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  1. tshile

    US Government vs Social Media...

    I know nothing about what trump can do without having laws repealed but I think the idea of what he’s threatening here is being undersold. I think opening up an investigation into twitter or Facebook would reveal that they know exactly about all the shady **** that goes on within their platform, and chose to at best do nothing about it. I think they’d find emails, company documents and presentations, and employees (current and former) to show that’s it’s worse than most imagine. successfully forcing them to do something about it will cost them tons of money. They’ll have invest in the capability to meet over site, they’ll inherently lose user base which means ad loss and stock devaluation. They’ll be drug through the mud in the media. They’ll be forced to testify to Congress or whatever. It’ll hurt. It’ll cost time and money. And I think they know it. I actually think in terms of a threat, from a strategic perspective, he actually did a good job. Acting on that threat? No idea. I have no understanding of how all those laws work and what he could make DoJ do. but I think it’s a solid threat and they likely care about it. It’s also likely it’s just a threat to get them to stop policing him specifically. And I think it’ll work Your understanding is the same as mine but I think the difference would be under current situations they are required to act when certain cases are presented in certain ways. I would think what he’s gunning for here, is that they have to wholly proactive about it and can be punished if they’re caught not doing a good enough job.
  2. tshile

    US Government vs Social Media...

    Being protected from liability for what users post on a site you run is a pretty big deal. It’s how a lot of people get away with a lot of ****. Everything from terrorism, hacking, to just hate speech, software pirating, etc. im actually all for removing that at this point. But I don’t really understand what’s the right way to remove it and what’s blowing smoke (with on purpose or because they don’t actually understand the law)
  3. Is it Friday yet? longest short week ever
  4. correct Dont believe anyone said otherwise. you intentionally misinterpreted what was being said. It’s bull**** and you’re not clever enough to pull it off, you’ve fooled no one. continue on making strawmen and defeating them. You’re impressing everyone.
  5. Agreed. indont know about the “anywhere anytime” comment someone made. Seems silly. The current process is fine. But you should be allowed 1 ID (not a drivers license, just state issued ID) every 2 years (or when you move or it expires) for free. you can’t just give them away every month but it should be perfectly reasonable for an adult to have and ID if it’s required to vote and being poor shouldn’t be an obstacle. I’ve got plenty of wiggle room there.
  6. I know quite a bit about mental diseases like alzheimer's and what it does to people and their families. You reduced you're entire argument to attacking the posters - me with your above nonsense, and the other by taking their point and trying to cast it about being inhumane instead of actually discussing what the point was. you're too close to this one and being unreasonable. i understand, taking care of those people is hard in a lot of ways. i've experienced it, even though you think you know all about me. but you're irrational to the point of taking the track of trying to cast people who disagree with you as monsters simply because you can't actually discuss it. so, enjoy. but know what you are on this one.
  7. They’re people. they’re just people who can’t remember who they are, what they’re doing, why, etc. On the list of reasons people lose their right to vote, unable to function mentally on The most basic of levels seems like a reasonable item to leave. Lots of others I would review first. Like being convicted of a felony. it’s fine if you disagree. But stop making it about not viewing them as people. That’s pathetic. No one said they’re not people.
  8. I’m for voter id and I would be perfectly fine with that dont really count as a Republican on much anymore, according to them. I also don’t need stringent voter Id laws to support voting by mail. Especially in a pandemic. That seems like a crappy stance to take. But for general mail in, honestly, I would think that accomplishes the point. A vote tied to a person that’s eligible. That’s good enough for me.
  9. Just heard about this supposed EO for social media. and all I can say is.... thank god for joe Biden. In all honestly I don’t actually like the man or think he’s a great candidate, but he was the most likely to win that was willing to run and the mans had a life where I, personally, at that point woulda cashed out and said see ya! to this country full of people that are ungrateful, stupid, and many are both. running for and being president is taxing on a person. Especially in old age. He’s had so much emotional tragedy over his years. thank god he’s willing to run and end this **** show that is the trump administration.
  10. tshile

    The Quarantine Thread

    Find a group of people who like to play craps spend the night with them
  11. tshile

    The Forthcoming Recession is Here. Enjoy!

    The V shape recovery has been put out and talked about for a while by a lot of people. Essentially the idea is that the underlying economics are not the problem here (even if they weren’t great) best quarter ever and such seems like maybe blowing smoke. Compared to what? Growth since the bottom of the V? Seems like a useless measurement. I’d rather see how it all fits in line with the overall trend. Best quarter ever feels like being proud of climbing out of the hole you just dug.
  12. tshile

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Yeah, there’s been plenty of stories of something awful happening to someone. Could be something that’s not even a threat to bystanders, like someone falling or getting clipped by a bus. people just pull out their phones and record it. it’s awful. We have such an awful culture in those regards. It’s depressing.
  13. the truth is that, as long as you’re not in a high risk group, you’ll likely be among the last group to receive it. im guessing it’ll be provisioned for elderly, healthcare, military/police/email, and children before its widely available for adults. I feel the same way as you. But we probably won’t event get a chance to take it until a lot of other groups have already taken it.
  14. Reading my town paper’s comments is a fun and scary past time
  15. Think so? I just assumed she’d get away with it (as will all of them) ((except they always find one guy to take the fall))