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  1. Yet Norvo the Clown was actually the coach who lost to Sanchez and the Jets. When Marty was the coach Sanchez wasn't even the starter yet at USC. "In fall practice, before USC's 2007 season, Sanchez broke his right thumb, missing the first game against Idaho; he returned the following week and served as the primary backup to Booty.[4] Sanchez earned limited playing time in wins against Nebraska and Washington State.[14] Sanchez was named the starting quarterback by head coach Pete Carroll against Arizona after Booty suffered a broken finger during a 24–23 loss to Stanford.[13]"
  2. This years Chiefs have kind of felt a lot like the 83 Redskins team, even had some things go wrong leading up to the game, and almost ended up with the same score in the SB if that OLman didn't drop the ball in the first half.
  3. Guess they pissed Brady off mentioning that he's never scored a TD in the first quarter in 9 super bowls.
  4. Kelvin Bryant was supposed to be our Marcus Allen or Herschel Walker but I cant remember if he was even a draft pick or just came over from USFL.
  5. ' Then after Brady wins another SB everybody will pretend that they expected it the whole time.
  6. I nominate Doofus Dan for proving me correct that yes he would once again meddle in the draft, and then predictably Wile E Coyoteing it by drafting Haskins.
  7. If you split Brady's career into 3 parts, the first 3 SBs, the middle decade with no SB wins but 2 losses to the Giants, and the final 3 SB wins, he'd be a HOFer 3 times and better in each of those 3 than all but 2-3 QBs. Chiefs might pull off an upset but I wouldn't bet on it. Brady's 37 Chiefs 31
  8. Goff's ridiculous contract probably added some picks to the deal though.
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