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  1. After consulting the Urban Dictionary I see what the problem is. You young whippasnappas have decided to use the term incorrectly these days. It’s used that way now, but the OG way to use the term (see what I did there?) is as it was used, i.e. to mean something done as it was in the early days or someone that goes way back.
  2. Lol. I don't think there's ever been an NFL team that went by a generic moniker like that. That being the case, "Football Team" can't be OG if there's no original.
  3. I have been wanting to check out Yasuke for the past several months. I finally got a chance to watch the first couple of episodes and it's looking to be pretty good. I was afraid they'd do almost a reboot of Afro Samurai and fortunately, that doesn't appear to be the case at all. On another note, cutting the cord has brought yet another benefit. After I hooked up the OTA antenna, I discovered that there's a Japanese channel. So where it used to be the occasional treat that would drop into my lap, I'm now getting tons of great Sumo action. Finally, I ended up watching an episode of
  4. This Olympics is all about individual performances of melaninated athletes for me, especially Simone Biles and Raven Saunders. Watching those two literally sends chills down my spine. Our daughter throws shot and discus and I’m constantly telling her she should have their intensity and commitment whether she wins or not. I really don’t give a rats ass whether the US teams win anything or not.
  5. A great lead in for the article below. My apologies for the super short intro. I couldn't copy and paste and I'm way to lazy to transcribe two or three paragraphs. Christianity is collapsing Sociologists are amazed by the swift disintegration of Christianity in America. It's a stunning cultural transformation, confirmed by... https://www.patheos.com/blogs/freethoughtnow/christianity-is-collapsing/
  6. Yes, they do but it's the Cobb County Braves now. That team has nothing to do with the ATL. As for Guardians, ugh. That and Les Boulez changing to the "Withards" is what scares me about our name change.
  7. So it’s against the law to take a cab, Uber or bus to the polls in Michigan? Because that’s how it reads to me.
  8. Sadly @skinsmarydu I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of US voters actually able to reach the polls will re-elect this POS or something similar or even worse. At this point I’m just looking to find a safe backwater to ride out the US’ revised version of Nazism/fascism. In the meantime, Sieg Heil, ‘Muricuh style.
  9. It’s funny cause it’s true. Well, sorta true anyway. Rap and the supporting tech were in their infancy back then. Today‘s hip hop “artists” had all of that history to lean on and are producing verbal papp. Have this fool call me when an artist from today drops social commentary like Poor Righteous Teachers, TuPac, Talib Kweli, Graydon Square, Lauren HIll/Wyclef, or Goody Mob; sick flow and rhyming structure like Eric B. & Rakim or Slick Rick, the cleverest lyrics and turns of phrase like MF Doom, Eminem, Kanye (before he went full-on crazy) and Busta Rhymes; and on and on. There were t
  10. Probably because most of it just isn’t any good anymore. I know there’s some truth to the whole new music sucking as you age thing, but I think most of today’s rap artists, to use the term loosely, have zero talent.
  11. Although Reapers, Razorbacks and Warthogs are still at the top of my list, I’m sure they’re all non-starters. So I’ve actually warmed to a couple of other mascots. I’m really digging the idea of the Washington Vipers or perhaps Wildcats. The former is just cool as all hell with all sorts of kick-ass logo possibilities and would be the only snake mascot in the league. The latter has the alliteration angle. Well, that and it’s my one of my high school mascots. There are already four other cat mascots in the league, but I do like the way Washington Wildcats rolls off the tongue.
  12. Not you too Biz! From your rap career to being one of the best defensive ends in the league while you were with the Ravens you were in your own way one of the best. Biz Markie Was Forever Himself The Clown Prince of Hip-Hop, the Inhuman Orchestra, Biz Markie was one of rap’s most innovative stylists, a character who brightened every room he was in and every song he was on Take Biz Markie out of the photo, and it’s nothing you haven’t seen before: a black-and-white picture in XXL magazine of a handful of rappers and producers smiling or putting on their best seriou
  13. So it looks like Malthus wasn’t all that far off after all. I’ve always thought he was pretty much right in spite of the fact that subsequent technological advances he couldn’t have known about would forestall the inevitable. What is a surprise is seeing it start to play out in my lifetime. Now that wasn’t supposed to happen.
  14. The good news about the 'Muricun Taliban takeover is their infallibility. The country will have nothing to worry about with these folks seeing the future and all.
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