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  1. goskins10

    Ramsey for TW straight up?

    Agree with this. only one minor correction. Interestingly enough they were almost identical in D 2017 to 2018 - in fact they were 2 positions better in rush D in 2018 Yea, I was surprised too. Still thier weakest part of the D. The D was a little better in 2017 but not crazy better - which oddly was the perception. Passing Rushing Total Yds Pts/gm 2017 1st 21st 2nd 2nd 2018 2nd 19th 5th 4th And to your point dumping a bunch of resources on one guy when we have so many holes. And he is unlikely to be any happier here than he is in Jacksonville. For me this would be a hard pass.
  2. goskins10

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Nothing really new here but interesting to hear it from people that knows Bruce personally. Some interesting comments - one in particular - Bruce is fine face to face but who knows when you walk away.
  3. This bull headed stubbornness of Bruce's (and Dan's too), is maddening. Interestingly enough many of us here have said Bruce and the team have no long term strategy. It's today and today only. Absolutely horrible approach unless you are in fact winning. It's clear Trent does not want to play here. Move him! He could have done this last summer when many of us here said to do so. But no, he is right and the rest of the world is wrong. Every day that goes by I hate Bruce Allen more. Worst NFL executive in the NFL, maybe in all of sports. No vision. No true football acumen. Yet sure he is the smartest one in the room when he may just be the dumbest. Not to mention at last some evidence he is dishonest. Total POS! Ok, rant over. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  4. goskins10

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    We are saying exactly the same thing - He may think he has done this but he has not. Bruce may have been around football all his life but he didn't learn much so he does not have a strong football acumen. He knows the business side of it and in fairness he has kept the team from being overly CAP strapped and outside one big trade he has held onto draft picks. But he has done almost nothing with both of those advantages. I think I saw near the end of last year vinnie and bruce have almost identical records. Too lazy to look it up right now. But I am pretty sure its not too far off. Also Bruce is President. They technically do not have a GM. Doug told us they didn't need one, It's a group thing. Love Doug but that may be one of the dumbest things he has ever said in public. The only benefit of bruce over vinnie is the next person will not start out behind a big CAP problem and/or no draft picks.
  5. goskins10

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    What I am advocating is NOT the same thing! This stupid owner has yet to put a traditional structure in place - hire a GM that has a strong football acumen and allow them to run the team. So your very trite quotation about doing the same thing is bull****. Not to mention the alternative is giving up. You are free to do that but I will not. I did not say those things you stated above so be irritated with them not me. Done here.
  6. goskins10

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    As for the overlap - they may be different players to a certain extent but one I am certain many of the critical players are on the multiple times - Reed, Thompson, Williams, McCoy to name a few off the top of my head. Then they bring guys in with injury histories like Richardson. Replace injured with injured. Is it all their fault? Of course not. No way to know Alex Smith would get injured. he had been a rock the last several seasons. And agree you are not moving on from Guice. Too much potential and still too young. But he point remains they have to stop using injuries as an excuse. Not all of it is on the FO but a fair amount of it is. So what, we just say - it's oK just keep sucking the life out of us fans and do nothing. So far I have not seen hem fire Jay or Manusky so not that's not been done. Have they fired coaches? Yes. All teams fire coaches when they don't win. It's part of the NFL. So yea, I am going to keep suggesting ways to fix it. Because with any kind of luck even this buffoon of an owner will get it right. One thing is for absolute. Just doing nothing is a sure way for nothing to change.
  7. goskins10

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    Yes I did explain so not sure why you hit on it again after. But Ok, hopefully we are done with that. It's not just those particular players. This FO has put their faith in way too many players that have had significant injuries. Three of the last 4 yrs this team has led the league in injuries. Looks like a pattern to me. And i have addressed this for the last two years and provided what would be my solution. I am tired of the same excuse when they don't really do a lot to change it. The last comment - I do not think it's written the way you meant it. It could go two ways but i think what you were trying to say is that "you all" have more complaints than solutions. So i will answer that statement. That is categorically wrong with me. You see enough of my posts to know that it's just not true. I almost always present solutions when I have problems with this team. I said before we even know there was a problem with Trent we should trade him. I also said get rid of Reed and Kerrigan. I was Ok with signing Scherff but would be Ok with letting him go if they choose to rebuild. Back to Manusky which is what this thread is about. I was willing to give him a chance this season after a poor season last year. But he was still short of tools and it was his first season as DC here. Takes time to put your system in place. So I felt he should be given a chance. He has completely failed. And again I could care less about the excuse of injuries. They have had 4 yrs of massive injuries to understand they need to prepare better. At this point I am over it. Done with Jay, Done with Manusky. Been done with Bruce. It's time to move on so I presented my ideas on how I would move forward. That seemed to bother you. Sorry but that's my opinion.
  8. goskins10

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    And I just did exactly that, i explained it in detail. He is currently OC in name only as Jay has kept most of the OC duties. By removing Jay you let O'Connell have all the responsibilities of being an OC, not just the water boy parts. Hopefully that's clearer now. I honestly thought everyone already knew that so I was trying not to waste space. But clearly that was an error. Not exactly sure what point you are trying to make in the last sentence. You are right, injuries are no an excuse. They are a reality that teams should be prepared for. This team is consistently not prepared. Not to mention they keep relying on the same guys year after year. As in we are also missing Jordan Reed (forget football, for his own health he should retire. He is at huge risk for CTE if it's not already there.) I get you tend to defend the team more than most anyone. So after a loss like this - or two in a row in this case - you start maybe taking it personal when people are getting after the team so that's how this turned a bit salty. I can promise you nothing I said was meant to be personal. i think it's time to move on from at least Jay and Manusky which makes room for others and i suggested who they should be. I also see injuries as an excuse - one i am really tired of hearing from this team. Yes, it is a reality players with get injured. The teams who handle that best win. This team keeps putting themselves in the same ****ed up position every year then are shocked when guys start dropping like flies and have no real answers. It's time we move on from that excuse and do something about it.
  9. goskins10

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    I don't get about injuries. I am tired of the excuse. They keep relying on injured players so guess what they have injured players. Done with that excuse. Also, 3 players injured has no part of guys running around like they have no idea where they belong. Maybe they are not as athletic and just get beat. OK, i get that but that has nothing to do with guys not knowing the D or the D scheme to begin with. You know what I meant about O'Connell. But since you want to play that game i will be more specific - Yes, technically he is the OC but it's in name only and literally everyone knows it. Jay is still calling play and drawing up game plans. Again, you know what I meant. This coaching staff is done. I have had Jays back and still honestly believe he could be a good coach. Just not here. it's time to move on. But I honestly would be Ok just getting rid of Manusky. But doing nothing tells players you are Ok with what is going on. And what is going on is the team is getting out-coached and outplayed badly so far. I only recommend Callahan as a place holder. This season is done. If you notice I said interim. And BTW: I agree 100% with everything you said about him and the Oline/running game. He has not done the job people expected him to do. He is following an all too familiar pattern here under Dan - coaches and players reaching the bottom of their capabilities instead of the best they can do. Most everyone under performing.
  10. goskins10

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    i get what you are saying to a point. And there is certainly some of that. However, starting in the first half they are worn down? And how does that relate to guys just not being in position or a complete lack of a viable pass rush beyond the first series or two? There is just no creativity being shown on D and it appears the players have no clue where they are suppose to be. It's nice Montae got an Int, but other than that he is a huge liability. That long TD Norman looked beat on. he was supposed to have help in the center of the field. Montae just has no feel for the game at all. 5 drives 31 pts. Could the Off play better and help more? Of course. It is a team sport. But the D is woefully under performing, at least to expectations. We all knew coming in that the offense would struggle. TW being out obviously makes that worse. But the D, especially the dline was supposed to be a strength. And losing one guy should not change that. They are playing a very conservative style of D. That would be Ok if at least they were not giving up big plays. But they are giving up big plays and allowing long drives. No doubt the lack of running game hurts them. Totally agree. But for me, the #1 disaster and course of the last two losses fall directly on Manusky's D. Here is a thought - Fire Jay - Make Callahan interim HC Promote O'Connell to OC Fire Manusky - Promote Tomsula to DC. Fire Bruce at the end of the season - or at least take him out football operations and let him focus 100% on the stadium. Perform a proper search for a GM between now and the end of the season and hire them at the same time you fire Bruce. Let them hire a new HC. Don't straddle them with any coaches. Start with a clean slate and stay out of their way. Keep Haskins on the bench to learn the NFL game. Let his first NFL action be with his new HCs offense.
  11. goskins10

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    Defense gives up 5 scores on 5 drives and its on the offense? Sorry, Keenum was not lights out be any means but he was not the cause of this loss. Not even close. He had an Ok game. Could have been better but it was not horrible. Not seeing how anyone can see Keenum as the real problem here. The defense on the other hand? That was a joke. Looked like a HS team playing out there. Players out of position. Don't know what the plays are. Have no idea how to work together. That is on the players some but ultimately it's on the DC. Manusky should not be allowed back except to get his stuff. Maybe put a fire under these players. The talent is there to be better than average - not this pile of garbage Manusky is putting out there.
  12. We KNOW FOR FACT THAT OFFERS WERE MADE - See I can use caps too. They should have moved him if they felt he was "toxic" no matter what it was. Get what you can and move on. And we can make a very good guess on what it was. You can remain obtuse but that makes no point other than in your own mind. With that not wasting my time after this.
  13. goskins10

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    Never been a fan of firing coaches mid-season but Manusky should not be the DC after tonight. This defense somehow has gotten worse despite all the resources they spent on D. He needs to be fired after this game. No excuse for this terrible D.
  14. Hmm.. I said even 1/3 of what Miami got for Tunsil. We know teams wanted him. So are you really willing to accept that with Houston giving 2 1sts and a 2nd for Tunsil a throw away player and 4th rd pick, the redskins could not have a gotten a 1st rd pick? It does not take an insiders view to know that the Redskins could have at least gotten that. Bruce could have moved him - and if he truly weer toxic why not move his ass for anything you can get? So again spare me theatrics. Trent a toxic commodity? Are you kidding? His teammates have never had a bad thing to say about the guy. He has been named captain year after year. All the young guys look up to him. He is one of the prime leaders in the clubhouse both by his relationships and his work ethic. Toxic? That is nothing short of ridiculous. But thanks for he chuckle...
  15. Please spare me the blindsided Bruce stuff. They have all already admitted they knew Trent was not happy as he and Bruce talked almost every day. But let's assume for a moment the poor innocent bruce was totally caught off guard and never knew his best player was unhappy. He had a chance to move him for a pretty good haul - even if they just got 1/3 of what Miami got for Tunsil after Trent made his intentions made. He did nothing. So **** bruce. Again, in normal organizations, even if there is no new deal the fines are typically waived as a sign of good faith. But we are dealing with a mental moron so Bruce may intend to keep the fines in place. if I were Trent I would tell him to stick it in his ear. But that's just me.