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  1. He really had a cult following. He provided some exciting moments. Taken way too young.
  2. You can tell we’re close. I got my second shot two weeks ago which for being healthcare and 30s was surprisingly behind actually some of my younger friends who are non healthcare (No health issues.) so that suggests we’re really getting into the younger people or the whole process is messed up haha.
  3. I agree on the last part but we aren’t pass it right now. Vaccine just gives you good odds of not catching it and even if you do that you did you won’t be likely to have the full effects. You can still spread to people who are trying to get vaccinated but haven’t yet. Now given the particular friend I’m speaking of kept doing their thing straight through covid way before vaccines. I also noticed other friends of mine doing wedding and what not indoors with no masks right in the middle covid with a bunch of people. Again when vaccines were barely starting to become available. Covid has made
  4. Anyone else find themselves being judgey when they see friends on Facebook in certain pictures, places, etc or doing certain things during the pandemic that makes your eyebrow raise? I’ve had one friend in particular who kept doing their bar life, traveling to places including now that are bad covid wise, etc. Yes they have been full Vax for about a month or more now but I don’t know. At first I think they were really good doing virtual brunches and girls nights then it’s like she just had enough of it.
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