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  1. I will say this (I’m aware no one cares ) if this name change is about something bigger, mainly pushing snyder out, I’ll gladly accept that. I never wanted to give up the name but if it means getting rid of that jerk then by all means necessary. if it’s a cash injection via rebranding like it came off to me at first, then nah I’ll just watch others pump money onto a clown show
  2. No.... this is a cash injection via rebranding because they’re out of options and can’t create a competitive product to sell. It’s going to be the same clown show with a different name they’ll just have more money cause plenty of people will buy the new gear (until they realize it’s the same team) just like getting a new stadium is about everything other than trying to win football games.
  3. This is more than likely a cash grab via rebranding and people are gonna eat it up still a clown show. Just with a different name and a bunch of new merchandise sales congrats snyder. Figured out another way to destroy everything in the name of a buck
  4. I’m in North Carolina and they’re much better at the whole mask thing than where I live
  5. This. So much this. it should be how many new cases, with icu capacity (honestly I’d like it broken by covid and non covid), and a rolling 7 or 14 day average of new case hospitalization rate. that would actually give us a picture of how “bad” things are trending. if we can get to a point where yes, new cases are spiking and not spiking, but there’s room in the icu and staff isn’t overloaded, and we’re seeing fewer and fewer new cases result in icu/extended hospitalizations then we can start feeling better about opening back up and quell some fear i feel like right now we’re comparing football teams strictly by yards gained/allowed. And there’s just so much more to it, and just measuring yards gives such an incomplete picture
  6. Right im not trying to make some statement about things aren’t bad or whatever just saying there’s more to it than new case numbers at this point and I feel like people are only talking about case numbers still
  7. It is a good sign. What matters is that the hospitals not be overloaded. And that’s what it means. the virus isn’t going away and we’re all going to get it. This magical vaccine path isn’t going to work. The timeline prohibits it. If we had better buy in as a country on masks and social distancing it could work. But I think we’ve shown that we don’t and won’t have that buy in. a more realistic path is majority of people get it before a vaccine can create herd immunity. Which means we need to focus on hospitals not being overloaded so people don’t die simply because they can’t get treatment. And it means we need to hope decreased viral load goes a long way to slowing the rate at which people get it and need hospitalization (and improves outcomes of those that do need hospitalization) masks work. The data shows it. They work to slow the spread and they work to reduce the viral load. Which means the outcome of people as we move through rolling averages of case numbers should also be improving. Which means the severity of this is not what it was in March. which means it’s time for our precious media that loves to thump their chests about the public service they provide, wake up and realize it’s time to start covering this topic a little different than they did 4 months ago. (they won’t because they’re always a day late and a buck short when it matters)
  8. a lot has changed about what we know. Plus there’s a time factor. No we can’t handle 10% at one time but it isn’t going to be 10% at one time for instance the viral load factor. 100k people with it now, with precautions people are taking, has a different impact than 100k people having it in say, March. When there were no precautions. Also more at risk people should be taking even more precautions now meaning they should be a lower % of the cases now. we also know a large % of people fall into the little or no symptoms category, and we don’t really know what % of the cases those people are now compared to March - we just know we can test more people now. For instance most of the nurses I know that got it recently simply had a mild headache and light fatigue for a week or so. Viral load matters and we know that now and we’re seeing it at work - more people now with lesser symptoms. treatment is also improved a bit once you are actually hospitalized what I’m saying is that now, more than ever, there’s a lot of nuance to what’s going on and a simple graph of case numbers doesn’t mean a whole lot. Treating case numbers now the same as we did back in March is being too simple. of course it would help if we could get 90%+ of the population to buy in on social distancing and masks instead of what we have now... (I’m not in any way trying to minimize the issue of the virus I’m just trying to point out that things are different now than 4 months ago and throwing around graphs and new record high days isn’t really capturing that and the way people are reacting to it all isn’t really showing any understanding of that)
  9. Honestly I think we’ve reached a point new case numbers don’t matter. hospitalization rate is all they matters. early on it was like 30%. If it’s now 10% or even less then the numbers going up means even less.
  10. Once you get past that you don’t even feel it Although I’ve been warned there’s other stages of that as it goes i actually am afraid of what it’s going to feel like when I do shave.
  11. Haven’t cut my hair since March 15 or shaved everyone likes it but the wife.
  12. welp, now colleges will be shut down for the semester
  13. So npr is saying eu opened travel to tons of places including China (if they relax restrictions on eu travelers) and South Korea. but US travelers are banned There you go republicans you found someone to chase us out of command of the global economy and the real kicker about it happening now is that a lot of his policies/doings prior to the pandemic were also doing that style of damage so there you go. That’s your guy. Congratulations.
  14. You also have to consider all the possible perspectives we joke and don’t know, but clearly many of us have sized these people up as the watch Fox News all day read right wing propaganda type. So, you know what their perspective of this is. That the BLM stuff is more about rioting and destroying. so coming at it from your perspective of them just being peaceful protestors, while all well and good and I agree with that perspective, doesn’t really help you in terms of understanding possible and expected outcomes. im sure those people were actually scared. I don’t think that’s right, I don’t think it’s a particularly intelligent way to perceive things, but I think they were probably actually scared.
  15. That’s a convenient and incorrect comment the second they walked outside with guns visible this story was set on its current path and wouldn’t change (except if they actually killed someone or the protestors actually then attacked or something, then it would be the same path just an extension into a worse area of it) but I do find it cute that you now are trying to suggest that if they’d just left their guns at their side this wouldn’t be as big of a deal as it is. and I’ll counter that ridiculousness with the idea that I’d they hadn’t gone onto private property none of it would have happened at all.
  16. Also I think it’s important to differentiate between what is right, reasonable, legal and what is an expected response because those can diverge quickly and I think most people are playing on the expected response side not the other side maybe it’s where I live, how I was raised, or that there’s just something wrong with me, but if I go onto private property uninvited and don’t leave when directed my expectation is to be confronted with a gun. Or a bat, or a knife, or whatever. And I don’t have a problem with that.
  17. This definitely is happening, I know people doing it. not sure how wide spread it is and what it means for the election. I imagine having to raise taxes is part of the issue since the right never wants to do that...
  18. Out of curiously what would be a legitimate argument against mail-in ballot? is there some language in the constitution or something that could actually be used (even if horridly misconstrued) that would at least have some level of legitimacy? (excluding process and fraud arguments. I mean something that has a little meat to it. Cause they all seem like obvious facades )
  19. I do not care about whether it was “enough” or not i made no judgement on the use of guns. Or whether they broke a gate. Or whether they should get in trouble. Or pretty much anything you continue to quote me and argue with me on. Go read the post again. Jesus Christ.
  20. Also i don’t think “my wife doesn’t know anything about guns so I gave her one in a stressful situation” is as good of a defense as the husband seems to think it is (I imagine in their minds it was stressful, and I imagine that’s their defense for their thinking, but lol)
  21. You’re having a difficult time here if you go into private communities or on yo other private property uninvited, in this country, getting shot is a strong possibility I don’t care for the rest of your “I don’t know any facts at all but let me tell you a bunch that I can make an argument with” analysis at this point i don’t believe a single person has argued for what you’re arguing against. Maybe a generic question or two. But that seems like it.
  22. They were in a private community that required breaking a gate or going through a broken gate to access it. it’s just not that hard to understand.
  23. Ours have been doing curbside only for a while and are rolling out home delivery!!!