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  1. @GibbsGreen11 I call your Dynamics and Raise you a Post Modern Jukebox with Haley Reinhart (both are excellent)
  2. While we are doing Heart - A little Zeppelin Cover - Not Stairway - Saw them do this in concert about 6 yrs ago. It was amazing. Ann, 60+ at thhe time still had crazy pipes!
  3. First, I agree with you 100%. One technical correction - If Dems do not vote is what you need to say for this election. Normally it would not need distinction between staying home and voting. But this election - staying at home and still voting is a major part of the electorate - or at least is appears that way right now.
  4. This is not directed at you personally. Using this as a jumping off point for a broader point. I agree they get mad - and "we" can get mad too. But you have to try where it looks even close to possible. If we all just crawl into our respective corners this will only get worse. I actually reach out to people when I can. I try to listen - as hard as that can be. Don't get me wrong, many times I am thinking what a complete idiot. I have also been disappointed in people I had a great amount of respect for falling for the trump line. Admittedly once I hear someone is a trump fan, it's
  5. Actually Gen Milley, Chairman of the Joint CHiefs of Staff has stated there is no role for the military in the election. Below is the direct quote. If he loses - but litigates there will be no military intervention. “In the event of a dispute over some aspect of the elections, by law U.S. courts and the U.S. Congress are required to resolve any disputes, not the U.S. military. I foresee no role for the U.S armed forces in this process.”
  6. Very sad news indeed. I was 10 when Brian's Song came out but it had a profound impact on me. I was just a few years into my football interest. The relationship and loyalty the two had struck me. I was a little too young to remember watching Gale run much in games but I remembered the name when the movie came out. A truly gifted athlete but also an amazing man. I am fortunate enough to have an autographed copy of My Life and Times (My ex-girlfriend got it for me - long story). Great book! What a sad day. All the best to his family.
  7. The only thing that surprises me is SDH so bad. You think a move back to Mike will help him? He looks like a fish out of water on the weak side.
  8. I agree with your statement overall - not exactly a QB churning scholl out there right now. But I would for historic purposes like to offer: Purdue University - Len Dawson, Bob Griese, Mike Phipps, Jim Everett, Drew Brees - -Not a bad list.
  9. All that is fair but the stuff about the preseason is not. Again, plenty of legitimate complaints about him. I voiced some myself. But equating the amount of play this season so far and a normal preseason is not legitimate. It's taking a shot for no reason. Not responding after this.
  10. Cmon now, you are just poking at him and those supporting him. Huge difference between this season and playing a half Quarter, then have a full week of practice with the 1s, then another quarter of play and another full week of practice, then a half of play and yet another full week of practice, then you sit the week but have another full week of practice leading up to the first game. Thats 5 weeks of practice vs. 2. And its at least 3 different defences and game plans. I agree he has been disappointing - I just defined that above. But no need to pile on. There are enough legitima
  11. I was really hoping the Haskins of the last few games last year would come back and get better. So far, he is not as bad as when he started last year but he has not even reached his level of play at the end of last year. Lot's of very legitimate reasons - poor Oline, new OC, HC and entire off, lack of weapons around him, very unusual offseason with very little contact and I am sure there are more. Unfortunately none of that has anything to do with putting the ball on a guys numbers. He is making some decent reads just missing guys. No where near ready to give up on him. He needs a
  12. This is a pretty good video. It's every play from Chase Young. It's long - about an hour. But really shows his talent. It also showed some other guys doing well - Tim Settle in particular. I swear that guy starts on any other team. He highlighted the play I liked most - when he saw a swing pass pass developing and got off Peters and chased the play down from behind. Crazy awareness. As Rico calls it - it's a very high IQ play.
  13. That could be the same thing by contesting votes. The courts are stacked to support trump. The DOJ is stacked to support trump. The House and Senate are stacked at there are more so called "red" states. So all he has to do is contest the living hell out of the results until the constitution takes over unless the courts put a stop to it. Will conservative judges do the right thing? Not holding my breath there. Any other time I would be in complete agreement with the bold. That it's fairy tales and pixie dust to get to that scenario. But if you listen t
  14. Interesting article on what if it's a contested election. I don't like the results if i am reading it correctly. The House votes but only get's one representative per state. Since there are more "red" states than blue states, the republicans will outnumber the democrats, even though the dems have an overall majority. So all the GOP has to do is mess up the election and they win. https://www.yahoo.com/news/vision-2020-happens-us-election-160042541.html If there is someone who understands this all better has more complete information I would very much be interested.
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