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  1. Nostalgia is keeping this team together but you have to build for the future and that means getting moving on from some players.
  2. Age definitely is important, so I understand some hesitancy with Logan but I’d rather have a 30 year old Logan Thomas than a 24 year old Jeremy Sprinkle. Just saying.
  3. Hopefully, but I sometimes forget about him. Kinda reminds me of those vet signings who we get excited about but then never hear from them much. Like the Seattle WR few years back and the Steelers safety from last year.
  4. Rookie of the year QB and rookie RB who set franchise rushing record, lasted all but one year. That’s how quick this optimism can fade.
  5. In theory I agree . I’ve never been more excited for the homegrown talent we have. But I still haven’t seen it lead to wins. So that keeps me cautious for now.
  6. That one would definitely lead to issues.
  7. My overall point was what has that talent that we are raving about netted us? Nothing as of yet. The wins haven’t come. They may very well this year but so far we haven’t done anything.
  8. We won 7 in 2020, 3 games in 2019 and 7 games in 2018. I’m pretty confident in saying, we haven’t shown anything yet.
  9. @Painkiller those would definitely grow on me, more than any of the “wolves” ones.
  10. Pick the best sports name you can think of right now (for discussions sake, lets say the Eagles). If we were called the Washington Eagles for 100 years but then changed our name to the Redskins, with a logo of a red faced man with feathers, can you imagine how much you would hate it. “God I hate the name Redskins, it’s not cool, its not fierce. Eagles was so much better” Some people hate change, not because what is new is worse, but just hate change itself. Guardians is a way better name than Indians. People were just used to Indians and there is a
  11. If we truly are announcing our name in January, then they already have the name picked, which means from end to end, its roughly a year and half for the entire unveiling. That’s not that bad.
  12. Man I remember Starter jackets and how “cool” they were to have as a kid back in the 80s/90s.
  13. @Voice_of_Reason agreed, we have definitely drafted well of late (maybe last 3 or so years but it hasn’t led to sustain success for the team, so I can definitely see agents thinking (sign my guy for a high price or he will walk) knowing the WFT needs the player more than the player needs the team. Then you have teams like the Packers, Steelers, Eagles, Ravens, Patriots etc, where the the players need them more then the team needs the player. This is hopefully changing here. But again, just throwing ideas out there.
  14. The webbed C (even without the web) is ugly.
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