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  1. See, I would overpay for a Derek Carr because I think even Carr is more than good enough to get you to the promised land. He won't carry you there, but he can get the offense performing at a high enough level to buoy the defense if he needs to. Look at the shootout against Mahomes on SNF a few weeks back. I'd say the minimum quality you need is a Goff-level guy. Anything below ain't gonna cut it. But once you have a Goff or better, you can build up the other parts of the roster to compensate if you need to. I'm good with that - we don't need a top 5 guy who's going to end up making $50M a year
  2. Given the franchise's history, I suggest they lead a discussion seminar about Westward expansion and 19th century America's approach to the native population setting up the country's economic power base, laying the groundwork to achieve global hegemony by the 20th century. Should really get 'em juiced up.
  3. I wonder if Ron is all-in on the playoff push partly because he and Kyle feel good about all those top 5 guys (Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, Lance, Jones) and are confident they'll get one whether in the top 10 or at 19. Especially if the plan is to sit the rook behind Alex next year regardless of who it is.
  4. Wow! That's just nuts. At the same time, how much of this is just frothy rumors? We all thought Haskins would be long gone by 15 (not saying he's the same as these guys as a prospect, just generally speaking). If Ron and Kyle feel strongly that Mac Jones can be a franchise QB though, I won't be mad if they take him at 19. I mean hell, there isn't one bust on that 538 chart (some guys are still too early to say but even Tua and Burrow have shown ability in their rookie seasons).
  5. I see your logic for sure. This is where I am out of my element as I don't watch CFB, so I got no clue who's good or who's coming out which year or anything like that. End of the day, it's all about who's on the board when we pick and how Kyle and Ron have these guys graded. Broadly, I do agree that if the team isn't in love with a guy, they don't need to take him just because he's the top QB left on their board. That's the flexibility we get by having Alex and Kyle Allen, who between the two of them can drive the car while the FO builds out the roster. Finding a QB within the next
  6. Interesting, @Skinsinparadise. What if Kyle and Ron take Mac Jones in the 2nd? Could be the move!
  7. If this were 2018 I'd be with you. Roll w/ Alex for 5 years, get an elite D and contend while finding a young guy to develop on the way. But given we're looking at 2021 w/ a 37 year old cyborg version of Alex, I still think you gotta draft a QB whom you can hand they keys by 2022-2023.
  8. Naw man you take Russell Wilson over Ray Lewis 1000 times out of 1000.
  9. I hope so! But not if he's getting the ball out quick. Fortunately, Cam Kurl has come on strong in the SS spot so if they want to lean on short, quick routes he should be able to come down and help the backers. Also helps that Holcomb plays well coming downhill. It'll be a challenge but if our offense can put some long drives together and keep the D rested, we have a chance! Damn. Hate to see a guy tear his ACL on a random play in garbage time. Obviously has implications for our game next week though.
  10. They'll play all the games. Leaving too much revenue on the table otherwise.
  11. Ya man the dude's made 10's of millions of dollars. Feel bad for someone else. LOL At this point, will anyone want him even as a backup? I mean the guy literally cannot finish a game. If you can't rely on your backup to be there when you need him, what's the point?
  12. Could also give our guys a mental boost and confidence not to play scared or intimidated!
  13. They look very beatable. Not at all like some juggernaut.
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