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  1. Better than Mann/Manley? Kerrigan would be no.3 in that group for me. Sweat, we can only hope turns out to be the next Dexter, Ryan the best on the left side since Mann.
  2. skinsfan66

    XFL Washington

    Spring 2000 They will start playing in the 20,000 seat new modern soccer stadium. So they say. Anybody think the league will make it? With all the talk of other teams ,Nats Caps just wondering if anybody has any thoughts on this team. What Snyder might be thinking about another team in Washington? What if they sell out the games , have a winning team, fans have a good time and the Redskins come off another year like this with the attendance down again? Could this be a way for fans to pay back Snyder, staying away from Fed X and buying Redskins things and watch the games at home or not watch at all. Too bad XFL do not start this year, I think Danny may have gave a little more thought to make some changes.
  3. skinsfan66

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I see where DJ is going and believe he is right and calling it out just like Ray Lewis used to do. We need the middle of the DL taken care of so the LB's and ST's can do their job. OL getting to the linebackers and no push up the middle is what needs to be taken care of, someone to take on double teams. Fitz or James won't help the run defense without the big man in the middle. Fact is for the whole season we could not stop the run and even if we did alright for a few games there is no depth if a injury happens again. Upgrade Hood not DJ he has been able to do his job. Drafting a rookie RB is not going to help until fix the LG spot either. Like the song says Everything that Glitters is not Gold.
  4. Chubb ran a 4.52 at the combine at 228 lbs. Michels ran a 4.54 at 10 lbs. less. Chubb was the star as a freshman and better back and faster before injury not Michels.
  5. Its what I would do, draft Vita. There is not a blue chipper (not including the QBs and a couple other top 5s) out there who could help the team more in my opinion. Vita is a blue chipper. Like I said I would most likely take Vita even if Hankins were signed
  6. Its not about being in awe of Hankins or how great he is. He always stood out against the Redskins when he played for the Giants although. He is the best out there at our most needed position that allows us at 13 to go in a lot of different ways and not being tied down to fill the needy big man in the middle position we do not have now. Our other young lineman would benefit with him there.
  7. Yea maybe a LG will just fall from the sky! You would go into the season with Kuandijo as the starter, Really? Nothing wrong with home grown talent. I would take Vita even if we sign Hankins if he was there. Take Guard in second rd. RB would have to wait till the next pick. Cannot run if you have no blocking anyway.
  8. Looks like we lost out on another OL. Tom Compton just signed with the Vikings, maybe he will start at RT, I hope so.
  9. Then that makes it that much harder to find a nose tackle. If you can get one with out using your first pick in the draft?
  10. I am just in the mindset that with someone who can command a double team so the linebackers can make the plays and push the pocket on passing downs to get the QB off his spot, is the top position of need for the team. Look at the top Defenses of the past, example ( Baltimore) Ray Lewis will tell you what it means to have the big guy upfront in a 3/4. We cannot stop the run and we need the pressure up the middle. Also we should end Free agency if we do not sign Hankins because there is nothing left out there to sign that would make a impact at a need position, save the money and cap space. No OL or RB out there worth going after and that leaves the draft to fill those needs, and the chances are lowered to fill them.
  11. That's a big treat for us. Looks like Suh maybe going to LA or Tenn., with Saints being the other. Tenn. has a lot of cap New Orleans not so much if he joins the Rams. But any player can be signed with the power of the pen as we Redskin fans are well a ware of.