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  1. I just happened to play golf with a pediatrician last night. I asked her about the vaccine. Her response was quick and complete - get everyone vaccinated and that includes children. I am all for data and numbers. And I do not dispute your data as I have seen the same. I do dispute your conclusion. The way vaccines work is you get the everyone (or as close to everyone as you can) vaccinated to eradicate the disease. Otherwise you risk reinfections and worse mass mutations into other variants that are resistant to the vaccine. So saying the unvaccinated are their own
  2. I see what you did there taking from his gun take. I love it!! Well done!!
  3. I am totally Ok with them keeping their decision private as long as they get the vaccine!
  4. Where do you get that take? Honest question. You drop something like that you need to provide why you think that. Would be interested in why you think that. I have watched him pretty closely and I have not seen anything to support that theory. Nothing at all. And I was not a big fan when we drafted him. I thought - decent run stopper but can get neutralized too easy in the pass rush - got stood up a lot in college losing leverage. He has fixed that at this level and is wrecking ball in there. Only way to do that is very hard work and complete dedication.
  5. @joeken24 Please see response to your comment from the Stadium filled with misinformation. No, they are not smart. It's not about opinions or self analysis whatever the **** that is supposed to be. They, like you, are deciding that facts and science are not real. When you decide to ignore facts you are then free to create your own reality. And that is what has happened. The bolded is a completely false. There are mountains of definitive research that the vaccine works. This vaccine has been in some state of research for years ever since the first SAARs inci
  6. @joeken24 You complain about this not being just about football then go on a politically laden rant with misinformation and false narratives about Covid. You would know this if you had done any honest research. I am taking this to the tailgate where it belongs. I strongly encourage you to go to the tailgate, or CDC or other government sites on information about Covid and the vaccine. But please stop proliferating all this misinformation. In the end the life you save may be your own or someone you love.
  7. I got Pfizer and had only minor sore arm. No other side effects. Pfizer is 39% effective after the 1st dose at preventing Covid Delta variant and I believe 80%+ at preventing hospitalization. The 2nd shot is 89% effective against contracting Delta at all. You are making the right decision no matter how it turns out. All the data and science says you are making the best decision for you and your family. That is the best we can all do. Take care.
  8. I am mostly in line with you. I am not sure it was an evolution from ignorance. I still am not sure how many people are actually offended vs. those that want it to be offensive so they can complain, most of those not being NA. Having said that, I couldn't agree more that any such reference to the previous team and players is taboo and should be forbidden is a bridge way too far. Those players should not be forgotten or ignored because tofd the name the team was. They had zero control over that. Last but not least - more specifically to this conversation - I am not sur
  9. @primetime441 In response to your comment from the WFT rebranding page found here: You have a grave misunderstand of freedom of rights. Companies that do not agree with the vaccine are free to not require their employees to get them. No one, and I mean no one has said they are not free to make that choice. And no law has been passed to make them do so. However, people are free to judge that decision and make their own choices as to if they agree or not and express those positions. And if they think that anyone not getting vaxxed and any company not requiring
  10. No, with all due respect, you are the one that is missing the point, still. Again, there is a difference between freedom of choice and freedom from consequences. I will try one more time to take this to tailgate because you keep trying to throw this to a political discussion. But your misinformation is deadly IMO. Please follow the conversation there and get better information.
  11. Actually I said not everyone - as most everyone Actually means not everyone just from the other angle People are really sleeping on several things about Fitz - he has been better in virtually every meaningful category the last 3 yrs than the his career before. He has the most complete team behind him including D and STs except maybe Miami but they needed to see Tua so even though he was playing well they took him out. But he definitely has potentially one of the most complete teams on offense he has had yet. Let's see how he uses it. My point about the video was t
  12. Ryan listed as one of the most overrated QBs in the NFL. That is pretty amusing since almost everyone outside Washington fans are saying Fitz is not that good. SO if he is overrated then he must be the worst QB in the history of the game - Fitz covered at about the 6:14 mark if you want to jump directly to him. FWIW I think some of the others are not good choices. But i posted it more for entertainment.
  13. It's irrelevant outside the drama they may try to cause by whining in the media. The NFL is allowed to make rules of employment. There is a big difference between freedom of choice and freedom from consequences. And let's be clear, the NFL is not removing freedom of choice as some have stated, they are providing consequences for those choices. The NFLPA can try to take this to court but they will lose.
  14. @primetime441 The statement you made (below) is partially false and partially misleading. "Respectfully, "lots of rules" do not require you to take an experimental vaccine which is not FDA approved." The last part of your statement is partially false and partially misleading. The "experimental vaccine" is false. This is not an experimental vaccine. It went through all tests necessary for qualification. The only difference was they allowed human and animal testing to be done at the same time instead of in series. It also allows them to file the paperwork l
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