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  1. I hate the time difference, but will be looking forward to watching gymnastics with my family tonight. Only my wife will be spolier free, maybe...
  2. Not sure if this is the right thread to discuss USA basketball, but maybe the issue is that the NBA is more Harlem Globetrottery with fouls and rigged officiating etc. and the NBA players used to getting 5 steps.
  3. That was just about the worst "crash" we had on skateboarding. I wish they would have explained more why the Japanese gold medal winner's spin's were more impressive than the Peruvian being the only one who landed a kickflip onto rail slide, at least as far as I could tell. Peru was at least screwed out of Bronze in my opinion. Brazil guy was solid and he did the same 270 spin to get into 2nd. Either way, it was a fun event to watch. The #1 in the World US skater was upset and didn't even make the podium. He kept trying to land a high difficulty trick.
  4. We live in orbit with an interesting mix of people who have different views than us. Recently our son's basketball team was being trained one day a week by a trainer, probably in his old 20s or young 30s. After a few sessions we learned a few weeks ago that the session was cancelled because the trainer had COVID. Then we learned last night has was in the hospital with COVID. The behavior of these people is reckless, and they continue to take the stance that the Constitution and God grants us personal and individual liberty, and at some point those who bow down to the State / Gov
  5. Similar to the Thanos investigsting the blip. Why didn't we have Al Queda representation on the 9/11 commission?
  6. He knows what's up... Chik-Fil-A does us dirty with their ice... respect the no ice.
  7. You guys don't do sarcasm well... I was just trying to find a player from previous time who would fit the definition of a ring chaser. I'm sure there are better examples (since Lew won in Milwaukee), but he was the NBA leading scorer and no one maligns him moving.
  8. We judge players by rings and then malign them when they increase their chances at getting rings. Jordan, Kobe. Tim Duncan and Dwayne Wade are all fortunate that the organizations around them built great teams. Dirk Nowitzki got lucky. But don't forget the original "ring chaser" - Kareem Abdul Jabar....
  9. Kind've ridiculous the calls were a bit biased, but the Suns didn't hit their shots.
  10. @ixcuincle @tshile It seems strange to think we have tamed the technology but at the same time it was a 10 minute flight. 62 miles high. The moon is 238k miles. So they traveled .026 percent of the way to the moon. Commercial flight at under 35,000 feet amazes me. Maybe these are closer to the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk. I don't desire to watch anyone die -- and to think they would take that type of risk is silly also. Badly phrased to say, "I want something catastrophic to happen". The worst thing that could happen would be devastating
  11. Is it bad that some part of me wants something catastophic to happen to one of these "space billionaires"? Like it feels too easy for them to just "go to space"... space flight should not be so casual...
  12. The two-party narrative funds cable news. Successful third parties wouldn't bring money to them the way the big two do. Red state striking miners would make folks' heads' blow ups'
  13. Fantastic game... I did not think Phoenix could come back at the end. Middleton's 3 was so clutch and full of confidence at the end of the game. As they were chipping away at the lead, felt it was dumb Mark Jackson comment to run the offense thru Booker. A few quibbles to the officiating. Giannis running around someone and getting bumped was called a bit more than I liked... thinking the out of bounds one and one where he was fouled. CP3 did not get the same call when he was bumped. Phoenix was there at the end, but for Booker TO and not securing the rebound on
  14. @stevemcqueen1 Grealish showed when he was on the field -- the 20 mins or so he was. They had a few more offensive chances. England has sat back and rested on their defense, I think it was a mistake not to add more offensive firepower like Grealish, Sancho and Rashford in the first of of ET... Sterling was gassed at that point. I get they were afraid of a dynamic Italy attack, but Italy has used a lot of energy to equalize and England should have had more energy in the end. Also, no Chiesa...
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