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  1. SkinsFTW

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    At least one of you have your head on straight You're going to regret it. Just like me every time somebody talks me into blowing several hundred bucks to go to Disneyland. As soon as I get there I realize that I already said that I'm never paying for that **** ever again yet there I am standing in lines all day to do the exact same **** I did 35 years ago.
  2. SkinsFTW

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    I mean 4 ****ING BUCKS!!! Bumbling Bruce has got to be done. I'd never predict Dan ever waking up but 4 dollars and decreasing has to do it. The dude does not react to losing. Money on the other hand... Just wait.
  3. SkinsFTW

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    4 dollars? Can I get 2 for 5 bucks? Maybe throw in one of those RG3 jerseys?
  4. SkinsFTW

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Apparently dumbasses like Dan and Bruce were put on this planet to prove that point. They are the villains in the story lol. Either that or they are just epic idiots.
  5. SkinsFTW

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Because given the choice, so many of the other Qbs would actually choose to be the leader of the leagues largest dumpster fire. Wake up buddy!! In reality NOBODY WANTS TO ****ING BE HERE!!! Kirk just happened to be the one with the lottery ticket issued to him by OUR morons.
  6. SkinsFTW

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    They should have signed him BEFORE Osweiler was signed. 16M would have likely done it. Remember how excited/surprised Kirk was about Osweiler getting 18M? That tweet was KC realizing that he's going to be winning the mega millions lottery. The major buffoonery was letting Osweiler, who was even more of an unknown, get signed first. People like to point at Scot M but by now everybody knows that kind of idiocy is Bumbling Bruce's calling card. Sherff is the next contestant in the Redskins Mega Millions buffoonery sweepstakes.
  7. SkinsFTW

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    He missed his calling then. Maybe Doofus Dan will hire him next.
  8. SkinsFTW

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    He was productive in his 4th year but he wasn't a difference maker. Favre had them in the NFCCG. Under Rodgers they finished 6-10. They should have just let him test the market or let all of his offensive weapons walk and then franchise him to see if he could do it singlehandedly. Also they should have hired the 0-16 Lions DC. I heard he was underrated.
  9. When Davis plays what? Madden 2020? He's been out longer than Jay Gruden.
  10. SkinsFTW

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I don't see how it's a problem. Doofus Dan is losing millions per game just on the tickets. 30k or more won't even be sold. If the average ticket normally would sell for 100 dollars that's 3M. I'm sure that it's much more than that though. Imagine what they'd sell for if we were winning. Then consider that 100 dollar seats are selling for 10 or less and the expensive seats are selling for like 20. That's gotta be a 10M loss per home game not even considering the concessions. The only people who paid full price are the psychos who didn't cancel their season tickets despite being fully aware of the 20 years of being **** on by the owner of the finest dumpster fire in team history.
  11. SkinsFTW

    Redskins Gold Member Appreciation Day Benefits

    WTF is an AUTOGPRAPHED football?
  12. SkinsFTW

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Dan made all of his money buying out other businesses and firing everybody. He's continued the trend with the Redskins and has fired, hired, fired, over and over and over again. Avoiding conflict isn't what Dan does. He's all about the conflict. He sent Vanilla ice cream to an employee that failed to impress him, among countless examples of his fondness of conflict. What he doesn't like is being known as the problem bringing down the Redskins so he hires a front man and then micromanages everything from behind the curtain. He knows that he's clueless, that's why this set-up is required. He just can't help himself. He can't handle having fingers pointed at him as the buffoon that he is but he's can't keep himself in check. Bruce Allen has about the worst record of any GM in NFL history that didn't get fired. He's not fired because winning and losing isn't on his report card. His grade is A+ on keeping Dan's shenanigans out of the media for the most part. He's done a fine job and still is employed despite being the overseer of the dumpster fire.
  13. SkinsFTW

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    No, but there is always spontaneous human combustion...
  14. SkinsFTW

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    True man. You can now enjoy a day watching the Redskins live for the price of a trip to Long John Silvers. Impressive feat Dan.