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  1. IF a 2nd round pick for Trask looking at his film from past seasons, etc. having let's say Fitzpatrick or Taylor as a 1/2 year deal while he grows and TH on the team too, tell me why not? Just curious, SIP. Also, we may trade down in the 1st and pick up an extra pick or two using our traded down pick on a LOT or WR.
  2. It is all a guessing game with RR, Mayhew and Hurney, really RR with the NFL beat reporters as it is his call. They have a plan. All news is being kept from the public for the most part. An interesting FA coming up and draft too.
  3. Why would the WFT draft a QB in the mid rounds for? They will get one in the 1st round if they don't sign a vet with potential, IMO.
  4. RR and Co. have a plan. Let's see how that turns out.
  5. SIP, respectfully I didn't respond back to you with criticism. I don't believe you did as well. I understand how you feel about Mac and you understand how I feel about Mac. Yes, Mac is in for a somewhat rude awakening when he gets to the NFL. RR and staff will school him on getting into shape, if they like him and are able to draft him. Another team; another coaching staff it will be interesting to see how things play out.
  6. Tell you what. Let's agree to disagree on THIS QB. Sound like a plan.
  7. I put it out there a long time ago. Yes, he plays on a talented team, No. 1 in the Country but he has the "it" factor to me mentally and enough skills to be a very good QB and I think fits out scheme the best. He's not fast be he knows when to get rid of the ball, doesn't stare down WRs and can move out of the pocket to get extra time to deliver the strike. Good question. We shall see how much the WFT is in on him come draft time and maybe some more hints before. My hope is that he falls to us.
  8. You know I've thought a lot about I wonder if a team or someone associated with an organization puts out fake news (ala Dan Marino) that causes a QB to drop. I certainly hope not.
  9. Fowler and especially Keim are legit but I don't trust JLC. Just me. Both
  10. Schefter said it isn't happening (Russell trade). It's not going to happen. He's the BEST most trusted NFL beat reporter in the biz.
  11. I just don't put much into what this CBS NFL beat reporter says. Sorry. If it's Schefter or Rappoport than it's got substance.
  12. WalterFootball.coms writeup on Mariota, then Tenn. drafted him. I find it interesting as we have Zampese as QB coach. Try paralleling Tennessee with the coaches and mindset of the WFT minus us getting help at WR, which I expect us to. It seems to match to me. Maybe it's just me. WalterFootball.com: 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Marcus Mariota Tennessee would be a great landing spot for Mariota. He has a proven offensive quarterbacks coach in Ken Whisenhunt to develop him, with some young talent at wide receiver, running back and on the offensive line. The Titans w
  13. I think Trask goes in the 2nd round MABYE early 3rd.
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