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  1. Browns 30-17. Could be worst since I could see Browns putting extra on us as a feel good game.
  2. But should we? If we think another QB the roster could do better should we give the whole year? I’d rather know if we have anything decent before likely drafting another QB then.
  3. That hit was thinking it college that targeting and ejection Then nfl comes back and ejects. Didn’t know they did that now.
  4. I mean we’ve missed everything else from first down to easy passes so might as well miss the flight to be perfect.
  5. Haskins should keep his mouth shut and let his play talk.
  6. This game was already super tough and we’re just handing them the ball.
  7. I told you he’s a bit insane. If anyone ever takes a cheap shot at his players they will have hell to pay. He loves dishing revenge cold. One of his flyers got knocked out in a game and he sent the wreckers to kill. There was like 6 fights or more in 10 mins.
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