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  1. Also fan of the boulevardier i don’t want to drink them all night but it’s a nice change of pace from a old fashion. and still well above the makers and coke nonsense
  2. Correct. A few times. Miss those days... when this stupid pandemic is over we should get together and go camping in the summer... anyways, she has an actual pallet and does well. I on the other hand have a garbage pallet
  3. @HOF44 I did win the Elmer t Lee 100 tribute lottery. It’s delicious. Also almost gone.
  4. Considering things like mmt, the value of loosening the gridlock may be more than we think. also not all earmarks are wholly bad... lacking support required at the federal level isnt necessity an indicator of something’s merit. maybe some of the extreme rhetoric is related to idle hands. maybe being busy trying to get things into a moving system will cut down on the bull****. Maybe reinstate it with a time limit requiring an extension. Like 10 years?
  5. It looks like it was made to go across rivers
  6. So sad. It’s a shame addiction is what it is these days. I mean there’s plenty of ways to get help but there’s also plenty of reasons and ways to hide it.
  7. It’s a stupid reason for a kid to not have a father Common people.
  8. i feel like this is a piece of guidance often glossed over. I am risk adverse with my investing (I separate investing and gambling. I invest for college funds or retirement. I gamble with throwaway money on stocks/funds that interest me.). So it always sticks out to me in conversations that this is missing. It seems the mentality is often “how do I make the most money” and for many people the better question is “how do I best make sure I have at least X amount, which affords me the life I want” sure, having more money is always better than having les
  9. Wrong drugs bro I have always wondered though, is that like taking aderall in college when you don’t need it and can learn an entire semester of calc 3 in 2 days?
  10. Well. Depends. It certainly was when we had the trumpers just recklessly demanding it with no nuance or care for facts or details... but they’ve prioritized things in Virginia. They expect 80% of all staff vaccinated before my county returns. Even then it’s a 4 day week with Wednesday to clean, and a slow rollout starting with k-2. The goal is to have everyone back by mid April but it’s subject to change.
  11. honestly... it depends on where you are. We have strict policies. and it turns out wearing a mask isn’t difficult. Neither is social distancing. Evidenced by the fact that children have no problem following these rules under the simple premise of: this is how we stay safe its adults that think they know more than experts or cry about their freedoms when asked to do anything I’m sure our... more southern states maybe have a different situation. but all cases of staff infections in our area were linked to community spread. it doesn’t mean it’
  12. Where are you seeing they’re super spreaders? our state health department says cases of in-school are zero/minimal at least in the health districts I follow. My district was 0. Same here. Our back to school date was picked based on how vaccination for school workers was going and how long it was expected to take
  13. Our property taxes are just below the limit. So. Yes. In the same boat as you. now we saw lower rates in the the higher income brackets, increased standard deductions, and we qualify for a few things we didn’t because income caps raised. so yeah we lost a lot of deductions. Our effective tax rate fell. I think we used to be around 18% and it’s was at like 15% last year. Or something similar to that difference. we made 40k more in income and net paid 10k less in taxes. Net swing of 50k. Huge benefit for us. And a stupid one we didn’t need. I’d rather not receive em
  14. Right, because the standard deduction covers you and gives you more... people who itemize don’t get the standard deduction on top of their itemized deductions. assuming they did their taxes properly, they absolutely could itemize, but would get less money. So they take the standard deduction.
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