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  1. Yep. 50% of marriages end in divorce. Just remember that when you get that divorce it COST YOU HALF of what you own.
  2. What? He was made the highest paid Tackle in NFL history. And then he put out this nugget on Twitter. I am wondering if he meant to say 3 years instead of 5 in that tweet?
  3. How is HONORING a contract you AGREED too taking a home town discount exactly?
  4. I think his point is that guaranteed money is a good thing for players in case they get hurt. As in Alex's case. If Trent had blown out his knee in year one or two of his contract he would have made out well with the guarantees. Now that he has already been paid all of that guaranteed money he wants to ignore the contract HE SIGNED and renegotiate.
  5. Agreed. When Randy broke out the Kirk and top tier player in the same sentence he lost all credibility.
  6. I can get on board with this part for sure. Putting rookies on a scale is pure robbery to them. I am actually shocked they havent teamed up and sued over it in all honesty. The league basically colluded to keep rookie salaries low. On top of that if you are a first rounder the team gets a 5th year option on you. Now that 5th year is more in line with what a fair salary should be. But considering the average NFL career is 3 seasons. It basically prevents the vast majority of them from ever testing the market and finding out what they are really worth.
  7. @goskins10 The point I am trying to make is that Williams has made almost 100 million dollars here. If he didnt like the terms of the contract he should not have signed it in the first place. If his contract was up great. Get all you can get. The numbers I posted are accurate. He has been paid 98 million of the 126 million in his two contracts. He has been a great player when healthy. Unfortunately staying healthy is not one of his strong suits. Add on a suspension for weed and his age and you have a player who hasnt played a full season in 6 years. Then that player has the gall to ask for more money with two years left on his deal? It is pathetic. And he isnt worth another dime IMO.
  8. He has been paid 52.5 million of his 66 million contract already. Or almost 80% of the total deal he signed. In other words He is scheduled to make about 10% per year of his original contract over the next 2 years. His contract guaranteed him 30 million. He has received almost double that number to this point. Contract History Team Contract Type Status Year Signed Yrs Total APY Guarantees Amount Earned % Earned Effective APY Redskins Drafted Renegotiated 2010 6 $60,000,000 $10,000,000 $26,380,500 $45,902,471 76.5% $9,180,494 Redskins Extension Active 2015 5 $66,000,000 $13,200,000 $30,000,000 $52,489,890 79.5% $13,122,473
  9. Famous actors and musicians honor their contracts for that money.
  10. clskinsfan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    And IMO that definition of Collins is BS. The guy can do it all. He just wasnt getting any help at all in NY. Now, I am not saying he will here either. But Collins is far from a box safety.
  11. Not true. Players cut still received the majority of their money through bonuses. For example. Trents cap hit is no where near what he will actually be paid this season. And that is the rub. He wants more money THIS year. Again IMO dont sign the damn contract if you are not going to honor it. You dont see these players ****ing when they get that nice 25-30 million dollar signing bonus up front do you?
  12. For 10 or 11 games at least.
  13. Here is an interesting stat for those that say Trent is under payed. He has the 52nd highest cap hit in the league this season. Does anyone think he is the 52nd best player in the NFL right now?
  14. Just hold firm if you are the Skins. Trent isnt no showing on 13 million bucks. It might be a blessing in disguise if he misses most of training camp. At least he will go into the season healthy for once.
  15. If his contract was up I would agree with you 100%. Get as much as you can. But he signed the contract. He knew and agreed to what he would be paid.