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  1. Put me down for Logan Thomas as breakout player this year. He's gonna get a lot of targets if he stays healthy and I think he'll have some big games.....
  2. I think what you said is going to be the story line every week. Can our offensive line protect DH enough to get the offense moving? Can our defensive line dominate enough to take over the game and win it? After two weeks and hearing RR talk about our youth, I expect to see an inconsistent team every week but one that doesn't quit like they did under Jay Gruden. The division games will determine our fate....that and we have to hope to steal a game or two vs the NFC West and AFC North.
  3. So the NextGen stats say that we have the worst rated LG and 2nd worst rated LT in the entire NFL starting on our left side of the 0-line....How do we handle this? Where is Donald Penn? When do we put Sahdiq Charles in there?
  4. Kerrigan also adds other intangibles including he's a class act, which the organization needs as many of them as they can get and he's a great teammate. He's our draft pick and wants to be in DC....leadership, team player, great person. Hard to let guys like that walk if they're still productive.
  5. Oh he's been there before for sure....he's now the all time Redskins sack leader. That's a lot of muscle flexing.
  6. Saw Kerrigan interviewed yesterday and he looks happier than he ever has since being in Washington.....way to go #91.
  7. Big Joe, #66, 3 rings, can't even make the HOF......total bull****. Good to see Moses playing well though.
  8. How bout the 3rd down conversion gifts we gave them in the 1st half? Dwayne missed a lot of throws too.... And the defensive line is that good....the Skins are only going to get better once they learn the new systems they're in. If DH can improve the WFT is gonna be better than most think they are. I'd love to sign Sanu and give DH another tall receiver to throw too....
  9. Question: Does anyone know if the rookie Curl was put in because Apke was getting beat? Did Fletcher Cox even play for the Eagles yesterday? I don't remember seeing him out there at all.
  10. The hiring of Ron Rivera (which led to the hiring of Jack Del Rio) is the single (only) greatest thing that Dan Snyder has done since hiring back Joe Gibbs. RR brings league wide and instant credibility to the entire organization. He is highly regarded and has the players respect. While we've learned to not take too much out of week one, there is lots to be excited about with the nucleus we have on this coaching staff and roster. Add in an exciting new team name and players will want to come play for RR and with our young core group of players. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  11. Keeping in mind that DH is still learning a new offense, he still seems a little off on his timing with his throws and he seems a little locked in on certain receivers on many plays. Once he gets more comfortable with the playbook and his teammates we should truly find out what we have in him. He still has a long way to go with his comfort level, pocket presence, etc...but he is competing hard and that is great to see. OBTW, Kurt Cousins lost again yesterday....
  12. Getting the 1st win out of the way should be a huge confidence boost for this young team, especially for DH. Just let this defense eat and we should be in every game as long as we protect the football. DH was pretty bad with his accuracy yesterday and still found a way to get it done thanks to some great play calling. Can't wait for next week!
  13. This should be a theme the entire season with the d-line, rotating in fresh guys all game long and beating down the opposing 0-line. As I watched the game yesterday you could see it happening. We go 7-8 deep.....that's huge.
  14. Well, I got the 8 sacks right and the W......I love this site.
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