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  1. Not sure they are very far off but I do like that they say playing the Giants early is going to be tough but them the Giants later are part of an easier stretch. I have not gone game by game yet but I have them in the 7- 10 range. Too many pieces to come together for them to be a playoff team this year. WHat I hope and expect is a very slow start and then pick up steam as the season ends. Then next year after they fill a few more holes and the systems are in thier 2nd year then we have a chance to be a PO team. It does all hinge on Jayden. Wishing him the best.
  2. They declined Davis 5th yr option. That probably speaks to what they think of him. I feel bad for him. He was overdrafted which put higher expectations on him then they didn't really have a plan for him. A fresh start may truly do him some good either here or somewhere else. As you say he was starting to at least geta feel fro the NFL game towards the end of last year. If he continues they may decide to pay him afterall. This pretty much a one yr prove it deal at this point. I think Dotson could be a stud. He never seemed to mesh with EB's offense. And with the oline being so bad, esepcailly as the season went on he just didn;t get many chances. I expect him to return to his rookie year form and better.
  3. The boot is on the other foot. His original injury is healing properly from its procedure. His other foot developed the same issue so they decided to operate now. He is expected to be 100% by training camp. That is per Dan Quinn.
  4. Atlanta will carry 3 QBs with Penix being QB3 is what will likely happen. No reason to get rid of TH. He is in the 2nd yr of a 2 yr contract. And he has already earned the roster bonus for 2024 by being on the team the 5th day of the season. He is cheap insurance to keep from having to throw thier rookie out there if he is not ready. Only gets them $1.2M cap savings if they cut him. If the plan was for Penix to sit then he should sit. Still a dumb as **** move by Atlanta. Glad we didn't so some lame garbage like that. Either sign Cousins or draft Penix, don't do both. I live in Atlanta and it's hilarious watching the fans go through mental gynastics to convince them selves it was a good plan Especially right after the pick they wanted the entire staff gone!! LOLOLOL! Sounded like the ES Gameday thread! @skinsmarydu and I went to the game here last year. Good game. One of our few wins! Not sure when, but Atlanta comes to Washington this year. I may just have to make the trek up there this year. Would be a good game to see and the right time to show my support for the team after getting rid of mini me. LOL
  5. Sorry but I have to disagree. My girlfriiend is a huge Vols fan so we watched every play of every game. And when he came in his one weapon is a massive arm and he can make college players miss. But he has no touch and very little accuracy or consistency while we are at it. He missed a lot of wide open guys. He can runsome but NFL players will eat him up. Now if someone can get him to throw with some touch and greatly improve his consistency and accuracy then he will be great. Dude is a phyisical freak. I would have not minded Washington take a 6th or 7th rd flyer on him. That arm can be dazzeling. But if anything he was probably overdrafted. But Ok, 5th rd not expected to do too much.
  6. All they have to do is say the money is gonig to charity and then do that and it's much dabout nothing. No money has exchanged hands yet. Florio making a mountain out of molehill. He really needs to just STFU. As for the competitive advantage of the VR system, that will not last. The other owners will whine and the copetition committee will make it so either all teams have access or no teams. So they better use it while they can. That will go away soon. Still cool as hell though! Washington football in DC technology pioneers! Who knew! Really ready for some football, even if it's just traing camp and it's only May! I think I may actually go to TC this year. Will be interesting to see if they move it back to PA. So far Josh is pushing all the right buttons. Now all they need to do is win.... 😜🤪
  7. There are a lot of videos and readings from professionals you can watch and read that can do the video breakdown for you. Then you just decide if you believe. Over time you get your own way and your own idea of what to look for. Most importantly this is jsut for fun. So whatever it takes to have a good time. Keep your eye out for next year. Glad to have new blood to go with the awesome group we already have.
  8. I absolutely do not get this at all. PR damage control? Sorry, that makes zero sense. As far as "showing OCs thier hand" - it's blatantly obvious they would get those 3 on the field at the same time. That was for fans who have a narrow "old school" view of things. Philly has maintained a dominant DLine bvy doubling down on a position of strength year over year. SO have other great dlines. Lumping this FO is with the previous 25+ yrs of snyder's disaster also makes no sense. This group has shown so far to be much more calculated and intelligent in how they go about things. Does not mean they can't be ciritsized. But this pick seems an odd hill to stand on. Players needing rest is not a guess or just my opinion. It's a fact. This is why there are more than one person at a position. Think of the most dominant DLines in football. They all have players that are interchangable and they rotate thme to keep them fresh. Could they play the whole game? Of course. But are they more effective if they are used more strtegically? Yes.
  9. Not sure where you heard Newton will be mostly rotational or maybe not see the field at all. Right now Allen and Payne are seeing way too many snaps. It showed in Allens drop off in performance last year as he got nicked up but could not get off the field. The team has said there are probably 400 snaps for Newton. I could not disagree more with the analogy of them running off the field. It's not like you hve them changing out every play. It's more like 3 to 4 downs at a time. And they NEED rest. That way they stay fresh for the 4th Q when you need thme to make big plays. That's not including when all 3 are on the field at the same time. To them being on the field together, they have already stated they have plans to get all 3 on the field at times. I would not say a ton. All over the NFL there has been a move to 5 man fronts on critical downs. This is when I would expect them to get Allen Payne, and Newton on the field at the same time. Newton was an amazing get at that point of the draft and he will NOT just ride the bench unless his game does not translate. And that happens. But the information there is on him suggests he will be a beast. I can't wait to see how they use him and the others.
  10. They tried to tade up but no one was willnig to trade, at least without trading th farm. I am glad they were not desperate and jsut traded up giving up all kinds of other resources. By pick 29, below is what had been selected. Agian, Adam P made it very celar they tried to get back into the 1st to get one of these guys. ANd if we are being honest are Morgan (pick 25), Barton (pick 26) and Guyton (pick 29) really 12st rd OTs? For me the 1st rd Tackles stopped at Fautanu, but that's jsut me. ANd he may end up at Gaurd where he already played some. The next group down to Coleman at 67 was: I didn ot like anyone in thre well enoguh to trade up for them. JPJ is pure C anyway. I don't see anyone I want to use draft resopurces for. I realloy like that thgey let the draft ocem to them and had a plan B for if they cod not get back into the 1st rd. And again I do not think they are done. Also, I think many are sleeping on Colemans abilities. As @redskinss said, for the 2023 draft Coleman was consided one of the top tackles. He was moved to Guard not due to performance due to need by TCU since the rest of thier line was in shamables. He ended up back as Tackle. I guess what I am saying - and it's not just me, listen to Logan Paulson and many others - Coleman IS a top tier tackle, at least in thier opinion. And we do have some depth. It may be the depth you or other fans want, but clearly they have a plan. If this was the last group in the FO, I would be more with you. But this group is a different breed. These are lifetime football people that have had success that and were wanted across the league. Adam Peters could have gone anywhere. Dan Quinn had more than one opportunity. Cliff K was all but signed by LV before spurning them for us. Just becasue we have had to watch significant incompetence for most of the last 20+ yrs does not mean this group is. Doesn't mean I am suggesting no one can be critical. Not what I am saying at all. I am saying that while at first glance it looks like they missed on improving the Oline like it needs, maybe that judgement is a bit premature, if not harsh. Just my observation after doing more looking around since the draft. I will admit, I did not know as much about his story before the draft as I should have. But after digging into him over the last week. I really like what I see and can understand why the team is so high on him.
  11. Everyone needs to watch the Inside Scoop video. He was a the anchor at Left tackle in 2022. He was only moved inside due to major upheaval along the line afterthe very successful 2022 sewason. Lot's of guys signed to the NFL leaving holes. He was NOT moved there due to poor performance and in the end he was moved back to Tackle. People still saying the team didn ot address the Oline are really sleeping on this pick. Also, I was listening to Jim Miller and Pat Kerwin - who I really respect so if others feel differently feel free to stop reading 🙂 - Pat Kerwin was making the point that with a rookie QB you do NOT want a bunch of rookies on the Oline. You want veterans who have been there and can help the rookie out, even if they may not be Probowl players. Then the following season you bring in young guys to make upgrades. But that first season you really want seasoned veterans. There are of course no gaurantees. And maybe they could have drafted more big guys. But I think they are not done yet, waitnig for some later CAP or and camp casualties. I also look at where they picked and at each spot you look and say where is the Olineman that is better than who they picked. And before people say Mike S, that guy could end up being the best player from this draft. He is an absolute beast of a player, smart, athletic. His only issue is being slightly undersized. But I remember a MLB for us that was undersized who should be in the HOF in London Fletcher. I know it's different positions, but same concept. Time will tell but I am less concerned than I was the day they drafted him. I think he is going to surprise people.
  12. I call this doing the right thing for the wrong reason. They have a point to be made but thier motivation comes from a self serving place not a sincere intent to help. But still, cannot ignore the valid point to be made. Agree you can't just throw endless monies at something. On the other hand you hate to miss a solution because you didn't want to spend a few more dollars.
  13. So here is the Arizona draft. Despite the overall -109 plus minus, I am still very happy with this draft. I was able to trade down from 1 then back up to 9 and still get one of the top WRs in Malik Nabers. Some had Malik thier #1 and many more had them 1a (MHJ) and 1b. I do believe in the long run MHJ is slightly better, I also believe Malik Nabers and Chop Robinson are > MHJ. After Chop there was a pretty big drop off for edge except maybe Darious Robinson. Very happy to get Chop at a position of need. Arizona had all of 9.5 sacks for thier edge and that's 6 from Dennis Gardeck who is very inconsistent. This is a huge upgrade. Arizona thought the same as they took Darious Robinson in the 1st. Chop was already off the board. I think they reached with Darious but it is what it is. Jackson Power-Johnson is the best pure C in the draft and I had my 2 top priorities covered allready. He is a plug and play guy at C for a decade or more. The current starter is Hjalte Froholdt and he is only signed through 2024. He had 8 penalties and allowed 3 sacks from the C postion! This is his 3rd team. Then we got Mike Sainristil! Love this guy! Enough has been said in the draft thread but this guy could really become a special player for our team. I am very excited I got him for AZ and then the Commanders picked him. Arizona was in depsperate need of secondary help so I went DB again with Demerson. Arizona did too although they were able to get him later than I took him. The rest were mostly BPA for me - which shows how out of sync I am with the NFL LOL I was about a half to a full rd early with many picks. But I am OK with that. I do like Jordan Davis as a developmental QB. Yuck! The Jets liked him enough to trade upo for him as the long term Rodgers replacement..??? Season ending injury had him fall some. Still was never going to be a top prospect. Here is the right place for hm. But if he can learn from Aaron and keep healthy he might just surprise. Need to have some more depth. Need someone behind Desmond Ridder. He is aweful to be honest. He was with Atlanta last year. Saw a lot of him. Will Shipley would start as a KR, maybe also a PR or at least in the mix. His athletisism was an 85. Very athletic guy. Will need to work on translating his game to the NFL in terms of maintaining vision and being more calculated in his cuts. Is not a pound and ground guy though. Likely not a 3 down back but you never know. He has good hands and can run. The only player for either team not picked was Keaton Bills, who ironically was signed by the Buffalo Bills as a URFA 🙂 How appropriate! I got him for a ham sandwitch as the Chargers were tired of picking LOL We will see what happens to him. As compared to the real Cardinals: ES Draft - 2 WR, 3 Secondary, 3 IOL, 1 Edge, 1 QB and 1 RB NFl Cardinals: 2 WR, 4 Secondary, 1 IOL, 1 OT, 2 Edge, 1 RB Pretty close in terms of positons. iAs always everyone, this was so much fun!! Thanks for everyone who particpated! Great group as always!!
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