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  1. House Passes $1.9T bill: https://www.yahoo.com/money/house-passes-biden-relief-package-including-stimulus-checks-070640949.html
  2. I do not see a "bad guy" for either side. It's still a business. You have to love Alex's drive and determination to get back on the field. But let's be honest, had Kyle Allen not gotten hurt and Duane Haskins not been a **** head, Alex never makes the field. Ron inherited a ****ed up QB room. He had to let the 1st rd draft choice have his shot. Then you move on down the line. But with that messed up contract by Bruce he could not release Alex either. But Alex's body is betraying him. It's really time for him to retire for his own health and safety. The comments sort
  3. I was very close to putting Marilyn Monroe for most followed also. It was very close. But I think Princess Diana had an even more broad appeal - but not be much.
  4. The bill has come out of committee. Still basically a party line vote - 19-16. GOP scared to do anything to help the DNC. I hope they pay for it at the ballot box. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/u-house-budget-committee-approves-200445877.html
  5. The origin is to include the men since the baby shower is traditionally for jsut the women. SOme people have them and a baby shower some have them instead. At least that is my understanding. Do what you want - but again when it starts risking lives it has clearly gone too far.
  6. This is truly tragic. I get no one to blame but the person. But now a child will be without a father and wife without a husband and family without a loved one over something like this. Hopefully this will put a damper on trying to out do others on the GR stunts. It's one thing to have a banner or cake or something. So no reason to stop altogether. But when you start doing things that risk people's lives it's clearly too far.
  7. I disagree with the assessment. It's not all doom and gloom for a FA WR until we get a QB. I agree it's not ideal but there are more reasons to come to a football than demanding they have a HOF QB. And again we do not know what their plan is. Doesn't mean there is not one and that a top WR would not look at it and being enthusiastic. And let's not forget, in the end money is what really talks. So best to agree to disagree. I am not changing my mind and it's clear you are not and that's OK.
  8. I never said QB was not a negative. What I said was is there are many positives to sell. And he would want to come here because the rest of the supporting cast is better and there is a plan at QB. Just because it's not clear to you or me does not mean they don't have one. How about we use a strong set WRs and other pieces to the passing game to get that QB to come here. It's a whole chicken and egg and I think there is way too much focus on the one negative - while very important - while there are many positives. It's standard fare for fans to say every year we are lo
  9. I think you guys are looking at this with tunnel vision and jsut looking at negatives. How about: "Allen, we see you as a key component to help us attract a top level QB or to help us develop one. We want to build this passing offence and you are the missing piece. It may take us until next year but we will give you a 4 yr contract that gives you an out after 2 or 3." Players will go where they are wanted unless the team is just total ****. We are not that anymore. Who would not want to come where the D is going to give you a chance to win every game. And we have several key parts
  10. It was actually ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown Pre-Game show. I think there was talk at some point of him being on MNF but he never made it that far. But yea, he could not keep the ignorant pie hole shut for very long without saying something stupid. https://www.espn.com/gen/news/2003/1001/1628537.html
  11. Here is a pretty good high level breakdown of what's in the bill. https://www.fool.com/the-ascent/personal-finance/articles/the-democrats-officially-released-their-19-trillion-stimulus-plan-heres-whats-in-it/?source=eptyholnk0000202&utm_source=yahoo-host&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=article
  12. This could go in the riot thread but I put it here becasue I think it applies to the larger picture of where the sewer rats of the GOP dwell. Below in quotes is an actual response to me asking on what planet can Nancy Pelosi be blamed for the Jan insurrection. Starts off with the normal snark trying to appear superior with the earth comment then proceeds to strong together one long line of lies and BS. How do people get there and how do we get them out? I am at a loss. This person has literally lost their mind. "First of all just to clear it up this planet is earth. A
  13. He is ****ed no matter what he does. So let's at least try not to piss of the people the voted FOR him. We all know the Rep idea of unity is they get their way. So just pass it and let the GOP explain to the American population why they were against it while people are cashing their check and the economy begins a major resurgence.
  14. So far the response has been she didn't raise the money so she is just grandstanding. Oh yea, and she lies. It's amazing the mental gymnastics these idiots go through to keep their blind hate going.
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