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  1. I can do light beans and wife hates beans so here we are haha
  2. First chili of the year on the smoker. Went with a Texas style and added a winter porter to it
  3. Ohh money- didn’t know that piece- how long has that been a thing? Haha keeping same score
  4. If we can successfully double Deandre and have Sweat spy Murray then: WFT 23 Cards 17
  5. Haha - Wife picks the decor- I just do everything else
  6. you could go underneath it with a 2x4 and screw into the bottom of the table. that would also keep it more sturdy and likely avoid it splitting down the middle. may also add a 3rd leg once you do that to help with the weight.
  7. It's been a while but came across a photo I had taken during lunch one day at work last year. So I was driving and kept hearing what sounded like a car horn but the pitch kept varying, I didn't get a good look but the light had turned green and the horn continued to sound. We get to the next light a few hundred yards away and I look over to see this:
  8. Don't have any full before pics but redid the kids bath and laundry room a few weeks ago. Laundry room was a cream/beige color with wire shelving so I painted white, added and painted cabinet, stained and added the shelving on bottom and we connected a rod between the wall and cabinet for clothes to hang/dry. Redid the flooring in the kids bath and painted grey: old floors were vinyl:
  9. have a picture you can post? a couple things you could potentially do
  10. Couldn’t find the picture thread anywhere so posting here. A quick storm that bypassed us to the north, temps dropped quickly but no rain
  11. Yeah didn't realize that was the statue - understand the controversy around that one.
  12. Can we rename this thread to just call out all statues being removed since it’s gotten to the point of non confederacy. We’ve added Grant, Key and Roosevelt statues.
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