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  1. Yet, that would merely be them matching one of our past 3 decades. Seems like Belichick did a jedi mind trick on Russell Wilson.
  2. Brady shows up to Tampa and turns into Jameis Winston. Nice Pick 6 bro!
  3. I had the correct letters but FTW instead of WTF and what do I do with the Skins part? Can I just change my name to WTFFTW? Haha. Too bad Doofus Dan didn't have the courtesy to just change the name the day he bought the team and saved a lot of us the past 20+ years of watching the NFL equivalent of expecting Wile E Coyote to finally catch Bugs Bunny.
  4. Kirk said today that he restructured his deal with the Vikings so that they would have more cap room. I'm sure that the pay raise had nothing to do with it.
  5. Quinton "Tarantino" Dunbar Dumb and Dumbar I can't wait to see the posters for that one
  6. Well he definitely achieved his goal. He's not only wanted but he's wanted on at least 4 felony counts. WTG!!!
  7. Lol From the Seahawks YouTube channel
  8. Because everybody knows that the best kind of house is an ass house
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