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  1. Are we able to disucss this because I’d like to, but almost anything we say is political given it is about political history.
  2. Tampa Alabama Tampa Alabama Tampa Alabama
  3. dyst

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    That would be ****ing hilarious if after all this time, Bruce sticks us in a ****ty stadium with another 30 year lease in some bum**** location even worse than Landover.
  4. The defensive line is at least something to get excited about
  5. dyst

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    He still gets paid right? I wouldn’t feel to bad for him. If he makes a come back, he can sign with another team and get some more $$ from that new team.
  6. People aren’t saying it’s always been this way, but it is this way NOW. The Wade debacle only added to the dysfunction. There was zero reason to hire Joe Barry. It certainly wasn’t for his production. As Wade says, Jay hired his “friend”. Just pathetic. This has been building up for years, but early on it wasn’t as obvious but you could see trigger signs even then. The way Norv, Mike Nolan, Marty, Gregg Williams and Zorn were treated had an affect. Coaches talk and the league took notice. Shanahan, Wade Phillips and to an extent Scott McCloughin only adds to the scenario. If you are a coach, stay away. We don’t just fire guys, we do it extraordinarily by ruining your reputation.
  7. It’s pretty obvious that ANY coach who can land a job elsewhere is not going to want to come here. Phone call, in-person doesn’t matter, as a coach it is in your best interet to NOT come here. You are almost better off taking a year off than joining us, as your name will be dragged through the mud eventually. Sounds like hyperbole but it is not. Not to say it can’t happen but clearly we are at a disadvantage and it falls squarely on Bruce and Snyder.
  8. There was a time when fans actually believed this, and it was those fans Snyder fed off. Thankfully, we’ve smartened up.
  9. dyst

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    Absolutely true and great post. The level of talent on display is so much better than the mess we come out with. The speed and intelligence these teams play with, meanwhile...Morgan Moses always jumps offsides (example). It’s embarrassing.
  10. dyst

    Gameday Thread

    If Saints miss kick and Eagles drive down for TD to win by 1, wow lol
  11. dyst

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    The correlation between not having All-Pro’s and a terrible yearly record is evident. We do not know how to draft elite level. Missing out on Watt to draft Kerrigan. Drafting Landry over Peterson. Taking Payne instead of Derwin James.
  12. dyst

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Makes no sense. Dan won’t sell, but hopefully he will move the team. Can the DMV force him to leave?
  13. dyst

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Only Redskins fans think there are rivalries, those three just think we are a joke and they are correct.