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  1. @PleaseBlitz nailed it. Knowing and doing are two COMPLETELY different things. Djoos, right now, is a liability. Couldn't care less about what he did last year in the playoffs.
  2. OBVIOUSLY the current record matters, but it's hard for me to celebrate the losses of Pit/TB and look ahead to a potential matchup w/ Trotz and the Isles when this Caps team is in an absolute dogfight. A dogfight that could easily gone in another direction having us down 2-1. Losing Kempny is a HUGE deal. You see how bad and overwhelmed Djoos looks out there? Chances are, he'd be in the pressbox if there were other options. Defense would be in a completely different place if MK was healthy.
  3. buuuut, one of those games went to OT, so it's not a silly statement. Cant definitively say the Caps have been the better team so far.
  4. I'm a firm believer in treading lightly. We're really in no position to be gloating about anything at the present moment. At least I think the players are taking things one game at a time, but we gotta stop thinking about the Isles/Trotz until we actually get to that point. Let's get through Carolina first.
  5. THIS. Too many folks, some blogs included, are loving the fact that TB/Pit got swept...all while not realizing that this Caps team is in a dogfight right now w/ the Hurricanes, and could easily be down 2-1 in the series. It won't be a good look with all this celebrating going on, this Caps team doesn't make it out of round 1.
  6. All this pearl clutching about the fight last night is pathetic. Svech is a PRO. He's playing a grown-man game, and made a grown man decision last night to fight. He's the one that instigated the whole thing. Folks making Ovechkin to be something that he's absolutely not. SMH. Before last night, He's lost EVERY pro fight he's been in and was 0-2. The Gaustad fight doesn't count because I don't think he got a FM.
  7. RonArtest15

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Mills put hands on him...
  8. RonArtest15

    ***The All-Encompassing ES Hip Hop Thread***

    IF he plays his cards right, he can extend his 15 minutes. This trap/country mashup is catchy and can become a "thing" on college campuses. I mean, ****...he had TTU singing his joint during the title game run...He needs another banger before college football season.
  9. RonArtest15

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    In thinking about it, Wall's contract is what it is...however, lost in everything is the fact that he's one of the better passers at the 1 in the league. While his athleticism and speed will suffer, his passing ability should remain the same. Wall will 100% HAVE to alter his game. If anything, this injury should make him a little more careful with the ball since he won't have that Ferrari engine. We may see his TO numbers decrease, and that's a good thing. I'm just trying to look for a silver lining, but there is no way Wall shouldn't average close to 10 dimes per night when he comes back. The scoring numbers will decrease, but he may....just may become a better overall PG. I hope LOL.
  10. RonArtest15

    ***The All-Encompassing ES Hip Hop Thread***

    *peeks around corner and whispers* Old Town Road w/ BRC REALLY slaps
  11. RonArtest15

    ***The All-Encompassing ES Hip Hop Thread***

    I never even really checked for dude when he was alive. However, it's been really amazing reading about all the good he was doing in his community. You know he was touching lives when Obama penned a note out of respect to his family. I ended up buying Victory Lap because all the money goes back to his estate. I haven't listened to the whole thing, but I'm looking forward to it when I get a chance. This death, IMO, is right up there with Biggie and Tupac as far as impact on the industry.
  12. RonArtest15

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball Thread

    At every D1 school where basketball and football are king, rules are bent. I've seen it first hand.
  13. That's a big crowd.
  14. RonArtest15

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Which is reason A as to why Chris Mullin is on his way out at St. John's.