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  1. Why are you excited? Dan still owns the team. Dwayne Haskins is still the QB.
  2. Exactly. If you were that offended by the name why are you a fan of the Skins in the first place? If you really wanted to stand up for what you believe in, you should’ve stopped following them.
  3. We are going to have 3 starters on offense from LSU. Can’t wait.
  4. If somehow we slip into the teens in next years draft order and go WR, look no further than Terrace Marshall Jr. He is going to make some noise this upcoming season alongside Chase. He was sort of the forgotten man this past season due to an injury he sustained. Jefferson and Chase got all the love but Terrace was on pace to catch 20 TDs last year. Finished with 13. He’s also that monster WR we’ve all been waiting for so many years. 6’4 and 201.
  5. Guice was a first round talent was he not? There have been plenty of examples where individuals fail due to character concerns, rumors, etc. Are we really having this argument? It happens every.single.year. Antonio Bryant was a first round talent that fell. I mean there are countless examples of individuals that fell due to character concerns.
  6. I hate it when people don’t do their research. Him and Cush were our best olinemen. Here’s just a random google search I did that backs the 2nd/3rd round claim: I was hoping we would get him or Cush and we did. We will have three starters on O from LSU this season. I am pumped.
  7. Good thing he’s a 2nd/3rd round talent. And of course he’s going to be a little ****y. He played LT for the best college football team of all time and protected the QB who just had the best QB season of all time and went #1. That whole oline were a bunch of dogs this year.
  8. He will be our starting Tight End if he can avoid the foot injuries going forward. A big reason Moss went pro early is because we have perhaps the best TE prospect of all time coming in this year. Arik Gilbert. He’s going to be a starter from day one.
  9. Moss was an absolute stud this year with Burrow. How much more production did you want from him when Burrow had basically four first round talent options ahead of him? And he still showed out. Burrow had CEH, Chase, Jefferson, and Marshall to pick from this season. The main concern with Moss are the foot injuries but he can block and catches everything thrown his way. If anything we have another great Redzone target. Educate yourself. If if he didn’t have a broken foot during the physical/combine he’s a 3rd or 4th rounder. Just unfortunate but our gain.
  10. So pumped we got Charles and Moss. If Moss can avoid the foot injuries we’ve found our next starting TE.
  11. What a ride this season has been. Went down to ATL for both the SEC Championship and Peach Bowl. Flying down to NOLA next Sunday to watch us complete this epic season in the dome and win it all! I honestly think we win comfortably against Clemson. They may get a late score to make it look closer than it really was (see Alabama). This is the game Burrow has been dreaming about his entire life. In the words of Coach O, we comin!