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    I'd also be curious to find out if folks around here are more inclined to use old lady soft bottom paper like a cottenel or northwestern, or a real business taking care of type, like a scottie. ME: Folder, Over, Back to front, Scottie. Good to know
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  1. We're signing a CB turned FS He's a great FS and I'm super happy about ut, but it'll just reinforce the "why don't we turn every late round CB into a FS" argument
  2. I have not been this excited about our team since Gibbs 1. We are totally legit and are goiong to win a lot and do it in a very fun way. Big creating offemse and nasty attacking defense. I'm so siked. McCain was the cherry on the sunday.
  3. Looking at our roster, the only two holes that I can see is SAM and FS. We're two players away from a complete team, with legit starters at every position. If you consider that We're mostly in a 425 alignment and Davis and Holcomb are the starters, then FS is the only hole. We are one player away. I've always hated that phrase, because you can easily nitpick every position up and down the roster.
  4. It would be a monumental disappointment to see Curl as our starting FS, after such a great offseason. I assume if we can't sign McCain, then we get Boston.
  5. I'm not sure who said "red" would trigger anyone. That doesn't make sense. The precedent is from Arkansas state changing from Indians to Red Wolves.
  6. If we go for an expensive QB via trade, we absolutely destroy our future via lost picks and cap. I really like what we're building and would be happy to see Fitz have 2 or 3 years here first and keep our young roster intact.
  7. Can't believe we may have gone from 1 viable WR to a stacked room.
  8. That 95% of the over 5 million Native Americans who died while North America was colonized was due to germs on blankets and it wasn't a genocide. I'm not lecturing and you don't want to have a conversation and instead just throw insults and make ridiculous comments like we can't use colors to describe things anymore and complain that people are too sensitive because racial slurs are now a bad thing. And the name change has been a long time coming, even if the catalyst was financial.
  9. Are you saying that the name is not being changed due to race issues, so it has no bearing? My telling you to read a book, was because you don't understand American history in relation to native Americans. You said something incorrect, I corrected you and gave you a source to learn more about it. I'm not back peddling anything, either. Your dramatic tone of your posts makes having an adult conversation about a sensitive topic difficult though.
  10. I didn't brag about anything. I explained a path I learned something and offered you the information. If you feel insurance about that, I apologize. Wasn't my intent. I love Wolves. I like Redwolves because it's the indigenous breed of wolf and because our colors aren't changing. If I just hear Wolf, I think of greys.
  11. Do you always get offended and clutch your pearls when someone makes a book suggestion?
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