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  1. goskins10

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    If I still lived in DC this is exactly where I would be. I want the stadium downtown but do not want them to use tax payer $s. Dan (ownership team) need to foot this bill himself. I believe this in terms of all sports stadiums. This is not just a Redskins thing. I do not see the fairness of people who could care less about sports paying for stadiums with their tax $s. And it's been proven the additional revenue has been greatly exaggerated and when compared against cost the net is many times negative for smaller businesses in the areas of stadiums. That's all I will say here. This starts to cross over into a political discussion. Glad to take it with anyone who is interested in the tailgate.
  2. goskins10

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    Sorry lol Metro. I live in Atlanta now and the subway is called Marta. LOL Looks like you probably have to come in Saturday. Would be tight on the outbound but I have made it. Have to hope for no overtime. BWI you have to drive or take a train. BWI is not the best option. Just looking cat this weekend, it;s longer flight times and cost more. And you have to drive or get a train once you get there. It's a good hour away. Reagon you can catch the Metro right at the airport. Again, I have actually done this multiple times. Only difference is coming from RDU then I can get some day flights. Atl is the same but not going to any games right now.
  3. goskins10

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    You can fly into Reagan National and take the Marta to the game directly. Fly in fly out the same day. I have done so many times before.
  4. goskins10

    Redskins vs Lions Prediction Thread: Throwing Allen To The Lions

    Have you not seen how good we are at making rookie and back-up QBs look like pro bowlers? Driskel has to be thanking the stars above for this game. He had a 109 rating and 2Tds against dallast. He will look, like Joe Montana, Sammy Baugh, and Tom Brady all wrapped into one. This will be another drubbing unless the players realize they are playing for their NFL careers - at least many of them.
  5. goskins10

    Is this the worst Redskins team in the last 20 years?

    Ok, so now we are going to play semantics? Let me be as clear as absolutely possible then: Twice we have been at a point where it looked like the team could become and consistent winner - yet within a few years they are right back to being cellar dwellers - regardless of it was intentional or not - something I said before but you conveniently ignored. So they did not make the proper plans to ensure continued success - period. There are no excuses - none other than complete and utter incompetence. Forget the injuries - they have had decades to over come that - forget players leaving - they are paid to be aware and make the proper adjustments and have NOT done so quite consistently. Has every decision been bad? Of course not. But the end result is this team yet again sucks! Yet again we are hearing the - well it's not all their fault. Or what do you want them to do? What I want them to do is stop ****ing with one of the true pleasures I used to have in following a team sport! This was part of my childhood and part of adulthood. Something I planned around. And Dan Snyder has complete ****ed it up! And not just the records. This is not a franchise to be proud of anymore. One POS player after another and they can't stay away from it. They make the worst decisions to keep this team in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. And spare me the: poor pitiful Dan. It's not his fault! He owns every bit of this! I for one am just plain tired of it. I used to a proud Redskins fan. I loved this franchise. Now I am ashamed of it. I am ashamed of what passes as acceptable behavior from both players and the FO. This team is a complete embarrassment and it all starts and ends with Dan Snyder. Period. And there is nothing to suggest anything will change while he owns this team. And that both makes me angry and honestly pretty sad.
  6. goskins10

    Is this the worst Redskins team in the last 20 years?

    The dismantling was not done over night - it never is nor did I say or even imply that. The dismantling was done over several years so we have had - intentional or not - a 10 year cycle of 5 yrs building up to an apex, then 5 ys of dismantling to a deep crater. That is why I referenced 2025. Maybe I could have been more clear - but not being ugly I really thought it was. I have no intention of getting into the minutia either about who was sent packing and who was brought in. the results are what they are. We reach a point where it looks like we might be turning some corner and turning into a respectable team and within a few yrs we suck again - and each drop seems to be (yes this part is my perception) worse than the last time. Dan may have changed is some minor ways but the results are the same. He has not done one thing he needs to do - hire a real GM and get completely out of the way. More importantly, it's well documented the culture is horrible. Again, the data shows that people continuously under perform when they get here. That is not a coincidence.
  7. goskins10

    Is this the worst Redskins team in the last 20 years?

    No one is saying impossible. You are adding that. Having said that, there are literally 20+ years of data that shows definitively that unless Dan changes his ways - something that appears unlikely - the team will continue to be unsuccessful. Dan's teams have reached two apexs - 2005: Gibb's II season 2 and 2015: Jay season II. Once reaching what looked like the final turning of the corner, both times the FO - with what we have to assume is at least Dan's approval if not his direction - they proceeded to dismantle those teams and fall back into the area of complete dumpster fire. So here we are again - I guess in 2025 we will reach another apex only to see the team dismantled again. And again - there is one constant - Dan Snyder. But let's be clear - all of us want nothing more than for the team to be a success. It's just hard to get too excited when year after year it appears the team continues to shoot itself in the foot - owner, FO, players, everyone.
  8. goskins10

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    It is that simple for me. It's a no. Not spending any money directly with the team until Dan sells or I die - understanding the later is more likely to happen first. So I have probably gone to my last game at FedEx Field. Not making any judgement on anyone who makes a different decision. Trust me, I get it. But I personally can no longer do anything that directly supports Dan making more money. I am sure there are enough indirect things i do but at least I can stop the direct spend. The only thing firing Bruce helps is it at least put back in the hope region in terms of getting successful sooner rather than later. Certainly no guarantees. But with Bruce it's a guaranteed no go. if they made the playoffs I would probably go if I could. But that's such a rarity and it's more to root for the players - enough so that it then becomes more important to support the players then **** with dan.
  9. goskins10

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    These are all fair points - oh and welcome to the board - or at least posting to the board. For me, I am more a believer in trial by fire. Ok, we all know he was/is extremely raw. He shows flashes but so far it's been real inconsistent. If you look close he is making improvements - not so easy with the **** team in front of him. His earlier lack of intensity while somewhat concerning - is understandably considering the dumpster fire he came into. Now he is the guy and really has no reason to pout or not work hard. So the part I like about starting him the rest of the year is it's all on him. He either makes no improvement - at which point you have plenty of video to show dan and bruce that you need to move on (does not mean they will, but at least you have data) or he proves the naysayers wrong and makes huge strides. I truly do not care either way. I did not want him at 15 but if he solves the problem long term it does nothing but really help the team. They will have a lot more freedom to leverage what will be at least top 5 pick if not #1 or #2. Play him and find out with on field data. If he is still the same look for the replacement. If he makes enough improvement that he showing much stronger signs of being the long term solution then use your resources to build a team around him. At least then you never have to do the "what ifs". This will help whoever the incoming HC is.
  10. This has been my issue for several years. Callahan supposedly owned the run game the entire time Jay was here. He definitely owned the Oline and we have not been a good running team since MS left (I am not a MS fan but fair enough, he does know how to get a running game going on). It appears there was a little bump in effort from the players once Jay was fired - especially on Defense. But they have come off that shot of energy and are now playing even worse than before. So I think we can safely say the Callahan honeymoon is officially over. Yesterday's game was a showcase for incompetence and lacking desire or taking ownership for your own job. You had maybe a handful of guys who cared and the rest looked like they could care less. It is clear the coaches didn't even try. What a joke. My hope is they clean house completely. Anyone retained has to go through the interview process and earn their job back. Most should not. But this is something Dan does not like, to do. He likes to either keep a mole or two from the previous staff or insert someone or someones into the staff without the HC having and say. I expect the worst. B Allen be retained. About half the staff stays on and we get some new HC that will be as neutered as Jay. This will all lead to even more pathetic losing.
  11. goskins10

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I knew someone would take the garbage cheap shot that is of course meaningless to the conversation. They played like **** today. The whole team did. That has nothing to do with they were playing better. That was and still is a fact. No one said great or even good. Just better. No one said it meant they would play better forever. Today they did not. Doesn't make the original comment wrong. In fact my entire comment was more about why were they playing better and was it sustainable. Clearly they took a huge step back. My guess is they got a boost as they wanted Jay gone but after several weeks of playing well enough to win only to see no support they are done - checked out.
  12. goskins10

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    At this point I would be Ok if the Arlington County dog catcher was named GM. They could not be worse than BA. On a more serious note, I really do not want any hold overs unless they reapply for their position to the new regime - assuming allen is gone. If he is not, then we will suck another 5 yrs until dan has finally had enough. One thing dan seems to not even do is a complete reset. Or if there is, he or the GM or both hire staff for the person incoming. Gut the entire thing and let the person coming in decide who they want.
  13. goskins10

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    Don't be so quick to judge her friends. Maybe someone knew - but to just say her friends knew is likely to not be true. Kids do not talk about addictions even to their best friends many times. Many times kids are repressing issues thy do not want anyone to know about. Not saying you are wrong for sure, but I would be careful about just assuming they know. Either way it's tragic. Young people taking their lives is truly horrible. Such a waste. And to be a parent that outlives your child has to be the worst feeling there is.
  14. goskins10

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    Nothing wrong with the rest of your post. In fact I agree 100%. But for me this statement is what it all boils down to. While so many people scream at and about coaches, in the end you have to have players execute what the coaches want them to. So to be clear, people like @thesubmittedone and others like myself are not saying coaching is not important. Of course it's important. But coaching can still only take you so far. You have to have players. And you have to have at least a few key top tier players that rise up when a play needs to be made and makes it. We just do not have a lot of those guys if any right now. There are a couple that have potential. But there is no one on the team I would say you could count on in a crucial situation to find some way to make a play. That's why we lose. Those make or break plays are being made by the other team. Is the roster better than the record? Yes, I would agree with that. I would even say that it's a halfway decent roster, especially at some positions. And we have some nice rookies that with some time could really develop into something special. But right now, we don't have very many if any that have that killer instinct with the talent to match. That is why I have said all along I would like to see how Jay does in a competent organization. He has his flaws of course and it's clear he lost the locker room. But every coach has weaknesses and they too will lose the locker room when you don't provide them with the talent they need to be successful.
  15. goskins10

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So how long have you been here? You think that's name calling? LOL A little sensitive are you? Doesn't matter. Just to be clear - the definition of ignorant is lacking knowledge or awareness in general. So my statement that I would prefer to be blocked by data than to remain ignorant translates to: better to have the knowledge that the data provides that to ignore it and remain lacking the knowledge the data provides. That was a direct response to your absurd assertion that somehow the data was keeping me from seeing what you perceive as reality. The data is real and your choice to ignore it and go with your perception leaves you lacking in knowledge which is leading to a poor argument. As far as any rules violations, that's up to the mods. They are more than capable. i have no regrets for anything I posted and stand by them. I made my point. It's clear this is getting nowhere. Done here.