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  1. kingdaddy

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    I believe John Gruden is half nuts when it comes to QB's....meaning, I think he falls in love with them and will go balls out to get his man. He is on a 10 year contract and I can see him pulling a Ditka and offering us an insane trade for the rights to our #2 pick. I think he wants to go into Vegas with a different QB and Tua fits perfectly with Jacobs his one is talking about Gruden but I can see him offering most of his draft this year and a 1st rounder next year. Vegas has picks 12 and 19 in round one and three 3rd round picks. They don't have a 2nd rounder. I can see Gruden offering up both his 1sts, two thirds this year and a 1st and 2nd next year in order to move up and get Tua. Go ahead and blast me but I just think Gruden is hell bent to get a franchise type QB in Vegas and that he will be the wild card of this draft....not Miami.
  2. I like most of what you said but think we need to go defense at #5 and WR later, assuming we don't sign a WR in free agency. If we get a stud WR in FA, then I wouldn't go WR at all in the draft, roll with the young guys we have and focus on TE and the defense. We need a defense that can win games for us with a young QB still learning the game. I love your plan of getting picks in 2021, we would do well to show that kind of patience and will know a LOT more about Dwayne as our franchise or not QB of the future. Here's my thing, I'm 52 years old and enjoyed the glory years for sure but the Skins have never had a franchise, 10 year QB in my lifetime and if Tua is thought to be one of them then I would have no problem drafting him. I want the security of having an Aaron Rodgers, Elway, Brady, Big Ben, Manning, etc....without one of these type of franchise guys we have been terrible outside of Joe Gibbs coached teams.
  3. Just read a report on (a source that I think is terrible) that 11 teams have checked in on free agent QB Tom Brady, including your Washington Redskins. That's all for now.
  4. Yep, that's the biggest piece to this....if Tua is viewed as a generational QB then how do you pass on him? Well, only if you think Haskins is the real deal too or is good enough to win you a SB if you build wisely around him. Plenty of teams won SB's without Dan Marino and none did with Dan Marino. But Miami is to blame for that. Ben Roethlisberger is the best comp I can make to Dwayne. He is a very good QB who will make the HOF and has 2 rings because he did enough to win with a great cast around him.
  5. youre right, I just looked it up and they signed him to a 4 year deal last June.....Looks like I may have reported fake news. It was last year there was talk of him being traded. I'm suspending myself for two hours.
  6. I have a black Redskins Sean Taylor jersey with all of our usual colors in the numbers and stripes. It's my favorite look and the Skins have never had a black jersey. This would be a cool Thursday night jersey with black pants for the boys to come out in rather than the yellow ones. The players would love it. You can find the jersey on Fanatics for $100.....check it out if you haven't seen it.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if Kyle Rudolph came free from the Vikings since they drafted Irv Smith last year....Rudolph would be a great Redskin.
  8. I agree, as much as I love it, we need to get the Indian off of the helmet and go back to the arrow with feathers. I think that would help some with the anti-Redskins protestors. that's a great helmet, would love to see it in burgundy to see what that looks like.
  9. I doubt we take Tua and I doubt we trade back, but I do believe the Redskins love Alabama players and if Tua blows them away then Chase Young is gonna need to hold serve so to speak. Any chinks that come out about Young in the next couple of months and we've got a whole new ballgame. To me that's the real question, after the Skins do their homework on all of the top prospects, is Young still the no-brainer pick or is trading back the better option? I still love the idea of two firsts from Miami this year and a 2nd. Three spots filled instead of one. Simmons, Ruggs and whoever falls out of the 1st round into our laps in round 2. That's a GREAT draft. Can Simmons or Okudah close the gap between them and Young before the end of April???
  10. We can't afford to trade anything, just get a TE in free agency and keep our picks. I say "no thanks" to a Hurst trade.
  11. kingdaddy

    TV Alert: Super Bowl XXII

    And everyone got involved.....I remember on the one TD in the 2nd qtr calling the TD for Didier. It's like Gibbs found a way to get most all of them a TD. Only Monk didn't get in that day, all the other guys did.
  12. kingdaddy

    TV Alert: Super Bowl XXII

    You and me both....I remember powering through 5 beers in the 2nd qtr alone. What a day that was....glory days.
  13. kingdaddy

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    Niners are an interesting team in that they NEED a QB to get over the hump, everything else is in place now. I like how theyre built and would hope we can do the same thing in DC. Would the Niners have been better with Kyler Murray or Bosa???? Hard to say over the long haul.
  14. kingdaddy

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    If Miami throws us there 2021 1st in addition to two firsts and a third this year that's potentially the #1 overall pick next year if they're starting Tua. We would have to consider it. However, if Young is considered a guy who elevates the entire defense then just take him and go celebrate.