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  1. Re: press conference on free and fair election in a vacuum she’s got a point. The Dems were doing that in 2016 too. I believe their favorite line was to declare him “not a legitimate president” if you’re going to run around publicly casting doubts on the election process without proof, don’t turn around and get mad at others doing it.
  2. A lot of kids have already left the system. Private school is booming. if ever there was a great time to push for vouchers and shifting a lot of people to private schools, this is it. I don’t think we have a firm grasp on what will be the total fall out from this. Teachers refusal to work together in this may wind up permanently alerting what public school is in this country. lots of people are finding out private school isn’t as unaffordable as they thought, and that there’s lots of nice things about it.
  3. @techboy also, I just want to take a moment to say I understand everything you’re saying. You’re not responsible for what happened out here and you don’t seem to have the wrong priorities at all. you’re in an unfortunate position of feeling the need to defend the entire profession and that sucks. You shouldn’t. Especially since every area handles this differently. Many of the teacher out here that I know and the one my kid has are doing the best they can. And I get that. There’s just other things going on as well. and it’s really frustrating to watch teachers
  4. They aren’t. They just have union powers and monopoly in the workforce. any other position in that pay range is generally considered replaceable. but no a county can’t replace 1/3 of it’s teachers 3 weeks before school starts. Especially since it’s a national problem. And that’s why they did what they did out here. The question is whether they’ll get away with it long term. You know who is holding in class sessions out here? Private schools. And they’re doing just fine. we looked. Can’t get into them. We were too late. Hell, private school is cheaper th
  5. Also my children’s daycare has tons of kids and has had 0 covid cases since March. it can be done. You just have to want to do it.
  6. Yeah. Well. I think we’re seeing a lot of selfishness and lack of foresight out here. I don’t foresee any teachers priorities getting public support at the polls ever again. Raises? Hah. I’m not saying it’s right. But when you use your union power this way, there will be backlash. And one day the teachers will feel safe, and the community is still going to hate them. i, personally, am perfectly fine with having my taxes raised to pay teachers more to help replace them. I realize that’s a far cry from an actionable plan. There’s right and wrong ways to
  7. As a side note - I rarely feel good about things these days, and I don’t really have any respect for northam, but I am thankful for what’s he’s done for the food program. it relieves a little stress for us from the day to day. We didn’t need that. It’s just a plus it at least attempts to help with the children that don’t have quality home situations (for whatever reason) and therefore have trouble eating regularly and with at least decent food. Anyone who’s spent any time on the subject has read enough studies to understand how important food is to children’s learning an
  8. Many of these parents that you want to meet you in this, are themselves going to work every day with risk. Or are now jobless or have significantly reduced hours already just to meet you currently. I care about the safety of teachers. Whenever this starts to roll back, my child will spend X days a week in that room with that teacher. Even if I didn’t particularly give a **** about any of them personally, not understanding how the welfare of their health impacts my child (and my wife, my other child, and me by extension) would be incredibly naive to the point you’d probably have to be
  9. Sorry. Yes. My post was worded poorly. yes I expect people responsible for making these decisions on behalf of others (school boards) to give as much time as possible and be as flexible as possible to accommodate for the fact that much can change very quickly. as far as responding to my wife asking what I think about sending our son to school in November? My response is: I don’t even know how to answer that when it’s so far out, too much can change.
  10. I’m open to getting rid of the EC as it currently exists, but not to replace it with the popular vote. I think simple majority for this country has enormous and obvious flaws.
  11. Yeah. But I’m speaking generally. maybe my life experience is different. but through the years it seems to me that anytime someone has something “bad” happen, it’s always the fault of someone else. It’s rare I hear someone go “yeah I ****ed up, oh well now I gotta deal with it” there’s almost always an excuse. I think this mindset explains a lot. When you view it’s not your fault and your not responsible to fix it, it allows you to sit by idly watching and just complaining.
  12. Hasn’t Kav had a spotty record so far in terms of blindly supporting the Trump admin? Has t he ruled against them already, even writing the majority opinion at least once? i wouldn’t be surprised if they completely manufacture fraud so they know where to look for the opening argument. That way it at least appears valid to pump the breaks and evaluate. From there it’s just a matter of muddying the waters and delaying. Force confusion and guesses and make the electors follow something other than actual voting results. I think the idea scotus is bought and paid for already
  13. Feckless politicians and media I don’t know why you guys don’t get that at the end of the day most of these “news” outlets only care about getting you to click/watch Some of the same ones decrying things now were putting trump on the screen constantly in 2016 because they thought it was funny and got them ratings. We are getting what we deserve. Everyone’s decided it’s someone else’s job to safeguard this country. We vote without caring about that. We throw our support behind media outlets because they tell us what we want to be told. We read headlines written
  14. It would be wise for protestors to not block and trap cars in public. You don’t have the right to do that and to scare/intimidate people. The person behind the wheel driving off should be an expected outcome. I don’t blame the driver at all. I would do the same thing especially if my children were in the car. (Im not really speaking to where the driver is there for the sole purpose of finding people to run over. Which I guess is a thing now. Still not wise to trap them. Your likely to lose that fight no matter everyone’s intent.)
  15. So looks like Virginia districts are starting to announce when they’re reopening. I though ours was going with a phased approach (k-2 first 3 weeks, then k-5, etc) but joe sounds like everyone at once. Announcement is not exactly clear. they picked a date about a month and a half out. wife is read to send him to school. I told her I don’t understand how anyone feels comfortable making plans over a month out right now. Things are subject to change any day. they’re offering both a hybrid and a virtual model. No full time model is available. So we’re back to weighing the safet
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