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  1. Lol. What you did there, I see it. I’m fine with it so I’ll celebrate enough for both of us. Speaking of which, you all may remember that I mentioned taking our daughter out for ice cream when I heard about Rush Turdbaugh having stage 4 lung cancer. I got her a small box of Oreos for this one. When Rush finally buys it, I’ll get her a cake and I’ll tell her it’s from @LD0506.
  2. That's some major pwnage right there! All I'm concerned about is crushing them, driving them before us and hearing the lamentations of their women. Anything less and they'll take it as license to do more of their terrorist , only worse.
  3. Wait a minute. You’ve got a crane, the very purpose of which is to lift very, very heavy objects high up into the air and release them wherever the operator wants them placed. Wut? Wut? He’s wearing a hard hat after all. j/s
  4. It kind of gives me the warm fuzzies. I obviously don’t support the Tя☭mp thugs, but it’s SO hard to avoid the schadenfreude when so many of their own supported and continue to support the ones dragging the cops through the crowd. That moment when somebody realizes the “fraternity” doesn’t really include them. Lol. Your four points are exactly what Tя☭mp has been telling everyone going back to the Obama birther days and what he got elected on. Twice almost. The country been sending the same message for hundreds of years now. I’m not saying the terrorists shouldn’t
  5. This kind of thing used to be funny. Turns out there are enough gullible morons in this country to actually make this garbage dangerous as a movement and that’s decidedly not funny.
  6. Cuban is a job creator so his word is gospel. But maybe he’s now part of the deep state. Yeah, that’s it! FAKE NEWS!
  7. Exactly. It would have also separated the wheat from the chaff quickly. I’m sure there were some that were actually willing to fight, but that’s probably at best, 5-10% of them. If you’ve never had rounds fired at you or seen the effect of gunshot wounds, both are pretty humbling and revolting experiences. Watching **** get real would have the effect of pushing the 90% or so that aren’t serious away from the scene and the movement while the rest could then be dealt with in the appropriate manner. In fairness to Bang, I’ll concede this may not have been the best time from a strategi
  8. Translation: Cops are the cowards we always knew they were and BLM needs to seriously up their weapons game. ...except when it came to voting in a SCOTUS judge on a rapid timeline after RBG’s death. He’s got integrity some of the time, I’ll give him that.
  9. You mean to tell me Officer Friendly is on the same side as the fascist thugs? Why, I’m shocked!
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