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  1. Will be 40 this year. Married at 23, had a boy at 24 and daughter at 27. Still married. My wife is older, so I am the crazy outlier. I have a decent, stable federal job, but it sucked for us financially due to many reasons and we couldn't get a house until 2016. Wife and I are much better for going through what we have --- would not wish for my children to go through it. Technically I am Gen X , I suppose.. always thought we were called GenY. Millenials are the ones who have always known technology....
  2. Is the President going to give a nationwide speech like he should have 3 days ago?
  3. @tshile 2 months ago everyone shamed the spring breaker who said, "if I get coronavirus, I get coronavirus." Now, everyone is that guy...
  4. Can anyone explain the logic in reopening the economy? I haven't seen a simple summary. Are we saying that because it primarily affects the elderly and vulnerable in society we are taking extra precaution to protect them, but everyone else is ok to be exposed to it? Are we saying this virus silently spread through the country already, so its okay to be exposed? Are we saying that we need to get our economy running again, so "damn the COVID, everyone back to work." The logic behind the shutdowns in my mind was a pause to understand more about the virus and slow the spreading. I am not convinced we know a ton more about treatment (maybe doctors do?) -- I would like to see studies thst show we are improving effectivity. Are hospitals better equipped now that we can handle COVID? Or are we just ignoring that logic?
  5. I just thought good guy McDonalds liked giving me free food.
  6. It honestly saved the Prequels for me. Maybe they can do something about the Sequel Trilogy... or just do 5 seasons of The Mandalorian.
  7. Easier to do with a series vs. movie. Yes, talking about same thing. You can basically intercut this Clone Wars arc with Episode III.
  8. I can't be the only person watching "Animated Episode 3 -- Clone Wars Edition". Last's nights episode was amazing!!
  9. We need to end TBTF. Its not fair to say, "There's too many jobs in the oil industry". What about all the other industries and small business? Everything is contracting....
  10. Thinking about oil futures. There is an ETF, USO that was set up to be like "investing in crude oil futures." I don't think that ETF ever envisioned the demand... but I don't know if they actually intend on taking physical delivery of the oil. This is an issue with ETFs....
  11. Nothing. No one benefits from this. Even if you have an in demand service, people have to eat, put shelter over their heads and maintain their health. That leaves minimal money for yoh. There's a reason that the "powers that be" have tried to avoid an economic downturn. Yes, even if it makes people angry to manipulate the market. The people who benefit are already sitting on piles of cash. You can buy all the land you want. For anyone sane... there are going to be a larger and larger amount of angry, hungry, jobless people. Our society and economy hasn't been structured to protect us from this... dislocation.
  12. That's a little bit too much trust. I don't think there could be anything neferius or intentional, but I know they are already fast-tracking approvals. I would consider the first year or two to be like additional clinical trials. Skeptical perhaps is the correct word. Remember when people x-rayed their feet to get a shoe size or people layed with Mercury? Initial products are glitchy....
  13. I don't want to take the first vaccine -- simply because I won't really trust its effectivness and side effects but particularly if there's something "wrong" that's huge. I also won't go through the airport backscatter machines either (at this point this one might be a bit tinfoily...). Not anti-vax in general, but I don't trust the system, quality control and government oversight process. It's not the same oversight that gave us Boeing MAX -- but same type of lost trust in that system.
  14. Woah. There's no "death" caused by keeping the economy closed -- isn't it only "death" because of how our society is structured? Kind've feel like a Monty Python skit if I say this but -- yes, only the landowner classes may experience "life", everyone who works for them gets "death". So get back to work, or "die". How upside down is our culture. I get it -- there's no "utopia" but we don't even pretend....
  15. So are the Feds going to "pre-empt" state orders? I.e. let's say that you sell trinkets (a non-essential item) in a state like CA which will have public health orders shutting down non-essential business till mid may. Could the feds be angling to protect your "constititional rights"?