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  1. #201 The New York Giants select... Louisville DT Jared Goldwire
  2. With the 196th pick... The New York Giants select... Western Kentucky University OLB DeAngelo Malone
  3. I think next year I am going to really make an attempt at building a draft board. I am curious how many members participating in the mock actually made one?
  4. #116 NY Giants select: Pitt DE Rashad Weaver
  5. Working on my pick now...sorry for the delay.
  6. I am not proud of myself after realizing that I sounded like the kid from Jerry McGuire...
  7. He has all the tools to play in the NFL but the team who drafts him will have to be patient for him to catch up to the speed of the NFL. Did you know that is Walker Little’s Grandfather played for the Giants?
  8. The New York Giants select: Stanford OT Walker Little
  9. I am looking to trade down and will take offers for the next 20 minutes.
  10. My thought process on selecting Etienne was to afford Barkley the opportunity to ease into the season without having to carry the workload on his surgically repaired knee at the start of the season. My plan would be to sign Barkley’s 5th year option and possibly extend him while having Etienne on a rookie contract. Additionally, Etienne will take additional pressure off Daniel Jones while providing a potential game changing check down option.
  11. With 42nd Overall Draft Pick... The New York Football Giants select Clemson RB Travis Etienne
  12. Giants are looking to trade down for extra picks if anyone is interested in moving up.
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