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  1. bh32

    **** the Cowboys

    ****ing idiot fans think they have the ammo to trade up to #1 to select Burrows or Young..All of there draft picks equal up to a little over 1600 points..they would need another 1400 just to get the Bengals attention..They have to be the dumbest mother****ers that walk this earth.
  2. What a bunch of idiots..In what way have they ruined Haskins?
  3. Garropolo is a
  4. bh32

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    No way will the Redskins pass on Young after watching this SB..
  5. SF DT's look a little light..not sure if any of them are over 300 lbs
  6. SF would of been better off trading for
  7. Miami's draft picks are 5,18.26..the only pick worth a **** is 5..18 and 26 get you Doctson..So you think CY dosen't have elite talent? you better go get your eyes checked or you don't know what your looking at. Sweat was rated alot higher than were the Redskins drafted him..He fell due to medical red flags..
  8. Trade down so we can pass up elite talent for another Doctson or worse player? Redskins have enough jag players, they need some elite talent..
  9. Thats the only scenario that would make sense..Redskins need elite talent
  10. Redskins would be stupid to trade down and miss out on CY..You just can't pass up that kind of talent .
  11. bh32

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    would take more picks than that to move from 16 to 2
  12. what a idiot..throw the ball away
  13. What the hell is wrong with these D-coordinators only rushing three?
  14. bh32

    **** the Cowboys They got themselves another
  15. bh32

    **** the Cowboys

    MCcarthy is gonna learn the Coryell language..What coach would come in to coach a team and change his terminology for the hold over OC? what a joke...lmao