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  1. Disagree on the 49ers...Jimmy G can be had. With no turnovers and good defensive play we can beat the Niners. They aren't the same team as last year. The Eagles beat them.
  2. One rule that seems reasonable is to not allow defenders to launch/leave their feet to tackle a QB. QB's can only be grabbed while they are running and not launched upon. Launching at runners and receivers is the biggest problem in my opinion for both offensive and defensive players. There is no reason in the world why Bostic would need to launch himself at a 35 year old QB like Andy Dalton. I think launching by defenders should be a penalty when it happens on defenseless receivers and on QB's. Go back in the day and watch how guys tackled...wrap up and take em down.
  3. in the 1970's it's a no-call....he's not a dirty player, he's trying to stay relevant and make a play. This stuff happens in football.
  4. Some thoughts: Allen (25), Payne (23), Sweat (24) and Chase (21) are all young, still learning and in a new system. Between the 4 of them there should be many highlight plays in the future. Kyle Allen is only 24 years old...in his 2nd season as a starter. I'd say he is doing a great job and should only get better. Allen is a steady head who was a great trade get for this team. The WR's are babies by NFL standards. Who's gonna step up and just imagine when we do get another real WR to pair with Terry Mac!!!!! Thomas is developing nicely as a TE. Gibson is a stud in th
  5. Eagles schedule: Cards, Saints, Seahawks, Packers, Browns, WFT, Boys, Boys, Giants.....With 9 games to go you have the Eagles winning 5 of them which, given these remaining games will be a challenge. WFT schedule: Lions, Bengals, Niners, Steelers, Panthers, Eagles, Giants, Dallas, Seattle...with 9 games remaining do we see 5 wins for the WFT? At most I see 5 wins here with 3 being more likely. I'm ruling Dallas and NYG out given their weaknesses, injuries, etc...this is a 2 horse race with the head to head game likely deciding the division all things considered.
  6. I think we are agreeing. Let Kyle play as long as he's effective then draft or sign his replacement. My point is that Kyle gives us a chance to win while we build. You're right, QB's can be found anywhere it's just that the best ones are drafted higher in the draft. With Allen, if he continues to be serviceable or better, we can find our QB of the future without being forced to trade up in the draft. I like Allen and I think he's gonna get better with more playing time and a better roster.
  7. I forgot Houston for a top 5 pick, Miami has a shot too....WFT could end up being out of the top 10 if Kyle Allen keeps playing well. And as division champions at 6 - 10.
  8. Placeholder with potential....in this division I don't see us picking in the top 5, hell we already have won 2 out of 3 games with 3 to go. I would think the Jets, Bengals, Giants, Jags, Cowboys and Falcons will all be worse than us at this point. How funny will it be if the entire NFC East picks in the top 10 of the NFL draft? Don't count out New England for a top 10 draft plck either....they look brutal.
  9. Kyle Allen is good enough to get this team to our franchise QB if we ever draft or sign that guy. Build the line and the defense and he can win games. The problem may be that he wins just enough games to take us out of draft position to get a true franchise guy. I'm watching Cam right now and he isn't as good as Kyle is. I hope RR is watching too. Sign Allen for a couple of years, tell him the job is his to lose and then draft the future. Meanwhile build the rest of the roster. In this division we could be playoff contenders for several years if we build right.
  10. Maybe Dak wants to play for the Football Team next year?
  11. How can Dallas NOT sign Kaepernick if Dalton is out long term?
  12. I don't think we could get more than a 7th for DH right now. Given what RR is doing with him and the respect RR has around the league I would imagine teams are steering clear of DH. Maybe we make a deal with someone for Kerrigan and DH gets tossed in with a return of a 5th and a 7th? I can see this happening with a team like Arizona or Seattle, possibly Pittsburgh. A team that could use Kerrigan and could take a look at DH.
  13. If not able to get Trevor Lawrence: Sign Cam Newton Draft Micah Parsons round 1 Draft O-line rounds 2,3 Sign stud free agent WR Sign solid free agent Safety Sign Solid O-line free agent Happy Thanksgiving for everyone.
  14. If I'm Dallas I am on the phone with Miami offering a 7th for Fitzmagic right now....he'd be great with that cast of WR's if the line can protect him. Hell, I wish he'd come here.
  15. I don't think Cam would've signed to be a backup...If I remember correctly he made that declaration before signing with NE but I could be wrong. I guess he had to beat out Stidham in NE.
  16. After Cam signed with NE, RR went out of his way to quote that he thought hard about signing Cam but needed to see if DH was the answer. The fact that Cam only signed a 1 year deal with NE lets RR know that he can get him in the offseason. Remember, the COVID situation had everyone wondering if there would even be a season so maybe RR considered this year kind of a wash in many respects. He committed himself to learning about the young kids on this team and that is playing out. Bringing in Kyle Allen was his insurance policy over a failed DH for this season....he was the next best thing to Cam
  17. To your point about Cam being a "POS", are you saying you wouldn't want him even if it upgraded the QB position to the point where we are division and NFC contenders the next 3-5 years? Kirk Cousins was the nicest teammate ever but where did that get us? If RR brings Cam in I would suspect and trust that he's doing so because he thinks Cam will help the culture and help put W's on the board.
  18. If Cam is a good teammate and not a boat rocker then we have little choice but to pursue him. Could Cam help DH develop? Maybe, maybe not. However, the team needs to know that they have a QB they can win with. Terry Mac needs to know that when he runs routes right the ball will come to him. Guys on the offensive line need to know Cam will help them out...The defense needs hope at the QB position. If Cam can bring these things and can still play at a high level then bring him in....we got nothin better.
  19. That's exactly what the Browns have been doing for 30 years plus.....Maybe we should've taken Tua or Herbert this year? Some franchise QB's turn out that way because of the offensive systems they are in and the team put around them, others are just tremendous talents. Would you consider Cam Newton a franchise QB at this point and would you take him right now and for the next 5 years? I actually think I would....
  20. The 83 Redskins averaged 34 points a game and set an all time NFL record for points scored in a season that wasn't broken until Randall Cunningham, Randy Moss, Cris Carter and that awesome Vikings team back in the day. Gibbs came from Air Coryell so don't say the game is much different. Rypien had a game with 6 TD passes in the playoffs against Atlanta in 91. You can build winning teams without the franchise QB although it helps to have one. Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl and really only came close once when the Niners blew him out as a rookie.
  21. Just last year the 49ers made and nearly won the Super Bowl with a subpar starting QB....Jimmy G. is far from a franchise QB. By and large you are correct but Nick Foles (not even a starting QB) just won a SB with the Eagles and he beat the all time "franchise" QB in Brady. San Fran's formula of defense and running the ball last year took them far. Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl in Denver with no arm due to a great defense. Football will always be about winning in the trenches...The Titans went into Baltimore last year and proved that when Derrick Henry and the defense dominated the Rav
  22. I'm with ya.....the way to do this is to go with the formula that won Joe Gibbs 3 rings, build the offensive line and fill in the blanks around it. Draft a stud linebacker and offensive linemen in rounds 1-3....find a TE and WR(s) in free agency (Smith-Shuster and Ertz?) Gibbs won with serviceable QB's and added key pieces where needed (Jim Lachey, Wilbur Marshall). His constant focus was on a dominant offensive line and running game to set up the downfield passes. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out if you attack the offensive line as a priority. The defensive line is set.....Sign a vet Q
  23. Yeah, the Haskins part is a problem with my theory. However, New England could ask for someone like Settle or one of the other D-tackles or maybe even one of our young WR's? Moreland? I don't see Haskins as a Patriot either....
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