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  1. Haskins just dosen't have it..If he keeps playing like he has then Ron will have no choice,but to bench him..
  2. So what? They still ain't winning a Super Bowl anytime soon..With the cap dropping next year they will struggle to even be able to keep Dak let alone adding or keeping their own players..They just restructured a bunch of players just to carry over money to put them under the cap next year..
  3. HAHA..Cowboys suck just as bad as we do..Only difference is they got so much money tied up in all those players and can't cut them...lol
  4. Why are a lot of Cowboys fans saying it's a rebuilding year for them? The way they were talking all they needed was a real coach and they would be Super Bowl bound..
  5. He wont step into his damn throws..time to move on from that bum
  6. For the amount of money Scherff is making he sure does get pushed back a lot.. I think the line would look better with two new guards
  7. They still suck and should of lost yesterday..That Defense is horrific..lol
  8. I bet now that Trent Williams dosen't play for Washington no more that he makes All Pro
  9. The love fest from the announcers for Dallas is sickening..
  10. Wait..I thought Dallas had so much talent on that defnse? lol
  11. Wheres that Eagle fan that was saying no way would Washington win?
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