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  1. I hope the Wizards kick this Butler guys ass up and down the court tomorrow.
  2. mostly because most people don't care or disagree. Burgundy and gold are shades of red and yellow and I prefer shades that lean closer to plain old ordinary red and yellow. I've seen the gold leaning versions of gold that the 49ers and Saints wear and I don't like them at all. I think they're ugly.
  3. Yellow is both close enough to and better than gold for out purposes as far as I'm concerned
  4. well I guess there's no hope for me. Overall I prefer the first uniform. Thous I might like the lower one better if it had red pants or a red helmet I might like it better. The new school uniform feels like it uses colors more, even though they're darker shades. The old school uniform with the white helmet and white pants feels like it's just using the colors for accents. Maybe I'd feel different if the player was standing straight and part of the jersey wasn't twisting away from me though hey, the indian heads hair is black so it's a critical part of the team's color scheme for dec
  5. man, what do people here have against colorful unis? I love multi-colored uniforms. I'd like to see some like the Bills, or the Cards or the Cowboys alternates in the 90s with the colored shoulders and possibly across the top of the chest and the main body of it a different color
  6. because it's plain, it's ordinary, it's a boring as a white dress suit, the few stripes aren't enough to liven it up. I want color, as much color as possible Get me a yellow jersey somehow or put red on the white jerseys shoulders like the cards do
  7. I like the yellow pants with the red jersey. I wish theyd find a way to get some yellow on the jersey. And I'd hate for them to go back to primarily wearing the white jersey. I like color, I wish the NFL would allow teams with non-similar color schemes to both wear color jerseys. There's no reason the Bears couldn't be wearing orange while the Pack wears green today
  8. Snyder ought to do a sponsorship thing for reservations who use the name Redskins and bring them around to counter protest
  9. Vanilla is good. re: Under Armour style looks, oh please no. The best unis are the classic ones. Redskins, Chicago, Pittsburg, NYG, NYJ, Oakland, Kansas City, etc...The new school ones, like the Jags, Broncos, etc...all look stupid. Broncos new unis are great. The Giants uniform is to plain. Both New York teams looked better in their 80's uniforms
  10. I'd still like the Redskins to incorporate a gold jersey of some type. Hell, it might be a psychological edge. Coach: Why did you let up on the quarterback??!!! DE: He's wearing yellow, we're not supposed to hit him. Coach: THAT'S FOR OUR QUARTERBACK, DURING PRACTICE!!!
  11. I'm not a fan of the gold pants with the white jerseys but that's because I consider the burgundy the most important color. But I definately love the gold pants with the burgundy jerseys. Out home uniforms should be burgundy jersey, gold pants; away white jerseys and burgundy pants, and if we have an alternate jersey the throwback one is to dark. We need a way to incorporate the gold into it.
  12. does anyone else wish the NFL would allow both teams to wear their color jerseys? It's not black and white TV days anymore. People can tell apart teams. Sure you might not want to let the Giants and Cowboys both wear blue but why not the Redskins burgundy jerseys against the Cowboys blue ones? ---------- Post added December-24th-2012 at 06:27 AM ---------- Cowboys wore white jerseys at home. I think a few AFC teams did that a lot too. At least I recall the Miami Dolphins wearing their all white unis more than their aqua jersey
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