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  1. Just heard that this is the worst record (1-9) the Skins have had at this point in the season since 1961. Take that in.
  2. RWJ

    Next Coach?

    Think I've stated I like Bienemy as our new HC but have to think with Allen probably being retained, Allen goes through the motions like he did with Gruden and knows he's hiring KOC as HC. Wouldn't be surprised to see Rob Ryan and new DC, which would be a huge mistake. Now, if Rex was hired as DC that would be a different story but I don't see Rex accepting a DC position and if he did he'd probably be gone in a couple years if he got a HC offer and we'd be stuck with brother Rob, which doesn't have a good record as a DC. Also keep an eye on Jim O'Neil who is currently the DB coach of the Raiders. He has ties with KOC when KOC was a player and was coaching in San Fran and also Cleveland when O'Neil was the DC in both cities.
  3. RWJ

    Next Coach?

    Good info, SIP. You can count out Roman, I believe. Inept F.O.. They probably go KOC as HC. Don't want that but probably how they roll and wouldn't be a bit surprised to see them go Rob Ryan as DC. I want neither but wouldn't surprise me especially if Allen is retained.
  4. RWJ

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    I think we have good talented players. I think a lot of the reason is we don't have decent coaching on both OF and DF.
  5. I think orders came down from SnyderAllen to start Haskins the rest of the year. It makes sense. Skins need to know what potential he has before next year's draft.
  6. Actually, I meant that Jones isn't lighting up the NFL at #6. Sorry about that.
  7. RWJ

    Next Coach?

    That's my guy for new HC!
  8. Simply stating that Williams didn't get approval from Allen before he was signed. Also, stating that Haskins deserves a chance this year to prove if he is NFL caliber and continues to improve game by game. Jones is lighten the NFL up at #6 overall and has had more opportunities than Haskins and played more in CFB. Give the dude a chance, man! That's all I'm saying.
  9. One has to remember it was Doug Williams who recruited and got Adrian Peterson to sign with the Skins, not Allen. Williams has some pull. It wouldn't surprise me if Williams was pulling hard for Haskins. Haskins has talent he just needs time for it to come out in his game. He played one full season as Ohio State and threw for 50 TDs. Ohio State is a good program. Again, Haskins needs time and the fans and media need to allow him time for his game to grow. Let him play the rest of this season and let's see if we see improvement at the end of the year.
  10. RWJ

    Next Coach?

    Bienemy is my choice for HC. SIP, on another forum someone was saying Rex Ryan wants the job. KOC was one of the QBs on his roster when he was with the Jets. Does SnyderAllen try and hire a DC guru HC like Rex and keep KOC as his OC. Long, interesting offseason awaits.
  11. Bruce has to win. Look at McCloughan and now look at TW. Let's see how it plays out after the season is over with.
  12. That I didn't comment on and I agree. It should be from Callahan. Pertaining to Callahan he's not HC material, IMO. He's being used as a puppet right now when it comes to the QB position, I'm guessing.
  13. The way it should be. You got two QBs that aren't under contract next year and both are at best backup QBs in the NFL. Let your first round QB play and gain experience and see what we have in before next year's draft. SIP, I wasn't pointing this towards you but the media and general public.
  14. I hope we lose every game the rest of this year. If that will get at the very least Callahan and MAYBE Allen out of here, I hope we lose out every game.
  15. That could be but there are only 32 openings in the NFL to be a HC. Callahan is SO NOT NFL HC material.