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  1. These OTs can be moved to OG. RR said he likes diversity. So he will make the call on talent and diversity both. Even more proof of diversity on D as well as O. Gotta have it and RR and Co. are addressing it and getting it.
  2. Well, Moses is better than Christian at this point, I think plus signing Lucas last year pushed Moses. Maybe Leno pushes Christian like Lucas pushed Moses and we keep both.
  3. I think he's a lock. We have Barry Saunders 2.0 possibly. Barry has tweeted with this young man several times. We are fortunate to get him and thank Chase Young for pushing RR and Co. to sign him as an UDFA.
  4. I agree UK74 and I look for Collins to be moved/released. Fuller might be a trade candidate if McCain plays well and is signed to a less expensive multi year contract. Maybe a 2 year 10 mill dollar contract with 7 mill guaranteed.
  5. I think Collins is gone after 2021 anyway. There is an out in his contract even though we'd eat some of his money we would be in the plus rather than negative.
  6. I think McCain has a better chance of being signed than Leno but both could be wrapped up on Monday. McCain is tied to Stokes when he was in Miami so I look for him to be signed plus he was a Captain. I think RR loves leadership and that is sorely needed in our secondary.
  7. Take the WFT off the list though. See the post that Joeken24 posted w/RR interview. Tell you all you need to know that Fitz is our QB.
  8. I agree, KDawg. I think we are in a holding pattern until next year. Depending on what our record is and what it takes to move up to draft a QB or sign one during FA and we know that young franchise QBs rarely if ever hit FA. Hopefully, we can protect Fitz and he stays healthy long enough to play a season for us to groom our future franchise QB for a year. Until then, it's Fitz, TH and Allen, I would guess at this point.
  9. I hope not now that it's been a few days since more info has come out. I don't get the impression that RR would want to be caught up in drama that has played out with Rodgers. Plus, the guy is 37/38 and he's not going to give up the future for a QB that's liable to retire in 1 or 2 years. JMO.
  10. Well, until they draft/trade for a QB then TH and Allen are the guys after Fitz.
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