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  1. I have no doubts the Trump admin hasn’t proven competent in dealing with the UN, but the UN was never going to save us during this crisis. Falling short and failing to act decisively is what the UN does best. Well that and undercutting their own credibility with issues like this (From that article): Whatever good they’ve done in the past it’s clear the world has lost faith in it as an organization. With good reason. The WHO isn’t untainted by this either. Watch this incredibly awkward call between some poor doctor working with the world health organization and a Taiwanese reporter. WHO’s director has since accused Taiwan of directing a racist campaign against him.
  2. Yeah I’m not seeing the terror in that Biden video. I get that a lot of people would simply rather not be touched, I’m like that. I’m also Hispanic though, and my people do not shy from contact. I grew up having to kiss old ladies on the cheek and enduring far more hugging than seemed strictly necessary as a form of greeting. So while I get it, i’m not prepared to equate anything more than hover hands to sexual assault.
  3. maybe she just likes typing targeted harassment?
  4. I just realized Briahna Gray is/was Bernie’s National Press Secretary. Its stunning that someone that high up in the Bernie campaign would make that particular statement about her brand of socialism.
  5. I’d say it’s less that they only think of themselves and more that they view anyone that isn’t a socialist as their political opponents. Some socialists are a different breed, which will become abundantly clear as socialism grows in popularity in the US. You’ll quickly find that not all of them are the kinder gentler “democratic socialists” which are usually just progressive capitalists that favor larger social programs. That’s ok, socialists all eventually drop the “democratic” part. If Briahna is guilty of anything, it’s saying the quiet part out loud.
  6. It’s really not that hard to understand why socialists would support Trump. They want socialism in the US. There are two paths p, in their mind, to getting there as quickly as possible. 1- elect a socialist. 2- increased disillusionment among the American workers increasing support for socialism in America. Biden doesn’t accomplish either of those. Don't confuse socialists with democrats. There is some overlap, but they are not the same,
  7. flu will kill around 90k without anyone altering their behavior very much. Corona will kill about that despite most of the country on lock down, wearing masks, and staying away from everyone they don’t live with. The difference is obvious. This was predicted. When we started discussing the need to social distance and stay home, people were saying that if it worked the naysayers would use that success to argue the threat was overstated.
  8. Destino

    Disco tolerance

    I don’t know about disco tolerance because I can’t remember the last time I heard a disco song all the way through. I do have a time limit on how long I can listen to music that I’m not all that into though. If I ignore it I will actually get a headache.
  9. Oh man that really is awkward. Not only finding out that your wife is out there on the sly, but having to address the public about it? That’s too much.
  10. Destino

    The Quarantine Thread

    I liked Penny Dreadful, and Eva Green is well... Eva Green. My biggest issue was the Frankenstein monster played by Rory Kinnear. Just an awful melodramatic whining mess of a character. I’d cringe everytime he’d pop up.
  11. Destino

    The Quarantine Thread

    I need a ****ing hair cut. I have lost control of it beyond two hours at most. That combined with my quarantine uniform sweat pants is... well it’s not good. I’m three days without shaving away from my neighbors asking my wife if everything is alright. OK I feel better. I’m now going back to hunting the enormous and unbelievably loud fly that’s broken into my home. I’ve never wanted a fly swatted as much as I do right now. There’s no sleeping until one of us is dead.
  12. Destino

    The Quarantine Thread

    What role is rope playing in the fight against rona?
  13. Destino

    The Quarantine Thread

    It’s weird that a monster that invariably heads towards any noise doesn’t end up locked in a freezer. bank vault if the freezer won’t hold. Stupid shushing monster. Im somehow out of ice.