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  1. I don't think Thomas will be a sleeper in anyone's FFB drafts this year. At least not for Redskins fans. With Samuel and Brown added in and with better QB play I wouldn't let Thomas go beyond the sixth round. (I like to have 2 RBs, 2 WR's, and a QB going into the 6th myself) I'd imagine his targets might be down but I'd think TD's would be up.
  2. Rivera and his current staff understand how important the intangibles are. Every coach needs his field generals. That's what Allen is. He leads from the trenches and guys like him are an oddity now days. Don't care what he lacks athletically. He keeps the rest of the front seven accountable with his effort and his discipline. I remember how things changed when we let Brian Mitchell go. He still had a couple of good years afterwards. Not great but losing his on the field leadership resulted in a gaping hole in leadership; no one stepped up. This move was much more a footba
  3. Haven't been this excited about a #24 - RB since Kelvin "TD" Bryant. Hopefully Gibson lasts a lot longer tho!
  4. Renegades is my fav. Then they could steal the Styx song from Pittsburg for the team intro.
  5. Not to mention that Kerrigan (as much as I loved his motor) was not good vs the run. Sure, he'd turn the run inside but when you get paid like he was you expect him to do more than just keep running up the field. Get back into the play and chase the runner down! Great way to get strips. Plus, let's be honest. Kerrigan was not really athletic as far as a diversity of moves. He was however relentless. He's getting up there in age so you have to wonder how long his body can hold up to his demands. Moses did surprisingly well for a lineman who wasn't a knee bender. Good hands
  6. I thought all the ES posters met up in the Green parking section pre-COVID. What's the plan for this year? Me and some of my kiddos are coming for the KC game. I wanna make sure I get the right parking passes. Speaking of which, I know it's been a long time since I've been to a game (2011 I think) but DAMN the costs of parking passes really went up!!! $143 for a green pass on StubHub. Does that sound right? EDIT: UGH! Thought I was in Stadium. Can a mod move this please?
  7. Where do all the cool ES kids park at on game day? I'm planning on coming to the KC game on 17 October. Green section?
  8. What gives me any hope at all — that the situation with Fitz and/or Heinicke can work out for the WFT — is that neither of them are the kind of flashy Jeff George/Donovan McNabb/RGIII QBs that Snyder has paraded before us in the past. The decision to stand pat with Fitz/Heinicke seems like a decision made by people who know football. So, I'm optimistic and for the first time since JG 2.0 I'm planning on going to a game this year.
  9. Out of the long survey sent out I don't hate the Renegades. The others?
  10. I hope we still have a sense of humor here. Progressive Utopia: Man Eats Pancakes With Ethnically Neutral Syrup And Generic, Non-Native-American-Related Butter While Watching Washington Football Team Play | The Babylon Bee
  11. After battling cancer for the last couple of years (cancer free now though) I haven't been able to get back out on the field. I love working with QBs though and spent a lot of time and checked out a lot of QB camps since my youngest son was aspiring to be a QB. Cracked vertebrae from lifting ended that idea. Footwork and ball handling are really important and you can find a lot of drills for that. I'd also suggest checking out some Nike Coach of the Year clinics. Especially the smaller colleges. You find some very smart coaches who will spend a lot of time with you. A few ye
  12. You put a lot of effort into this. I can see your point. But I can't see giving up what Houston will ask for Watson. Mainly because I don't think the players around him on offense are good enough to get to a Super Bowl anytime soon. If the team was just a QB away then of course, you make the move.
  13. Well then! Let's just drive down to Signal Callers R Us and pick up a franchise QB on sale. Like it's that easy... I'm not getting carried away about the kid but I'm not going to write off a clutch performance with little to no practice and only one receiver who would definitely start for other teams (McLaurin) and without any kind of running game. Some people remind me of the guy (who is a 7 at best) at the club who turns down a 7 or 6 because he thinks he has a shot at the 10 who won't even look his way. Only to end up at Taco Bell feeding his frustration with a burrito supre
  14. Keep this nonsense out of this forum. This is about football. Take your political bs elsewhere. We come here to unplug from the insanity.
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