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  1. Ps - I have nothing but love for biles. When my kids are old enough to understand and respect what they’re seeing her YouTube video is on the short list of things I’ll make sure they know happened. I’m just sick of the media making the other girls answer to it constantly. They deserve their own moment. And biles should go away (for now). It’s the god damn led for every segment every day now. It’s obnoxious.
  2. Wish they’d shut the **** up about biles and spend their time talking about the people actually competing. they make the other members of the team talk about it. How pathetic. Leave it alone.
  3. Back to wearing my mask. It seems to bother people in South Carolina where I am.
  4. The gop minority party legislative playbook is so basic and well known. They’ve done it for as long as I can remember. They realize there’s a long list of things people want done - and the gop wants none of it - so the gop acts like they want to compromised but ultimately never will. Because why move on some of the basic things, only to have to play defense as the minority party on others. We can’t get to criminal just reform if we can’t get past infrastructure and basic budgeting. Minimum wage, poverty, drug war, climate change - you name it, it all has a place in the priority queue, and if t
  5. Ah I thought it was the one from last week that’s what I meant by the others. That’s cool.
  6. Pork shoulder for the twilight polo match tomorrow. Wish me luck. It’s been a while.
  7. And good for her. And the others. our country is so screwed up. Priorities wrong across the board.
  8. Nope. The Dems don’t have the fortitude and the gop doesn’t care. And voters will mostly stick to their general tendencies of supporting their favorite party.
  9. video published by mpd. It’s graphic. It’s two dudes playing ring around the rosies trying to kill this other dude at point blank range and failing morons https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WesCq5hTeCw&feature=youtu.be (definitely targets and not a mass shooter) guessing dude on the ground behind the car in the pics is dude being shot at in the video.
  10. I have a shelf but they won’t let me put anything on it!
  11. It’s crazy a major political party can act this way and it’s not just accepted but cheered by their constituents. they are literally saying: you’re not in lockstep with us on this therefore we’re going to get you back by removing you from a position completely unrelated to it they want, cheer for, and encourage petulance at the highest levels of leadership
  12. And this is a great example of how stupid people are. they don’t remember that they guy said no they just remember that tucker said there is proof. kind of like how no one pays attention to the corrected news article. But the incorrect first release is remembered this ‘issue’ is weaponized. They know this is how it works. They do it intentionally. It’s in the same playbook as “say something enough times people will just believe it”
  13. Cheney is a bastion of truth and integrity for the Republican Party at the moment. Lol @ 2003ish me
  14. Although I’ll add that I kinda forgot you have to dress 48 and only have 5 on PS (? Sorry been a while since I knew those numbers…) and I don’t know how salary cap and picking up and cutting people and roster cap has to be considered. so maybe it’s slightly more than original thought but I don’t know that it’s significant. in terms of games being cancelled it feels like this is less of a ‘rule’ that will wreck the integrity of the season and more something that affects 2 games tops (though there may be many more scares and long weeks of listening about it but th
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