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  1. Oh my god the Democrats are such a **** show. This helps trump.
  2. they just need to add to the tip option when you're ordering tip: $5 and yes, please give them an order of nachos on me so they don't touch my food.
  3. Right. But their numbers are falling. And they're falling because new people aren't finding appeal, and existing people are finding a lack of appeal. I think there's two different groups the religious Christian and the social Christian And my understanding is that most of the people walking away aren't walking away from Christianity the religion, they're walking away from Christianity the social construct. That comes from talking to people who are responsible for identifying their membership problems and trying to think about how to fix them. There's really a lot of parallels with the GOP. When the rational people leave and the irrational people gain more control, what do you do? How do you wrestle control back? How do you get the people who left back, and keep your current base. There exists a real concern for people who make these decisions about doing something about it all and the people who left still don't come back, and the people who were there leave, and you are left with nothing. You can argue about the merits of caring about the irrational people, but the people I've spoken with aren't interested in chasing them off; more they're interested in getting them to adapt and stay within the system. And while Im sure plenty of people feel that way for money reasons, I don't have any reason to believe these people feel that way; I think they're genuinely trying to do right in the situation and are perplexed on how to do it... It's easy for someone not tied to it all to say "Well if they have a problem with gay marriage tell them to go elsewhere." It's not so easy when it's your job to figure out how to get the people back who left because they didn't like that stance, but keep the people who still feel that way, and navigate what trying to do that means.
  4. I’m not actively involved in a church anymore and hesitate to describe myself as Christian for a variety of reasons. but from what I see, never. It’s sort of like the GOP... the rational ones started walking away a while ago. There are still rational Christians but they’re the ones leaving. Which means the irrational ones are gaining power over time. I don’t foresee a time where rational Christians have the pull to make any changes. I think they lost that power a while ago and it’s never coming back.
  5. tshile

    The Impeachment Thread

    is there anyone that thinks he should be impeached, but not removed from office (for whatever reason you want to pick out of the billion of reasons you could have)?
  6. he was just trying to incite someone. no one took the bait yet. i don't know if you count as taking the bait. i don't think that qualifies as 'falling for it'
  7. Hah, if she did that and the dems nominated her I'd thoroughly enjoy the following 4 years of them telling the rest of us how she was the deserving candidate that got beat again because <insert reasons that don't include it being their fault> The rest of the situation would suck but that part would be hilarious to watch. Again.
  8. preface: 1 - I'm focusing on christianity because it's the topic of the thread 2 - they're the majority and have been the majority influence on the entire country, so their problems are more important (to recognize) than others the problem with christianity in this country is there's no self-policing. Any idiot can stand up and make awful statements under the guise of "being a christian" and most will either agree or just say nothing and let it be. the only ones it seems to bother... have stopped identifying as christians by now, in part (if not entirely) because of this reason. as a demographic they've allowed themselves to be co-opted by racists, sexists, and con artists. i mean, look at the support they give trump. they'd be better respected, less attacked, and have fewer people leaving their ranks if they just did some honest, genuine self-policing. and it wouldn't even be hard. there's so many ridiculous people to pick to go against it's not like they'd have to compromise their values (hell they'd be compromising them less...)
  9. The best thing Clinton can do, if her goal is keep trump from winning, would be to shut up and go away
  10. tshile

    The Impeachment Thread

    Also, all politics aside just measuring people by how they conduct and present themselves.... it is a great joy me that trump has sucked rick perry and Rudy Giuliani into this and they’re going down too
  11. tshile

    The Impeachment Thread

    Hiring Perry to DOE should have been the jumping off point for any rational conservative that was still supporting trump.
  12. tshile

    Redskins Fan Revolt Thread

    That’s what I’ve done. I watch at the start but at some point it becomes obvious they suck. I got kids and a lot of landscaping to manage. 3 hours on a Sunday is precious time to me. So, they’re going to be garbage again I’ll do something else and check in next September. I don’t even watch the draft because what’s the point? What is the value in having paid attention to the Redskins draft (possibilities beforehand and analysis and highlights and arguing afterwards) when they fire their coach after game 5, and are in their current state? redskins are in my blood. It’ll never go away. It’s part of my soul but I got better things to do than donate time to the Snyder-run Redskins which are a weekly embarrassment. Life’s too short. So much to do. I like football but I stopped liking the nfl years ago. The goodell era has ruined it for me. So, last weekend we went to a farm fall festival thing. Was awesome. and all I missed was the dolphins being able to beat us but choosing the #1 pick instead. Nats are in the World Series. I’ll donate my tv time to them for now.
  13. "I'm looking forward to the Nats being Super Champions" things you hear in the office when your team in the world series
  14. tshile

    Redskins Fan Revolt Thread

    Yet I didn't expect any better from you. You caught me i don't see snyder going through a team move where he loses the team name/etc.
  15. On funneling things into their personal resorts? Yes. On government? No, they've never championed it though. They're very much for government spending more money to address the policy items they want.