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  1. Is there a rumor about Diggs and us specifically? Why are people connecting the two?
  2. He is part of the process to get over the top. That's my point -- reality is not either being 1 piece away or stripping apart everything.
  3. Want to point out here that "proper rebuild" the way you're thinking of isn't appropriate for middling teams, it's appropriate for basement-dweller teams. Middling teams are better served to incrementally build smartly -- e.g., finding blue-chip young players to build around. Collins is 25, if he were 31 I'd agree with you. But ideally he's in our secondary for the next 7-10 years. There's no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater here.
  4. Does anyone know if Montae remains in the organization's plans? Would affect FA/draft plans I'm assuming.
  5. @Art, are you thinking of specific guys with your 2 big moves prediction or more just conjecturing based on market signals from the Collins deal and X number of active conversations going on?
  6. Agree that it doesn't make sense, just trying to piece together your post w/ rumors that have been flying around. I want to see LB, FS, WR and edge rushers addressed via FA/draft and a trade for Rosen (if available).
  7. Seems like we paid a premium but given need and intangibles (leadership, passion for franchise, Bama Boys chemistry) I'm okay with it.
  8. CapsSkins

    Starting QB 2019???

    Gotcha, you meant "hold" as in "hold off". I don't think Keenum is the key piece to get Rosen. I think, assuming your info is correct, AZ was asking a lot more from us than they were from others because 1) they knew we needed Josh the most and 2) they'd need a premium to move Rosen now, locking in their draft plan w/ Murray. That price was likely the 2020 1st+. The Redskins, smartly, acquired Keenum instead (in whom the Cardinals were likely interested but were waiting to get cut) and said "nah, we're not paying a 1st+, we're fine waiting till the draft to get something done, and oh by the way we got a guy you liked to back up your new guy."
  9. CapsSkins

    Starting QB 2019???

    Got it. I seem to have misunderstood your previous post, which I thought insinuated we *wanted* Pitt to stick to their trade with Buffalo. I see clear value in acquiring Case to help get Rosen. It gives us greater leverage to walk away, an insurance plan in case AZ sticks with Rosen, and an additional asset to use in a transaction. It's in AZ's interest to go right down to the wire to make a decision to encourage suitors bidding up the price, and the Keenum move allows us to play that waiting game without forcing us to pay a fat premium to take Rosen off the table now.
  10. CapsSkins

    Starting QB 2019???

    To clarify, how does this align with what you said about us wanting Pitt to stick to their deal with Buffalo?
  11. CapsSkins

    Starting QB 2019???

    Ppl here are so eager to **** on the FO they can't see the potential of this as 1 in a series of moves -- as others, like SIP, have mentioned. This does not prevent a Rosen trade or even a move for Murray. What it DOES prevent is insane overpayment out of desperation. This is a positive sign.