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  1. Peterson for sure, was sad to see him go but was never a fan of Guice or Love. Neither had the twitch or explosion I like. On that note neither does Gibson, but at least he shows something.
  2. @clskinsfan I don’t think anyone would be upset with Parsons. His college tape is something fierce.
  3. @Burgundy Yoda Mills’ tape does look good. Just looks smooth out there.
  4. I don’t know why, but fans mocking the entire name thing never gets old.
  5. Armada sounds nice, and it represents the Navy, which is part of the defense so I can get behind it but the others were ugh
  6. Choosing names is hard. None of them speak to me. I guess I would be ok with with Armada from that list though doesn’t feel DC-like.
  7. Can the Patriots just ****ing go away. I’d like to follow these new QBs that come into the league but it’s going to be annoying if the Patriots grab one and he turns out to be good.
  8. Are any of these mock drafts online based on insight or is it people throwing spaghetti at the wall. CBS Sports seems to do one daily and is all over the place. Newest one has us trading to 8th to take Lance.
  9. I wouldn’t worry much about Thad Moss. He may end up elsewhere and blossom but I didn’t see anything special from his tape to warrant emotions. Plus, it’s a good sign this team is now in position to move on from under-performers. Hopefully the era of keeping guys like Monta Nicholson around for 3 years is over.
  10. I never assume a person is guilty but the amount of women is alarming and now his lawyer trying to water it down by saying “consensual” activity/sex did take place. Seems more and more likely that he did cross the line in a major way.
  11. Why would Patriots be rumored to trade up for a QB. Doesn’t the “system” allow them to plug and play any QB
  12. @Skinsinparadise yep, the incidents with Parsons is troubling. Especially after the Guice fiasco. Guess it depends on what they are looking for from their LB. a guy who can strike fear/blitz like a missle or one who seems to excel in coverage. I don’t follow any of them enough to say myself.
  13. Just an amateur here but no his tape does not show better than Parsons. Doesn't mean Davis can't/won't be the better pro but Parsons at least on tape, to me, looks like on a different level of athleticism. I really don't care about 40 speed or how high/long a guy can jump. Parson has that quick twitch burst in game that I do not see when I watch Davis (again, mind you this is Youtube clips :/)
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