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  1. Fergasun

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    Meanwhile look at Kanter...
  2. Fergasun

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    NBA is just a flashpoint... We have been ignoring the issue as Americans for too long anyway. Target, Walmart, Amazon rose by selling "Made in China Cheaper" products. I own a Vizio TV... its not bad. Technically by saving money over another brand (probably also made in China) I profitted from communist, human rights violator China. I think this bleeds into another specific thread on China. It also ignores another thread about society losing the "American values" the country stood as when we came together so many years ago. Like free speech, liberty, self determination and if the people, by the people, for the people. Partly because "American values" has been coopted to mean "white American values" by racists... and theres hypocrisy also.
  3. Fergasun

    Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook should be broken up

    What the freakin frick. I don't FB but I am sure they track me with my wife. I don't understand why influencers don't go to youtube or facebook alternatives...
  4. It's sports. Nationals were a few cm away from getting hits on Walker. Strass calmed down. Even Kershaw came out and K'd Eaton. His pitch to Rendon was not a bad pitch. The one to Soto was awful. Both hitters locked in on it. About to go in to work and it's going to be depressing around sad Dodger fans...
  5. LA loves Kershaw, he is great for the community. It is easy to 2nd guess Roberts and say, "after he struck out Eaton, go with Urias". Its just sports things. See Ovechkin and Capitals until they won. In fact, the pre-Cup winning Caps are a great analogy for these Dodgers. Their bats went to sleep after the 3 run lead. It seems dumb to fire Roberts after this run. Wait a week and then the emotions will die down.
  6. Strassburg put the loud bats to sleep... way to stick with it and get goong... undersung hero... even after giving up 3.
  7. Dodger fans were debating whether or not to bring in Kershaw with a lead... exactly this scenario....
  8. This is the nightmare LA talk radio was going over this morning. Guts for the Nationals! My wife is sitting here, in LA saying, "Let's eat Jubilee Ice Cream". Roberts is gone... everyone is going to say he shouldnt have sent out Kershaw...
  9. Fergasun

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    During the national anthem no less. Appeasement of Xitler...
  10. Do you guys know how much Dodger fans are also freaking out over this game... sports entertainment...
  11. Don't blame me.... I'm married.
  12. NoVA transplant to Southern CA. Happy for my Redskin-fan brethren -- heard the 8th live on the radio with "Son of Fergasun". Its baseball, which is random. Dodgers need 3+ run leads for Jansen to hold recently.... Still a Mets fan...
  13. Fergasun

    The Impeachment Thread

    The argument I would make is this is how he operates on a daily basis. Its all out in the open. Enriching himself, enriching his power like no one we have ever witnessed as a nation... and half the country don't care because of some "team player baseball" BS. If Obama or Bill C ran the country like this, they would be impeached. Oh, I read some "4D chess.... this is an ADM Akbar level trap!!" Who cares. Between the dirty payments, tax returns, Russia ties, etc... can't believe people still want this guy as leader.