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  1. I’m not interested in arguing that because it would be a long drawn out process. But yeah, that’s a concern
  2. Yeah.... I didn’t even think of that. I was too too busy convincing myself the cheapness of the gun was a big factor.
  3. I wonder how effective a tax would be on owning a <insert class of weapon here> would be. So say gas powered weapons is a 1k/year tax. Or you could do semi auto rifles. Or all semi autos. Where ever you want to draw the line. As as I said earlier, I think the cheapness of the ar-15 has been a huge contributor to the gun culture. There’s an issue of enforcing it. But in a hypothetical conversation I would only be interesting in assuming it was effectively followed/enforced.
  4. They're about 5x the size of fairfax county. I think we could do a lot of things if our country was that size, that we can't do now and might not ever be able to do. I'm happy for them but I'm not really impressed they were able to do this. We have plenty of states with larger populations that have passed pretty strict rules (compared to the rest of the country.)
  5. Now that i think about it, i don't believe the AWB banned the manufacturing, sale, or possession of those attachments. It banned you from having a gun that had them attached. An AR-15 takes all of about an hour to assemble from scratch. I watched a buddy build two of them - he's not a handy person and he doesn't know anything about guns (all he knows is what he learned through building these.) The only thing that requires specialty is torquing the barrel down, which you can pay any armorer like $50 to do. I don't even know if it costs that much. You can also do it yourself with the proper torque wrench. All of those attachments could be removed or installed in 2-5 minutes. That's actually the appeal of the AR-15... it's incredibly modular and you can customize it all you want. So, in addition to not really thinking a forward grip or folding stock of banana clip was a catalyst to send someone into a mass murder/suicide rage, if it did they could have easily acquired one and installed it themselves. You wouldn't see them at the range, and you certainly wouldn't want to get caught with one, but people would still own them. I'm sure it hurt production and caused prices to go much higher, but I don't see that as much of a barrier to the two man problems we have (mass shootings, general gun violence)
  6. I don't like being called a gun nut. Mostly because I don't think I am one. But anyways. Remember that the big issue iwth the AR-15 is that it's available at an incredibly cheap price. You can get one for less than 1k. I've seen them as low as 600 brand new. A reasonable semi automatic pistol is going to run you 400ish. When you think about the power of all the weapons out there, I don't think there's a better bang-for-the-buck than the AR-15. Don't get me wrong those cheap ones are garbage. A good one is going to run you over 1k, and the makes with top reputation start around 2k. But you can get a cheap one... So do these happen if the AWB stayed in place? Well, I think the AR-15 is still available under the AWB, just certain accessories aren't. Folding stock, forward grip, certain size/style magazine, etc. But I believe the gun itself would have still been legal. There's a reason it's dubbed the scary looking weapon ban... because it doesn't really do anything to ban the functionality of an 'assault weapon', it bans dumb attachments that mean little in regards to walking through a school and shooting people... The reduction in attachments available may have made it less popular. Which would have made it more expensive. Which may have led to the households that had these that were used in shootings (most of these school shootings involve an under age kid using a relatives rifle, I believe?) not having them around. Would the shooters have just used a different gun? I would think so, I doubt people who own AR-15's only own AR-15's, I think it's reasonable to presume they would have just used a different gun. But I certainly can't say for sure. I also can't say the outcome would have been the same (though, given the weapons available, I usually argue that you can accomplish the same thing with a different weapon, so... I would think the outcome would, roughly, be the same.) Maybe the AWB would have made the AR-15 less... fun. Less popular. And maybe that would have curtailed the gun culture from getting out of control (I attribute a big part of where we are now to the rise of the AR-15 business) Basically, I think it's a stretch to say the AWB would have done much. But I obviously can't be sure. If the best the control nuts got was a reinstituting the AWB, it would not quell my fears at all for my children spending the next 12 years in the public school system. Not one bit.
  7. Im like you. But sometimes people need to be treated like children and after a decade of terrible tragedies it appears most of our country are children when it comes to the gun problem. As for sounding different. It’s a matter of exactly what we’re discussing. Around 3 years ago I came to the conclusion that semi automatic weapons need to be banned if we care about this because they’re just too powerful. Expecting it to be done is different, I’m guessing it’s impossible. But it’s the most effective single move. I also decided you have to confiscate them. Many of these shooters took the guns from their parents. If they’re too dangerous to own then they’re too dangerous to own. But when people say ban ar-15s I baulk. They’ll be replaced with something functionally similar. There are other guns that do the same thing and don’t get used because they’re not as popular. They will become as popular when you ban the ar-15. It’s not an effective move. It’s a feel good move. I’ve got no desire for dumb feel good moves. It’s pushed by people that are clueless about guns. Every now and then I’ll go on “yeah but you can’t pass that law in this country” kick which kind of mixes it all up. For example - I’m for banning semi-autos but realistically that’s probably not possible. I’m for laws that will actually impact the issue. Even if it’s only by a little. I’m against feel good crap that doesn’t do anything. Im also big on putting some resources towards the whole “why are we raising people that want to murder large swaths of neighbors?” But when you mention that stuff you get mocked. Even by mental health professionals (which they won’t ever explain to me why) Gone. and no I don’t care.
  8. @visionary i guess it depends on what part of the problem you’re talking about. Of youre talking king about general gun violence I think that’s a side effect of socioeconomic factors as well as gun culture. I’d be curious how much violent crime there would be in DC if they ran more like Sweden or Norway than like the US. Education, Job opportunities and the criminal justice system come to mind first. While im interested in bettering the gun violence issue, the truth is I don’t live in an area with that problem and I’m allowed to do certain things to help myself. I can own and carry firearms. So it’s not a big issue to me. I’d like to see it fixed but it’s not the main issue to me. But I do have kids and they will go to public school. And my family and I do attend events - concerts, plays, movies, sports. So the mass shooter problem is much bigger to me. My family is more likely to be affected by that then being mugged at gunpoint. And I don’t know how we do anything about that other than remove the semi automatic weapons. Out of the house and out of the culture.
  9. Ban semi-automatic guns from ownership including confiscating existing guns. Ban from movies, tv, music and video games. If you think we have a gun culture problem then you only have so many options. And you have to recognize it’s a slow process to change culture. Removing those guns is the only short term thing I can think of.
  10. I think you just sound like someone that realizes our culture is part of the problem.
  11. Yeah I want whatever we ban from ownership banned from TV movies and music. I’d be for banning all guns from them. Our gun culture is out of control. Absolutely out of control.