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  1. Same old stupid mafia **** that probably drove him to stick up the cookout in the first place. Actually that's not fair, rich white collar criminals do the same thing. But still. Dug himself a stupid hole and potentially making things worse for himself in trying to scheme his way out of it.
  2. Looks like Dunbar is trying to buy off witnesses Hope the PD doesn't fall for it
  3. Does the NFL need to suspend them at all if they end up in jail? Lol.
  4. Trent Williams playing out this year on his current contract is enough of a joke as it is.
  5. Quinton DumbBar Quinton BehindBars San Quentin Dunbar
  6. Man, drugs don't magically force you to rob people at gunpoint. The headline here isn't whether they were on something, it's the stupidity. Lol
  7. Occam's Razor: it's because they're idiots. Lol Running around playing gangster bc they probably think it's cool.
  8. One of the getaway cars was a Lamborghini. You seriously can't make this **** up.
  9. Here's the full affidavit to arrest: Idiot. He's done for. Apparently making millions wasn't enough, had to play wannabe gangster, too.
  10. Lol this idiot currently has a warrant out for his arrest in Miramar, FL for armed robbery with a firearm per Twitter. 5th suddenly seems like a great deal... hell it's a "robbery"!
  11. Nixing a trade to MIN signals to me he's willing to play for the Skins. He prob would ideally go to SF or the Rams, but failing that, would rather stick with the devil he knows and give Rivera a chance. Trent Williams thought he was desperate to play anywhere but DC till he remembered Kurt Cousins was still out there somewhere.
  12. Ron & Kyle gonna be cold AF when they call Vincent Taylor to discuss an extension for Trent. Lmao!!
  13. Figure what out? I don't get it. If the offers you get for an asset are far below market value, you just wait for the pressure to build and create a competitive bidding environment. The draft is that. It's not like teams will hear this one media report and jump on the phone to give up a 1st, but as the draft takes shape and they're looking at roster gaps, price will naturally go up. Especially as OT's go off the board. Personally, I'd be more than fine with Trent playing this year and letting his drafted replacement learn from him. If you get a fair deal, pull the trigger. Otherwise, plug our OWN hole at LT for the year.
  14. If you figure most teams have TW graded above every rookie OT available in the draft, then you might believe teams ought to be willing to pay a lot more than just a 4th. So you try to re-anchor to a higher price and hope you still have a team or two hanging around trying to make something work. End of the day, you know which teams need a left tackle.
  15. It would make sense to come from the Skins if the best offer they had *on the table* was a 4th but they knew teams were willing to pay considerably more.