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  1. SOME folks were calling him a bust after two games, so this is fair.
  2. And that would be OK, because there would be a grip of teams calling the Skins at #2 to get Burrow. Right now, it's a Win/Win.
  3. Honestly, we've seen enough of Haskins to know that he should be the unquestioned #1 going into next season. There's some SERIOUS potential in the kid. No need to risk injury in a meaningless game next week. Have him get healthy, and ready to roll for next year.
  4. Championships = dynasties Caps are nowhere close to being in that discussion...unless, like many of you said, they can rattle off 2 more SC championships in the next few seasons.
  5. Lamar Jackson and Jared Goff are two guys who made considerable leaps from year 1 to year 2. I have no doubts that Dwayne will put in the work. I'm excited for his potential.
  6. McLaurin had ball go right thru his hands that would have been a big gain. You can see the confidence growing with Haskins by the week. I'm optimistic that he CAN be a franchise level QB going forward. Just have to give him more weapons and build the line.
  7. Maybe the Skins are privy to more knowledge regarding this situation than the general public? I'm split on this, really. On one hand, there are a few things that I'm questioning about the details (given so far) of her death. On the other, it wouldn't be hard to believe that Nicholson didn't have much to do with her death other than driving her to the hospital. Innocent until proven guilty, right? The court of public opinion would have him cut for his involvement....but before letting the guy go, I think it's best to let the legalities of the s
  8. Who are the other people he called? Obviously we don't know all the details, but unless there's WAY more to the story, this family's motive right now looks like they're pinning it on Nicholson. I think it speaks volumes that he's still playing, so maybe his version of the story actually checks out.
  9. RIP to the young girl, but is there more to the story that isn't known? If Montae had called 911, would that have changed their feelings about the situation? Look, to me, A LOT of the story doesn't make sense (why not call 911...and why leave as soon as the police arrived at the hospital - considering that she was rumored, according to an article I read, to be his GF)....but as of now, it doesn't mean Nicholson is guilty of anything other than being in the same house where this girl OD.
  10. Who knows how Haskins will actually turn out down the road, but the revisionism is hilarious. Skins were almost universally praised for the selections of both Haskins/Sweat in round 1. Now, that Haskins 1st round grade was questionable? LOL. These media clowns can't even keep that same energy....
  11. Not sure if any of you guys follow this content on twitter, but Master Tesfatsion gets some GREAT stories out of some ex-players. Recently, he caught up w/ Santana Moss, but he also had one earlier in the season w/ Clinton Portis, when he was a member of the Broncos.
  12. I think criticism is fine as long as it’s fair. But with some of the media, they haven’t afforded DH that luxury. It’s usually some sort of passive aggressive shot or just something backhanded. I honestly wouldnt go to bat for haskins like this if he was treated a bit better by some of those who are on the team beat. *Keim is GREAT...
  13. There has to be something there between hoffman and haskins. Baffling the lengths he’ll go to **** on the kid while NOT keeping that same energy for other dudes on the team.
  14. im on mobile, but look at what @Llevron posted right after u. There is a growing list of things SOME in the local media have gone in on regarding haskins. someone even had a issue about what time he arrived at fed ex yesterday. There’s a crazy microscope on the kid.
  15. what? Lol. Local media criticized his choice of car. Some give fair and balanced takes, but there are others...some on the actual beat, who seem like they have an axe to grind for whatever the reason. Got a grip of underperforming vets on this team who dont get nearly the same vitriol or ire from SOME in the local media like haskins does. For example, just look at the lengths someone like craig hoffman will go to not throw Josh Norman under the bus even with his contract being an albatross and his play being some of the worst out of qualified dbs around the league.
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