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  1. I think you don’t know as much as you think you do about the feynman investigation and all those projects if you think this guy’s on the same level
  2. I’ve read what you wrote. I think it’s wrong. no nasa wasn’t just as reckless.
  3. What? no. That’s not right at all the issue is you compared a guy that killed himself defying mountains of science to people who were at the forefront of creating a lot of important science
  4. Yeah everyone knows this it was a national tragedy and it caused fundamental changes to how some things were done. what’s the point?
  5. Yeah I couldn’t figure out the booing. I don’t think the candidates could either.
  6. Were they booing her or Bloomberg during the NDA release and kill it stuff? i honestly couldn’t tell
  7. I like pete id prefer everyone but him and whoever is 3rd in delegates after SC drop out. I want to see if sanders wins that tight of a race. If he trumps his way into the nomination it makes it that much harder to go with Not claiming that’s a rational position just where I am at the moment.
  8. I’ve heard it said at least twice he’s not on the ballot in SC but he’s on the debate I assume because he’s polling over a %. he’s running ads during the debate and other candidates aren’t (at least that’s my understanding, I’m only like half paying attention) so I’m wondering if him not being on the ballot allows him to run ads during the debate (and the others can’t because they’re on the ballot and there’s a rule a out being in the ballot not the stage) additionaly, if aforementioned is true, is that a strategy - don’t be in the ballot so you can run ads during the debate
  9. She doesn’t deliver anything well except emails my god, the emails
  10. Does Bloomberg get away with the ads by the fact he’s not on the ballot? is that a strategy?
  11. I think that’s 4. The first one has 2 in it. Lol
  12. "are you drinking tonight?" WHY ARE SANDERS HANDS SO RED
  13. did bernie play with an ink pad before he went on stage tonight?
  14. God I actually think I might hate Bloomberg more than trump (in the sense of watching him on stage talking) He’s awful