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  1. Fergasun

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    I live in the greater LA area and they seriously are talking about signing Dwight Howard? Is it me or did he just sit out the Wizards season? Actually he averaged 12/9?? Why didn't he play more?
  2. He already tried to commit suicide -- but claims that someone else was trying to harm him. I would like to see those claims looked to too. His lawyers indicated he was in good spirits, but he basically had someone babysit with him (a young female) when he could be with lawyers. It is likely to me he did commit suicide. He's rich, used to being free.... I would like to see investigation encapsulate his first suicide attempt.
  3. I just want to see enough investigation that indicates tapes were watched and they know that no one entered his cell. That will satisfy me...
  4. As long as the guards are alive, I am willing to give suicide the benefit of a doubt. If they die under mysterious circumstances.... One question I do have is whether or not there is any proof to his previously claimed "attack". Surely there would be cameras to determine if someone else tried to kill him.
  5. Was there video on the jail cell doors, or not? Has video evidence.been destroyed -- if so, by whom? These seem like simple questions to answer. Or are there no video cameras around. If the guards on duty die of suicide or self-inflicted gunshot wounds....
  6. Fergasun

    Subscription services that are worth it

    Internet -- I use cable, wish there was a non sucky fiber option. YouTubeTV - need it for the sports, their cloud DVR is awesome, except my World Cup recordings disappeared... XBox Live Gold - its about $45 to $50 per year Netflix - less and less movies. For those their physical disc service was always great VPN - similar price to Xbox Live Gold
  7. Now watch as the woman who just came out with accusations is going to have an "accident".
  8. I hired someone recently, a real nice guy that had gone deep into the global one world conspiracy theory. This death is just going to pour gasoline on these conspiracies.
  9. I just read through an internet thread that claimed the El Paso shooting was a "false flag" due to the reports of multiple shooters and people changing clothes. Let's go through a 2nd Amendment change via political process thought exercise. The 10% or less of folks who are "pry my guns from my cold hands" may go crazy. We have had more mass shootings (8 people dead) in America in the past 24 hours than occurred in the 50s, 60s, 70s.
  10. The manifesto: Channels Michael Savage and other "hard ideological" folks who deem illegal immigration an "invasion". The Democrats are about to take Texas... America is domed when this happens!! Cites corporations as an evil partner in this. All of it is what I would expect a white nationist to say and then claims, "calling me a white nationalist is fake news." People who act like illegal immigrants have such a great life in America are morons -- "free health care, cell phones, cars.... all paid for by Americans!!!!!". I think Trump says dumb stuff like this. This has been a losing argument politically for 20+ years... so now that these people don't have a political voice, they are turning to violence. "My poor, small American dream is ruined, so I am going to take it out on innocent people who are trying to live their own American dream instead of adapting." Why didn't we have mass shootings during the Great Depression?
  11. I say this after listening to zero of the debates. It should be Warren and Mayor Pete on the ticket. Warren has political outsider credibility and has been talking about her issues for years. I wonder if she had any idea where her star was going when she got appointed TARP COP after the bailout. I wonder if it was at that job she realized that most politicians are idiots and pay no attention to their jobs nor the average American. She needs to play that up bigtime. I like Liz!!
  12. Fergasun

    The Impeachment Thread

    I get the point. But impeachment can be framed as "Democrats stuck in 2016". The message should be, "Vote him out and send him to jail." And Dems make the case for 2020.... not a hard case at all. "Boo, Dems not impeaching so I won't vote for them" screams Russia election influence....
  13. Fergasun

    The Impeachment Thread

    What do you guys think an impeachment will accomplish? It's not going to remove Trump becauae they don't have 67 Senators. Trump's going to keep acting like he's the victim. Clinton's impeachment was over in 4 months. Do you think the Democrats want this to be over in December 2019?
  14. Fergasun

    The Impeachment Thread

    I don't get it. How can you play the "both sides, I am apathetic game" when we have the worst President in our lifetime. What other administration has had so many convictions of high level campaign officials? What other President has been as overtly racist and done more to damage America's standing? He still won't release tax returns. He cares so little about truth, justice, and American democracy not to menton the 4th estate. Lock her up, send them back, crush the media. And this is ok?!?!!!?!
  15. Fergasun

    Robert Mueller's congressional testimony.

    I dont't think impeachment is the right idea. Senate is never going to remove him. All this is doing is laying the Political Case against Trump 2020, which is fine. GOP wants to act like Mueller did nothing -- how many of Trumps campaign folks are in jail. Now if they are timing it for maximum impact with 2020 and it works, as in they embarrass the GOP further.... hey, good job. But its foolish to think 14 Senators will flip on Trump. Maybe the idea is to make it so clear that they look foolish, but Mueller did not accomplish that. Good for him for doing his best at sticking to the report and avoid being a mudslinger for both sides.