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  1. This is all part of the game to decrease the loss ratio. They play it on both sides with patients and providers. Your wife is doin’ it rong by actually healing people. She’s supposed to be milking them like cows until they run dry, then churn through more patients.
  2. That might hold water if there was civil liability for police. In most places they’re shielded by qualified immunity so their employer gets sued instead and the taxpayers pick up the tab for their incompetence or negligence. Given that, getting fired isn’t enough when people’s lives are on the line.
  3. This definitely looks like a horrible mistake to me. I actually do feel bad for the officer because if she’s any kind of a decent person, she’ll never get over this. That said, the kid she killed won’t ever get over it either and there needs to be accountability. Given that Tazers are a different color and are typically worn on the opposite side from the firearm, I don’t think it’s a stretch to call this negligent homicide. Given what’s at stake, you simply can’t ever make this mistake.
  4. It sounds like you’re trying to treat the symptoms instead of the root cause @Bang. If your bed or mattress is causing you those kinds of issues, it needs to go. Fortunately nowadays, there are a lot of options, many of which will deliver to your door with a “try it out” guarantee. I’m pretty cheap. I get it from being born to a mother who grew up in the last days of Nazi Germany and raised by a depression era grandmother. Both of them were the epitome of the waste not want not ideal. I started having numbness and pain in my neck a couple of years ago. I thought about seeing a doct
  5. Worst. Prediction. EVAR!! Never underestimate the stupidity of ‘Muricuns!
  6. Are you a Trilateral Commission member or one of the Bilderburgers?
  7. I’m not much into baseball but we’d typically go see a game or two each season. However, the Cobb County Braves have been dead to me since they left. I don’t know how they’ll make it without our $50 to $75 each season but they’ll just have to figure something out.
  8. I've seen a good bit of her work already and I love this woman. She's like the Wu Tang Clan.
  9. Agreed. Aside from boycotts targeted at agricultural products, I'd love to see folks start pressuring advertisers to pull out of the Masters in Augusta. The natural response to this would be for Delta to donate heavily to Dems running for the statehouse. I'd hope they're smart enough to jump on this opportunity by pledging to reverse it. Kinda hard to run as a true conservative...that raised taxes, especially *GASP* corporate taxes.
  10. **** the loopholes. It’s much better to get arrested doing this. The optics are way more damaging for the fascists that way.
  11. It’ll affect state revenues a bit but they’ll see it as a win-win because not only do they get their way but it’ll take money out of the Atlanta economy. It’s funny how so-called real ‘Muricuns hate class warfare, except when it’s against alleged well to do city dwellers. I’d rather see them get hit where it would really hurt the people clamoring for this. We need a campaign to get buyers to avoid Georgia chicken instead. I agree it seems a little different on the surface. However, looked at through the “in name only” lens that the Republiklans have used to thwart th
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