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  1. Not sure about the definition but it certainly is stupid.
  2. It appears the St Dispatch Editorial Board has uncovered yet another of the Trump's administration's lies. This one is about the Obama administration not leaving any PPE and other materials needed to respond to a pandemic. We already know there was a playbook left. Moscow Mitch even had to admit that. But it seems that when the administration offered it's 2020 budget proposal, there were $102.9M in cuts because the Trump administration at the time stated the Obama administration left them everything they needed for a pandemic. Here is the key statement: But the newspaper said a chart provided by the Trump administration with the (2020) budget shows that by 2016 ― Obama’s final year in office ― the nation’s public health emergency preparedness was at between 98% and 100% by every key measure. “That’s by the Trump administration’s own assessment,” the Post-Dispatch said. “If the cupboard was bare, it’s because Trump swept it clean.” Here is the link: https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/trump-obama-pandemic-budget-cuts-085217775.html In fairness, it is possible that there was plenty of PPE and other resources for known potential pandemics and that the Covid-19 required materials not known. But that's not what trump said. He said they left the shelves empty. That they started with nothing. Clearly a huge lie. I have not been able to confirm this anywhere else but it does make sense. As I said we know there was a playbook. We also know a team had been identified to address a pandemic including a scientist in China's CDC through WHO that was dismantled by trump. What does not make sense is for the Obama admin to go through all that trouble and then do nothing to restock the shelves of physical equipment needed. If this proves to be true, Biden and Dems everywhere need to hit this hard. Not only did he cut the pandemic response budget he lied about equipment available, yet still did not use his executive powers to get those materials needed until it was already too late.
  3. Many of those hypocrites. Complain about trump and his actions but then support everything he wants and does. Looking at you Susan Collins and others!!
  4. I have many friends and colleagues from and in Brazil and they are just as embarrassed by their president(s) (there have been a string but the latest appears to be the worst) as we are ours. We have had a few; who is the biggest POS contests. I typically win with donnie - WInning!! But it's close and sometimes they get me..... especially with Bolsonaro. It will be interesting to see how the relationship will evolve since trump just issued a travel ban on Brazil. Appears to be a slap in the face to Mr. Bolsonara!
  5. Thank's for posting this. Following comments are about the author not you I often wonder how much of a player these prognosticators actually watch and then I see something like this and it's confirmed, not much. Maybe almost nothing. And they tend to focus anything negative. The problem i have with most evaluations of Haskins is they seem to all focus on the first 2 to 3 starts. It's like "well I know what he is, moving on". Anyone who did that is doing Haskins and themselves a dis-service. His opening 2 games were legendary in how awful they were. Not sure you could make a worse start then he did. However, the next few starts where he was actually being prepared for the game and there was some semblance of a game plan for him, he looked serviceable. The last two games he looked very good. Many of the things people complain about him he actually had fixed at least for those last two game. I am not way saying based on that he has arrived. But just like you can't ignore those first few games you can't ignore he showed much improvement. For example, many key on when the play breaks down he is not good. Well early on that is totally fair. But those last two games he was a different person. He threw several amazing passes to guys while scrambling. But he also showed more willingness to run but with better timing of when. And he showed more mobility towards the end. ANd him dropping the rest of his baby fat will only help that. I have no problem with criticizing Haskins. But you have to look at the entire picture. I see him as someone with both a very high ceiling but in fairness a very low floor. If he continues to improve he has the athleticism to be great. If he reverts to how he played early he could be a major bust. But unlike the article author I like his chances to bust out this coming season an d prove he is the starter. Oh I am glad we did not get Amari COoper. He is fair weather player. When it's all going good around him he is fine. But when it is really on him to make a play he is getting worse as time goes by. I think we dodged one there.
  6. goskins10

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Do you have a link to an article or something? I did a quick search and nothing comes up. WHat are you hearing and from where?
  7. goskins10

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    At least you finally said what you had to say even if it was to a different post. i stated already there is a difference between opening now vs. we should be preparing for opening as we do need to open at some point, a distinction you are not making. WHat that time and point vis I do not know. Also, what "re-opening" looks like will very likely look very different than what it was before this pandemic. We should be using the time the economy is shut down to prepare for an open economy with a new serious health danger. But so far the administration has had no interest in preparing for the economy to re-open on that it re-open. So, my overall point was not that it needed to reopen now. In fact I made the case we are NOT ready at all. We have not done the things we should to prepare for a re-opening on the economy. That list of things was just a small part of what needs to be worked out. The current administration has done almost nothing. So re-opening now would be a disaster. But you apparently stopped at the first sentence. And just to be clear since you made the accusation otherwise - I have no problem following social distancing requirements for as long as needed and have been since our Mayor implemented shelter at home in Atl - a full several weeks before our idiot governor.
  8. goskins10

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    You clearly have something to say so say it. This kind of snarky veiled insult stuff is a waste of time.
  9. goskins10

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    LOl you guys are hilarious. So what exactly is so egregious about "obviously we have to re-open?" Is it your contention the economy stay closed forever? Was never the intent of shutting things down - or at least should not have been - and that was the point you either missed or chose to ignore. Now had I said we need to reopen now - then Ok fair enough. But that is not what i said at all. My point was that we have not used the time shut down properly and thus not ready to open up. That the shut down should time should have been used more wisely than it appears to have been used.
  10. goskins10

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    Since i never said dems do not want a strong military, it is you who is perpetuating a "dumb myth". Maybe I could have worded it better, but the point was many dems/progressives will not want to put more money into the military at this time but it may be necessary. I love that you read an entire comment and picked one small part of it to be offended by. It's like the only reason you read it was to find a way to be critical instead of having a value added conversation.
  11. goskins10

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    In an effort to get us back to the OP topic - The real issue with opening back up is not whether we should or not - of course the economy has to be reopened. Fact is shutting things down should not be counted on as the cure to the pandemic. It should have been used as a time to reset ourselves and get prepared for an open economy with a deadly disease in our midsts. There are many questions that should have been addressed during this time: For example: 1. Appropriate testing be made available - both pre-test and anti-body testing. 2. Do the research to understand what the medical requirements will be - hospital space, PPE, personel, etc. ANd how can that be managed so the resources are as fluid as possible - if MN needs more than Idaho, make it happen. 3. Containment plans for new outbreaks to keep them from moving. 4. What financial support needs to be made available so people do not lose everything. I like that the Dems are trying help everyone they can, but there is a limit. Do we really need to provide $100Ms for arts and humanities (just one example of unnecessary funds)? In the regular budget? Of course. I support the Arts 100%. But this is an emergency. We need to get real help to real people. And reps need to stop pandering to their corporate donors. Mitch wanting liability relief for businesses making people come back to work is a slap in the face of every working person in America. How do we support both people and businesses in a meaningful way? 5. What is the realistic timeline for a vaccination and how will it be distributed, administered and tracked? This is the ultimate solution. If there is no clear path then we have to make those plans too. WE need to plan as if no vaccine will ever be discovered. 6. Dems will not like this as most I know do not want to put even more money into the military, we may need to right now, SO, how do we ensure our military a defenses are kept strong? This is a prime time to come after the US, either financially, electronically or by dragging us into unneeded wars elsewhere. All could thin our military to the point where an actual attack is possible - not fear mongering here. This is part of future planning - plan for the worst hope for the best. 7. If we have to shut down again, how can that be done with the least amount negative impact. And how can we make it uniform? Federal government needs to lead but with the states input. I know this an odd thing, but maybe work together. Those are just a few the more important questions i can see. People much smarter than me I am sure know many more and can articulate those and what I have listed above better. The bottom line i see no signs that any of that has happened outside small pockets within states. Our current administration has not done the work to be proactive and ensure the time closed has been value added. They agreed to the states shut downs on their own time (something they actually do not have control over) and washed their hands of responsibility - no pun intended. All these state openings will be fine until the one that opens up the spread of illness in a rapid pace. Without plans in place to find, isolate, and prevent spread there will be mass fear. And what? Close everything again? Then what? How many jobs, businesses, lives will be lost? The only way I see out is a change in leadership as the current leadership has not shown the capacity to admit mistakes and learn from them, the key to be a great leader. Hey, maybe I am wrong and the federal gov will roll out a 15+ pt extensive recovery plan. But I am not holding my breath - at least not while my mask is on and I can breath freely.
  12. There was no other way for me to take your comment with the bold and large font than an over-reaction. But Ok if that was unintentional the fair enough. And I find it even more odd that becasue I see it differently i am the one that is weird and doing mental gymnastics and on and on. Is it possible we just disagree? I see it differently. I do not see that connection. You do. I did not say you were wrong, weird, doing mental gymnastics or any of the other crap you threw at me. I said i thought it was bit of a stretch looking for something that may not be there. Hell, for all I know you could be 100% right. Gil could have calculated that response. But my experience listening to him a lot - which is a big part of why I don't see the connection - is that is not who Gil Brandt is. He has always been pretty fair. Could there be a first time? Or could I have missed it where he did it before? Sure. I don;t hang on every word. But again, I will say for the absolute last time I do not see gil hating just to hate which is what I first responded to. Nothing more - nothing less.
  13. LOL Need to relax my friend. Never said people were all kinds of pissed off. Although your overreaction above would suggest I touched a nerve of some sort. I have no idea how. It was not my intention at all. Oversized and bold font? Seriously? Too funny. BTW: I was addressing specifically someone saying Gil Brandt has some Redskins hate is just hating to hate. And to me based on his comment it is a bit of reach. I do not see him comparing Art to Haskins at all. i believe he was cracking on Breer's ability to analyze players as he is not that high on Haskins - he has not hidden that and he is not alone. I am not one of those. I liek Haskins chances but there are fair criticisms of Haskins to be had. Again not a big deal to me as I don't read into it that he was comparing Art to Haskins, more smacking on Breer's evaluation abilities. But either way I do not see it as Gil just hating on the Skins which is what i was addressing. Clearly you and some others see it differently. Fair enough. Up to you. Moving on.
  14. Sorry but people read way too much into stuff sometimes. So yes, it's a pretty big reach ... LOL I mean you can make something out of it if you want. To each their own. But for me it's a bit of an over-reaction.
  15. Ok ,that is hilarious. Best comment i read was "doing exactly what the libs asked for, to own the libs!" LOL I find it ironic as hell that taking guns to state capitol buildings to protest what is perceived as gov taking freedoms is appropriate but a player kneeling at a football game is anti-american. It reminds me of the backwards thinking portrayed on a consistent basis by 45/fox supporters. See below. And: