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  1. These Trump people have been more obnoxious and in your face than gay pride parades. They are driving and honking around my Southern California town. Based on this anecdotal evidence, he is going to win California!!!!
  2. Well, this could be the last week that Trump gets to hold his Vanity Fair's....
  3. The GOP has been all about nothing but power since 2010. Represented by the Senate. They blocked moving the country forward in many areas. McConnell openly stated this. I think they all disdain Trump, but they saw him as their path to power. Couldn't stop him in the primaries (remember never Trump?) and they milked his power for 4 years. Sadly, they couldn't repeal and replace Obamacare (SCOTUS might), build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, and maintain America's standing in the world. Tax cuts. That's it. And they did it in such a way that it coule be reversed with a De
  4. @Burgold I am hopeful... we'll get to see on Tuesday. Voting is a very personal experience and people vote in a manner for different reasons. I was a solid Republican believer 2000 to 2008. Something changed 2009 to 2012... I would say I am very liberal, and maybe its just I don't buy the GOP line anymore. 2016 and Trump has validated my thinking. Does that mean Democrats aren't as power hungry, no. When I look at this election, I think... I want the guy who will be more Obama like than Trump like. Trump is saying, "Vote against fea
  5. Abortion and Pro-Life.... there are many religious Hispanics and college educated whites who, even if they think Trump is trash. Spoke to one couple who hate Trump but voted for him.
  6. Fantastic!!!!! Can't believe we finally get to see a story we have waited so many years to hear.
  7. Do you remember how the Hunter Biden stuff came up? First he was attacked for being a crackhead. Then the Delaware computer repair. I am sorry to say this, but the Tony Bobulinski, whoever he is may be honest but he is probably exagerating. This is probably just a rehash of what the Senate looked into wrapped with a little bit of a twist.
  8. Oh, report from Sinclair Media via DOJ that Justice Dept is "investigating Hunter Biden". Barr obviously trying to keep is job. Such garbage... pure and utter garbage to drop so close to the election.
  9. At this point people should be thinking what a bad candidate Trump is and his supporters are in denial. The "deplorables" didn't carry him to victory in 2016, it was the moderates who were willing to give him a chance that voted him in. Come next week we'll be thanking the "mea culpa moderates" for carrying Biden.
  10. I just read that Glenn Greenwald resigned from a news outlet he helped found over the Hunter Biden story and editorial interference from his outlet. Matt Taibbi has also been discussing the issue of media censorship. I did not follow them much recently. The Hunter Biden story reeks of a campaign smear mixed with foreign election interference. I have no idea what is the truth, and we aren't going to fully understand until after the election. However, our press has the responsibility to report responsibly. I have no idea how intertwined Tony Bobulinski is as a former business pa
  11. According to Google, America is the only "Presidential Democracy" in which the country can elect a President who does not win the popular vote.
  12. After having 12 hours to reflect, I was wrong to think Turner deserved to be out there. I don't know how the MLB bubble worked, but him being positive for the pandemic virus is a good enough reason to refrain from going on the field. We watched the celebration and he was not immediately on the field, it seems like he snuck out when they were taking the team photo, he took a photo with him with the trophy and then I think folks saw and told him get back off the field. Hopefully Dave Roberts is okay... they were right next to each other.
  13. I have no idea what, "no concessions, no peace" means. Do you think people are advocating for or against the popular vote based on partisanship? Opps -- I see in 2012 it had about 60% approval to abolish the electoral college, but the Trump election made one side favor keeping it. If you research the history of it, the founders got it wrong on why they felt we shouldn't elect President directly and its already been amended twice. But its not 1787 anymore and if you really set partisanship aside, a direct national election for President would be the best way to repre
  14. The greater Los Angeles fanbase would like to thank Kevin Cash for a reverse-Roberts over managing type of move. What a dumb move, and everyone watching knew when Snell came out the Dodgers had a chance. Either way though, the Dodgers bullpen was also fantastic and keeping it a close game was very important... I think Kershaw should be the WS MVP. His two starts were huge. Say what you want, but I am glad Justin Turner got to celebrate with his teammates... they were already all exposed to him anyway.
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