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  1. What is the procedure when signing a player off a team’s practice squad? Is it just a signing or does a team provide any type of compensation? I think we should really take a deep look at other teams practice players to fill our team in areas of need such as wide receiver or safety. I want hungry players on this team who are playing for an opportunity.
  2. I think playing on the practice squad is a great opportunity to get game ready. Take Snacks Harrison for example, he has handled the situation in Seattle brilliantly imo. I have soured on Reid based on his comments and feel he comes across as entitled in my opinion.
  3. I completely agree and I look forward to seeing how Curl responds on the field following this weeks bye. I am expecting some rookie mistakes so my expectations are limited. However, we should have an idea what we have in Curl after two weeks worth of practice reps with the first team defense. This is a tremendous opportunity for him! I really hope Apke continues to play on special teams and function as a backup to Everett and Curl. I think playing on special teams will help improve Apke’s play recognition, slow the game down and help him take better angles to the football. I s
  4. "I'm just not in a place to play on the practice squad right now,'' Reid said, adding that he texted Rivera to let him know his decision. "If they go a different direction, I'll be ready.''
  5. Atlanta is a great sports town! Did the Atlanta Thrashers ever catch on there before relocating to Winnipeg? Also, I never realized that the Calgary Flames were originally from Atlanta?
  6. Sorry...I should have elaborated. I was thinking more of the change in culture within the organization in regards to leaking information to the media. I understand how a leaked mid season FA signing would not sink this ship.
  7. Lose lips sink ships...hopefully this is a sign that the mole has been weeded out.
  8. Unfortunately, there are way too many children who make fun of people with disabilities. Hopefully, this guy is the one who is made an example of who sheds light unto this issue. I have a daughter with cerebral palsy and it breaks my heart to know that children will tease her due to her disabilities. That being said, I couldn’t be luckier to have a child this beautiful and awesome!
  9. I love the character of Terry McLaurin! He may not wear the Captain C yet but he is exactly the type of example this team desperately needs! I love that smile under Coach Rivera’s mask and the end of the clip!
  10. Oh...they are lurking in the darkest corner of ES. For the record, I am a Ron Rivera fan and want him to be given the same coaching timeframe as Gruden’s tenure (if not more).
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