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  1. Agree 100% with this assessment. He is a Joe Jacoby in disguise.
  2. I had watched tape on Curl. But didnt have him in my top 15 Safeties in the class. Shows what I know.
  3. Yes. The Q bull**** is bull****. And Covid is real and I am protecting myself from it. But I do truly believe that Trump was screwed in his first 2 years in office. And I also believe that there is a double standard in both the govt and media when it comes to how liberals are treated. But I will also say I am getting too old to fight it anymore. And that is probably the plan. Get rid of the conservative Boomers and the left wins. Was it a Saturday?
  4. Was me. Deleted my account 3 months ago. So how did you find that exactly? Edit: And also. I drunk post constantly on many forums. Including this one. It is kind of funny seeing stuff I posted 3 years ago. But I should probably not post in the political threads on here. If you look at my history I dont normally. But there was no playoff game day thread. Jesus help me.
  5. Wait. You asked me if I was against defending the police first brother. I dont want a single cop in this country as long as I am allowed to defend myself.
  6. @China I tried to quote your post and the picture is F'd up. But yes. I know that. And actually 2020 is the most guns ever sold in our country. Also 2020 has the most first time gun owners at 7 million. I am all for self protection. Get rid of every cop in this country. Fine by me.
  7. SS is not socialism because I have been paying into that ponzi scheme for 40 years. Big difference.
  8. Yes to all of the above. I have COPD and am in my 50's. I am also already registered for the vaccine.
  9. As I said. For many of us Trump is the lesser of 2 evils. Both parties have moved so far to each side. I am probably a Libertarian in all honesty. But limited government is more important to me than legalized weed. Although I love a bong hit as much as the next guy. Big government of any form brother. I dont want the government in my life.
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