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  1. My comparison is everyone lost their minds (myself included) that we were headed to the SuperBowl with those high profile free agent signings and now I keep hearing how elite our defense looks after drafting Chase Young. Bottom line...let’s learn from our past and keep things in perspective.
  2. Can we please pump the breaks on saying we have an elite defense? The only promising component of our defense is the line and maybe a portion of the secondary. I am not trying to be negative but I cannot help but think of the season when Bruce Smith, Mark Carrier and Dion Sanders were signed and everyone was talking SuperBowl. I love what Ron Rivera and his staff are planning but understand this is a process and there are still way too many questions than there are answers! Yes...I am excited about Chase Young but we are not going to turn this franchise on the back of one player. This a process and in my eyes we are still the bottom feeders of the NFC East.
  3. Mr. Snyder purchased the Washington Redskins in 99. This shirt is so deep it’s scary!
  4. I am seriously considering purchasing my 8 year old daughter her first Redskins jersey..... 99
  5. One of the all time Redskin greats! Here’s to a healthy and speedy recovery Dexter!
  6. $28 is a little steep for a tshirt but I think is shirt is a must have!
  7. I am very happy to brag to my fellow ES’ers that I just purchased a super clean John Riggins ProLine Starter away jersey from the 80’s off EBay for $30! Crank up that Diesel!