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  1. kingdaddy

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    Callahan's commitment to the run pays off and the defensive line dominates. Skins 26, Lions 23
  2. kingdaddy

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    can certainly understand the anti-depressants in your house being a Redskins fan. I buy a 30 pack of anti-depressants a week.
  3. kingdaddy

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    Yep, and with all the money he has made he'd be beyond foolish to try and play football again. If Dan were smart he'd fire Bruce and name Alex Smith the GM with what he's paying him. He could not do any worse than Bruce and would likely be better.
  4. kingdaddy

    Next Coach?

    Gibbs spoke highly of Dan as an owner when he coached under him, said Dan gave him everything he asked for. Granted, it was Gibbs (God) and there was no Bruce to contend with but he seemed to be along the lines of what you're saying. Spurrier was given so much money with so little interest in the job that he took laid back to an extreme level of near sleep or comatose.
  5. kingdaddy

    Next Coach?

    Every time we think like this Danny boy finds a way ($$$$$) to get a reputable coach or strong candidate to take the job. Maybe it's the wine at Morton's steak house? Also, the coordinators that have been here recently have gone on to be good head coaches?
  6. kingdaddy

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The one area of the Skins organization that I do have some confidence in is their scouting dept. While they haven't been perfect I think they've made some great picks the past 2 drafts....Grab Young with our first and then trade back in every round to pick up more picks...Grab as many offensive linemen as we can. Fill in everywhere else in free agency.
  7. kingdaddy

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    This offseason will be very telling for's his team in his first offseason, how hard will he work, how much will he elevate his teammates to be better? One thing is certain, this kid is big and can chuck it all over the field. For what it's worth, today on Sirius NFL channel Charlie Weis, former OC for the Pats and head coach at Notre Dame, said that Haskins is gonna be fine once he's coached up by a new coaching staff. I actually am a mildly encouraged by his progress since the Giants and Vikings games. I just want to see him look down field more and make more timing throws.... I was the first to rip him after the Vikings game calling him a bust but I think that actually was his wake up call to work harder. 50 TD's in college is no accident, lets give him time to learn the speed and details of the NFL before throwing in the towel on him. God help us find the right staff to coach him up.
  8. kingdaddy

    Next Coach?

    I'll take it a step further. Dan is in such dire straits that he should give Gregg Williams full power over football and personnel decisions like the Raiders have done with Gruden. Let Gregg hire his own GM. My only issue with Gregg Williams would be where we find a guy to develop Haskins. If we are committing to DH then we have to go all in on the coaching. This is why I would hire Greg Roman and offer him the same deal I just spoke of with Gregg Williams. Roman is choice A, Bienemy B and then whoever else.....We MUST get a guy in here to develop a QB before I enter an old age home.
  9. kingdaddy

    Next Coach?

    Hire Roman, Draft Tua....uh oh. Plan B: Hire Roman, sign Kaepernick, draft Chase games. BTW, I wonder how Kaep would feel about playing for a team named the "Redskins"?????
  10. kingdaddy


    This would be a nice billboard to put up outside the Redskins offices in Ashburnistan for Dan and Bruce to see everyday. Darnold sees ghosts against the Jets and hot stewardesses against the Skins. 4 TD passes including one to our old buddy Crowder.....gotta love it.
  11. kingdaddy


    Aikman looked like a scared 8 year old....he had no protection and no clue where to throw the timing, nothing. He was a train wreck.
  12. kingdaddy


    How bout the defense getting torched at home by the same QB who saw ghosts against New England?
  13. kingdaddy


    This game could not have played out any better.....getting your ass kicked by the 2 win, hapless Jets, at home, has to be a positive. At the very least it should get Manusky fired. Also, a 1 win season SHOULD make the Danny think about canning his sorry ass GM. Today was a tremendous success for our long term future.
  14. kingdaddy

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    How great would that be?
  15. kingdaddy

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    Dexter Manley was no choir boy....