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  1. I think we end up with Heinicke/Mariota/Allen this year and, barring one of those guys running with the job, sign Dak when he hits FA next year.
  2. I tend to agree he'll be moved, but with all the bidders in the waters I wouldn't surprised to see him go for a 3rd - which would be a bit rich for me. But I could definitely see it happening. Heinicke-Allen-Mariota/Bridgewater. I can see either of those being our QB room for sure.
  3. If we punt the QB question to 2022, then Dak is probably available in FA and Aaron Rodgers becomes a lot more tradeable with his contract. Of course, there's a chance one of the in-house guys takes the starting job and runs with it, too. I think it's quite wise not to overpay for a blah option this year. I'd say there's like a 60-70% chance Dak makes it to FA next year.
  4. I think Watson will be too expensive, Dak is going to get tagged, Mariota will be expensive relative to cost, and we'll end up with Teddy. Open competition between Heinicke, Bridgewater and Allen for the starting job.
  5. If, theoretically, Dallas tagged Dak and he sat out the year, would he hit FA next year or no? It's a lot of money to leave on the table, however - Dak may decide he wants out of Dallas and he does not want to play on the tag because of the injury risk.
  6. Man, people calling for "unity" and "bridging the divide" in this country, meanwhile we got people at each other's throats in this thread and we ROOT FOR THE SAME TEAM. Unity my ass.
  7. So first a few months ago we get the Instagram or Twitter DM w/ Dak's brother who said he was telling Dak that Washington would welcome him with open arms. Then we see Dak at some point had started following the WFT Instagram page. It doesn't mean he'll leave Dallas, but I'd say it's intriguing enough not to 100% ignore. Not in today's "social media as an official platform" age.
  8. You are not in a position to know this. You're free to have your own personal perception of him, of course.
  9. Yeah, I don't really disagree with any of the above. Right now, I'm not "sold" on him as QB1, either. I really hope he puts on some muscle over the offseason. You gotta think he's been made very aware of that concern, either by the staff directly or by his agent. But man, just imagine if he does actually start playing 10% less recklessly and stays healthy... it would an absolute godsend. Finding a younger franchise guy for cheap without giving up any assets - not even a pick to use on the guy! What a game-change that would be.
  10. Yup. Being a Heinicke supporter to me informs willingness to pay in other deals. By that I mean, I'm not trading a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Sam Darnold when I have Heinicke on the roster. I'd rather bet on Taylor and keep the pick. If we lose out on all the big names, as I think we very well might, belief in Heinicke makes a potentially substantial difference in how you approach pursuing lower tier guys.
  11. I heard both those sources. One was Finlay who mentioned it somewhat off-handedly in his podcast after the WC game and the other was I think Keim. I don't think it's their chief concern. It's one of them, but I don't think they're looking at him purely as a backup. I think they'd rather have an upgrade if they can find one, but I think they'd say it's quite plausible TH can be the guy if he shows enough in camp (re: both durability and sustained performance).
  12. Did you listen to Keim's interview w/ Ron where he asked about Heinicke? I don't think the primary concern is actually durability, though it is one of them. Ron wants to see what Heinicke can do when the stakes are raised / there are consequences. He called his play "spectacular" in the opportunities he's had, but those have been in "got nothing to lose" situations. So to me, I don't think he's ruled out Heinicke as a starter at all. I think he just wants to see the camp battle play out first.
  13. Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. Ugh. All things considered if a guy is throwing a lot of picks, I'd hope it's because he's pushing the ball down the field and taking too many risks. You can probably coach that out of them. But to have the turnover issues he's had while playing conservatively is enough to make me lose interest. Oh well, like I said - if he's had for a day 3 pick, then sure you can take a low-risk bet on Zampese working some magic with him. But for a high pick? Hell no.
  14. Philadelphia would not trade Wentz within the division. I'm guessing it's Indy.
  15. Yeah Gase is the wild card. Are there any reports on Darnold's character? Maybe he's a really hard worker so there's a chance he just needs the right guidance. But it's not like he's flashed all that much from the looks of it.
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