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  1. Why not just split up land the federal government owns. Doesn’t it own a lot between parks and reserved areas?
  2. I think we’re already past that point.
  3. If the dems add reparations to their 2020 platform the only logical conclusion I can draw is that they’ve punted on the election cycle.
  4. Your arguments are dumb, all over the place, and indicate you didn’t read the posts of the people you’re arguing with. So yeah, no where to go from there.
  5. You can say this but it’s not true. It’s been proven not true in this thread.
  6. Im not interested in defending Alabama. There’s a variety of reasons for that some of which have already been pointed out. I think the conversation and comments extend outside of Alabama.
  7. Ok so you don’t actually know what you’re talking about in regards to normalization and sheltering from straight marriages.
  8. Has Arthur done weddings before? Straight weddings?
  9. Me. I will tell her no. I dont really have any authority but I’ll tell her no and what she requested is absurdly selfish. Although I guess I would have had to catch her before she died.
  10. Yup. Hern sounds like a zealot. Im not a fan of pretending it isn’t a life. I’m closer to Vermont’s law than Alabama’s law, in terms of what I think the law should be, but I’m not a fan of pretending it’s not a life to make things easier. It is a life (after a certain point.) it’s ok that it’s a hard decision. It’s not ok to lie about it. As a side de note I do love Republicans affinity for science in the abortion debate. All these years I thought their refusal to admit climate change was real was because they’re stupid and don’t understand science, I’m glad it’s just because they’re partisan hacks that don’t actually care about the environment.
  11. Also would be against religion being introduced.
  12. Not cool with killing the dog like this. Much more reasonable request would would have been to exhume the grave and add the dog when the dog died. Or bury the dog next to the owner. The fact that pounds have to put down perfectly healthy dogs because their owners surrendered them (for whatever reason) does not make this ok.
  13. thats what I think about that federalist article.
  14. But it’s not being banished in media. It’s being banished from an educational young kids network in one state.
  15. Plenty of people still feel this way. I live in NOVA and there are plenty there still.