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  1. CapsSkins

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    How ironic that the 7-time consecutive Pro Bowler having a super rare form of cancer causing him to have 1/3 of his "scalp removed" is on the ****ing "Redskins". Good lord the gods have a wicked sense of humor. As for the situation, it doesn't seem like anyone's fault per se. Apparently the cancer is very difficult to detect and diagnose. Our docs are experts in bone and ligament issues, not dermatology. I understand Trent feeling rattled but it appears like the medical thing lit a fire under his ass about his contract, the org didn't bend, and he got pissed. I will add that if Bruce were better with diplomacy and empathy, we probably wouldn't get to this point. But i don't think this situation is nearly as one-sided as some here do.
  2. CapsSkins

    Gruden announces Colt McCoy starting vs NE

    Or alternatively, if you know you wanna get rid of him, might as well do it after New England so your interim HC's first game is against the putrid Dolphins.
  3. Per Twitter. Insert my shocked face.
  4. CapsSkins

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Eagles are at home this week so that pic of Trent + DeSean is most likely in Philly. For whatever that's worth.
  5. Now let's all go ahead and read into this.
  6. CapsSkins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Makes sense. "Redskins FO dysfunction" has become such a tired trope for NFL reporters, they trot it out even when it doesn't make sense. Who could have been so upset for not trading up for Dwayne Haskins with no long-term QB solution in the building? Your point about the team's fate living and dying by QB play is a good one. We've built our team enough to the point where we should be at least 8-8 this year, though I'm not sure we can go 10-6 with Colt/Case/rookie Dwayne under center. What do you think Gruden needs to accomplish to stick around -- a winning season or a playoff berth? Frustration with the D-coordinator aside, I like we've had 6 years of stability at HC (and thus Offense) and am optimistic about Haskins' potential with this staff. Would hate to see Jay (who I think is a fine coach, not great but give him the LA Rams roster and I wonder how much praise he'd get thrown on him vs. McVay) get cut just as he finally gets QB talent to work with. On the plus side, no HC candidate with options would pick a team that has no long-term solution at QB. Redskins now have more than enough pieces to be an attractive coaching destination should we decide to enter that market.
  7. CapsSkins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    @Art does this sound like agenda-driven sensationalizing or accurate report of nasty internal dissent? All I know about Diana is Mrs. McCloughan's tweets, which themselves are of dubious credibility, so hard to contextualize her reporting effectively...
  8. I fully believe people on Twitter are making up rumors and blowing smoke up people's asses. That said, I do see a case for the Vikings trading Diggs with the money they have tied up in Thielen and Kurt. I could see Bruce calling about Stefon... doesn't mean it will happen.
  9. CapsSkins

    Starting QB 2019???

    Cardinals will take Murray. Skins will trade for Rosen. It won't involve pick 15. <-- my prediction. Book it!
  10. CapsSkins

    Starting QB 2019???

    Robert Henson said on Twitter that Bruce loves Haskins and Grier, and that it wouldn't surprise him if we traded into #3 overall w/ the Cardinals playing hardball on Rosen.
  11. CapsSkins

    Starting QB 2019???

    If it's coming from Chad it probably mean's he's "90% sure" we have a trade for Rosen in place.
  12. CapsSkins

    Starting QB 2019???

    Yup makes sense. I'm skeptical they would do #15 for Rosen straight up but it wouldn't shock me. I think 15 for Rosen/a 3rd would be fair and I'd be happy with that. Think it's a better deal for Arizona than LAC's 2nd.
  13. CapsSkins

    Starting QB 2019???

    #15 for Rosen and a 3rd?
  14. I think people here probably misunderstand SOP. The coaching staff and Front Office will collaborate on personnel targets and priorities, but the FO will go out and execute on that. It's not particularly necessary and likely inefficient for the coaching staff to be 100% plugged in throughout the entire process. I'd hope they're kept appropriately in the loop and consulted on tradeoffs that are made, but the reports we hear don't get to that level of nuance so it's impossible to tell. I think it's certainly plausible that the Redskins FO and coaching staff are below average relative to other franchises in staying in sync, but I don't for a second believe something like Gruden not "being involved at all" in FA.