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  1. Well said...I also think some are selling our culture, coaches, players abd other things short when saying good WR's or QB's wont want to play here. The future is very bright in DC...and we have lots of $$$$.
  2. I agree with this but only if RR and staff feel like Heiny or Allen have a chance to lead this team far. Cam would be an insurance policy not an answer at the position.
  3. Can the right coaching staff make a Josh Allen out of Trubisky? THAT is the question. Trubisky has size, legs and a big arm....that's the good news, he also is inaccurate and inconsistent, that's the bad news. What makes you think Darnold would thrive here? I'm just curious, not being sarcastic. What is it you see in him that makes you think this. I'm on record as noting that he's still only 23 and could have a decent career ahead of him in the right situation but I can't go as far as using the word thrive til I see more from him.
  4. Thank you Alex, best wishes to you, much obliged for your courage and leadership. When we get rings I hope they give you one....
  5. At this rate there's no excuse for the WFT NOT having an outstanding offensive line next year. Any spot on the line deemed weak or questionable should be replaced by an available free agent. We would then have outstanding lines on both sides of the ball.
  6. Per CBSSports.com, we are one of 5 teams in grade A position to add multiple free agents without the usual competition for free agents....Colts, Jets, Jags, Pats and WFT are the teams set up to add big time to their rosters. The have nots are about to become the haves. Get ready for a fun offseason. Who is gonna have the money to pony up 15 mil for a guard? Pro bowler or not.....Scherff would be better off signing a one year deal and pushing his free agency back a year if the WFT balks at giving him his number.
  7. What's wrong with the Red Hogs? There's the Red River Hog over in South Africa or the Red Wattle Hog which is a domestic pig. A red hog is a real thing and we have history with Hogs. I like Red Hogs better than Red Wolves for sure.....it also pays some tribute to the greatest offensive line in NFL history the "Hogs". The Washington Red Hogs For short we'd be the Hogs....but officially, the Red Hogs. We've actually had t shirts printed back in the day with a hog logo wearing a Redskins hat. I'm calling Snyder tomorrow.
  8. Maybe we're signing someone and needed the cap space?????
  9. So we could sign Jarred Cook tomorrow since he was released correct....if we were interested in him?
  10. I wonder if Trent would want to come back just because the culture has changed so much for the better and he wants to be around to be part of the coming success after suffering through the down years for so long? I doubt that's how players think but I'm sure he still has friends in DC and has likely heard nothing but positive things. Oh, and Bruce is gone. Bridges can be mended if the player wants to own up to his actions....same with organizations. All that being said I suspect Trent would want more money then we will be willing to offer.
  11. Good point...might not be the best year to be a free agent guard as far as making top dollar compared to other years.
  12. I think the fact that we made the playoffs and have so much cap space is gonna make a difference for us in free agency. If we offer the same money as the Jets or some other teams you'd have to think that our arrow is pointing way up compared to some other franchises that have lots of cap space. The spots we lost in the draft by making the playoffs might be made up for by attracting bigger named free agents if we shoot for the moon.
  13. Ran into a guy I know from the gym who's a huge Steelers fan and I razzed him about his new QB...Dwayne Haskins. He then turned the conversation over the WFT saying how excited he is to see Taylor Heinicke get a shot. Turns out he went to Old Dominion and just raved about how good Heiny was in college; his competitiveness, field vision, passing, running...etc. He seems to think Heinicke is long overdue to show he can play. Take that for what it's worth as others on this site feel the same way. Heiny must have been pretty fun to watch in college.
  14. With Fitz, Mariota, Cam and possibly Winston all looking for an opportunity to start don't the odds say that we end up with one of these 4. How many teams are in a spot where they can offer up a legit QB competition for a free agent to sign with and win a starting job. Off the top of my head....Denver, Bears, WFT, NE, Carolina? Not to mention some nice free agent TE options out likely out there too....
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