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  1. Picked up 2 trees out in West Virginia today. Cut them down with the kids. Now drinking wine and decorating. Got the fire pit running. made bacon eggs and hash browns for dinner. thanksgiving is a good time
  2. Food. 3 different sittings. Can’t get over the green bean casserole and pies. on the bourbon it’s like 10 past I don’t even know how many The advantage to taking the cowboys tonight is that even if you lose a bunch of dallas fans had their thanksgiving ruined haha **** them
  3. I am now going for a third round. Good day. Nice to relax
  4. Never mind. I’ll wait till there is an article.
  5. They moved the odds election night because the earlier numbers favored him so much that at one point betting on Biden to win had a payout of over 2x. It was hilarious to watch unfold. They all got excited and flipped the odds to trump being highly favored in a matter of an hour cause they bet so hard on him based on early numbers.
  6. Happy thanksgiving! anyone watching the parade? I found that alanis morissette thing weird and awkward.
  7. Lol. and those of us where other sacrifices were made to not have the debt, get nothing as well. it’s always been a lazy proposal.
  8. Yeah. I’m not sure if it’s related to being cooked differently or different ingredients or none of that. but I’ve been hearing it called both my whole life
  9. The industrial power and will of the United States show cased itself in this pandemic. The story of what went on to get the ppe, ventilators, medical equipment and of course the vaccines is just a marvel. There are tons of stories out there about it and we should start a thread and start sharing them. Cause one day someone’s gonna put it together and give us a hell of a movie or book - and I’m just talking about the industrial response. Like my favorite is one from npr’s planet money on following a business that makes a key ventilator part as they try to spin up production by 10,000%
  10. Or wide receivers. or tight ends or defensive backs we do well on punters. Although it’s hard to tell if that’s because we draft excellent punters, or if the punters we draft just get a lot of experience to hone their craft once here.
  11. Also I’ve never celebrated thanksgiving as being about the creation of America. Never. it’s always been what Springfield said. Family, food, and football (both watching and playing in the annual neighborhood game which seems to occur every year regardless of where I move to. In fact I just busted out last years jersies for this year the other day) if I’m going to celebrate the creation of this place I do it on July 4th. And that’s by far my favorite holiday. It’s not even close. You get to blow **** up, drink all day, grill out all day, and I’m always on the water (mostly
  12. As if drafting position matters for us we **** up across the board bro let us draft wherever it’ll be a disaster
  13. This is where I am. I mean I understand the history. and by all means if for some reason you insist on making sure I understand the history, then fine. I can humor that even if it’s the same person every time pulling the same shtick with the same people, every time pretending they’re just on a mission of enlightening everyone (which are the same people every year and so everyone’s already aware.) that’s fine I can humor it. but if we’re gonna start demanding people give up thanksgiving (or any holiday) traditions on those grounds then kindly go kick rocks somewhere else
  14. as an individual at this time? Yes. but as a Republican? If he lets the exodus of trump be the end of his criticism and runs as a member of the ticket? Nah. Doesnt get a pass from me. The problem of what we’ve seen over the last four years is bigger than trump being trump. It’s the number of people that sat by quietly knowing better but never being able to find their balls to do the right thing. they’re the florida sheriff sitting outside hiding around the counter while someone shoots up the children inside the school. they had a basic and fundamental r
  15. That’s fine. You’ll still be a long, long ways away from “it’s ok to throw those votes out only because they voted for the other guy” I just have to remember every time I want to flip out about the left’s drastic proposals that Trump existed as a president and for the most part the republicans fully embraced the idiocy. And by “I just have to remember” what I really mean is I thankfully have you guys to remind me constantly
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