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  1. ****ing Dolphins of they muddy the water of all the years
  2. Having two #1 picks next year is so mouth watering. If we luck out and draft and LT and a LG with those two picks, can you imagine the turn around if they happen to be the Allen/Payne of the O-line.
  3. JHC bites on the juke often
  4. Richardson is definitely not #1 or #2 caliber IMO. Also, if you can't play, what good are you?
  5. This is so true. Sure, a player may improve if he sits to learn the playbook but sitting won't make a player elite. Elite shows itself from day one.
  6. dyst

    Jordan Reed Might Have Another Concussion

    Preseason or not, you HAVE to play him. He either gets concussed now or snap one in game one. So Jay shouldn't blame himself for that part.
  7. I always thought Sweat was skinny but he is big
  8. Decent game overall. A few notes... 1. Haskins looks better than Case. 2. Jay loves Perine 3. Reed I am not counting on 4. MaLaren, Harmon and Sims need a chance 5. AP is definitely our fastest RB with cut back skills that are un matched. 6. Guice looked great coming off injury. Doesn’t seem generational and not sure if he is a home run threat. 7. Jay pisses me off
  9. We need guys to step up. It’s the only way to be legitimately good. Reed has to catch that pass on 3rd down. Sweat has to make the sake. Flowers can’t hold there. Keenum can’t turn it over and Landon needs to hold onto the interception. To many years where our guys almost make the play but don’t
  10. Yep we look about the same
  11. Quinn was the last pick in 2018, played in 3 games with 9 total catches and 1 TD. The stats aren't bad, but that is a lot of hype for a guy who played very little while being hurt most of the year and, now once again this pre-season.
  12. The lack of a bullpen had been an issue for years. Either they can’t or refuse to fix it. Dusty had a major problem with it too.
  13. Trent Williams has a lot of accounts. Many fans feel this way.
  14. If Reed, Quinn and Richardson are injured then I can understand not playing them BUT that gives me little hope for the start of the season. They will be rusty. If the team is being cautious with them because they are scared of injuries then man, fire the medical/training staff and find guys you trust.
  15. In 2012, we traded three #1 picks and a 2nd to move up four spots to draft RG3. I think RG3 did more for us than whoever they drafted with those picks but we did overpay IMO. An unhappy Kirk takes 20+ from us on one year deals until he earned his freedom, when we could have traded him years earlier, instead we lose a young QB who had value around the league at the most important position, without any compensation. In 2018, a 3rd round pick and Fuller for an average aging QB who had no serious accomplishments in his career only for that QB to be out the league 9 games later after signing him to a ridiculous contract. Just think we are going to botch the Trent Williams situation too. I hope not but this team has a way of getting the short end when it comes to player situations. On the bright side, we did win the Sua Cravens trade! But then again we used a 2nd on him only to turn around and trade him 2 years later for 6th :/. Bad draft pick, good trade.