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  1. What kind of response is this? One guy is the GOAT and is a 6th round pick. The other is a wasted first rounder?
  2. I will pass on that. Helps when nobody being allowed in the stadium keeps opposing fans out and gives you some kind of home field advantage.
  3. Man. I cant think of a more hard luck loss team than the Falcons. They have lost 2 games with double digit leads in the last 2 minutes. And now Stafford drives down and beats them on the last play of the game. Thank god I am not a Falcons fan.
  4. **** the draft. This is the Cowboys man. Nothing better than embarrassing that clown show of an organization.
  5. Hopkins is gonna need to be replaced in the offseason.
  6. Yeah But the offense in that game didnt maul Philly's D like today.
  7. I actually cant remember the last team we beat up an opponent like this. This has been a physical beatdown from the first snap on both sides of the ball.
  8. Cornelius Lucas has had a really nice game. And its not like he has been playing against scrubs either. I am glad we have him locked up for next season as well. Good depth at least.
  9. He is a career backup in the making. And there is nothing wrong with that.
  10. I think Terry is the MVP in all honesty. The rest of this offense is trash. Including the QB. And the guy continues to produce.
  11. Irvin was talking so much trash this morning on NFL Network. No ones deserves to watch this beatdown more than that clown.
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