even so a corrupt government dragging it out like this to save face seems especially cruel. It was a good read, thanks for posting it.
  9. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    If they can’t lure a star free agent, I think that’s exactly what will happen. With Lebron their window is essentially three years or less anyway. Even a declining CP3 is good enough to be the third option behind Lebron and AD. Plus, I feel like Lebron has been searching for a point guard to take over much of his work load for years now. They tried with Kyrie, but passing isn’t his thing. Lebron took over point again after a few months. Ball wasn’t very good in LA, lost his starting spot, and now he’s out. CP3 fills a need for them, and that trio is plenty good enough to contend if they can find some shooting wings. Assuming they can stay healthy, of course. Judging from the latest reports, Houston has to get rid of him. Harden seems to have gone full Kobe.
  10. I disagree. If they absolutely must go on a rampage, I would suggest that the areas most prepared to receive their challenge are in fact the best options. Ideally they’d call up a heavily armed group, a military base for example, and tell the folks there of their intent and the exact time of their arrival.
  11. Destino

    Spectator: The sexbot apocalypse

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they’ll eventually find (admit) that sex bots don’t fulfill the need for human interaction that people have hard wired into them. That like online “friendships”, it merely allows them to fool themselves into thinking that they satisfying this need. The reality is that they’re becoming further isolated and their social skills are deteriorating. All of this makes any journey back, to healthy imperfect human relationships, that much harder. The truth can’t compete with a comfortable lie.
  12. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Houston drama I don’t think CP3’s chirping becoming annoying surprises anyone. Harden isn’t the first player to take issue with him. That being said, it’s ridiculous that any professional basketball player would need to be convinced to move without the ball. I didn’t see much standing around on Toronto or Golden State.
  13. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    I’m skeptical because we just spent an offseason that demonstrated the effectiveness of doubling the opposing best offensive player. The teams without a second, couldn’t adjust. It bounced the Bucks out when Middleton showed that he’s a fraud after the raptors essentially tripled Giannis. It killed the Blazers, who couldn’t score enough without Lillard scoring to keep up with the splash brothers. There has to be a second option or the better defenses clan cripple an offense.
  14. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Would the Clippers adding Kawhi make them a contender? They’d need a second guy that can get his own shot.
  15. Destino

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Prison guards shouldn’t treat inmates that way. It’s unconscionable for police to behave that way, especially knowing that any misstep on the part of the people they are intentionally terrifying could justify police shooting them. They are ramping up the stress and fear, which could at any point trigger an essentially involuntary panic response from anyone involved. That was a family with children present for crying out loud. Disgrace is right.