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  1. skinsfan66

    XFL Washington

    Spring 2000 They will start playing in the 20,000 seat new modern soccer stadium. So they say. Anybody think the league will make it? With all the talk of other teams ,Nats Caps just wondering if anybody has any thoughts on this team. What Snyder might be thinking about another team in Washington? What if they sell out the games , have a winning team, fans have a good time and the Redskins come off another year like this with the attendance down again? Could this be a way for fans to pay back Snyder, staying away from Fed X and buying Redskins things and watch the games at home or not watch at all. Too bad XFL do not start this year, I think Danny may have gave a little more thought to make some changes.
  2. skinsfan66

    Some Hard Truths

    Kirk 40 for 55 290 yards 6 yards a throw? Can you say check down when things do not go your way. Some things never change and Nothing like padding the stats. Diggs 4 recs 17 yards, Overrated and has been up and down since he came in the league. Nice defense the management gave the Viking fans today , they got blown out by buffalo who were on tract to be the worst team we have seen in a while. Just saying! Looks like the over the hill gang has a little in the tank left.
  3. Yea he has got the old Grand Ma.'s Van thing going in minny too while he makes 28 mil a year. Just remember how disappointed he was to be drafted by the Redskins. Never seemed like he was really all here 100%. Smith seems like the perfect play to replace him.
  4. skinsfan66 All Time XI: NFC East (Redskin Related)

    Riggins would be no. 2 on my list Sonny at 4 , No S. Taylor on this list. And Jacoby and Houston ahead of Grimm. Larry Brown should be on this list no Redskin player gave more than him.
  5. You keep talking about the other 3rd. rd. pick , WHY? Without giving it away we do not have a starting QB. Stop and think about what it would be like without Smith right now. Kirk was not going to be here that's a fact. Its over, we will see how this trade works out at the end of the year. I disagree with your 3 points, first The pick will be the first comp pick and that's a 3rd rd. pick. 2nd point see above it cost to have a starter and they added another 3rd. pick. Point 3 Smith> Fuller and a Third.
  6. skinsfan66

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Its pretty much a fact now, any new player they sign will be a cut or low round FA pickup and we have 5 or more FA players lost with a few more on there way out. 4 picks is max you can gain. Trades do not count either.
  7. skinsfan66

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Yes I am, it started with free agency that we are going to have 4 more Draft picks next year. Just a different way of doing things around here. Also gave Scot no credit for this draft, just the way it is run. Can you say things were run this way before he got here? Just the system and the way he learned and taught before he was gone.
  8. skinsfan66

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    I guess the icing on the cake is after this offseason we have added 4 picks to the draft next year. Could it be also that we had a real GM for a year that showed then the way of doing things before he was gone. Not taking credit away from what they did this offseason either.
  9. skinsfan66

    2018 UDFA Thread

    I think this is best UDFA class I can remember the team has ever signed. They are doing things different the last couple years with the draft. Maybe our former GM showed them a better or different way to do things even with the draft. Not taking credit away just seems different. Even on trades we have fared really well, the draft they stuck to there plans and seems to have worked out.
  10. skinsfan66

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Yea maybe we can convert Settle to a Guard since we have abundance of DL.
  11. skinsfan66

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    That must mean he is a bad pick, right?
  12. skinsfan66

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    We now have a QB who has a little escape ability,that helps. And there is also free agency with a little cap money left. Like this Draft a lot plus hard to fill all the holes with the draft.
  13. skinsfan66

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    He was signed off practice squad, from what I remember. Redskins had big plans for him posse was on way out.
  14. skinsfan66

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Why because you know the big name picks? Its these late big name picks that bust more often than not. There all steals and will get a high grade for the pick but we will see how all 3 fare when they hit the field.