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  1. This was a hell of a good pick, and we didn’t sell the farm to make it. As much as I hate Allen, my hat is off to him and Williams on this one.
  2. The Sisko

    NYMAG: Who is QAnon? The Storm Conspiracy, Explained

    Forget a check. I’m P.O.’d that I haven’t received my first baby to eat yet. Not. A. One.
  3. The Sisko

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    He has good reason to expect nothing from the so-called justice system. You can even get away with statutory rape if you're wearing a badge. If this guy were a teacher and not a thug with a badge, he'd never even have made bail, let alone have a shot at having the whole thing wiped clean. As with the cops, the so-called justice system is there to protect the predatory class, not you. it's a stressful and dangerous job. Just gotta blow off a little steam sometimes. If they can defend statutory rape, they can easily defend this.
  4. The Sisko

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Regarding #3, I’m sure the local Dunkin Donuts was shocked and appalled too. OTOH, DD is probably giving them coffee/donuts free so maybe they were thrilled to have more product to actually sell!
  5. Beat me to it. So many of them have been whining about affirmative action and diversity while the 10%ers buy their kids' way in, whether they do it this way or legally via legacy preference and/or by donating a fat wad to the university to get the wink, wink, nod admission. Another case of the 'Muricun public being like a baby watching you jingle keys in one hand while you take his candy with the other. There are other forgotten victims here too. Poor Dillon and Becky are now going to have to worry that POC in school and the workplace will think they skated in on mommy and daddy's money too. But hey, if it's good enough for Tя☭mp, it oughta be good enough for other offspring of the wealthy. Don't forget that this is happening AFTER these kids had access to the best private schools since they started kindergarten. Private schools at least partially funded by us working schleps in some states.
  6. The Sisko

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Lol. The Nazis unwittingly outed themselves. Well, Brownshirts gonna Brownshirt. This is a large part of the problem. Yes it’s the law, but the cops have discretion about who they lock up. Do you believe that if the kids involved were white, they’d have done the same thing? And, why were the cops even called in the first place? Maybe it was a neighbor wanting a big response, but I’m not buying the shots fired BS. Much of the disparity in the so-called justice system hinges on the cops’ and D.A.’s discretion to arrest/charge some people and not others. If whites were arrested and charged at the same rates as POC, things would have changed a long time ago.
  7. Kind of ironic that the self-proclaimed patriots among us are the ones backing Putin turning the US' POTUS into Eric Cartman's mom. What it shows is the founding fathers weren't the geniuses many of us believe them to have been.
  8. The Sisko

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Agreed Chew. As much as I'm not a fan of the cops in general, it's really hard to fault the cop in a case like this. However, it highlights the stupidity of the good guy with a gun narrative in active shooter incidents. Unless you're a uniformed officer, the risk is just too high that you'll end up like this poor guy. If there's a mass shooting and I'm carrying, the only way I'll pull out my weapon is if I'm in direct, immediate danger from the shooter.
  9. The Sisko

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    I’ve pointed out before how the Grand Oligarch’s Party hates unions with a passion, except for the ones that consistently support them, i.e. FOPs. Dems need to propose legislation to gut police and correctional officers’ unions, and put the GOP in the difficult position of opposing union busting efforts.
  10. The Sisko

    The Liquor Thread

    This post is useless without ratios!
  11. The Sisko

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    Must. Not. Break....Rules about circumventing....profanity filters. But....want Davis gif.....SO badly! Uhhh, I mean, too soon!! Being serious, the way this looks is that he knew he'd done a good bit of this back in the day so he initially copped to doing it. Then the big money crisis communicators came in and figured out he could use the MJ incident (as though that's any better) to negate the other without denying responsibility since there are almost certainly more of these pictures of him floating around someplace. I can't wait for some enterprising person to run these photos through facial recognition software. It might not work, but boy would it be hilarious to watch him squirm if it did!
  12. The Sisko

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    I call it the R. Kelly defense, original credit to Shaggy.
  13. The Sisko

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Holy. Effing China! Thanks for posting that. This article just gave me life! Big ups to council member Hardesty. Isn’t it always a black woman?
  14. The Sisko

    Dr. Death and Dr. Evil

    Meh, the free market will take care of it.
  15. The Sisko

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    When your BJ game is weak!