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  1. Haskins will settle in. He has the tools. He's getting very little help though. Hopefully Turner can get the run game going a lot more and teams can't T-off on us like the Cardinals did. Then maybe the other stuff can work for Haskins.
  2. I don't think CB is a need personally. We've done well with late rounders too.
  3. We have a ton of cap space for next season. We need to blow that wad on the front 6, as well as a heavy draft investment. We need to attack the Oline, get another WR and 2 TEs.
  4. You might be right. I think if we had even a middle of the road offense, then our defense would be better, but they are getting absolutely zero help. The defense was great week one, not week two. We'll see. Sure a dominant LBer and better FS play would help. It's not the 90 Eagles defense for sure, but they are so freaking young too.
  5. Our offense has to score points and stay on the field. Our defense is great and does what it can, but it needs the rest of the team to help.
  6. It's not the RBs fault they get smashed in the backfield every play.
  7. I wish I could get concused as easily as Reed, so I could forget about this thread.
  8. That glass failure is why we didn't draft a real TE the last 5 years, so **** him toughening up enough to actually play a game for another team. Thank god he's long gone from this team.
  9. Haskins playing poorly is the fault of all you people who ****ed and moaned about Alex Smith running a boring offense when the team was 6-2. You've brought garbage energy to our team and now we shall suffer. Jerks. Look what you've done. You know who you are.
  10. TE and Oline are equally an issue. I'm not saying that a TE who can help block and make the tough catches as an outlet will fix the Oline. I'm saying it's a major Cog.
  11. Glossed right over my point. Dak stepped into an environment that was ready to groom a rookie QB. Some of us have been screaming for a TE high in the draft for 5 years, because we knew the young QB was coming.
  12. Dak is not a top 10 QB and if he showed up on the WFT, he'd never led the team to the playoffs. They drafted him onto an offense with a solid Oline and great TE, put a RB and WRs around him and had a training wheels offense that lived off the 5 yard quick pass. Now He's grown into a solid starting QB able to lead his team to a lot of wins.
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