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  1. Tyrod only works if you also draft a rookie. This way when he gets hurt the rookie inevitably shines. Bakers + Hebert.
  2. Whatever it is, I wish guys would chill will all that stuff. New generation of media so I get it but keep doing what you do and let your game do the talking.
  3. Does riggosrag have any validity or it is just a fan posting articles on a website?
  4. I wouldn’t worry too much. Giants had Barkley and OBJ. Cowboys had Dak and Zeke. Eagles had their franchise QB in Wentz. Felt like all those teams were going to be perennial contenders but that’s how quickly things change. We just have to take care of our own business.
  5. Wasn’t he labeled as kinda douchy over the years or am I thinking the previous guy?
  6. I am still cautious due to our history. We have a lot of holes. We don’t have a QB, we don’t have a consistently strong running game, our offensive line needs improvement, the WRs are lacking. Hopkins is spotty and we don’t have a good return man. Defense is better and I don’t have much complaints there. Lots of obstacles against us due to personal shortcomings I just listed but still, we finished with only 7 wins against an awful NFC East. I need two playoff spots in a row and at least one 10 win season to get really hyped. With that said, the young talent and coaching s
  7. Let’s not get carried away.
  8. He’s not going to bulk up a ton to the point it protects himself. If he does it will limit his ability.
  9. Pretty crazy to think we put up a fight against a Superbowl contender not with our COVID insurance QB
  10. Besides ****ing just to **** because that calms me. Overall, Bucs were just better. Our team did way better than expected.
  11. ****ing refs. Why is every ****ing big game that involves Brady seem to have the refs involved.
  12. Losing sucks and we likely lose here but is anyone not proud of this team?
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