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  1. We'll the first black QB to win a SB will take Haskins under his wing and ensure he succeeds. I hope so anyway. Yes, it's not right that many haven't given Haskin's a fair shake. I believe Haskins is and will be our franchise QB of the future. He just needs some time and weapons and an OL that is solid.
  2. No ones going to know it but I have to think that RR and Kyle Smith have spoken with other teams in Indy about trades for TW and Dunbar once FA begins if we can't come to an agreement with either.
  3. Per John Keim's post Skins should seek their own deal and trade him away to the highest bidder. We'll see what RR is made of.
  4. RWJ

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'd take Claypool with our 3rd rounder if he's still there and draft a TE with our 1st 4th round pick. I think Claypool goes in the 2nd though. I like him a lot!
  5. Spot on, Volsmet. At this point I want to see TW traded IF and ONLY IF we can get a 2nd round pick for him and we sign a FA LT vet on a 2 year deal and draft TW's replacement with that 2nd round pick. This draft has some very good Left OTs in it. Getting a new extension for more money would be fine if he could stay healthy and play a full 16 game season which he has not since 2013 if my math is correct.
  6. RWJ

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    LOL. I like your sense of humor, seriously (Turona virus). Don't think it happens, bro.
  7. RWJ

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Here's the thing. I would be stunned if the Skins don't draft Young. I think he's there guy. IF Young wasn't in the draft, then yes it would be a different story. Young is a special player and RR is a defensive minded HC and JDR had Peppers in Carolina and he was drafted #2 overall. Food for thought, 74.
  8. RWJ

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    No to Tua and Mel Kiper's respectability was questioned after his debacle with Tobin.
  9. In the end, we draft Young. We could send a conditional 7th round pick to Carolina for Kyle Allen who worked with Turner. If we get Bridgewater during FA it wouldn't surprise me to see Haskin's possibly traded then. I say possibly.
  10. Could be mistertim. We'll have to see how it plays out when the cards are laid down.
  11. Skins should get more than a 2nd round pick for him. A 2nd and 3rd/high 4th would work. Keep and eye on Cleveland.
  12. I don't think it happens, Gallen. I think Skins are possibly pushing the Lions to part with their #3 overall and secure our #2 and the Lions trade Stafford. Thus, the Skins get Young at #3 plus a Lion's draft pick. Skins are doing their due diligence. That would be the only trade I see happening. Young will be a Redskin and the only way he's not is if Cincy takes him but we all know Cincy wants a franchise QB and at #1 they will take either Burrow or Tua.
  13. This is possibly where (IF Detroit wanted either Tua or Burrow, whoever is left over after Cincy takes one) we could draft the QB left and trade the QB to Detroit for their 2nd/3rd round pick. We get their #3 overall and take Young. That's the only way I see us trading out of #2.
  14. I've said this on another Skin forum and will here. I think there is a 99.9% chance the Bengals draft a QB and a .1% we do. Cincy draft Burrow or Tua and Skins draft Young.