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  1. One of those times, I’m ok if they have great games against us. They gave us their all while here.
  2. In simple terms, in the NFL they are called teams routinely. So it makes sense. Club is rarely if ever used. 1. What team is going to win the NFC East 2. Which teams will make the playoffs 3. Which teams are odds on favorite to make and win the Superbowl 4. Ranking of NFL teams etc...its always teams
  3. Will Harris is gonna be very frustrating. Just feel it
  4. If Haskins gets beat out by Smith, might as well trade Dwayne. I want no part of that.
  5. Seeing the Jets gets 2 first round picks for Jamal Adams, after he openly scolded the team/coach, made me realize how much I don’t care for Snyder as owner.
  6. I don’t even mind Football Team. It’s just different.
  7. Let him come in for a play, take a knee and then call it a career.
  8. I hate to say it, but I’m kinda really liking this. Its so understated and classy but very professional. I love the gold numbers and want to keep it even moving forward.
  9. Its a good temporary name. I love the numbers only in the helmets.
  10. Pudden is fine. No better or worse than “hogs”. Oink oink
  11. Are you seriously equating Snyder/Redskins to “professional”. Snyder said he would never change the name, why do you think those schmucks would have a contingency plan.
  12. You will be ok. You will “come back” and you will continue to complain. Its what we all do. As for the name, everyone says these take 2 years usually (to change a name). The Skins started a month ago. Hope that explains.