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  1. Happy Trails, B.S. You got your 1year big deal now hopefully we get our 3rd round draft pick or something for you in compensation.
  2. You and I think a like. Others hear might not understand us but we understand each other. HTTR brother!
  3. As I had said just use the old yellow "R" and when someone refers to us we tell them we are the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins.
  4. Hoping Fitz does well but like I posted above you. We all need to keep our eyes on Taylor. This young man I think is gonna make a name for himself starting this year.
  5. I wanted the old yellow "R" and then us be called the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins! Thus WFT is unique, is one of a kind and speaks volumes to those who understand those that are conservative or deplorable! That's me.
  6. TH's growth is so unknown. His potential can pass Fitz but as of now he (Fitz) was brought in as the starter. Keep your eyes on this young man, Taylor!
  7. I hope Fitz is lights out but I think he's going to push the envelope, get in trouble INT wise and by the 3rd game TH gets the call and never looks back if he can sustain the beatings and avoid the hits. He did put on 15 lbs. of muscle and that will help.
  8. You could be spot on right Tim. I am just speculating.
  9. Just a hunch and nothing more that TH will pick up the O quickly and outplay Fitz overall.
  10. Love me some Fitz! Bold prediction! TH will be the starter w/in 3 games of the season opener.
  11. It's much deeper than that. You have your opinion and I respect it; respect mine please!
  12. Amen to that, brother. Big Brother wants to control the American people.
  13. His turf toe lingered from last year into this year. He needs to have surgery otherwise it could be a wasted season for him.
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