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  1. Teams like the Ravens, Patriots, and Steelers retool so quickly. I know these franchises will eventually hit hardhsips but all three have been successful for a very long time now. Meanwhile in Ashburn, our clowns are still rebuilding.
  2. We need to keep losing. I can absolutely see Eagles, Giants and Cowboys strongly considering Trevor Lawrence if any of those teams get the #1 pick.
  3. Everyone thought Dolphins were tanking last year also but then won a few. Hopefully that happens with Jets also.
  4. Is the veteran Mahomes or Wilson, because I’d go for Lawrence otherwise.
  5. Alabama Wall, 5 1st round draft picks and Jack Del Rio =
  6. Rivera will take time off to focus on his health.
  7. No hope as a franchise when you have a good coach in Rivera and JDR and the team still looks the same.
  8. I’m rooting for a loss but at least look good when losing. This team not only loses but looks like crap when doing so.
  9. New players, new coaches, new schemes, it just doesn’t matter. Why does this team suck so bad. Never look competent.
  10. Better for sure, similarly to how our defensive line is better for the investment.
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