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  1. kingdaddy

    Starting QB 2019???

    Jones concludes that the best move for the Redskins is signing a veteran free agent to compete with McCoy, or even be his backup. Considering the money owed to Smith, the Redskins can't spend much in free agency, which means Washington is probably shopping in the Ryan Fitzpatrick aisle. This line of thinking would not preclude the Redskins from still drafting a QB, but it wouldn't come until at least the second or third day. As much as fans and media like to discuss first round quarterback possibilities, it's entirely possible the Redskins would be better suited taking the best player available at 15 rather than grabbing a passer add an edge rusher or cornerback, let McCoy and another veteran battle it out for QB1, and let a late-round QB learn. Plenty of theories will emerge. It's more than two months until the NFL Draft. But as long as Smith remains on the Redskins payroll in 2020, adding a first-round QB presents cash flow problems. Bottom line is this in my opinion, if a QB that you're in love with is within your reach you take him regardless of just about any other prospect short of LT or Reggie White types. So, if we love Murray and feel we can get him then do it and don't look back. I wouldn't do it for the reasons that ended RG lll's career here, size and injuries. Also, in the history of the NFL, only Russell Wilson has been a running, athletic QB to win a SB. Not Vick, not Randall, not RG lll. Doesn't mean it won't happen someday but the odds are against it. Dallas is finding it out with Prescott now. If I'm the Skins I take a flier on Tannehill if we could get him on the cheap, or even Fitzpatrick while drafting a QB later in this draft and then very high next year. Tannehill is still young and may need coaching that can coach him up? I see some Nick Foles in him and think he could be a late bloomer if surrounded by other solid parts. If we can get him in the bargain basement bin and he doesn't work out then we didn't give up anything.
  2. kingdaddy

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If ever there was a year to go all in on offensive line, basically a boring draft, this is the year. Just pick O-line with the 1st 4 picks and then go skill players. If we go heavy O-line this year maybe we can skip that position altogether next year and maybe even the following year? Draft them all together and bring them up as a unit. Next year go all defense after the QB high in the 1st round and fill in the other spots in free 3 years we have a great foundation when counting the D-line that we already have.
  3. kingdaddy

    The 2019 Free Agency Tracker

    Disagree. Jackson was a #1 with the Eagles and a big play maker in DC but he doesn't get enough catches or yards to be a #1 anymore. If he's your #1 your team is in trouble. He's also too brittle to be counted on as a #1 on any team. The Skins don't have anything close to a #1 receiver right now and even a #2 is debatable in my opinion. Richardson and Crowder both seem like 3's to me and Doc isn't even a solid 4 right now.
  4. With all due respect, his scheme has come up small in the biggest games, the ones we needed to win. The home games in 2016 where we laid eggs, the division games over and over again. This year with Alex Smith we were very vanilla and at times just brutal. Jay's record speaks for itself in his 5 years as HC, I believe we can do much better....the only pass I can give him is the obvious one; injuries the past 2 seasons.
  5. kingdaddy

    Starting QB 2019???

    If we take Murray and he doesn't play football it would ruin this franchise and become the laughingstock of the league, if we're not already. That being said, I think Murray would have to try being an NFL QB....I just don't think we can take that risk.
  6. Or, when Jay has another missed playoffs on his resume' after 2019, the organization promotes the young O.C. as the trendy hire and as someone Danny and Bruce can control who won't say no to a HC job. Which supports your comment.
  7. McVay didn't come from a great offense...
  8. Sounds like Jay is keeping the seat warm for O'Connell in 2020....
  9. kingdaddy

    Starting QB 2019???

    I just read an article that says the new Bengals coach will dump Andy Dalton for Tannehill since he's worked with Tannehill before. Then, the Bengals would trade Dalton to the Skins because of Gruden's history of working with Dalton. I'm not saying I like this for the Skins but the idea makes a lot of sense if Dalton becomes available.
  10. kingdaddy

    Starting QB 2019???

    Fitzmagic is the slinger we need....he will help us determine which of our kid WR's can play in the league, running QB's don't do that. I can see a Fitz to Robert Davis 45 yard TD pass....or a Fitz 7 yard crossing route to Quinn for a first down. Fitz to Cam Sims on a fade route in the corner where Sims out leaps the cornerback. Then, afte a win, nobody outdresses Fitzmagic for pressers....what a year it would be! Get Fitz in here for a physical then sign him so he has the entire offseason to work with the kids at his ranch in Arizona.
  11. kingdaddy

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    I'm all for signing Fitzmagic to go with Colt then drafting a QB in next years draft unless a legit prospect falls in our laps unexpectedly. Take best player available in the draft and try and deal guys like Jordan Reed, Josh Norman, Chris Thompson for picks. Take the full cap hit on Alex this season and carry as few big contracts as possible. I like the originator of this posts thinking, add draft picks and go all in for 2020.... Then, for this season, play the kids with Fitz....Robert Davis, Cam Sims, Quinn, Doctson, Guice and whoever else and see what we have in them. Build the defense like crazy in the draft with playmaking linebackers, safety's and edge rushers.....Sign free agents with upside who need a chance to play (Simmi Cobbs?)
  12. Hire London Fletcher
  13. kingdaddy

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    I don't necessarily agree with this...Alex looked weak during his time in there but he was also in a new system. Who's to say he wouldn't have gotten more comfortable and made more plays downfield? Also, maybe more stuff would've been put in for him as the season progressed. That being said, Alex wasn't setting the world on fire and his 105 yard pick 6 against Houston was a killer. We'd have won that game without that.
  14. kingdaddy

    Starting QB 2019???

    we can't afford Foles....
  15. How will people feel if Dan trades up and takes Murray (Okla, QB)? It'll be RGlll talk all over again....Until Murray refuses to play for such a messed up organization and goes to baseball instead. Maybe that would be the kick in the groin that Dan needs to make significant changes?