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  1. I think age is less important in regards to Thomas. He barely played his first 4 years in the league. Only had 35 receptions in those 4 years. And he was a QB in college so he wasnt getting beat up there either.
  2. We will see how Mccain plays this year. But I expect he will end up being someone we would like to keep. The rest of the list not concerning at all IMO.
  3. Look. Get the jab. I am a mid 50's conservative with lung disease and got my second Pfizer jab in February. I had absolutely no side effects at all. None. I was a Guinea Pig for my family and my community. I figured if the jab didnt kill me Covid would. It is a damn shame science/medicine has become a political football. (pun intended). Might I still get Covid and die anyways? Yep. But the risk of hospitalization and death are miniscule compared to not being vaccinated at all.
  4. He led the team in hits, hurries and pressures. Ranked 8th in win%. We got him for the 5th highest paid DL in the league. We will have to disagree I guess. he clearly would have gotten more in FA. But whatever.
  5. "In 2020, Allen ranked first on the Washington Football Team in QB pressures (50), hits (13) and hurries (34). According to PFF’s Ben Linsey, Jonathan Allen won 17% of his pass-rush attempts. This stat by PFF takes how many times a defensive lineman wins a rep regardless if it resulted in a sack or pressure. Allen’s 17% ranked 8th amongst interior defensive linemen in the NFL." https://riggosrag.com/2021/07/26/washington-football-team-extending-jonathan-allen-a-needed-move/?utm_source=google-newsstand&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=google-newsstand
  6. This is really going to help us keep the DL together long term. I think they might still let Payne walk. Depending on how IO plays this season. But Allen's deal should give us room down the road to pay for both Sweat and Chase. Dont kid yourself. We just signed him way below his market value IMO.
  7. I dont know how gambling money would directly impact the NFL. The mob isnt giving away their winnings to a sports franchise. I guess it could lead to higher tv viewership thus higher TV revenue for the next agreement.
  8. Oh I agree. But I cant see Collins sitting on the bench with what he is making this year. My guess is they split playing time at SS and Everett and Mccain split time at FS.
  9. I am curious how much he sees the field with Collins coming back. But I am not sure Collins will be ready to go at the beginning of the season either.
  10. Nice to see BSJ tearing it up. What a bonus if we continue to hit on mid round picks.
  11. Yeah. Fitz threw a pick. He is gonna do that. We have to get used to it. But to watch him look off every single throw is something to behold. You will never see him stare down a receiver. And he is gonna take his deep shots. We are going to be a much more fun offense to watch this season for sure.
  12. This right here. It is nothing but a bunch of couch GM's trying to get clicks and make money off of their website. PFF has the most flashy site so they are supposedly the best. I find their rankings close to a joke the majority of the time.
  13. Nice throw from Fitz in that video above as well. 3/4 sidearm to get it into a hole. This team is gonna so fun to watch.
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