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  1. I am disturbed by some of the chatter on what I felt were previously not far right outlets. Of course over the past couple of months I have been disturbed by, red flags like "look at how great anglo-saxons have been and how little brown people contribute to America!" These were some of the thoughts: "Everyone should read the manifesto, he speaks truth!" "I am trying to find the video." "Coming to America when they take my guns." "The politicians / government brought this upon their citizens." These people are insane and don't want to adapt to a changing culture. It is embracing the same death culture they were so up in arms over. We should give this piece of **** our eyes and ears because he deserves it after taking the lives of 49 innocents? Oh, and the left is "radical" when they talk about gun bans? I get the arguments and there are legitimate arguments, but these folk are flat out white nationalist racists and can't deal with changes in the world that has occurred in the past 25 years. Immigrant thieves... appalling...
  2. Fergasun

    ES Soccer Thread

    Harsh, but true words for a fellow countryman... Messi and Ronaldo are so above everyone else.... I don't see anyone in the next generation with such genius...they are Pele and Maradona level... especially Messi -- but Ronaldo is a goal machine. Neymar is probably the closest. Salah last season showed brilliance, this season has dropped a bit. Mbappe probably has the best talent of the younger cohort but be is very raw technically. What Messi and Ronaldo are still doing is very underappreciated...
  3. Fergasun

    ES Soccer Thread

    What is that... 5 games with 2 goal leads going into the 2nd leg that got flipped. I know Ronaldo scored 3 goals, but was Bernadeschi (sp?) a huge factor? I don't think he started in Leg Uno.
  4. Is there Trump scandal thread? There is at least this plus Florida Bob Kraft massage parlor selling political influence.... but I guess none of it matters?
  5. Great discussion I am reading here, and No Excuses brings something most lay folk here don't have. Why should we be so certain that a plague-like airborne virus outbreak is just around the corner and current norms and boundaries should be pushed? If the bad guys are working on this research, I think it is just as likely they "own-goal" themselves. I am actually convinced it may not be as bad as the Opinion writer lays out.
  6. Fergasun

    U.S. Congress Part 116

    This is what I think. Could people say the backlash against Ilhan's comments were Islamophobic? Just as much as folks were saying her comments were anti-semitic (which she has accidently or intentionally stumbled into). Raise your hand if you would think that a Muslim representative in Congress, would have an issue with the Israeli lobby to Congress -- or vice versa. The discussion and debate should be the point. Of course the Israeli lobby has an interest in ensuring that an American politician with a worldview and experience sympathetic to Arab-Muslim viewpoints (i.e. not 100 % sympathetic to Israel) comes under scrutiny and controversy and in fact they should be expected to politically attack her The longstanding, neverending, complicated Israel-Palestine (Jewish-Muslim) conflict has bloody hands on both sides and many people have strong opinions on both sides. But of course this should bleed into American politics. Why again? Why can't we move into the 21st century? A Muslim representative in the US Congress from Somalia naturally would be sympathetic to Palestine. That's really what this is about... and the Israeli American PAC is going go continue to watch her, pounce on her every word and politically attack her to ensure she is seen as an outlier/persona non grata. I do find it funny that 23 GOP members would vote against the resolution that came to the floor, "This resolution came out of a fabricated attack on Omar!! It doesn't go far enough!!"
  7. Fergasun

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Just came out... still hooked on Mar Vell....
  8. Fergasun

    ES Soccer Thread

    I didn't realize that defenders could just leave their arms out of their bodies to deflect shots or crosses into the box.... don't all defenders know to keep their arms in their body so it doesn't look like you are just leaving it out there? I'm also thinking the Sergio Ramos PK vs. Russian in the World Cup... "Let me just randomly stretch my arm out...". I also didn't realize that VAR was playing striker for PSG... Lukakau vs. Mbappe... veteran composure (T. Silva was even trying to slide tackle Lukakau on Goal 1 and he withstood it like a statue) versus Mbappe who had multiple good scoring chances that he couldn't convert....
  9. Fergasun

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    They are what their record says they are. It's possible they could pull out a winning streak and I like reading that the team seems focussed on the playoffs. However, they haven't won the games they needed to the whole season. It is a different team with Portis, Parker and Brown getting minutes...
  10. Fergasun

    NPR: How Federal Disaster Money Favors The Rich

    My take: socialism is good for the rich. That's what this is about. Think about the big crash and how the big banks are doing fine now... people affected by the crash? Who cares about them. I don't know if it has been going on for 10, 20, or 30 years -- but I get the feeling that government is not being run for "greater good of American people", but, "greater good for the rich..." which is nearly like "trickle down". But I can't say that or I will be called socialist. It used to be "red commie" but that my spark my mind to wonder about a President who is Putin's puppet...
  11. Fergasun

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Why is the GOP not having a debate over Trump 2020? He's worse than Nixon. Many of his people are going to jail. I know their messaging is a pivot to "SOCIALISM IS AT OUR DOORSTEP!".... but there is a criminal in the White House using his position for personal gain, in bed with Russia...
  12. Fergasun

    ES Soccer Thread

    Why do I feel like Champions League always entertains. How common is it that 3 away teams overcome 2 goal deficits in the 2nd leg (I didnt confirm that Roma was home... so was it just 2?) Folks who only watch soccer during World Cup are missing out. These games are better. I don't know why but TNT only shows some matches in on-demand? I watched first half of PSG-MU.... PSG wasted so much of their attacks with stupid volleys... and MU capitalized on huge mistakes... Buffon....
  13. Fergasun

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    100% honest, I have always thought Mel Proctor was better than Buckhantz.... at the same time Buck has grown into his own with play-by-play plus time with Phil... and we forgot about Mel. I haven't religiously watched them in 15+ years...
  14. Fergasun

    ES Soccer Thread

    I thought VAR got the call (goal allowed) correct? Are people upset that they took the time to look at it from all angles?
  15. Fergasun

    ES Soccer Thread

    Well, it was a 2 year run of magnificance fueled by Ronaldo and Marcelo (is he hurt?). We happened to be out for lunch and enjoyed watching Ajax go 2 up. The build-up was amazing on the second goal with the 360 move plus perfect pass.... brutal brutal week...