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  1. LSU alum here. Terrace is going to be an absolute stud at the next level. He's a freak. He got injured last year for 20% of the season with a broken foot , but came back and dominated and still had 13 TD's in 12 games. If he plays a full season, he might've had 17-18. He's that good. He was phenomenal this year with Myles at QB and then had two freshman QB's throwing to him for the rest of the year. Had 10 TD's in 7 games. He went off for 230+ yards against Missouri too. I wasn't a big fan of the opt out and though it was a little weak on his part after supposedly giving a heartfelt speech to
  2. Can we get a stud MLB for this defense? That is the missing piece.
  3. Parsons and Terrace Marshall would be a dream come true.
  4. Fields will be trash too. I don’t want any QB from that Ohio State system. They beat up on ****ty big 10 teams. Alex Smith is the most successful QB to come from the Urban influence.
  5. We need a stud MLB and a WR to pair with McLaurin. Trade for someone like Stafford or potentially Darnold. We don’t need to be drafting a QB in the first two rounds this year.
  6. Yeah Cousins wasn’t the long term answer either. He is the Jeff Fisher of QBs. Completely mediocre. The Vikings will NEVER win anything of substance with him.
  7. I’ve never disliked a player more supporting this franchise. Even Big Al didn’t piss me off this much. And F Snyder and Allen for forcing that pick. The year to draft a QB was this last one. At least Al was elite at his position one point in his career. Haskins just did literally every single thing wrong. Let’s rally behind Alex and Ice Cold Heineken.
  8. Haskins running onto the field was the most cringe thing I’ve ever seen and a new low, even for him. Please cut him.
  9. He should’ve never started today in the first place. Piss poor decision by Ron.
  10. Clowns do clown things. He won’t be a Skin going into next season. Good riddance. Just pretend we got McLaurin with our first rounder we wasted on him. At least he provided us with that gift.
  11. He reminded me of Cam with 1/10th the talent and no where close to the success. His sideline behavior was so tone deaf, it was scary. An absolute clown.
  12. Burrow is a franchise QB. He will be one of the top 3 QBs in the league in a year or two if that line doesn’t get him killed.
  13. I’m just moreso pissed that it was clear as day to everyone BUT our FO that it wasn’t the draft to draft a a QB. We should’ve waited for this past draft. Now we have to do it all over again this upcoming draft or hope Allen is our franchise QB, which I doubt he will be. At least looking forward to seeing what he’s got.
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