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  1. Hope it's the Chefs!!!!!!!
  2. As much as I love the way you think, I have to wonder if you've been drinking? Barry Sanders is one of my favorite all time players to watch, if you are correct on this bold prediction please remind me to buy you a beer in 10 years. Lets give this kid #20.
  3. Washington Football Squad, aka "the Squad"......slight alteration of Team.
  4. Charlie Weis added up everything it would cost Rodgers to retire....including what you've mentioned, plus fines and possibly this years salary and it all comes to 45 million. Roughly 23 mil would be money Rodgers would have to give back that he's already pocketed based on what Weis said. Either way, he'd be out too much money to seriously consider retiring...at least one would think that?
  5. We may be in line for one of the most memorable seasons in a loooooong time. Fitz is ready to take this opportunity and run with it. I don't see him screwing this up, not with all of the talent he has around him. Charlie Weis pointed out yesterday on NFL radio that Rodgers would owe Green Bay 45 million $ if he chooses to retire....cross that option off the list of likely outcomes in this soap opera.
  6. How bout the Washington Washingtons????? George would be the logo....
  7. Brett Favre agrees with you....he thinks the damage is done and beyond salvageable.
  8. I could see Washington, Carolina and SF as prime spots for Rodgers....Denver too. In fact I'd make Denver the faves to get Rodgers....It'd be a repeat of Peyton Manning there.
  9. Carter was signed as a punt returner for the reasons you've mentioned here....He's been in the league for a few years now and is a good pr.
  10. I can't see keeping 6 WR's plus Carter....
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