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  1. In previous years I would agree there should some concern. But not with this locker room. Too much leadership. Competition will be healthy.
  2. Let me start with I think if Taylor has improved his durability he can and will surprise people and has a legitimate chance of being the long term starter. having said, Fitz has been around way too long to be complacent. Taylor had an edge in OTAs and minicamp knowing the system. I expect Firz experience to land him the starting role. I also think that’s a good thing for Taylor. The pressure he would be under if named the starter ahead of fitz would honestly be unfair. Let him see how the veteran operates. Fitz will likely either get injured or faulter in the season and open t
  3. He is 50 - 33 the last 3 yrs. That means his TD/Int ratio went from 1.27 (173/136) to 1.51 (50/33). Not saying he is lock to be that guy - just saying this and other metrics suggest he is playing the best ball in his career - and if he starts will have the best D and one of the best set of offensive tools in his career. It could all be a mirage and he and we fall apart. But I doubt it, I have a lot of faith in RR.
  4. It says a lot when Boris Johnson says Biden is a breath of fresh air. https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/uks-johnson-hails-biden-a-big-breath-fresh-air-2021-06-10/
  5. Exactly my point. They all belong in nut houses yet are allowed to proliferate and prosper.
  6. This is truly frightening. The problem with these nut cases now is they have a voice. And other gullible people believe it. I say gullible as they are not all dumb, they just believe stupid ****. They actually believe they are smarter than everyone and have figured out some secret bull****. They are mentally ill yet nothing is done - and they are allowed to spread this type of non-sense.
  7. There is some momentum for WFT as the name. I myself would not mind it. There is also some energy around the other names like RedWolves. This board will tell you there is support for both. Fact is, win and you can call them the Pink Tinkerbells and people will start bringing little bells to games (ugh I can just hear it now, 70,000 little ****ing bells going off.....) Lose and no matter what name you choose it will be the wrong one and fans will hate it. As long as there are names like: Watersmeet Nimrods Punahou Buffanblu Salesianum Sallies Mt Clemens Battlin
  8. Great video!! Thanks for at least trying to change the topic of this thread back to Chase's performance. I love the way he brought up Curl also. What a great story. Dude is drafted in the 7th rd and may be our best DB. And he will only get better. Adding Jackson behind this line with Chase killing it will be enough to give DCs nightmares. I am so ready for real football. It's so bad I have been watching Madden 21 game simulations on Youtube!! Ok, maybe that was too much information.
  9. Bottom line - It's voluntary. This means by definition he has ZERO requirement to be there. If he misses mandatory practice then there may be reason to worry. Until then it's a compete non-issue.
  10. One of the first shows I really got into. "Linc" was the coolest! RIP! You are missed already.
  11. I really stopped caring once they decided to change it. Not out of some act of rebellion, but ultimately it's just a name. Make the change let's move on to something important, like playing actual football.
  12. I think both of these are true. Early on the US was far behind and was not a world leader and in fact was more considered the source of the issue. However, over the last 4 to 5 months we have emerged as a world leader again. This was made possible by two things - as much as I loathe trump, his administration did help the increased speed in developing the vaccine. The fact he then used politics to decide who would get it is a different story. But credit where credit is due. Then Biden put adults back in charge of the entire roll-out process and we have gotten vaccinated at a very h
  13. Or, there was no nefarious activity by anyone. That it happened either through nature or honest human error or careless. I agree that China is not our friend. But they are playing the long game which is financial strength and being a financial world leader. And they have worked towards that goal in a ruthless manner being able to outlast smart presidents and take advantage of poor presidents. They do not change governments every 4 years so they can take the long vision. Thinking they actually launched a serious disease on purpose is a bit too much James Bond'ish or Robert Ludlum (R
  14. I know you were kidding but here is what I heard - random freak accident - got an elbow from a RB. RR was dogging him about it in a friendly way. Seems RR and Taylor himself agree with me (and many others) that there are legitimate injury concerns based on the limited time he has played. Good on him for taking it as a challenge. Shows his determination and will do nothing but make the QB more competitive. This is good news for the team. Someone else said it earlier but it seems Allen is being considered almost an afterthought. He has his own i
  15. Que the "free speech" and "cancel culture" whining. Free speech only keeps you from being arrested - it does not protect you from other consequences. With any kind of luck this place will go out of business.
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