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  1. BayouBrave86

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    What a ride this season has been. Went down to ATL for both the SEC Championship and Peach Bowl. Flying down to NOLA next Sunday to watch us complete this epic season in the dome and win it all! I honestly think we win comfortably against Clemson. They may get a late score to make it look closer than it really was (see Alabama). This is the game Burrow has been dreaming about his entire life. In the words of Coach O, we comin!
  2. BayouBrave86

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Hearing he’s gone Monday.
  3. Lol Kirk is such garbage in big games. Don’t miss him one bit. They’ll get smoked in the first round too.
  4. Holy **** man I can’t believe this but I can
  5. I was there, screw that game. If Thompson doesn’t go down we win going away.
  6. I just can’t believe the change in n this game from 14-0 down in the first quarter to shutting them out for the rest of the game, on the road no less. Such a strange, strange game.
  7. I don’t know what Skins team we are watching. They look...disciplined?
  8. That’s the Guice I remember from LSU
  9. Why is Sprinkle still on this team? He couldn’t catch a cold.
  10. Can’t even get to his second read. He’s awful.
  11. At this rate we are going to bring back Callahan as coach and keep Bruce Allen.
  12. I’ve been here since the early years and strongly believe Haskins isn’t the right QB for us. The future is bright with Terry and Guice though.
  13. Guice has always been good, just unlucky with injuries. Just imagine what he will be able to do with a real QB and improved oline.
  14. BayouBrave86

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Lions

    How many touchdowns has he led us to in non garbage time? That’s right, 0. All the signs and patterns are there in what I admit is a short sample size, but it’s right there. Some of you are holding out hope he is going to be good..but he won’t be. One thing people seem to be overlooking is that we don’t even have the culture to lead him down the right path away from this immaturity and arrogance. No one is checked in this environment especially if you’re the first round QB. It’ll only get worse IMO. I bet he ends up saying something similar to Mason Foster about the Skins fans (not nearly as bad, but something that pisses off half the fanbase).