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  1. Here Here, I agree!
  2. RWJ

    Starting QB 2019???

    Justin Herbert in the 1st if he falls, but more thank likely Will Grier in the 2nd round. We need a QB in the upcoming draft and we need to concentrate on drafting 2 OL w/the first 3 picks. *** Love Trent Williams but if we can get a 1st or a 2nd and 4th for him in the offseason, we might want to think about getting value for him now as he's starting to wear down. IF we can get a 2nd for him draft his replacement and resign Ty for 1/2 the price for a couple more years.
  3. If the Skins end with a losing record, some heads are gonna roll. You don't have 3 subpar seasons and stick. Something's got to give.
  4. RWJ

    Can we stop pretending now?

    Likewise, I as a fan along with many others are "Very, very. Very, very, very" disappointed in the OF in all aspects in their game. Granted a 2nd string QB that has been in Gruden's system for enough years to know how to run it to an OL that needs to revamp/depth at OG/C and depth at OT. Needing a starting WR or two and first and foremost a QB that is capable of making all the throws. Defense has had some good games but when the Offense isn't putting out week to week it affects the Defense. IMO, clean out the likes of Allen, Gruden and put Kyle Smith in charge as GM and let him select a new HC, possibly John DeFilippo.
  5. RWJ

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    Les Carpenter‏Verified account @Lescarpenter Follow Follow @Lescarpenter More EJ Manuel and Mark Sanchez worked out well for the Redskins this morning. No word on a backup quarterback yet but Sanchez quickly left the locker room with team employees while the other prospects remained behind.
  6. Don't care for any of the QBs that are working out but it is what it is. With the tweet that Sanchez has a connection with 3 of our O coaches, he'll probably be the pick. Not impressed. Brandon Allen is still on the Rams practice squad. I'd like to see us go in that direction. Just my 2 cents.
  7. I like to see Bibbs get more carries. He's more than just a back coming out of the backfield to pass the ball too. He's quick through the holes, when he gets his opportunities and can pick up chunks of yards.
  8. RWJ

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    My thoughts are Allen still has his teeth in this team and like I said IF another team comes along and signs Kyle Smith away from us as their GM, the Skins are in trouble, BIG trouble! We let our former OC go to LA and he will be successful for a long time. I think the same thing could happen IF Smith is signed by a team to be their GM.
  9. RWJ

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Agreed, SIP and disappointed at the same time. Until Snyder moves on from Allen this team will be average at best. Kyle Smith is a FO this organization MUST keep. He has done outstanding the past couple of drafts. We lose him this team takes a nose dive.
  10. RWJ

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Bucs

    Sloppy game all around. Our O has a long way to go. If not for AP and a few dominant D performances, we would probably be 3-6 right now. TB gained over 500 yards on our D yesterday and if not for the costly turnovers by the Bucs they could have easily won the game. Their O marched up and down the field at will on our D.
  11. Allen/Williams would be wise to let bygones be bygones and re-sign Junior at a MUCH cheaper price. This team lacks outside speed rush pressure on the QB.
  12. RWJ

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So hope Russell is wrong or Snyder moves Allen out of his position. One thing that might stop me from following the Skins is if Kyle Smith is let go of from this team. He needs to be named OUR GM.
  13. Love me some Sills from WVU. Late 1st or early 2nd rounder.
  14. RWJ

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread