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  1. Olympic men’s soccer isn’t taken serious by many major soccer countries because it’s all youth. Only countries that really care are ones that never win anything major or Brazil who treats it like the WC. They still talk smack about winning the Olympics at Germany calling it revenge for 7-1 beat down in 2014 in Brazil which is pretty pretty laughable.
  2. A dive, a missed call on the two balls on the pitch which should stop okay, and laser pointer in the Denmark keeper’s eyes. They truly want England to win it.
  3. I mean it’s believable. If I was filthy rich and wasn’t needed I’d be traveling and be back for game days. If we really sucked maybe back for a few games. Honestly he is probably only there for meetings and such. I don’t see Snyder living at the facility.
  4. Off sides doesn’t need to change. Getting the calls damn right does. As a striker for two decades I was pissed when I had goals take away because of bad decisions where I knew I was absolutely onside. The worst one was getting called offside on a counter where I was still on my half which negates any offside rule and I got flagged down after scoring by rounding the keeper.
  5. Excuse me if I’m not gonna have sympathy if he gets it and misses games. That’s on him. Jon Rahm had a tournament wrapped last week on the pga but had to withdraw due to covid because he decided against getting it. That cost him 1.4 mil. Which is a major chunk for a golfer. You want to take that risk? Fine. No sympathy if you end up on losing side of it.
  6. We aren’t getting back to the SC anytime soon. We should just accept that after seeing this team and effort.
  7. All I ask is there are three giant crystal middle fingers on top of the stadium’s roof/half roof directed toward Philly, NY, and Dallas. Ok not really. But really.
  8. Because European stadiums have better atmospheres than America. They are built to be in your face and on top of you. It’s intimidating as hell.
  9. This is a slobberknocker! Good god someone stop the damn match! I think he’s been broken half!
  10. Disagree they are definitely going somewhere. They’ll be going to the golf course shortly if they keep this up. Considering the team has been doing this for over a decade and he always takes the blame or ends up the butt of jokes I can’t blame him for being pissed that another signature Capital playoff mental breakdown moment cost them a game
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