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  1. And the fact that everybody used the team name as a Red Herring, and now currently the Owner himself is using the team name as a Red Herring to detract the attention from himself to anything else is just icing on the cake haha!
  2. Condolences man that traffic is hellacious! Oh and everything else is COWS!!! (and smells like it too!)
  3. Naa bro, Red Herrings! Because changing the name was a mostly political idea by everyone in the first place, in reality they just hate the owner, like we all do. It's just a name. Red Herrings FTW!!! "A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important question.[1] It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences toward a false conclusion. A red herring may be used intentionally, as in mystery fiction or as part of rhetorical strategies (e.g., in politics), or may be used in argumentation inadvertentl
  4. I agree with everything except for the bolded part. Nothing about it was slow. If he had been able to screw with the 1999 roster they wouldn't have done anything at all either. It was a complete turd sandwich from day 1.
  5. This likely explains why he is a long snapper and not an actual Center.
  6. I have no idea because nobody has even posted the schedule! (and Im too lazy) So I'll go with 8-8-1 because this option isn't even on the list.
  7. My magic 8 ball says "Outlook is uncertain"
  8. Mike also drafted Jay Cutler.
  9. Dolphins turn Laremy Turnstyle into 4 firsts and a 2nd. Doofus Dan and Bumbling Bruce refuse to trade Williams and eventually get a 3rd for the player who then becomes the highest paid OL in the history of the league.
  10. Bumbling Bruce, hired by Doofus Dan, replacing My Cousin Vinny. Lets put partial blame on the other guys, as if it somehow makes anything different than what is reality for 22+ years:
  11. Because averaging 6-10 for over 20 ****ing years is totally acceptable. And I'm not even getting into the total contempt of the teams actual fans for more than 20 years or any of the other BS he's been a part of. If you ever need someone to turn gold into manure then surely Doofus Dan is your man!
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