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  1. FWIW, I did vote for her but I'm not as sold on Abrams as many are. However, there's no way in hell I think she'd have not responded as Gov. Simp has. Albany, or as the folks here say it, "All-Benny" went up in viral flames while this rube sat on his hands holding fast to Dear Leader's guidance. Rural Georgians love to whine and moan about the "state" of Atlanta getting everything, but "All-Benny" is smack dab in the middle of Tя☭mp country. So, the usual excuse of just sticking it to the Atlanta city slickers doesn't even hold water this time.
  2. Now y'all see why I call him Gov. Dum Dum, or sometimes, Gov. Simp. Either way, I say, I say dat boy's 'bout as sharp as a beach ball.
  3. ...and so ***** up. I thought something was rotten in Denmark when I read a story about inoperable vents arriving in California IIRC. Yet another political ad that writes itself. FFS! What an impressive collection of morons, imbeciles, idiots, and dullards he’s put together. “All the best people? Pretty amazing. When I worked in healthcare preparedness, SNS was looked at like our version of the Navy SEALS. Turns out it was all a sham.
  4. Good thing Gov. Dum Dum finally decided to issue the shelter in place order. Great timing since I think there might still be a few counties that don't have positive cases now...that we know of.
  5. Shut up Bill! What would you know about providing healthcare in third-world countries like 'Muricuh? Somebody must have told these folks that the job creators coming in are POC. Hopefully, the people they're turning away have long memories. Re: @visionary's post with the Tweet about the age of the Navy's hospital ships, maybe they should ask for a refund of the money Tя☭mp misappropriated for his allegedly big, beautiful, wall.
  6. He has the amazing talent of being able to talk with something in his mouth all the time.
  7. Given his incompetence, I'd say he thinks shorting the state on desperately needed supplies and accusing the hospitals of hoarding or stealing supplies is the best way to do it. It definitely fits his M.O. To expect something like this to be sourced other than anonymously, is amazingly naive. For proof of such claims, the best you can do is compare the info with what you already know about someone and whether other info seems to fit. So, we've established that Tя☭mp is a self-serving ***** of the highest order. Check. Then there's the info in the article below with hard numbers where the supplies received clearly contradict the formulas they claimed they were using. Do the math. Now, I'd say all of that adds up to a pretty strong circumstantial case. It probably wouldn't stand up in a real court, but what we're talking about here is the court of public opinion. So, if you want to give him the benefit of the doubt, that's on you but you'd have to admit there's plenty of reason to believe the anonymous source's account.
  8. The difference between these two groups is that one of them has had the power to systematically under compensate the other while richly rewarding themselves with enough left over to buy all the politicians and judges necessary to perpetuate their political power. As though any of these corporations have behaved otherwise prior to now. The only difference between now and six months ago is that the virus has brought the inequity in the system into sharp relief.
  9. Hardee’s FTW! Their egg plus whatever else you want on it biscuit beats everyone’s. The biscuits are incredible and they use actual, fresh cracked eggs. Amazing. They’d turn away gay people. Wouldn’t want to catch teh gay and COVID19.
  10. You really need to let us know when you're going to switch subjects. For a second, I almost thought you were still talking about the Chinese in that last sentence instead of Tя☭mp.
  11. The Sisko

    The Forthcoming Recession

    FTFY Except when Democrats are in office. Yeah, Dick Cheney beat you to that one. So, how do you think it would affect your business if your employees started showing up smelling like homeless people because they couldn’t pay their mortgage/bills? And how many of those stinky employees will you be able to even keep on the payroll when they and people like them aren’t able to buy whatever goods/services you’re selling? Even more critically, how long do you think it’ll take the bank to call your loans and/or pull your line of credit because they need the cash they’re not getting from bad loans? The only case you’ve made is what I’ve said all along. The $1K that RMoney proposed that increased to $1200 isn’t enough to make much of a difference. If my wife and I both loose our jobs, we’ll default on everything and move to her family’s land. Other folks will be homeless. The common denominator is that none of us will be able to afford to buy . That means you and the rest of the “job creators” will join us in penury before it’s all over. The good news is that the super “job creators”, i.e. the 1% who are too precious to pay taxes or living wages will be OK though.
  12. That, and his Dead Sea scroll collection was recently found to be forgeries likely made from old shoes.
  13. They’re largely black, brown, and/or poor so nobody cares. We’ve established that long ago. But that’s how the alleged god-fearing leaders on both sides running the country since Nixon have chosen to do things. That probably works as long as you’re not infected. If you are, some of your viral particles would probably get past the one way exhalation valves. Even so, it’s less risky for you to consistently treat him instead of what would likely happen if you weren’t, ie a mix of different people over time.
  14. The Sisko

    The Quarantine Thread

    I’ve only ever watched one episode of that show and it was the one with the Alamo dude. It was hilarious when dude’s friend screwed up with the firearm (I won’t say anything else to avoid spoiling the comedy) and he was all crying like a lil ****. I almost wet the bed laughing. Don’t use a hard r when you say “mother****er!”. If you do, they’ll know you’re just one of those interwebz tough guys and they’ll muss ya up real good.
  15. All he’d need to win is the (R) after his name and plausible deniability about any of the stuff Tя☭mp has done to botch the response. Between voter suppression and the Muricun dumbening, he’d definitely have a great shot because all the morons that voted for him last time would see him as Tя☭mp without the stupid stuff.