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  1. @ixcuincle And that explanation doesn't make sense... maybe running as VP makes more sense. I wish there was some way to tell if this is normal for him, but the narrative in Biden is already out.
  2. @ixcuincle For sure he mixed up "economic crisis" in 2008 with "pandemic".
  3. Goodness, I love the drama of sports. Was traveling west coast to east. Ended up getting dinner right as the 3Q started. Down 20, the Wolves were dead. The last 11 min of the quarter it was a 28-9 run. One of the greatest runs to watch. Nuggets just went ice, and could only thaw off in the 4th. Really gritty and if the Wolves get the trophy it will be franchise defining. When the Wolves closed it to 4 or 5 I turned to my buddy and said, "If Denver doesn't get into the game, they will lose by 10." Even the 4th Q, it really felt the refs were tilting to the Nuggets... an out of bounds calls, fouls called on Gobert, Ant getting hit across the arm, timeouts not given. Even the "goaltend".
  4. So that helicopter had the next two in line of succession to the Supreme Leader. I guess they were going off of cell phone pings and it was a Russian hard landing.
  5. From CNN's Adam Pourahmadi and AnneClaire Stapleton Although it could be that their cell phones are pinging... who knows.
  6. Nevermind... cnn.com saying they are in contact with 2 other passengers.
  7. Does not sound good for the Iranian President.
  8. This seems stupid... because the corralary is "fat Americans cost health care $1T a year".
  9. NYT: The View Within Israel Turns Bleak By Megan K. Stack Link, but it is paywalled... ... There is a lot more. Essentially the past 15 years, the Israel public has grown indifferent to the Palestinians. Additonally, life ain't so great for the Arab population there either, who fear getting murdered.
  10. @China https://nypost.com/2024/05/17/us-news/boeing-whistleblower-john-barnetts-suicide-note-revealed/ I really don't want to believe there are literal corporate assasins out there offing whistleblowers. And there are apparantly 10 more.
  11. We have no idea until the jury verdict comes out what they are thinking. The media is treating Cohen like a "star witness", but the prosecution has built a foundation around Cohen. For all we know, the moment's that swayed the jury already have happened well before Cohen's testimony. Hope Hicks crying on the stand, Stormy Daniels and her lawyer. If Trump puts up minimal defense... are they really not gonna call witnesses? Who knows?
  12. https://www.c-span.org/video/?535511-1/robert-f-kennedy-jr-campaign-rally-austin-texas Latest RFK Jr. campaign event, with Nicole Shanahan and others. I do agree with them our government is behest to corporate interests and that has infected both parties. But that's not the base and core of their campaign. The core of their campaign is a cult based around RFK Jr. and his anti-vax stance. And some type of crunchy "regenerative soil is the future" stance too. Maybe it is, but you are not gonna get a ton of people voting for regenerative soil. I don't deny that perhaps the COVID vax had negative side effects for some people. ****cat Doll Jessica Hutta spoke and said she was vax injured and got lupus. As a fan of political disruption, take your $50M (or whatever) and run 5 House candidates and campaign around that. That will break some of the political ossification. I don't doubt any of the speakers are genuine and authentic... I think this campaign is a dumb waste of money.
  13. Is anyone going to ask Nicole Shanahan and RFK Jr.why they are trying to get Trump elected? She just put $8M into their campaigm. What a friggin' waste. What's the point? If you are trying to upend politics, going for the President is the least effective thing ever. And really, both of them need to be rotating through the Sunday AM shows every week. Dear RFK Jr. You want to do a Constititutional Amendment against Citizens United? You don't need to be President to do that.
  14. Fergasun


    LOL... dude is leading a major tournament? I don't care how cool, calm and collected you are. I would bet on a bad round. Welcome to America! Good thing this guy wasn't a minority at least. "POLICE KILL #1 GOLFER" -- is a bad headline.
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