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  1. Well then! Let's just drive down to Signal Callers R Us and pick up a franchise QB on sale. Like it's that easy... I'm not getting carried away about the kid but I'm not going to write off a clutch performance with little to no practice and only one receiver who would definitely start for other teams (McLaurin) and without any kind of running game. Some people remind me of the guy (who is a 7 at best) at the club who turns down a 7 or 6 because he thinks he has a shot at the 10 who won't even look his way. Only to end up at Taco Bell feeding his frustration with a burrito supre
  2. Keep this nonsense out of this forum. This is about football. Take your political bs elsewhere. We come here to unplug from the insanity.
  3. Points taken on the arm strength (which is certainly good enough though) and durability (although he came back in after wrecking an AC joint - so he'll play if dinged up). To me? The way he came in and outplayed an aggressive, complicated scheme by a Todd Bowles defense (and without much help from his targets) is enough for me. I think you get a team friendly deal done right now (decent base with some sweet incentives for starting and meeting certain goals). If it doesn't pan out, the NFL is a QB needy league. You can deal him later. I hope the new team administra
  4. Damn, tough luck. But that was a really good ball with pressure in his face. I think this may be the first loss ever that doesn't upset me. I'm really proud of this team. Can't wait for next season! I haven't been to a game since 2007 (Gibbs 2.0). But I'll pay to come watch this team. They have heart! They care so I care! Damn proud of them!
  5. People get too caught up in measurables and college pedigree. Football is all about heart. This kid has a huge one!
  6. I like what you did there! We need Bang to do a Cartman like episode with Chase Young collecting tears from Danny dimes.
  7. Coach Rivera is in a really tough spot. Alex is clearly struggling with his right leg. I don't know how much of it is physical and how much is mental but he is really favoring it. With Alex at QB the only way to have a chance of beating Tampa would involve a heavy dose of Gibson and a defense that gets off the bus blitzing and pressuring the GOAT. I don't know if TH could get the job done but at least he's mobile. But how can RR keep Alex out of the game though? That would be a heartless - Belichick type move. Rivera has to hope for the best with Alex. This game could get r
  8. If not for that ticky-tack holding call that negated his first TD he may have pulled off the upset. WFT had momentum and Carolina was just holding on.
  9. I was in the movie Stripes; it was filmed at Fort Knox KY in 1980. That very scene actually. I was directly behind Murray with all the other trainees. Got $45 for a couple of hours away from the barracks. (Still have the stub from central casting somewhere) Murray was great with the troops. He was clowning around with all of us. I think the actor who played the General was tipsy. Had to do several retakes because he kept slurring the word "adversity." A bunch of guys were cat calling PJ Soles and the other gal who wore skirts that day. Our Drill Sergeant fussed at us - un
  10. The positive about him is that he sees the field well and throws with good anticipation. The negative is that his arm strength is not nearly good enough for playoff football when defenders get away with more grabbing and a QB will need to fit the ball in tight windows. Even though I'm from Hampton Roads and would love to see the kid do well I'm praying for Alex Smith to be healthy enough to play. Does anyone know the strengths and weaknesses of Montez?
  11. Apples to oranges. An exceptional QB can impact a game more than a pass rusher. For evidence, see what happened to Clemson vs OSU (Young) and then vs LSU (Burrow). Switch the players and I'd bet anything that OSU would be national champs.
  12. After seeing him thrive vs Steele, Saban, and Venables I do whatever it takes to get Burrow. Aside from Mahomes, he's the best prospect to come out in five years. Hell, maybe 10!
  13. That's an understatement. LSU brought in an NFL passing game coordinator and Burrow swam like a fish in water. OSU is working towards that but they still have a ways to go if they want to attract NFL talent at the QB position. I've only been watching Burrow since midseason but from what I see he is miles ahead of any QB drafted in the past five years minus Mahomes. I'd take Burrow over any other QB not named Mahomes in a second. This kid is a winner. He manages protections, goes thru his progressions, moves great in the pocket, protects the ball, doesn't get rattled... I'd bu
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