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  1. SkinsFTW

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    Taking JJ Watt would have been an easy decision too, of course we didn't, but still.
  2. It's February. Starting in September we should expect the Redskins to play 8 games a few miles outside of DC and 8 others in different locations around the country. Paloffs?
  3. SkinsFTW

    Extending Season to 18 games

    They'll probably make the extra game the London game so every team gets to play there once a year. Or Mexico, or wherever.
  4. 17 games is dumb. 18 games so Team can still go .500 The Redskins won't even be able to top out at 8-8 anymore. So is 8-9 going to be our SB or 9-8? Lol.
  5. SkinsFTW

    I Hate The Patriots.

    But the Patriots last year basically gave him nothing to work with on offense yet continue to ask him to take the paycut so they can get him help.
  6. SkinsFTW

    Change at QB- Expext massive changes for 2020.

    They say that the Raiders have a great OL but the Gruden offense is nothing like what the Pats were running and it's not likely that he's going to give up playcalling so Brady can just run whatever he wants.
  7. SkinsFTW

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I've heard that it's possible that Burrow is possibly not keen on going to Cincinnati. So what happens if all of a sudden Cincy decides that they're going to shop that pick and see who wants to trade up for Young/Burrow/Tua? Maybe the Dolphins jump us for a QB or the Giants do for Young.
  8. Trump didn't know that Kansas City is in Missouri?
  9. Chris Jones dropping F bombs left and right on SXM lol.
  10. No way, that would be way too risky.
  11. Yeah it's almost like the Nationals in the postseason.
  12. Wow, 3 TDs in about 5 minutes.
  13. At least Reid got his ring out of the NFCE.