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  1. Gotta find one somewhere and a trade up to late first sounds good to me. Also was not aware of hip surgery and letting Logan go too.
  2. It sure increases a trade down you would think? loaded draft at LT. Pick 2 is to high with the QB's.
  3. No changing rules here, he will grow bigger the next few years like I did and most people I know. Jayden is RG3 they do not know how to protect themselves because of their style and the last option for me of the 4. Just my opinion too.
  4. Not from HS to 25 maybe longer that's when my family started filling out, He is 6'3' and just turned 21 a few weeks ago. I could see him putting on 20 lbs in the next several years mostly muscle. LOL
  5. Different styles he knows how to get down. And just turning 21 plus still growing and looks like he has the frame too. Daniels is on the downside of growing at 24.
  6. I am pretty sure they kept talking injury for him but he went anyway. He was stumbling all over the place in the drills and had no explosion. That's what they were saying last night, early second, he really stood out would be a good fit in a 3/4 at end. He is quick for 290lbs not just fast.
  7. I think Chop looked tiny for someone 254Lbs's watched most of the drills.
  8. Impressed at the Senior Bowl too. Faster and quicker than a lot of the smaller DE.
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