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  1. This time next year he'll be in Oakland/Las Vegas as their OC.
  2. RWJ

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    This team has talent and depth just need a capable DC to run it.
  3. RWJ

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    Again, as a lot of people have stated. Manusky should have been fired after the game today. Unreal. With Gruden given his vote of confidence in them he should be gone as well before mid-season. Turn the team over to O Connell. SnyderAllen is the real problem though.
  4. Yep, I don't know why people are fantasizing about trading TW. Allen has spoken and said that he will be a Redskin. He ain't going nowhere.
  5. RWJ

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    SnyderAllen must be taken into account. It will be wash, rinse, repeat. Wash, rinse, repeat until Allen is replaced. Until then we might see a DC and HC change but until the fly is taken out of the ointment (Allen), it will be wash, rinse, repeat.
  6. RWJ

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    TK, please tell me this is a joke? Everyone who follows NFL football knows how successful Rob has been. Horton would be a better choice. Please tell me Rob is not the guy. Manusky has to be getting the ax soon one would think.
  7. Skins could trade their 2021 1st round pick and a 2020 4th round comp pick, I believe we will get. Just a thought.
  8. Yep, saw this SIP. Now, it will be interesting to see who we resign as we need another TE. Maybe that 6' 8" TE we had before. I think his name was Parham?
  9. Sweat was super quick off the LOS. It looked like he was offsides he was much quicker than everyone else. Give this guy time. He is going to be special, IMO.
  10. It's looking like he'll be back by game 8, maybe before in which I think he gets his entire salary if so. I know TW is having issues but to me this is taking advantage of the situation with the Skins and I think it's wrong and looks bad on both sides. TW taking 1/2 a season off IF it transpires that way and the Skins FO being soft and letting him get away with such an ordeal. TW needs professional counseling, prayers of those of his family and friends and his butt needs to be back at Redskins park.
  11. RWJ

    RFK To Be Razed in 2021; (Favorite Memories?)

    Volsmet, you nailed it! Remembering the stands moving up and down and that game. It will live on in infamy!
  12. RWJ

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Maybe so but I stated IF and who might make a good Redskin HC.
  13. RWJ

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2019 Kick-Off Spectacular

    I'm hoping and thinking a Redskin upset at the Linc. Skins: 21 Eagles: 17