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  1. Friend I know got turned away for the second Moderna vaccine in California. Had an appointment and everything. This from a private pharmacy. It sounded sketchy, but they basically said they were prioritizing people who scheduled vaccines through the My Turn CA website? He didn't get a good explanation at all. Basically he was walk-in on the first dose, but they were acting like it didn't guarantee his second dose. My wife got her Moderna number two from a private pharmacy today. I just did some more Googling and it seems like city or county run sites are guaranteeing 2nd dos
  2. I understand the outcry, but let me give you another example. Do you remember WWF before the Monday Night Wars? Most TV matches were just stomp matches for the big teams to beat up on little "jobbers". Someone in wrestling got smart and realized you could put a helluva good product on TV if you actually showcased the best wrestlers against each other is worthwhile matches. Now take that and put it in a 20 team Super League... with 66 percent of the European Champions involved (for the past 65 years). I'm watching this... Sure, Barry Horrowitz, the Brooklyn Brawler and Iron Mik
  3. Obviously, I am not as kneejerk against this. First of all, these top teams dominate their domestic leagues and Champions League anyway. Second, I watch to see the best teams, the best players. World Cup did draw me in, but Champions League is what has kept me watching European soccer. I see issues with Superleague -- first, they need to open up slots for promotion and share some profits to incentivize teams to promote in (even if they don't relegate the original 12 or 15). Second, the owners should have just made new club names and forked their teams rather than keep their c
  4. Counterpoint: Outside of their cities... who wants to watch Burnley vs. Brighton? US analog would be if Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame attempted to break away from their conferences for a superconference. Again, I understand tradition and this negates the domestic leagues.... but the high quality of football and teams involved.
  5. I know why it's bad for tradition. But if the top 15 teams are winning and carrying the teams, driving the international viewers and paying most of the player salaries, why doesn't this make sense? Is FIFA, UEFA, etc. going to lecture clubs for making money?
  6. Enough with this police Gestapo garbage. Being a Police Officer means you also need to respect the citizens you are "protecting". I don't understand the goals of attacking the George Floyd protestors. This is not isolated to Minn. either... see New York PD also. We have never seen if citizens will kill social workera assigned to stop them without guns. I know it is a dumb idea... maybe? Certainly the social workers will not kill anyone accidently. Yeah, too radical?
  7. I see that Gafford is filling the statline. What about Chandler Hutchison? Looks like he had a good debut (18 pts) but minimal stats since. Maybe it was too early to give up on Troy Brown Jr, but he wasn't lighting things up either. Although Garrison Mathews doesn't seem to be lighting it up either. Between Rui, Beal and Westbrook you would think a good SF option could get a ton of points for this team... Bertrans is supposed to be getting those easy, open, buckets.
  8. Had the Pfizer kill-switch/microchip #1 injected into my body. At least my wife has Moderna so that when they activate the first kill switch, one of us can avenge the other.
  9. It's sad when I just think that reality is copying South Park...
  10. @Califan007 @goskins10 If you guys started name dropping other cities in the Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Simi neighborhood you would hit my current city Moved here after college to the Valley... SoCal has one of the best climates in the country. 70 and sunny, for the most part. A hop skip and a jump away from the beach. People save their money up to vacation in my neck of the woods. I never would have thought about moving here except for a job... but would not move back to NoVa.
  11. Fundamentally you will never convince me it's not eTulips... I get that there probably is still money to be made.
  12. Under GWB (perhaps before?), implicitly racist. Under Obama, explicitly racist. Under Trump, explicitly racist and proud of it. Maybe my eyes have changed....
  13. That DC is on this is BS. DC is a city. 68 square miles. The headline says "Rank 50 States" Rhode Island is 18 times the square mileage.
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