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  1. Better now than in 6 weeks....It sucks that COVID is still an issue heading into this season.
  2. I'm convinced that the new name is already known but won't be announced because of all the merchandise thats already been printed. Check out the online stores, tons of new WFT merchandise is out there thats brand spankin new. Declaring a new name now makes all of that stuff worthle$$.
  3. All I'll say is don't be too quick to write a guy off after one bad season...I still have faith in Sims Jr, and I know he'd help the Eagles for sure if he came available. Can't wait for the 1st preseason game.
  4. Lets see if he steps up and gets it done this summer...I do hope we never see him as a punt returner again.
  5. You're probably right just based on the Samuel signing alone....However, I'm in the camp that players can improve after horrible seasons, and the guys with speed and quickness are even more dangerous. Nelson Agholar comes to mind...he was terrible in Philly but figured it out and overcame the drops.
  6. Does the fact that we are no longer the Redskins put a huge damper, if not an end, to our rivalry with the Cowboys? The Cowboys vs Indians battle was such a great thing for all those years....sad, very sad. Wolves vs Cowboys just doesn't have the same appeal....I feel so sorry for our kids and so fortunate to have been a child of the 70's.
  7. One of the things I'm watching closely in pre-season is Steve Sims Jr.....If we end up cutting him I fear that the Eagles or Giants, even Dallas will sign him and he will produce big time for them. I think he has tremendous talent if he can get over the drops.....I'll go as far to say that if he makes the team we will have one of the best WR units in the entire league. Sims can hurt teams if he can manage to catch the ball consistently.
  8. The Browns, Bills, Titans and teams like the Super Bowl Niners in 2020 are all examples of teams who prioritize the run with solid defensive play. Green Bay has Aaron Jones who is a stud and they use him hard. We can argue this one all night but given the strength of our defense i think we'd be better off running the ball to set up the pass than the opposite. Fitz is pretty old to put it all on his arm. The Steelers are a good example of a team that got away from the run last year and suffered trying to throw the ball first....If you have a great defense you should focus on running the ball an
  9. I wanna play the way Tennessee plays with Derrick Henry....teams still do it and win. Baltimore pounds the rock too. With our defense it can work...the more rested our defense is the better they will be. But I hear your point.
  10. With our defense I really hope you're wrong about us being a pass first team...I got no issue with the pass I just want to wear teams down on both sides of the ball by pounding the rock on one side and pounding the QB on the other. But if Fitz is gonna open things up while taking care of the ball I can live with that.
  11. We'll see how it plays out....we picked up a few guys through FA and the draft so maybe someone slides in and we use Scherffs money someplace else? Also, if we have a great season and keep improving this is gonna be a desirable place to play for a change so maybe he'll want to stay? It's almost as if both sides are betting on themselves in this situation.
  12. Considering Dan picked Haskins I believe the answer to this post is "yes"....the wife will have a better draft.
  13. If your expectations are met, provided good health, this group should win a Super Bowl. Have to assume that Chase, Sweat, Davis, will all get better over the years and the defense will be dominant.....
  14. And, if they know what it is already, chances are it will be leaked by someone.....
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