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  1. With all due respect your questions are irrelevant to the current issue. Those were bi-partisan bills that followed rule of law. So against it or not, it followed the law and how our government works. Further, asking if a wall would further reduce crossings seriously over simplifies a very complex issue. Sure, it may stop a few people. But all the data suggest the fencing that's up now along with a few very well placed additional pieces of fencing are appropriate. What is really needed are more border control. the clearing of land around some of the major water between the two countries, additional technology at legal border entries, and better ability to track those here on legal visas. All of those things the democrats have offered repeatedly. But 45 wants a big cement wall ocean to ocean that he said MX would pay for and now that Congress will not give it to him is willing to ignore our Constitution and our laws to get a monument in his name (or at leas that's what he says, more on that later.) Thai does not even discuss the difficulties is actually building such a wall. Eminent domain issues for starters. The better questions are: 1. If this were an emergency, why did he not take the $25B offered in late 2017 that included a path to citizenship for people enrolled in DACA? (the answer is in the question but shows it's not an emergency) 2. It this were an emergency, why did he wait for the Democrats to take control of the House to make his stand and disrupt 100,000's of federal employees only to get less than he started out getting? 3. If this were an emergency, why are 6+ states pulling out their National Guard, leaving only humanitarian support? I could go on but that's enough to make the point. The answer is he does not want a wall. He wants something to argue about and to rally his base. If he gets the wall that's one less thing he can use to anger his base with. He is taking a page out of Reagan's playbook. Remember every time Reagan was not getting what he wanted he trotted out Star Wars? Something he knew would never really happen (at least not the way he portrayed it). The difference is here, 45 has not figured out how to leverage the wall into other things because he is too busy being told what to do be radio and TV personalities over his own staff. He knows if he declares a State of Emergency, it will be tied up in court well past the 2020 election. So he will be able to blame others for his failure - just like he always does. Hopefully, outside his base, most others will see through the charade and vote him out in 2020.
  2. goskins10

    Starting QB 2019???

    Not disagreeing about the trade being lopsided towards KC but i do not remember KC being in the SB. I seem to remember they fell short to the eventual SB winner, just as Reid tends to do. A great regular season coach and not very good PO coach. It's interesting that Foles has not really done well anywhere but Philly, and really only at the end of the season. Again, I hope they do not do anything stupid - but they probably will. History isn ot on the side of them being very smart when it counts most.
  3. goskins10

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    We actually have quite a few options in the North America.
  4. goskins10

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    DMV is Washington DC and the areas of MD and VA that are immediately adjacent to the District, not the entire states. The Delaware, MD VA is the DelMarVa Peninsula or just Delmarva. The peninsula across the Bay bridge has the entire state of Delaware and also parts of MD and VA. Anyone confusing DMV with Delmarva either has never lived there or really struggles with geography. Two completely different things. So as stated by another, Baltimore is not part of the DMV.
  5. Not sure why the concern of his lack of NFL coaching. Many position coaches jump to the NFL from college coaching the same position. I might agree if he had no NFL experience but he played in the league for 9 seasons, albeit as a back-up. But still he was there. If they were making him OC I could see that concern too. But QB coach in college to QB coach in the NFL? Not as concerned. It will be interesting to see how good he is. The better question of course is who will he be coaching. But that's a different conversation. Not sure it matters who is the QBs coach this year unless they sell the farm and pick QB in the 1st.
  6. goskins10

    The 2019 Free Agency Tracker

    If anything, Garcon was more a #1 than Jackson. But in reality they were both good #2s. Nothing wrong with that at all. And that's not a knock on either one. Jackson was a one trick pony, but man what a trick! I am not sure I have ever seen anyone who can track a deep ball down like he could. But without Garcon on the field, they could just sit on Jackson and take him out of the game. I true #1 still gets theirs. I have been hard on the FO, and rightfully so. But they did a good job of getting Jackson when they could and pairing him with Garcon - even though it was not really their plan. The problem was letting them both go without replacing them properly. I really think Pryor could have been more productive had they kept Garcon. But that's just me. This off-season will be interesting. I just hope that in an effort to save his job, Bruce does not sell the house to jump and get a QB = ala Robert. I would invest heavily on the run game and pass rush, mostly meaning the draft but they can get some CAP if they want it even with Alex's contract.
  7. goskins10

    The 2019 Free Agency Tracker

    I was not advocating that we sign him. Was strictly addressing the do they sign Long or not. ANd if they got him really cheap with idea if him being inactive most of the season unless there are major injuries, I could at least see it. Not my first choice though. Having said that, I have to think they could bring him in on the 90, then release him and keep younger guys with more upside or at least no injury history and he would be there at any point in the regular season in case of an emergency. That's really the one thing he might be good for - an emergency if the team loses the entire Oline, yet again.
  8. goskins10

    The 2019 Free Agency Tracker

    The only way you bring Long in is really cheap and with it being clear he is a journeyman back-up. He can give you some snaps at multiple positions if someone gets injured. But anything more than that, no thanks.
  9. I agree with a little of this, but just a little. It is probably not a "bad" hire. Can;t really be any worse than it's been. But a good one? I do not see it right now but would be glad to be proven wrong. I hope he produces several All-Pro LBs. Nothing would make me happier. As for e 5 above: 1. I agree with this. It's a smaller job than Dc for sure. 2 - 5 are all building off one theme. This does not hold water at all. Just because a guy did something well 30 yrs ago does not mean he will do it well now, especially in the NFL. For one thing, the rules have changed so much. Isn't that why Joe Gibbs 2 was not nearly the success of Joe Gibbs 1? The game passes people by. And sitting out is devastating. You can get so far behind is what is acceptable and successful. 2 yrs out of football is a lifetime. Ok, he was great 10 to 15 yrs ago. Since then as a DC, which he also responsible for the LBs as they are part of the defense, his defense stunk the last 3 yrs he was in the league. And he was so respected for his LB coaching, he sat out the last two season with no one wanting to hire him. We know he was a great ( I will give him great over good here) LBs coach 10 to 15 yrs ago. That means almost nothing now. Again, the game has changed so much and he has not shown any success in the last 5 yrs, sitting out the last two. Back to being out of football for two years - there were 31 other teams that could have signed RR the last two years. Not all needed a LBs coach, but you know some did. And with all that great background you point out, they all passed. But we are supposed to believe the the Redskins, with their stellar records over the last 20 yrs, know more than all the other teams. That RR is still a great coach, he is just what, misunderstood with his putrid defenses? I would love it if it turns out he is the missing link on the D staff. Like I said above, I hope he can produce several All-Pro LBs. But all indications are this is another arrogant hire by our illustrious FO who is certain that despite the poor results year after year, they know more than everyone else when the facts are they do not. They are wrong most of the time.
  10. goskins10

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    This is all i have. Does that seem right?
  11. goskins10

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    Are you looking for your players? If so, I may be able to give you that. What team were you?
  12. goskins10

    2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    As long as we keep the no trading future picks I am in most likely. I am not interested in submitting a list of 100 players. That seriously defeats the purpose and fun. i am however Ok with getting serious about the time to pick. Time zones or not, there is really no reason someone needs 12 hours to pick. If you are paying attention, you know when your pick is coming up. And submitting a top 3 or even 4 should not be a problem. 8 hrs is plenty of time for the first rd. Then it should go to 6hrs. If you miss a pick, you go to 2 hrs. You miss a second pick and you are out. Just a thought.
  13. Yea, per the CBA (based on overthecap.com who is typically spot on), injury settlements are for minor injuries. For major injuries the player gets their entire salary - which also means it counts against the CAP. From overthecap.com: The CBA protects players who are injured performing football activities. Essentially if you are injured your salary is protected, but it is only protected to a point. Remember there are various extents of injuries that occur in the NFL. An ACL tear is devastating and will cause a player to miss the entire season. That is a major injury and the player will earn his entire Paragraph 5 salary for the year. But many of the injuries that land a player on IR are minor and are classified as such when placement on IR occurs. Those players, as soon as they are healthy enough to play football, are released from the team. Once released they may not re-sign with their former team for the duration of the season. Injury settlements do not reduce the salary per se. It allows the team and player to part ways due to a minor injury before the player is fully cleared to play to allow that player time to get with another team instead of waiting until they are 100% cleared.
  14. goskins10

    Gameday Thread

    Worst and most boring SB I have ever watched. Don't mind defensive games - but this was more poor play by offense than really great D. The Rams offense looked like a HS team tonight.
  15. goskins10

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Just kidding.... Well sort of....