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  1. Kirk said today that he restructured his deal with the Vikings so that they would have more cap room. I'm sure that the pay raise had nothing to do with it.
  2. SkinsFTW

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Quinton "Tarantino" Dunbar Dumb and Dumbar I can't wait to see the posters for that one
  3. SkinsFTW

    Goodbye Quinton Dunbar

    Well he definitely achieved his goal. He's not only wanted but he's wanted on at least 4 felony counts. WTG!!!
  4. SkinsFTW

    Goodbye Quinton Dunbar

    Lol From the Seahawks YouTube channel
  5. Because everybody knows that the best kind of house is an ass house
  6. Well it definitely isn't vegetarians either.
  7. And whenever you do pay out the ass for the roads, such as I76 across Pennsylvania, you are likely to get worse roads than the free roads in other states, with fewer rest areas and almost nowhere to exit.
  8. Tales from the loop on Amazon seems like it's going to be a weird Black Mirror type trip drawn out over 8+ episodes. Watched the first one, maybe it's going to be good?
  9. SkinsFTW

    The Quarantine Thread