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  1. clskinsfan

    Cheer fellow fans up thread

    LOL. You might want to delete that one brother.......
  2. clskinsfan

    Cheer fellow fans up thread

  3. clskinsfan

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I should be done with RB tape this weekend or early next week. I will put out my top ten next week sometime.
  4. clskinsfan

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    I am not sure if I am in this year. Last year was tedious and down right frustrating at times. I would be in IF each GM had to submit a list of their top 100 players. And the time limits were shortened for picks. If someone misses a pick the commish could make their pick then. Last year was the first year it just wasnt fun for me.
  5. I am thinking more about his success as a LB coach. He has helped develop some really good yet athletically limited LB's in his career. He isnt our DC.
  6. Never a good defensive coach? Bwahahaaha!
  7. Not even mentioning the help he will give to Kerrigan IMO. Who is already a 13 sack guy. Now I know ILB coach. But he will still be in the LB meeting room.
  8. For those of you who are into understanding defense. Here is a really good article on the x's and o's of Ryans defensive philosophy. Granted he isnt our DC. But he will be in the meeting rooms. And he know's pressure. Something Manusky has struggled with is applying consistent pressure IMO. It is what his entire defensive scheme is based on. Force fast decisions out of the QB to force mistakes. One of the biggest changes to the modern NFL is the importance of turnovers. Dont get me wrong they have always been important. But with the rules and penalties slanted so far towards the offense, turnovers have become everything to an NFL defense. I am really looking forward to seeing what Ryan can get out of Kerrigan and Foster. If nothing else we should be entertained:
  9. You should probably take a look at the list of LB's Ryan developed. Then question whether or not he can have a positive impact on LB's. Here I will help you out: Teddy Bruschi, Ted Johnson, Willie McGinest, Bryan Cox, Roman Phifer, Mike Vrabel, Keith Brooking, Demarcus Ware, Sean Lee, Victor Butler, Anthony Spencer, Curtis Lofton, and Junior Galette. The majority of them with average athleticism and arguably a few of them are hall of famers. The guy has been a defensive coach for 30 years and 20 of those in the NFL. Players love playing for him for a reason. He is aggressive and knows how to apply pressure in the 3-4. So we will just have to disagree I guess.
  10. Teddy Bruschi, Ted Johnson, Willie McGinest, Bryan Cox, Roman Phifer, Mike Vrabel, Keith Brooking, Demarcus Ware, Sean Lee, Victor Butler, Anthony Spencer, Curtis Lofton, and Junior Galette. This is a list of some of the linebackers that Ryan has helped develop. Other than Ware and Lee how many of them strike you as incredible athletes? He has gotten more out of the linebacker position than just about anyone else except for maybe Parcells. There are a few guys on that list that arent athletic marvels and are arguable hall of famers. He has 30 years of defensive coaching experience. HE KNOWS DEFENSE. ALL DEFENSE. He is a master at applying pressure from the 3-4. Granted he isnt our DC. But you better believe his input has value in the meting room His players love playing for him. And that alone is good to have in the meeting room as well. I think he will be a great influence on Reuben Foster. Kenny Vaccaro sums it up best. Kenny Vaccaro:
  11. A lot less negativity in this thread about the Ryan hiring than in some of the others. Glad to see that. Because Rob Ryan is one hell of a defensive coach and a great hire IMO.
  12. A lot of negativity in here. But Ryan's stats speak for themself. He is a hell of a defensive coach. And a great signing IMO.
  13. clskinsfan

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Great post @Skinsinparadise. And I agree with you and Elway. At this point I am ready to draft a QB every single year until we find a viable starter that doesnt want to be the highest paid player in NFL history. There is something to be said about having a QB on a rookie deal. Gives you cap flexibility to build a team around him.
  14. clskinsfan

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I watched every single game Mcsorley played in college. I am a PSU fan. I wouldnt reach for him at all. I love his athleticism. But his accuracy is just bad. I wouldnt mind him as a developmental guy though. Either in the 7th or a UDFA. I think there is a very good chance he doesnt get drafted at all in all honesty. There are a couple of other developmental guys I like a lot more that didnt make my top ten. Clayton Thorson intrigues me. The guy showed moxie leading Northwestern to the big 10 championship game. I also like Kyle Shurmer out of Vanderbilt quite a bit as a developmental guy.