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  1. You would think politicians would be interested in unifying against a global pandemic, the likes of which the World hasn't seen for 100 years. We couldn't keep our butts at home for 8 months. Our social experiment continues. Do you believe scientists still don't know where the 1918 flu came from? We may never know where COVID-19 originated.
  2. GOP checkmated themselves. Even with impeachment, they stood by his lies publicly for two months. How can they support impeachment where they fed fire to the incitement?
  3. We need many of Biden's legislative policies. But we still need the filibuster. Do people not realize how bad Trump Presidency would be if there was no filibuster? No ACA. His "America First" immigration policy. On and on and on... The question is finding 10 GOP Senators who are willing to put country over party like they should.
  4. Re: Hannity clip If you are brainwashed to believe that "the grass is orange" or "1+1 = 11" because of your political affiliation or that President Trump said so you do need "re-education". Since when does "politics" equate with "alternate facts". "The election wasn't stolen" should be as easy as saying "Trump is the 45th President".... why is that phrase so hard?
  5. Outta be a law or Constitutional Amendment that a President cannot pardon between election day and January 21.
  6. It is an odd rule, in that the penalty doesn't match the crime. It's not a new or unique rule. Every team and player should know you don't stretch to the pylon with incoming contact. I also disagree the penalty was obvious in real time. If so, the announcers would have made a big deal out of it. Romo is as saavy as they come... and he was treating it like a touchback.
  7. I don't see the pardon thread, but I thought charging $2M per pardon and then pardoning your guys who were selling pardons is equisite genius.
  8. 80s child who watched I Love Lucy a lot when home alone during the summer. Wandavision is fantastic and I am sure the plot will move quick enough to intrigue for the young generation...
  9. It seems so dumb that people are acting like an additonal $1400 to the $600 is not $2000... really?
  10. They are basically admitting RW terror is a bigger threat than ISIS, AQ or Iran --- which is startling.
  11. There is a thread I saw on the Internet going around talking about Trump's close connection with Roger Stone (who has a Proud Boys connection), Manafort and Trump family to coordinate this attack with GOP insiders in Arizona and Alabama (particularly the House and Senate). Does anyone else remember the Proud Boys leader going to the White House in December? Anyone remember the Guiliani voicemajl where he asks the Senator (Tuberville) to keep objecting to states to "buy more time"? The odd tweet from AZ GOP which said "are you willing to die for Trump?" Robocalls from the Rep
  12. Lindsey Graham who said last week he was done with Trump? Who was heckled by Trump supporters at the airport, which caused him to miss his flight? Guess he's a liar... I am shocked.
  13. McConnell is not going to convict before Trump is out of office.
  14. The Senate won't impeach. McConnell will slow roll this. I can't imagine he will allow a quick vote.
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