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  1. https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-biggest-problem-with-3d-printed-guns-they-blow-up just doesn’t make sense. Guns are relatively cheap and easy to get. Why use a vastly inferior product that might kill you instead?
  2. Unless something significant has changed I’m not concerned about 3d printers at least in regards to mass shootings. Last I checked the failure rate was above 50% for each pull of the trigger. A one off especially getting into an area area where real guns is impossible? Sure. Shooting 100 bullets into crowds? I’d be surprised if they got 5 off before it became irreparable
  3. If you grew up with various leadership training as a youth (various positions in scouts, school organizations, captain of a sports team, etc - all of these are basically leadership training for you to use later in life) this entire thing, and in general the entire presidency of trump, is just laughable to sit back and watch once you get out of the usual political stuff. The only leadership quality he has seems to be that he is able to rally support - even if that is a bewildering accomplishment when you realize it’s done using obvious lies and petulance. He otherwise is the antithesis of posessing leadership qualities. What pains me is knowing the people who guided me through those things don’t see this situation the same ways. Parents, scout leaders that guided me to eagle and running two different troops, coaches that made me captain.... all who lectured me at one point in time (most, many points in time) on “what it means to be a leader.” I know they know better. I *know* they know better. It’s not a question. zooming out to 1000 feet, the longer this administration goes on the more I’m convinced the core of this situation is a serious brainwashing over decades has taken place. (And no, I don’t think trump supporters are the only group, but they’re the most easily-brainwashed of them all) i know these people (that I’m specifically referring to) aren’t racist (the most often referenced LCD of the group that gets mentioned). Much like I know they know better. They have to be brainwashed. I don’t have another explanation. The people that guided me to leading dozens of teenagers to do and produce the things they did, not seeing this as a complete and utter failure of leadership, I just don’t see a better explanation.
  4. Every now and then trump does something that makes me genuinely laugh. He doesn’t care. He doesnt care that the government is shut down. I dont know why anyone thinks negotiations can happen here. He doesn’t care about any of it.
  5. In the last 20 years gun rights have expanded incredibly. As has the capability of guns and the ease of acquiring them. This is as mass shootings have become a thing and continue to grow to worse levels. You might want to reevaluate how difficult a task you think it is to “get rid of dangerous guns”
  6. I’m ok with limiting guns to revolver/bolt/pump so I’m fine with limiting magazines. i just don’t think it’ll be an effective step. There’s so many better ideas that would be easier/cheaper to implement/sell. What I see in conversations is people that are for it backing themselves into a corner on how big of an impact it has. It’s minimal impact, don’t try to oversell it, 3/4 of the argument over the issue stops. This conversation essentially got there, but if you just open with that you’ll find you can move on to something better.
  7. Shhhh with your rational thoughts 5 seconds sounds about right i imagine failure rate inceasing is a legitimate thing to point to. “Time” is absolutely not. Hard to fathom anyone thinking it is has any real experience with handguns. neither is weight
  8. Now that I’ve got a real tractor and a 540 pto 54” snow blower I love snow! Takes about 25 minutes to clear a 550 foot driveway. Cant wait for more!
  9. tshile

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I don’t think so. back then the stadium was full. There wont be anyone at the stadium next year to bring signs.
  10. tshile

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I don’t think so. back then the stadium was full. There wont be anyone at the stadium next year to bring signs.
  11. tshile

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Were the new Cardinals of the NFC East
  12. tshile

    Tracking Ticket Prices 2018 Season

    Playoff ticket prices are set by the league. It’s not a team decision. Season ticket holders are offered the chance to purchase home playoff tickets for the wildcard round only at the same price as regular season tickets. If they don’t host a wildcard game, the balance goes towards your next years tickets (and is advertised as otherwise nonrefundable)
  13. Hah yeah but jay is not zorn and I imagine jay is staying im just imagining him being surrounded by a bunch of Jim zorns next year. The pressers will be awesome.
  14. Over the next two weeks we’ll watch everyone get hired by other teams, including people who are leaving our team. Redskins park will say “we’re working on things we’ll make announcements when the details are finalized” and were going to be left with jim zorn 2.0
  15. tshile

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    Nick saben post game presser should be good