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  1. The hype has already started..Every player they have is an All Pro
  2. I guess now you have to have a bunch of players with character issues to have a top Defense..I guess someone forgot to tell Rivera and JDR that...lol. The lenghts they go through to justify having a bunch of shady players on that team is unbelievable..
  3. Jerry Jones made Cedric Wilson give # 11 to Parsons..lol That team is a mess,can't wait until it all implodes
  4. So there is only gonna be one QB available when its the right time to draft a QB?
  5. Micah Parsons hasn't even proven that he can cover..Plus the guy has a lot of red flags
  6. This team needs to build the roster more before giving up so much draft capital for a QB that probably won't amount to anything..
  7. Won't matter..that Defense will still stink.
  8. That team is a complete mess..No direction at all..lol
  9. Still plenty of good players left..
  10. But do you need that future franchise QB now and waste another year of potentially having a Defense that becomes elite and carries the team with Fitzpatrick this year? i know eventually you need a young QB prospect,but giving up precious draft picks for a guy that won't even see the field this year is a waste..The Defense is so close to being dominate and i think they need to finish it before anything else.
  11. Peyton Manning won a SB in Denver with a elite Defense.. Not when you have traded those picks to move up..lol
  12. The problem is you can't guarantee any of these QB's are franchise QB's..It's alot easier to make this Defense elite..So your willing to take a chance on a QB that won't even play this year and isn't even guaranteed to be even better than what they have..? You fix what is holding this Defense back and i bet this team has way more success.
  13. No it's not..Jimmy Garoppolo made it to a SB without being elite..Elite Defense will always beat a Elite Offense always has and always will
  14. Ok.. so Fields is Guaranteed to be a franchise QB?
  15. Problem is this team isn't ready to be aggressive and get your guy..They need to finish the Defense this year and next year trade up for a QB.
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