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  1. steve09ru

    Norman Jumps A Bull

    I read the thread title as 'Norman jumps a ball' and started to get excited that he was starting to do well and then got even more confused by the original post wondering why jumping the ball was negative and then clicked on the link and it all made sense.
  2. steve09ru

    Why are we banning plastic straws?

    just used these: or these:
  3. steve09ru

    WP: 20th anniversary of Snyder

    con hit submit to soon but think that fits better than the other
  4. steve09ru

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Everyone likes to talk about the missed call on the double dribble but fail to acknowledge the foul before that occurred Also, people that are saying the foul call on the 3 being weak doesn’t seem to realize that he hadn’t released the ball yet and the foul was the reason he shorted it
  5. he didn't retire because he was unwanted, he was on the Raiders at his time of retirement
  6. steve09ru

    Starting QB 2019???

    Sorry but that makes even less sense. Maybe #46 and keenum for Rosen- no chance to sniff out anything else from the cards. We’d be lucky to get a 7 back in that deal
  7. steve09ru

    Starting QB 2019???

    So what you’re saying is Keenum is worth a 2020 #1 and we got him for a swap of a 6th and 7th?
  8. steve09ru

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Update: great flavor and juicy but skin a little tough/chewy which was disappointing
  9. steve09ru

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Just got an air fryer so taking a first stab at some dry rubbed wings used (cayenne 1/2 tsp, ground mustard 1/2, ground cumin 1/2, salt 1/2, black pepper 1, garlic powder 1, smoked paprika 1, oregano 1, Montreal chicken 1, lemon juice) started at 375 for first 15, brushed with melted butter and finished at 400 for 10
  10. steve09ru

    Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    It's really ashame and it would be nice if folks were held accountable for this. While the meat of the information is legitimate within the article itself, click bait titles with 100% misleading information is why so many jump out and scream #fakenews.
  11. steve09ru

    Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    Pretty misleading title - doesn't sound like the teacher really handled it appropriately either though and should have just ignored the situation since they are free to not stand per the article.
  12. That’s why I’m confused by visionary and mistertim saying things were peaceful prior to trump?
  13. You know he wasn’t peaceful towards US or SK prior to Trump right? And threatened missiles to the pacific bases and west coast in 2012 and 2013 and July of 2016 when the US put Kim on the list of sanctioned individuals which NK deemed to be a threat and declaration of war
  14. Who was peaceful before Trump? I wouldn’t say they were anywhere close to peaceful but that tensions had temporarily eased in 2015 then flared up again in 2016 after NK started missile testing again and SK had assassination plans against Kim