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  1. Larry beat me to it, but let me know if I can help as well. Someone else said something about not losing a friend over politics, but when it comes to handling your business, you don’t want someone with impaired/poor judgement making decisions when you can’t.
  2. Not with those tiny hands of his. So why won’t you name the company dude? Could it be you’re worried not only about getting sued because one of your nutjob viewers went and shot up one of their facilities but also because they could pull out camera footage showing you’re lying?
  3. Must...Suppress...Schadenfreude! Who am I kidding. Not possible.
  4. We checked repeatedly and ours finally showed up as accepted yesterday. I was curious to see if it would show a status since we voted in-person. For those of you that live in states where you can check online, I’d suggest you do the same. If there was an issue, you might be able to cure your ballot so it gets counted.
  5. It worked for the Nazis on their first go around so they figured it would work on their return.
  6. I honestly believe that the country is too far gone. Once ignorance like this takes hold, it degrades the entire ecosystem, pretty much as Carl Sagan described it in the post on the previous page. Turning that around requires a lot of luck and probably some sort of calamitous event that shakes up the status quo. Otherwise, it may be time for this modern version of Rome to collapse.
  7. Meh. We all vote the way our conscience tells us to. Georgia is an open primary state so it’s well within my rights to do so. If the Grand Oligarch’s Party hadn’t been suppressing votes in myriad ways for the last few decades, I wouldn’t have felt the need to resort to doing that. FTFY Your understanding is wrong and naive. It’s sort of like saying they’re not for slavery but they support the overseers. FWIW, when I used to work in rural Georgia a lot, I would save my road travel trash to throw at the lawns of every house I saw with that or the confederate hate
  8. You may recall, as twa loved to remind us that I voted for Tя☭mp in the Georgia primary. Obviously I wasn’t a supporter. The reason I did it was that I was absolutely certain the upper limit on his support would be in the 25-30% range in every non-southern state in the country and that a vote for him then would ensure a victory for Hillary as I’ve always seen her as a poor campaigner. Election night 2016 shattered my faith in the humanity of the majority of this country. Given that, I’m not only not surprised by her shirt, I’d expect it from people like her. Tя☭mp and the Grand Oligarch’s Part
  9. Shall we start a pool on the date Locksley gets fired yet?
  10. ...and that most truck drivers are members of the Tя☭mp cult. Remember back in the day when you’d see the one car in town with conspiracy theory junk and Bible verses written all over it, and you and random strangers would share a look, shake your heads and chuckle? These people have proliferated to the point that there’s now a whole party devoted to their nuttiness. So now you see that kind of crap all the time. Or maybe that’s mostly just here in the Bible belt. The political system that our “super genius” founding fathers set up gives these people disproportionate power so I don
  11. It’s a participation trophy for an always angry toddler.
  12. So, another first. I just read that Limbaugh has announced that his cancer is terminal. Oh no! I knooow! So tragic. Anywho, back to that first. With Biden ahead, I hope he lives a few more weeks to see it happen. OTOH, I strongly suspect Tя☭mp may be able to steal the election. So on second thought, nah. Get on with it Rush. Here’s hoping you go out gasping for breath and wracked with intractable pain. Too bad there’s no hell for you to rot in.
  13. I’ve said before that the only thing that scares me more than Tя☭mp is a smart version of Tя☭mp. Tucker Carlson immediately comes to mind. There are plenty of people with a bit of charisma and a lack of morals that have been thinking, “Hell, if that moron can do it, I know I can”. The way power is structured in this country and the fact that ~40% of the people we allow to vote are stupid means those others thinking they could be next are right. I read an article about this a while back. Basically it was saying that when new immigrants come, they’re originally looked down upon bu
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