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  1. Epochalypse

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I'd swap Mack in for Landry. And I'd try to get a different kicker.
  2. Epochalypse

    Anyone ever met any music stars?

    Pretty popular Christian rock band.
  3. Trump. I'm guessing late at night he'll turn this on and pleasure himself to it. Wallporn. or maybe that's what covfefe meant...
  4. Epochalypse

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    40 years later, Trump declares Florida residency. He's just heading back to one of his earlier success stories...
  5. I am a Christian and for the life of me I still have no idea how any even mildly self-aware Christian can support this guy. I look at Christianity that preaches Love they Neighbor as Thyself and they back this guy. I look at Christianity that preaches our God is a God of Love and they back this guy. I look at Christianity that preaches our God is a God of Truth and they back this guy. As I've said repeatedly before, the problem isn't Christianity, the problem is false Christians. I mean seriously, if everyone Loved they Neighbor as Thyself and practiced don't kill, don't steal, don't covet, don't lie, and serve others, whether you believe as I do in God as the creator, that is a better world. For crying out loud, if Jesus were to show up, I got news for you, he's going to be hanging out with homosexuals, because they're still His children. It was the Pharisees (church leaders at the time more focused on their power than following their own teachings...sound familiar?) who kept having a problem with him hanging out with everyone he apparently wasn't "supposed" to hang out with. This idea it's right to separate immigrants from their children because well, if they just followed the rules they wouldn't be in that situation...are the same folks who preach that there is not a single one of us that are without sin and NEED Jesus to overlook our transgressions because we specifically CAN'T earn it ourselves. The same folks who worship a God who says trust Me are saying, nah we need a wall and by the way, we also need a gun, because not only do I not trust you to keep me safe, I feel I have the right to break one of the 10 commandments (kill) to protect myself. It's insanity. It's not Christianity that's the problem. It's the perversion of good, foundational principles by people who either willfully or ignorantly choose to pervert them for their own purposes. They'll find some obscure Old Testament quip and give more weight to that than AN EXACT QUOTE FROM JESUS!
  6. Epochalypse

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Just offered LeSean McCoy and Tyrell Williams for Lamar Jackson. Context: 10 team money league My team 6-0, highest scoring team in league by 100+ His team 3-3, 2nd lowest scoring team in league Me: QB: Russell Wilson RB: Christian McCaffrey, Nick Chubb, Derrick Henry, Sony Michel, Tevin Coleman, LeSean McCoy WR: Chris Godwin, DJ Chark, DJ Moore, John Brown, Tyrell Williams TE: Travis Kelce, Hunter Henry K: Harrison Butker Def: Patriots His team: QB: Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson RB: Marlon Mack, David Montgomery, Kenyon Drake, Peyton Barber, Adrian Peterson, Duke Johnson WR: JuJu Smith-Schuster, Larry Fitzgerald, Jarvis Landry, Robby Anderson, Sterling Shepard TE: Zach Ertz K: Ka'imi Fairbairn Def: Chargers My rationale is to acquire and maintain depth so even a major injury doesn't derail my season and for whatever reason this league hoards QBs. There are 21 rostered QBs...10 teams and I have one. Just looking for alternative viewpoints, thanks. I'd personally keep McCaffrey. Assuming 2 RBs and 1 flex. I'd look at upgrading QB and TE.
  7. Epochalypse

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Guess I'll post my team. QB: Cam Newton, Russel Wilson RB: Christian McCaffrey, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Derrick Henry, LeSean McCoy, Rashaad Penny WR: Chris Godwin, Mike Williams, DJ Moore, John Brown TE: Travis Kelce, Vance McDonald K: Harrison Butker Def: Ravens With exception of WR I feel pretty good.
  8. I'm not sure how you came to the idea that I was telling people to ignore Christian hypocrisy based on my posts, but I'll try to clear up that right now. I'm pleading for people to call out Christian hypocrites by pointing out what they are doing is not Christian. It is racism, elitism, etc using Christianity as its cover. My goal is for people to separate Christianity as a system of faith from these hateful beliefs and attack the hateful beliefs themselves. I want people to confront these folks with "What you are saying isn't Christian and it's not Christian because Christianity says this..." What I want to stop happening is people confronting them with "Typical Christian..."
  9. Christianity didn't make the mistake. Fake Christians are using Christianity to advance their selfish ends. Christianity as a faith suffers for it, and frankly since the perpetrators were fake Christians in the first place, the perpetrators don't really have a problem with that long term either. The only ones who care are people who see what is happening to their message of love, truth and service.
  10. @bearrock I agree which is why I made that post yesterday. But by not speaking up and pointing out what separates actual Christian beliefs from people claiming to be Christians only allows the hypocrisy to continue and drives more people away from actual Christian beliefs which would, if adhered to, correct the problem. Also allowing comments from posters that declare that they are fully justifiied when they lump people using labels, tying those trying to correct the issue with people causing the issue, does nothing but further divide the country and prevent the type of discourse that could work towards correcting the issue.
  11. You are confusing the tenets with the people who are failing to apply them. The problem isn't Christianity's message of love, truth and service to others. The problem is people saying they are Christians but don't love, speak or seek the truth, and serve only their own interests. The other issue is that Christianity already tells us how this all ends here on Earth; it goes down in flames. Which necessarily means Christians will fail to save the world. But that was never the requirement. The requirement was for Christians to do their best to follow inherently impossible demands and bring as many people with us to salvation before the world around us collapses.
  12. Thank you for at least putting Jesus first. Wow. I'll just let your post be my last exhibit. Good luck with that calling out hypocrisy thing.
  13. You're fine with what exactly? Being grouped with people you vastly disagree with just because you share a common label or trait? If that is what you mean, why would you be fine with that? Also, the overwhelming majority of humans are hypocrites, Christians aren't any different in that respect. My issue is that Christians should be humble enough to recognize when they are called on it and ask forgiveness. You point out people will rush to defend their own while casting a wide net over others. That's exactly what you just did. In response to a post where I was specifically calling out false Christians.
  14. Thank you from all of us for jumping on that grenade then.