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  1. I hope they do trade up for a TE or WR,It would be a waste of a draft pick..That Defense is so bad their Offense wont be able to keep pace with a team that has a good to above average offense and an elite Defense..History has shown that an elite Defense reigns supreme over an elite Offense.
  2. Those damn fools actually think Jourdan Lewis is better than William Jackson..lol
  3. That idiot fan base thinks they are still better than Washington after today..you just can't fix ****ing stupid
  4. I don't think they want to spend money on a WR..Mcclaurin is coming up for a contract here in the next year or so..They will probably draft a WR,but they need to do something about the LB's and DB's in FA.
  5. Better watch out..Dak is equal to Tom Brady. I have never seen a QB so hyped as Dak has been. For a team that is praised for having so much talent,why do they continuously fail to reach the playoffs?
  6. i can't believe the arrogance that comes from the Cowboys ..Dak and Steven Jones said they are the best team in the NFC east..LMAO. Instead of keeping their mouths shut they just gave every team in the NFC east bulletin material..Hope Dak is ready for a beating.
  7. LMAO the Cowboys are fools..Dak is just a average QB.If they couldn't win with him on a cheap contract no way they do anything now..They are screwed cap wise now
  8. Dak is not better than Kirk and never has been..
  9. Snyder is done and just needs to sell the team..He will never be able to revert back to the old ways that the team was ran before Ron was hired as he will be under a microscope from here on out and i don't think he can help himself..The moment Dan does something that dosen't sit well with the fans or league and it will really bad for him.
  10. Wonder why they haven't released Alex Smith yet..Anyone think they might be trying to trade him?
  11. Allen is under contract for 2021
  12. i believe that there is a video,but im not gonna just assume he is the one who demanded a video be made..At this point i just don't care what he does as i think he is trash,but he ain't going anywhere anytime soon
  13. Him being a scumbag still dosen't make him guilty of what he is being accused of though..Like i said i don't like the guy,but i also don't believe everything that is said about him..
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