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  1. Jimmy had a big mini-camp....Jimmy thinks Jimmy may make the team.
  2. To both of your points, maybe doing front end loaded contracts isn't very good business? Teams need to expect that players are gonna look around and see what others are making and then want more, no matter how much they got up front....
  3. Blaming medical staffs is a pretty serious allegation without having the facts. i'd like to hear what Trent's beef is before I blame anyone. That being said, I'd be hard pressed to blame any doctor as that's not my field of expertise...
  4. 30% is too low imo on the importance of good coaching. Guys like Gibbs, Lombardi and Walsh made hall of famers out of certain players because of the systems they devised. Belicheck wins year after year with mediocre wide receivers and replaceable parts all over the team. He is a game managing, game preparing genius who puts his players in position to win. Having talent is huge, but many coaches have had more talent than Belichek has had and done less with it. Buddy Ryan had Super Bowl, hall of fame talent in Philly for years and couldn't win more than one playoff game. If you had given Joe Gibbs that roster they may have gone down as one of the greatest teams in NFL history.
  5. Supposedly New England is in the market for help at tackle, I wonder what they would offer up? Tough to deal with them though and end up on the better end of the deal, although Brady can't have many more runs left in him, especially if he has no offensive line.
  6. Lets do due diligence and see what kind of offers we get for him? If he wants to Le'veon Bell us and sit out then go for it. We should also take his claims and check them out seriously to see if there's merit to what he says. Trading Trent, imo, wouldn't be a terrible thing if we can get good value for him....BUT, we would need a competent replacement who won't get our QB's broken legs. That will be the challenge. He has had a nice career here but his play has most definitely declined over the past two seasons, when he's even on the field. Who would be interested in him??? We would need their left tackle and a 1st round pick for starters.
  7. He is well paid but I can see him asking for more money based on where he's ranked in pay across the league for offensive linemen. However, his play has slipped and he is over 30 years old, we're not gonna have him forever and his injuries are adding up. I'd be curious to see what his value is across the league. Hopefully this all gets resolved and he has a great season for us.
  8. This draft has the potential to be special....Can't wait to see how Hask, McLaurin, Love, Guice, Quinn, Sims, Harmon and whoever else we add grow together in the coming years. Not to mention the defensive additions. Sweat and Moreland are players. If the offensive lineman pan out this draft will be crazy special.
  9. kingdaddy

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

    I think because Gruden is saying Quinn is the guy in the slot....he made some comments today about it.
  10. kingdaddy

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    Interesting take on this.....I believe the Skins coaches know what they have in Doc and that's why they didn't exercise his option.
  11. kingdaddy

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    I'm not selling Doc short, I'm just going off of the fact that the team hasn't committed to him for the 5th year and that he's been a huge question mark for 3 years. I really hope he stays healthy and breaks out this year, our WR corp needs him bad. The catch he made to win the Seattle game and the ball he went up and got vs KC on Monday night, even though he couldn't hold on, show me his athleticism and ability. And I agree, If Mo Harris can get us a comp pick then Doc should be able to.
  12. Darrell Green ll
  13. kingdaddy

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    I agree with you, and no one has outplayed Doc yet....all I'm saying is that if he doesn't have a good camp, is injured again, and we have 6 other guys who are standing out, then I could see Doc moving on. We've already failed to commit to him past this year. Everyone who blames the QB for not getting Doc involved is only looking at this from one side. Obviously, by the organization refusing to pick up his option, they feel it's more than just the QB play that's holding him back. Josh Doctson needs to demand the football and do something with it when they throw it to him. Since the day he's been in DC he's been a question mark who has never had a real sustained run of production. Is it all his fault? No. Is some of it on him? Yes. I'm a fan of Doc and rooting for him. I bought my son his jersey. But I don't see how there's no way the Skins don't cut him, 1st round pick be damned. They released their best safety last year for no compensation so I don't see why they'd keep Doc over someone who could be outplaying him. We'll see. I'm pulling for him but I'm also being realistic based on what he's done so far.
  14. kingdaddy

    2019 Starting Free Safety will be......

    This is my hope. Trade Norman to KC for Ragland and a pick and lets roll with the youth in the secondary to go with the youth up front. Coach em up and build this defense for years to come. We won't miss Norman even a little bit the way he's played.
  15. kingdaddy

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    I'm holding out hope that Robert Davis is this years version of Chris Thompson, a guy who battles through two years of injuries and then comes on and makes a huge impact. I really believe these WR's will look much better with Haskins and even with Keenum for different reasons. Haskins because of his big arm and ability to make all the throws and Keenum for his ability to run around and extend plays to allow the receivers to have more time to get open. I think Jay likes Robert Davis a lot and is gonna give him every opportunity to make the squad. I don't see keeping a guy around for a year just to possibly get a compensation pick. I understand the logic but if we have 5 or 6 guys that out play Doc then why cut one or two of them to hold on to a guy who you've already decided to move on from in a year? For me, imo, Doc needs to stay on the field this camp and make an impact. If he comes up lame again, misses a lot of camp and others are playing well I absolutely see that as a scenario to move on from him either in a trade or an outright release.