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  1. kingdaddy

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    If Steve Sims is the starting slot receiver expect 60 or more catches if he stays healthy because he's a guy that the coaches are gonna scheme plays for....that's totally just my opinion but he has game breaking speed and over a 16 game season should average at least 4 catches a game.
  2. kingdaddy

    Reuben Foster; can he come back?

    with all due respect, how does Foster not fit the description of young and hungry? I would put him solely in that category....and someone who has a lot to prove at the NFL level. He has come a long way off the field it seems. Just think of his upside....this guy hits and closes like our old #21.
  3. kingdaddy

    Jamal Adams- trade possibility?

    I'll take the high road.....enjoy being you.
  4. kingdaddy

    Jamal Adams- trade possibility?

    If you're asking me to elaborate I will....I would surely deal one of our D-tackles for Adams and if it took draft picks to seal the deal I'd consider it. Maybe the Jets would ask for Allen and a 3rd round pick. Done. Could you imagine Adams playing with Collins as our two safeties? Settle would slide into the D-line rotation.... The d-line is where our depth is, as you know, so, in answering the posters question, yes, I would trade some of our d-line depth for Adams. BTW, it sounds like things are not going well in the Jets attempt to re-sign Adams so maybe they would take some sort of package from us that included one of our d-linemen? Throw in Sean Davis or Apke??? Who knows????
  5. kingdaddy

    Jamal Adams- trade possibility?

    I'd trade one of our DT's for him....assuming we can sign him.
  6. kingdaddy

    The 2020 DB thread

    Isnt Reaves a safety? I liked him when he played....
  7. kingdaddy

    The 2020 DB thread

    Landon Collins said back a couple of months ago that Moreland will easily be the biggest break out player on the defense. He loves him.
  8. kingdaddy

    The 2020 DB thread

    I think Darby can be beaten out by one of the younger guys. He needs to come in here and show up strong or he could even be cut. From what Ive read, Kurl is a likely special teams stud....Apke is another one who better show up big time or I see him looking for work elsewhere too.
  9. After the latest reports, imo, this is clearly a case where RR needs to have a face to face with Latimer and make his own determination on how to handle it. Who am I to say cut or suspend until I talk with the player and look him in the eye? I'm guessing old Roger may need a sit down with him too?
  10. kingdaddy

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Barber signed a 2 year deal from what I read..that seems to say they like him.
  11. kingdaddy

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    I'm quoting what his attorney is supposedly saying???
  12. Some were saying Charles had a 1st round grade before the suspension issues. Maybe that's the answer as to why they think he can play tackle. As for Gibson, I think our scouting dept loves him and believes they're getting a real difference maker on offense. I guess they didn't want to risk losing out on him?
  13. kingdaddy

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    so why was he at a party with over 100 people if he's worried about COVID by turning himself in? Makes no sense.
  14. Don't you think he's gonna give it a run? Looks to me like he's planning on coming back based on the video his wife put out.