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  1. I wonder how many of them are still alive. Georgia does this as well. Pretty sad if you’re worse than us but then we know they’re going to bend over backwards for the troops they always “support”. OTOH it took almost a year for TX to change our daughter’s birth certificate so they’re not exactly a model of efficiency.
  2. The Grand Oligarch's Party will do whatever it wants because as much as they bleat about the Constitution, they know it's garbage. Oligarchs have claimed allegiance and adherence to it since the founding of this country when it favored them, and ignored or circumvented it when it didn't. It'll be interesting to see how that turns out for them. Part of me wants to believe all hell would break loose, but my money would be on temporary unrest, followed by Marshall law and grudging acceptance. OTOH I never saw the nationwide eruption and the change in sentiments about racism after George Floyd's murder coming so maybe I'm wrong.
  3. The only way this works IMO is by simplifying the tax code so that increased taxes on the wealthy can't be avoided by paying more money to accountants to find loopholes. Simplifying the tax code would play well with most people in this country and as long as the increase in taxes is targeted in such a manner as to only affect the truly upper middle class and wealthy. The key to being able to deny the usual Grand Oligarch's Party charges of "The biggest tax increase since the Pleistocene era" would be to trot out any one of the thousands of tax breaks that benefit wealthy individuals and corporations and point out that's what they're defending. Another way of targeting is to use a trick from the Grand Oligarch's Party's playbook and simply add "fees" instead of taxes so the Dems can retain plausible deniability. I think even the most ardent of the non-wealthy conservatives would be hard pressed to care a whole lot about increased fees on hedge fund/high frequency trading over a certain threshold, transactions over a certain amount into or out of the country, private jet flights/business and 1st class seats, incorporating certain types of businesses that are typically used for shell companies, etc. Use the multitude of exotic ways these devils employ to dodge taxes and/or to avoid the everyday nuisances us unwashed masses put up with to pull revenue out of them. The goal would be to decrease loopholes and increase the cost of tax avoidance to the point it becomes less lucrative. If they think "Joe the plumber" is going to give a good goddamn about that, they're delusional. The other key to it will be working with the global community to put a stop to the international game of whack a mole caused in part by some countries engaging in a race to the bottom on tax rates. [Insert NWO/UN/Bilderbergers, etc. conspiracy theories here] Unfortunately for us and anyone really trying to implement the kind of schlock conspiracies the typical Tя☭mp/GOP cult member believes in, the Dems aren't that creative. They'll just do more of the same and get pilloried by the Republiklans and thrown out by the voters in the next midterm. She's going to do that all the time anyway. The jewelry salespeople have a strict code of silence but contempt and decreased libido are the surprise in the cereal box that come along with the ring. Get used to it.
  4. This is what it may well come down to. Risk your life to save your country. Greatest generation(s) 2.0.1 I’m totally there if that’s what it’s gonna be. I don’t really give a **** about the country other than just keeping my family safe. That and I hate Tя☭mp more than I’ve ever hated any political candidate. I liked Demings for the same reasons. However, her tenure in O-town wasn’t spotless and there are a number of negatives similar to Harris’ though. Given her appeal to GOP’ers and independents and the FL connection, I still see a lot of upside to her. DA!! Sincerely, Vlad
  5. Please not Karen Bass. I don’t have anything against her other than she’s not what we need. She’s a Neville Chamberlain when we need a damn Afro Samurai up in this *****! Susan Rice would be almost an ideal choice if she didn’t have so much baggage. Demings, Duckworth, or Harris...please.
  6. I can vouch for this. Pretty much every time I go anywhere online, I’m getting a Tя☭mp ad. I have yet to see one from Dems. I’m not Gen Z, but still. WTF Dems?
  7. I'd suggest that it would be a good idea to push localities to do what Fulton Co. here in Georgia has done, i.e. set up secure drop boxes where people can drop off their ballots without having to worry about postmarks or delivery dates. This will be crucial in areas where the deadline is set for when the ballot is delivered instead of when it's postmarked. Worst comes to worst, some of us might have to risk our lives to vote in person. If that's what it comes to for me, so be it. To be sure, there's chicanery afoot with the USPS. I have a few friends that work there in Florida. I talked to them about circumventing some of the rules, e.g. no overtime and only one run per day being allowed - postal workers should prioritize election-related mail so that it goes out first without regard for what management says. If Tя☭mp and the Grand Oligarch's Party succeed in pulling a fast one, again, this time around people aren't going to accept it. I can see massive demonstrations for week after week after month after month. No business will get done and the fascists will be forced to use the kinds of tactics they've been using recently, among others. If there isn't a free and fair election this fall, there won't be a country afterwards. I'm no attorney but sidestepping the question of whether the resident of the WH can pardon himself, I don't think he can pre-pardon anything. If no charges have been filed yet, there's nothing to pardon. I suspect this is why some charges haven't been brought against some of his cronies yet.
  8. Agreed. After all, not everyone that died/will die from COVID agrees with their foolishness or is even a supporter at all. I'm really disappointed that you'd post something so cynical and inappropriate. This is would be much better saved for when Limbaugh gets his.
  9. I hear the cause of death on the death certificate was listed as “Democrat” Hoax. I’m heartbroken. Really.
  10. Well, if conservatives don't like the job Roberts is doing, they can always fire him.
  11. I'd gladly convert our plumbing to a septic system so I could give it the home it deserves in our septic tank if that would be helpful.