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  1. Honestly we already know who the nba champions will be for atleast the next 2-3 years so I don’t even know why we worry about the current state of the franchise. Hell if anyone sniffs the Lakers they’ll just go get Butler or something that will basically end any competition.
  2. Yep It’s super low on my viewing totem pole. Hard to care when you already know who will be in the finals every year. The finals ratings the last 6-7 years reflect that too. They’ve been steady dropping and then flat lined this year. That definitely corresponds with the super teams. Which is why I think a certain person will be remembered for destroying the competitiveness of the NBA for easy rings rather than how good they were.
  3. I know Ravens are toothless but damn I expected some bite.
  4. “Delay of game on the defense- acting like POS. 5 yard penalty and player is sent for a COVID test. The game is over.”
  5. Eh I like Thursday because I’m already weekend mind cruising. It’s a bookmark of my week.
  6. Have a holly jolly **** you Christmas it’s the best time of the year Was is it as terrible? We better stick to normal days.
  7. I guarantee he blocked it. Better get a pre paid phone.
  8. Griffin was a second from taking a knee shot like he took in 2012. That would be ironic with the ravens
  9. The fake noise making Heinz sound like Seattle
  10. Yeah I was just kidding around about the cheerleaders All seriousness Snyder should be the one punished not the team. It would be different if this like involved the whole team and maybe even fans were getting cheerleaders as escorts.
  11. Lawrence, Fields, and Wilson I’d take for sure. After that I’m skeptical. I’d probably see if I can land Mac Jones in the second round at that point. Right now we’re looking rough at QB next year again.
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