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  1. Yeah in the heisman existence is what I meant..so where is Mahomes heisman at? Do you see a pattern with heisman trophy winning QB'S? they are all running QB'S and most of them amount to nothing in the NFL.
  2. So did Tim Tebow..the heisman ain't ****...the best NFL QBs in the NFL didn't win the Heisman...lol
  3. It's a fact..he's bigger , has a better arm and is younger..so what Daniels runs a 4.4 compared to a 4.6..Daniels is also a sub 200lb Qb that won't last a year running like he does..
  4. There sure is a a Daniels fan club here all of a sudden..lol. is it a coincidence that they have all joined the last month or so?
  5. Yeah to wr's that are gonna be drafted in the 1st round...how many of Mayes are gonna be drafted in the 1st round? Who's WR's had the most drops?
  6. I do..Daniels is not gonna survive taking the hits that he does..name one QB that their best asset was running that has won a SB.
  7. I Don't see the hype behind Daniels..Maye is bigger,stronger,and has better arm talent..
  8. Allen also doesn't have the team that Purdy does..Jackson is a one trick pony..stop his running and he is done.
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