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  1. It's not over yet. They have until mid July to sign him to a long term agreement. Many times it goes down to the wire. If it does not happen, it sounds like he wanted a lot of money - a ridiculous amount. If so, they can't really trade him unless the new team can agree to a contract. He has already signed his tag tender. I am holding out hope they still get a deal done.
  2. Fair enough and I agree. I should have left out she realized he was a POS - you are probably right she knew all along but it was to her advantage to go along. It's more like he finally crossed the line too far - and yes it took a very ****ing long time for her to get to that point.
  3. Who is "fawning over her"? LOL Certainly not me. And I get what you guys are saying. But you have to give credit where it's due. Did she tow the line the 4 yrs and do trumps bidding? Yes, and no one - not me at least - is giving her a pass on that. But she is doing the right thing here. Did it take a hideous event? yes. But she is at least standing up to the POS. I don't see many others doing it. For that she has separated herself. But that does not mean I think she is a swell person all of a sudden - and I am certain I never even implied it.
  4. I understand what you are saying, but I also agree with @BatteredFanSyndrome No one is saying that all of sudden Liz CHeney is a beaming example of integrity. For myself, I only acknowledge that while it took entirely too long, she now realizes what a POS trump is and unlike many others is staying vocal about it. Nothing more, nothing less.
  5. ****ing cowards!! A voice vote?? So they can hide how they voted. What a bunch of garbage. These snakes will sink to any low to get what they want, no matter how bad it is for th American people. And there are too many who just ride right along with them.
  6. You put this in the wrong thread. It will get closed and yo possibly removed since it's clear you did not read the rules. However, if you were not just doing an obnoxious drive by, delete the contents with I am sorry and post in the Tailgate. My guess is you just wanted to do a drive by. If so:
  7. This is truly sad to hear. Such a young man to lose his life. RIP!
  8. As someone who has spent 1000s of hours in front of those stoves and ovens, I like the idea to but as I believe they imply if not state outright, wait staff needs to get a real wage. The fact that wait staff can still be paid 35% of minimum wage when minimum wage is not even enough is a disaster. I think it also sheds light on the fact that many people displaced from service jobs are not going back becasue they are going to other professions. The right like to blame the extended unemployment and that may be part of it. But it seems to me many more are changing careers. I hope they
  9. Nice interview with Fred Smoot - background music is too loud but other than that it is pretty good.
  10. A couple of things here - first the SoS is incorrect and it's missing context. The SoS when adding the 17th gm - Buffalo - is 15th (136-134-2), not in the 20s. However, the bigger problem is it's missing context, and that is the NFC east records count twice in the calculation. When you back out the NFC East - the SoS is over 59% (104-72) which is higher than Pitts which shows as the highest SoS at 57%. So yea, I get we can play 6 gms against teams with ****ty records, but they are division games which records many times do not count. The 11 games outside the division the record is 32 gms over
  11. What I had in mind for this thread is a kind of catch-all for general discussions about legislation/policy for the Biden/Harris administration. There could then be individual threads for major legislation/policy with more intricate detail. For example EPA/Climate Control for which I think there may already be a thread. Below is the list of legislative/policy issues that come to mind - in no particular order. There are many, many more. Feel free to add them in the comments and I will add them to the OP. I will not list the goals or objectives just a short description of the item. W
  12. 3/11/21 - President Biden signs Covid relief into law! very good day for the average American! https://news.yahoo.com/president-biden-signs-1-9-191037623.html 3/10/21 - Bill Passes the House! 3/7/21 - The https://www.yahoo.com/money/senate-passes-biden-relief-package-including-stimulus-checks-172010233.html "The legislation includes stimulus payments, the extension of key unemployment programs that are set to lapse in the spring, aid to small businesses, around $350 billion to state and local governments, an increase in tax c
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