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    I'd also be curious to find out if folks around here are more inclined to use old lady soft bottom paper like a cottenel or northwestern, or a real business taking care of type, like a scottie. ME: Folder, Over, Back to front, Scottie. Good to know
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  1. Our run defense went from 32 to top ten after we drafted Payne. That was the only change on defense that year and it's obvious to see why. He is so good at controlling the line.
  2. Agreed. I think most of us are going to be super excited. I've never bought gear and if its Redwolves I definitely will. I think WFT is both classic and generic enough to stay pretty cool after the name change. Gives us an immediate throwback and allows all the people throwing tantrums to have their silent protest.
  3. The WFT stuff seems pretty timeless really. Even when we become the Redwolves, WFT gear will still be cool.
  4. I'm assuming it's the 345 mark. It's the Rams, but really looks like the vikings.
  5. I appreciate the hell out of you. You make this board great. Thank you.
  6. I'm traveling tomorrow night, so I'd really appreciate a heavy dose. Thank you.
  7. Earlier, but I wouldn't post about it on here.
  8. Guess it's time to change the thread title to the official Redwolves name change thread so its official.
  9. With Iaon back, his snap count should be much lower, which will really help him a lot too. Along with more man coverage and LB/SS that can blitz. Allen should eat.
  10. These guys ****ing love football. I am so in love with this team.
  11. For making personal decision, based in science and medicine instead of youtube shock videos and horseflewy?
  12. That's not how societies and communities work, but keep being terrified of doctors, science and your government.
  13. How the hell is a gyro not a sandwich? I hope all the antivaxx potatoes fall off the edge of their flat earth before they kill any more people.
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