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  1. So I am reading websites that track what Brix is saying. She's basically saying the models that say 50 to 60 percent infection over the next 2 months are wrong. I kindve agree... the same way I disagree that LA is behind NY... LA and CA had it before NY but NY didn't respond quick enough. Basically we need a more data, more supplies, and more information.
  2. There are people arguing that we are completely overreacting... that a lot, lot, lot more people have had Coronavirus than we realize. That its spreading because people don't wash hands.. This is contrasted with many of the dire Twitter stories of healthy, young people in ICU...and so many other countries experencr.
  3. I was looking at mine pre deduction...
  4. Can you give me a list of the "Top 10" CEO moves in the past couple years? We get top plays in sports all the time... what do these CEOs do that is so awesome for either the mid to low level employee or general public.
  5. Since my father passed away in 2018 our income got bump a bit above the $150k threshold. I am thankful that I don't need additional money too badly right now. It still just phases out between $150k and $198k... right?
  6. Woah, woah, woah! I read an article chiding Americans for not having 6 months in an "emergency fund" set up for all their expenses -- I think the title was "American's financial irresponsibility being shown". Shouldn't businesses have 6 months "emergency fund" saved up for all their expenses too? Yes, I know I am being sarcastic/facetious... however; why do we get to bail out corporate irresponsibility? We have basically backstopped the banks twice, with taxpayer funds. I think I said it in '08 and believe it more now. If we are going to backstop the banks (twice) why not just own them outright and nationalize them as a utility? Is that too "dangerous" for half the countries "political ideals"? Did you see that Boeing CEO said, "if we have to give up a stake in our company, don't bail us out."? The rank hypocrisy of our public policy (socialism) and public attitudes toward "socialism" is ridiculous! These bailouts are corporate socialism which to me is the worst kind. Why? Because when those corporations are profitable they want to reduce their tax burden, and call any type of support for the individual citizen "socialism".
  7. I guess national bailout policy should be something us voters ask about AHEAD of time. I just wish we would demand they explain why so tilted towards corporations? Do even the political parties have a national crises policy? This is two bailouts in 12 years and ultimately its all aimed at the banks. The banks would take the brunt of any economic downturn. So can we just nationalize the banks? I would like to see that graph charted by state. Personally I feel like SoCal, aside from beaches and hiking last weekend --- people are aware of social distancing. Newsome was talking about CA being 10 to 12 days away from New York.... I don't think so because we had the Bay Area breakout before New York and seemed to have flattened the curve. Florida and Louisiana are the ones a week behind NY...
  8. These bailouts make me so angry. How many people benefit from the stock market? We're basically spending 4 TRILLION to subsidize the rich. If we have checks and unemployment increases for the people, why do we need corporate bailout? Their employees are covered... the corporate bailout is for the rich. That is ridiculous. We're going to continue to run an economy where debt drives asset prices; including housing and everything else to a huge number. Oh, and where's the bill-text?
  9. I forgot the sarcasm tag on my quote. These past 2 weeks I was shocked that our society was actually going to value life and people over what we think of as a "successful economy".... now that people are seeing the impact... its "throw grandma off the train." Even people who think our economy is structured poorly has too much debt... even they seem worried about protecting the economy over people.
  10. Going back to work is only bad for the elderly and people with "underlying health conditions"... the economy will move on without them.
  11. Woah... this bill didn't take time. It was written in a week. Congress doesn't work like a business anyway. I am doubling down saying, whatever they do won't be enough. Dow 10,000....
  12. TARP was a $700B slush fund. Sure, it was originally supposed to go to the banks... doesn't matter. $500B is not enough in government loans.... Look, everyone.... shutting down our economy is going to hurt. It has been obvious for a week... we haven't talked about the stark choices this virus is forcing on us vs. risk/benefit... our economy can't handle no one working for more than a few weeks.
  13. "Feds Kashkari" -- the guy in charge of the last bailout!!!!
  14. What we need is a jobs act 2.0 for all the unemployed people in the next 2 months. Let the banks die, and maybe they will learn not to bet on bailouts. Its obvious that its the "second responders" (nurses and doctors) and "third responders" (food supply chains, truck drivers, stockers, etc) that are the indisposable people in the nation. These people are idiots trying to prop up dead corporations some more. Don't even have a clue....
  15. Fergasun

    The Quarantine Thread

    Here in SoCal... lined up behind a Costco store. Have been told they will allow 100 people in at a time and a single file line to get to paper products and water. Told they will have toilet paper... but may be out of paper towels. We are at place 250 to 300 in line. P