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  1. Far and away the better team? The fact that they allowed Burrow to be hit and knocked out of the game is part of how teams win or lose games....To say the Bengals are "far and away" the better team is a stretch imo....in fact, they're not even the better team, with or without Burrow. Better offense...Yes, better team...Nope.
  2. you're not alone....some of us believe that the rest of the roster can be built while we find a QB thru whatever means necessary besides the 1st round. Some of us just want to see wins during the holiday season and the potential for playoffs while we build this team into a perennial contender. Lets win on turkey day and let the chips fall where they will on draft day. I was thinking about the Bengals and their fans today, now that they have Burrow, do they still want to lose so they can get a high draft pick or do you lose that mentality once you have your franchise QB? No way we should want t
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