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  1. So at what point do Texans give up and accept Watson ain’t coming back?
  2. True story about the enhancing. I know a few used it to create influencer careers or use it to get in the music video dancer world. They came out of my alma mater and non stop bugged for voting of them for various things.
  3. He was out with Dwayne Wade golfing yesterday and seemed to be fine. Terrible. He just had back surgery and was trying to get to the masters.
  4. Tiger Woods injured in major crash. Had to have the jaws of life to get him out. Car rolled over and looks smashed to hell.
  5. How many times do we have to have these kind of things happen for people to stop? No one should be dying over launching blue or pink colors into the air. For example like if I wanted to get creative with my future SO maybe we’re both golfers so let’s tee up a fake golf ball with color and whack it to be make it burst into color. We don’t need a giant exploding golf ball.
  6. RWJ brings a good point. We hear all kind of stuff about how much Amazon workers get screwed with pay and benefits. He could very well just try to milk the franchise like Snyder. Bezos doesn’t have any personal interest in DC either. It’s just a business to him. That would really suck if we got so close and then we had a trillion dollar owner that doesn’t want to spend a penny. Snyder is alit of things but he always showed a willingness to spend to win. If Bruce returns I’m done. I’m saying my goodbyes and quitting once and for all.
  7. Ford told its dealers in Texas and such to loan out the new F150 to power homes. Shocking a Car maker has to step in but great move by them. Heaven only knows how much help car makers have gotten from the public during desperate times so good to see one step up.
  8. If I was a NFL team I definitely would be looking at the cheering squad necessity. I mean again there’s really no need for one anymore. Let’s not pretend they are simply there to scream Go “insert team”. We know why the cheerleaders are there. Honestly would you even want to risk getting in a situation like this involving a group that really isn’t needed? A lot of teams probably will ask themselves. The cheerleaders are presented in provocative fashion whether game day attire or their calendars. Is it worth the risk of having a unnecessary group in the organization that is presented in th
  9. I mean honestly outside of being eye candy whether sidelines or being put in a swimsuit calendar what do NFL cheerleaders do anymore? They aren’t leading chants. Heck no cheerleaders do that anymore at really any level. As far as current times it sucks for the cheerleaders but many stadium are barely open or still without fans so it makes their presence their even less needed. Sure they are nice to look at but honestly I don’t see the purpose so I can’t really blame the move especially after they had this entire situation happen.
  10. Obviously it’s not happening but JJ Watt added to this line is terrifying.
  11. People are afraid of OSU QBs (I been saying this forever.). And Eagles have been spending too much time this off-season sniffing markers. Nothing to see here folks.
  12. Dak to Wash confirmed with a three year contract and middle finger for jerry Jones clause
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