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  1. Exactly. Social distancing and football is not going to work. All they can do is test the players and quarantine the ones that test positive.
  2. "Terry McLaurin's debut year topped every rookie WR of the decade except Odell Beckham"
  3. Even if true it wouldnt excuse what Latimer did under the law. We all may give him a pass if his son was molested. The law wont.
  4. Lets just win a playoff game at this point. We are young at QB and will be for the foreseeable future. I just want to see progress every season under Ron.
  5. Was gonna say the same exact thing. There will be no team in the NFL that benefits more from not having fans in the stands than the Skins.
  6. I have run into Dexter numerous times throughout my life. Every time he has had smile on his face and been as nice as a person can be. Praying for him to pull through.
  7. I think what Conn is saying as far as Reed goes is the cap ultimately made the decision to cut Reed. Not that his concussions didnt have some impact on it. But you couldnt pay him what he was due this year regardless. They guy never stayed on the field. As far as Smith goes it is kind of the opposite. They cant really cut him this year for cap ramifications. Now next year he is a goner.
  8. True. Maybe I am just suffering with draft hangover. Carry on!
  9. I love the draft as much as anyone else. But this is all a waste of time. We have no idea who is going to rise up the boards, get injured or anything else. Burrow wasnt even in the top 10 QB's last off season.
  10. Pick #66 Devin Duverney. Went to the Ravens at 92. Pick #162 Justin Strnad, Went 178 to Denver. Pick #216 JR Reed. UDFA to Jaguars.
  11. Ah. Right back at it I see. Way too early for me to do anything. Depending on Haskins next years draft could be all about this:
  12. Yasir Durant went to the Chiefs. I liked him for a late round project tackle. JR Reed to the Jags. Stole him.
  13. Montez is a camp body. Nothing more. I will be shocked if he even makes the PS.