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  1. goskins10

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    You just can't help yourself. It's all Jay's fault even if it's not right?? Totally kidding.... That was a frustrating game to watch. It was won. All the D had to do was slow them down and they did nothing. I think the building blocks are there for a decent D - still missing talent for sure. It will be interesting to see if an entire new regime can get something out of them. I say this assuming all will be shown the door. If not, I may be right here with you every week lamenting another year of mediocrity at best.
  2. goskins10

    NBCSports: Foster says **** this team and the fanbase

    Two different conversations. In general, winning fan bases are not as mean and hateful. Losing teams fan-bases are. However, Redskins fan-base is particularly cynical and honestly angry - and with good reason. The owner has done this. It starts and stops with him. He could change it - although I fear he has lost an entire generation that he may never be able to reach. But start now and in 10 yrs the franchise could be back where it was - and it's not just about winning. I miss the days when this was not just a winning franchise but a classy organization. Whenever given the option, they typically did the right thing. Where they perfect? No. But they didn't think up new ways to be total trash to the fans and players. Independent of the fan-base, social media is very likely to be our major downfall. It has already led to the dumbing down of our society due to the further reduction in face to face communication. Not to mention it's much easier to tell someone to **** off and say increasingly mean and hateful things when they are not right in front of you. I am sure some can and have found some redeeming value to extended social media - specifically things like twitter, Instagram, etc. But i have yet to find anything positive to come out of them. Anything more on this will start to get a bit political. So will leave it at that. Back to the thread - I have no problem with what Foster said. His lack of understanding that private and social media do not go hand in hand aside, it was ignorant for the fan to post the screen shots. Trying to be a big shot with their social media. it was a dick move IMO. Not to mention each of us have said the same thing at one time or another out of frustration with the team - but it's more like, **** Dan Snyder, **** the players, **** the whole team! Players are still people. He is frustrated. Someone caught him at the wrong/right time and he let loose. Again I could care less. In fairness, yes I do realize I am probably just numb. But as long as Dan Snyder is the owner, I will not get too upset with anything from the players or coaches. They work in what is likely the most toxic environment in the NFL. And that's all on Dan.
  3. It's not the first time Foster has run his mouth: https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/after-twitter-rant-mason-foster-met-bruce-allen-clear-air He can leave. Not like he is doing anything to help the team win anyway.
  4. goskins10

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I like your signature. What's interesting is there has been great debate on who actually started that line. Some credit Frank but most say it was Dean Martin. I first heard of Dean using that line during their live shows at the Sands while filming Oceans 11. As you probably know they would finish 14 to 16 hrs of shooting and go to the Sands and do several hours of stand-up together. There is a great CD of one of the performances. There is also a video released of a closed circuit broadcast of a Frank Sinatra charity show in which Dean. Frank and Sammy did most of their stuff from the Sands shows. Johnny Carson was the MC as Joey Bishop was sick. The interesting thing is that Dean is the one who told that joke in all those performances with Frank. I would think if it were Frank's joke that he would not want Dean stealing it. Having said that, Dean was known to do, and get away with, anything he could to mess with Frank. Stuff no one else would dare to do. For example it was well known that Frank did not like brown suits. He did not want people in his bands or in his movies to wear them. So Dean used to show up many times in brown suits, just to mess with Frank. Dean and Don Rickles were the only ones who get away with stuff like that with Frank. Others would be banished and then blackballed for life. See Peter Lawford. Anyway, you probably already knew much of that but thought I would share anyway. It allows me to take a respite from ****ing about bruce, and hoping his ass gets fired really soon. Thanks for providing the impetus for the break.
  5. goskins10

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    It's pretty impressive for someone to make you long for the vinnie days (not really, but close!). Under vinnies watch we were just mostly bumbling and ineffective. Under bruce we have gone to great new lows as a franchise. It is becoming more and more difficult to be a fan of this team - hence the empty seats. It's too deeply ingrained in me. I wish almost every day I could move on from this team but I just cannot. It's been too big a part of my life for way too long. But I certainly understand others making that decision. If they keep bruce, that may finally break me.
  6. I 100% agree with this. Not sure anyone thinking rationally would disagree. Ok, you don't want to pay him, get something for him! Plan ahead! See it coming and prepare properly! But that's also why I think it was more arrogance than calculation. He was so sure he could "make" Kirk sign, he never gave any other reality and consideration until it was too late.
  7. I agree he is self centered and only out to save himself. The stupid press release was proof of that. I just think he is more arrogant than calculating. 6 of one, half dozen of the other in the end probably.
  8. goskins10

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    You are kidding right? Have you seen that offense the Vikings have put on the field? There is a reason he was just fired. Why borrow another problem? Also, why would he come here with a few games left? No reason to do that. Just let things ride out the year. Then let them all go.
  9. I think you are giving him too much credit. I think he was just that arrogant to think that he could just give him what he wanted to give him and Kirk would jump at it.
  10. I said they were better off with him. Again nothing more nothing less. That is a fact. You want to talk about that he is not a good QB. That is trashing him. I love how people like you who never liked Kirk as the QB do all kinds of mental gymnastics trying to explain how you don't dislike him and you are not trashing him. Just own it. Moving on. No sense in continuing with this. The broken bone statement is still irrelevant. Of course there are no guarantees. That's why it's an irrelevant statement. Again the fact is they were better on offense with him - and there are 3 yrs of data. Nothing else was stated. Finally, a solid argument. Both can be true. I believe they would have been better with him. But if you want to move on, you absolutely should get something for him. That's a fair statement - one I have made repeatedly ever since the trade. The fact that they got nothing for him is a disaster. I have made this argument time and again. But that does not mean the Redskins would not have been better off working things out with Kirk. Would they be guaranteed a SB? Of course not. They needed to wrap him up a few years ago and they would have been able to build a better team around him.
  11. It seems you like some others are constantly looking for ways to trash Kirk, to the point that your response has very little to do with the original comment. Let me be specific. I said nothing about any guarantee of success with him being here. The fact is the offense was much better with Kirk, period. That's all I said, nothing more nothing less. The entire "Kirk being Kirk" is just so you can carry your own narrative. We get it, you don't/didn't like Kirk as the Redskins QB. The broken bone comment is completely irrelevant. We could all die tomorrow has the same relevance, meaning zero. As for as him taking another step, please identify where I said that. Where I even implied that. I did not. I said nothing about him getting better. But your proclamation that he has reached his peak is again just another opportunity to continue with your distaste for Kirk as a QB narrative. The last statement about Bruce is at least relevant. I obviously agree since that's exactly what I said - reference him learning for the 10th time etc.... So if you wree agreeing it may have been good to make that clear. If you are disagreeing with something, it is honestly not clear wheat that is. So in summary you barely even addressed the actual post, you mostly wanted to trash Kirk as a QB. Maybe we can try again. I said - and only said - that Bruce and Kirk needed each other more than they both though. In other words that Kirk had it better here than he thought and Bruce continues to learn at our expense that it's hard to find a QB/HC/Offense that work well together, yet he keeps screwing it up.
  12. In the end both the Redskins and Kirk needed each other more than either realized, or at least more than Kirk and Bruce realized. Kirk is a very good QB but not a great one. He benefited from Jay's system and his familiarity with it. Going to MN and learning a new system with new players sounds good but rarely does that work out. Bruce found out for what the 10th time since he became an executive in the NFL that a QB/coach/offense fit are not easy to find. But neither could get out of the way of their egos. Both lost. Bruce more than Kirk - at least Kirk has $84M coming no matter how he plays and 2 more years to get it together. Bruce - if there is any justice in the world - will no longer be with the Redskins at the end of this season.
  13. goskins10

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    It depends on who the FO is. If Bruce is somehow still here, I completely agree. They will not move on from Alex unless they have to. If it's a new crew and they actually know what they are doing, they will cut bait and look for a franchise guy. I highlighted it in the clean house thread, but I would not look for a long term solution at QB next year. Work on the lines and other parts of the team. Get rid of some top heavy contracts and take the CAP hit and get it over with. Consider next year a throw away year. Then get your QB in 2020. Not saying I would not take a flyer on a late rd guy who I like. But the plan would be for them to ultimately hold a clip board.
  14. goskins10

    Does Doctson even care?

    I am defending against people trashing all over a guy with exaggerations. And we already established that the penalty was garbage. another player tried to physically harm him and he reacted. Most would have done the same thing. I was being sincere about staying on point as you keep changing my words to fit your narrative. It's clear you wanted to be a smart ass. If that's where you want to go then there is no reason to continue. It just proves you have no real argument here other than you just want to complain about a guy without recognizing areas that he has improved.
  15. goskins10

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Am I the only one who keeps dropping in even during work hoping that there is big news coming out of Redskins Park? Looking at you @TK Where is that "Press Release" that Bruce has been removed from his position? I have faith you can make it happen - 🙂