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  1. The “do you want to have fun?” Crowd is out on full force
  2. I know a Nikki and I know a Joe but not together
  3. Apparently the people that write the policies on the mgm website are not on the same page as the people that work at the mgm Yeah we had dinner there tonight was fun to be out again
  4. I even told them look when my daughter is vaccinated it’s fine. And you being here is fine. But your kid is waiting for a pcr test, can’t go to school, and is benched for the baseball team until the test comes back. Just don’t let my daughter take nap on you. they got mad stormed off and later said they were out of the family vacation jokes on him I didn’t want him to go anyways
  5. Had my first issue with a non vaccinated today They were really mad about it but I not care family member that isn’t vaccinated with kid who isn’t vaccinated waiting for pcr test. I didn’t think it was much to ask that they not hold my non vaccinated kid. Apparently it was.
  6. Everywhere I’ve gone today in Virginia and Maryland requires a mask which is whatever I guess it’ll take time for that to trickle down mgm doesn’t supposedly. Going there tonight
  7. I’m willing to tape my vaccine card to my forehead your move antivaxxers @Chinathat mask looks dope. My wife has pretty eyes *opens Amazon app...*
  8. Little bummed I never got to have masked sex. Wife thought it was a weird ask. now that the statewide mandate is gone it’s not the same. oh well. I am too just because **** those people. keep them out of my child’s school too. legit reason? I get it. Ignorance? I’m tired of just allowing it to be ok. Either wake up or be excluded.
  9. I agree. part of it is control freakishness. How can you be satisfied if you can’t just walk around the office seeing everyone work? part of it is just stubborn people being stubborn. They cannot accept change of any kind. and part of it is that some people are successful at working from home but many arent. They just aren’t. They can’t handle their own technological environment. IT costs are up for all my clients because people have ****ty internet, can’t figure out how to connect Bluetooth headsets, and/or have a ****ty computer. but also some people
  10. Yeah and like I said it’s easy for people to say whatever when they don’t actually have a decision to make. kind of like voting - people have a luxury of saying whatever they want in June, but what really matters is what decision making process is when you’re standing in the booth in November. im already seeing it. Months ago people were hedging in the whole thing - maybe this maybe that. Now that the cdc has essentially cleared the way for an employer to demand employees back in the office? Well, I bet we see a lot of employers demand employees back in the office.
  11. You know, I thought this would revolutionize working. Cause once people figured out you *can* do this, they’d rethink what they’re spending money on in regards to an office. but, even before the cdc announcement yesterday, most of my clients had vocalized in the last 3 weeks that they were working on shifting back to in office full time so, I don’t know how much of a long term change were actually going to see. It’s easy to say things in theory it’s different when you can actually make decisions about it all. I personally prefer a balance. I like working from ho
  12. I’m assuming they’ll adopt the same stance as they did with the anti maskers. Ask nicely then drop it. not worth dying or being assaulted over
  13. Agreed. I think the idea there will be no risk is a ship that sailed about a year ago when it became clear half our country was incapable of putting their dumb to the side for a minute and being an adult.
  14. competent it people are hard to come by. we were joking in our meeting the other day, that a number of our recent clients came on board after being ransomware’d. Downtime’s were in the range of 1-4 weeks. 4 weeks! And of course varying elements of data loss one situation was where the it company set up site to site vpn’s, that were always active, with each client and the IT company got ransomware’d. It worked its way down to all the clients and took everyone down. Can you imagine?!? You’re down for 3 weeks because you’re it company got ransomware’d and it infected you? H
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