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  1. I agree, there has to be a trading partner. I think they said their board had Sweat ranked up there at 15. Given no other choice I'd have kept Sweat. Then you'd have the 2nd round picks this year and next. Also, less competition for 2020 QB's. That didn't happen and now the Redskins have to make the best of it. Hopefully they will be smart about handling the QB situation; for a change.
  2. I can't speak for SIP but my preference was to trade down and get draft capitol for next year. Still could have got Sweat later; we drafted him at 26. I think next year's crop of QB's is better than this years. Based primarily on a wider body of work.
  3. Honestly, I don't think anyone fully appreciates how tough the DMV can be on a person. My advice would be to keep a low profile until you get that Super Bowl win. I keep reading that faith is very important to his family. I would go with a biblical approach. Proverbs 27:2 Let another praise you, and not your own mouth—a stranger, and not your own lips.
  4. Sally gets a lot of heat for raining on our parades but she's no dummy. You may not agree with her but in three years we may all look back and say that every team "done messed up" in drafting a first-round QB this year. Two (Murray and Haskins) were only one year starters. That's an important factor that can't be overlooked. We hope for the best but we really can't be sure that the success in college will carry over to the next level. Denver and Miami can both move on next year and still go after a QB if it goes bad with Rosen and Lock - essentially both second rounders. The Cards, Giants, and Redskins are pretty much locked in for 2 - 3 years. Unless they end up with a Schuler, Gabbert or Jake Locker type disaster. Kyler Murray is a freak athlete but he's not a big guy. He's going to have to run with the Card's O-line and that increases potential for injury. Michael Vick was awesome - when he could stay on the field - and that was the problem. Everyone is fast in the NFL so he will get hit. DC's will make their defenses play him honest by keeping him in the pocket. Make him prove that he can find windows to throw thru (like Drew Brees). If he can't then he's really going to struggle. The RPO's are less effective now in the NFL because teams are going with more athletic DE's who can feather; not just rush in like a charging bull (think Ryan Kerrigan ) but penetrate just enough to be able to react to the give or the keep. And many of them have the hips to make a play on either the QB or the RB. Haskins has the size but we don't know about his maneuverability in the pocket at the NFL level. Although I think he has the football acumen to make up for some of those shortcomings. He started off with the Darin Slack academy which is probably the best in the country for a young QB in preparing them for the next level. They are big on working thru progressions (1st, 2nd, 3rd, hot route, and finally escape). If he gets a clean pocket then I'm very confident he could light it up. But, based on past performance, the Redskin's O-line (for all the pub they get for being great) has demonstrated a bad habit of giving up quick pressures even when healthy. And how often have we seen them stay healthy? Daniel Jones seems a lot like Case Keenum to me. A smart kid who will most likely have a career as a journeyman. He probably won't lose many games but I doubt he will win many games either. Out of the three first rounders I'd say he has the weakest arm and without Murray's speed that will probably hold him back; he won't be running over many NFL defenders. You have to be able to hit that deep bench route in the NFL or the DB will just play an inside shade and dare the QB to throw it outside. Both safetys will be able to set on the hash giving Jones no choice but to throw the ball outside - resulting in picks or pass break ups. The giants will have to run a lot of mesh routes and crossers to stretch the field horizontally but fast LB's can negate that. I'm happy the Redskins didn't trade up and it's very possible that Sweat is the guy we're most high on from the 2019 draft 3 years from now. Not that I believe Haskins will be a major bust - I just don't trust the Redskins under Snyder to sustain success. I'll always feel that way until he proves us wrong. Snyder needs a winner and fast. Will he allow the coaches to determine when Haskins takes the field or will he pressure them to rush him into the lineup without a reasonable chance to succeed? I could be very wrong and I truly hope I am. I want Haskins to succeed. He has to succeed! Otherwise, that sets this franchise back again for at least a couple years. He's in a very difficult spot. He shouldn't be in too much of a hurry because this league is very good at eating its young. However, he can wait too long because Trent Williams and Moses don't 't have 3 more years to wait on a QB. He had one year to get his bachelor's degree in College QB play and now he's expected to start his Masters vs NFL DC's who love messing with a rookie's head. God bless and best of luck kid!
  5. I was referring to lateral movement. That quick side-step to evade pressure coming right at him from the middle. I didn't see much of it on film; to be fair that doesn't mean he can't do it - I'd just like to see it in a game. His film shows a lot a lot of clean pockets. He can step up which is good. He's a big kid and I know that will be a factor but if we want him to last then he needs to avoid contact as much as possible. I do like his football acumen and he won't have a problem relaying Jay's wordy play calls. The kid is always talking like he's got some place to be. That's a good thing for a QB. If he shows me that he can avoid quick, in your face pressures then I'm confident he'll be fine. I wouldn't bootleg him though until he at least got below 230.
  6. I wouldn't. I didn't like the Haskins pick but it's water under the bridge. The Redskins should continue to build on a good, young defense and continue developing into a power/play action scheme on offense. An explosive running game would help Haskins with play action by keeping DE's honest so he can take some deep shots down the field. Stay ahead of the sticks, play field position, and be opportunistic with some shot plays on offense that break tendencies.
  7. ThomasRoane

    Time to change philosophy on TE's

    Yeah, there aren't many colleges using traditional inline Tight Ends so you pretty much have to develop your own. Personally, I think they'd end up with a net gain by going with block-first TE's over the pass catching TE's. The offense wouldn't be so predictable and let's be honest, while the plays that Reed and Davis make can be spectacular they really don't happen often enough to justify sticking with them. If the Redskins had a Zach Ertz type then I could see them staying with a flexed TE. But there's only one of him. It's easier to find or develop a Sprinkle or Flannagan. So, if either of them get hurt you can just plug in another TE and not really have to change your plan of attack. Looking at the QB situation this year with two journeymen (one with big health concerns) and a raw rookie a strong running game coupled with a shut down defense would be a good combination. Even game manager Alex Smith got to 6 and 3 with that formula.
  8. ThomasRoane

    Time to change philosophy on TE's

    I noticed last year that Flannagan started getting some more PT towards the end of the year. The Redskins passed up on a lot of receiving TE's in the draft and then picked up a blocking TE in Kano Dillon from Oregon. I hope that means that Jay will begin to phase out Reed and Davis in favor of traditional, in-line TE's who can block. The NFL always goes in cycles. Power and play action is back en vogue with the success of the Rams, Bears and cowpies; paired with a stout defense. Honestly, the Pats won the Super Bowl by bullying the Rams with Michel. A healthy Gurley may have put the Rams over the top. It was that close. Of course, you have your outliers like the Chiefs but I think it takes just the right personnel to be successful with their style. Let's see how explosive they are without Tyrique Hill who commanded a double-team. The Saints were explosive but also had the sixth ranked rushing attack in 2018. Aside from LG, the greatest weakness for the running game has always been the unwillingness of Reed and Davis to block. When called to do so, they usually get called for holding or just let their man cross face and blow the play up. Honestly, you can tell when called to block they are like kids who wanted cereal and were handed a steaming bowl of broccoli instead. They almost always give a half-assed effort. I would rather see Jay either trade Reed or just make him a receiver (for the few games that he's actually healthy). Can't trade Davis at his age so cut him or move him outside too. It makes no sense whatsoever to keep them anywhere near the tackle box. The defense can play for the pass and still be successful vs the run because neither of them can (nor want) to block. Then, when you put in Sprinkle or Flannagan it's a dead give away that there is about an 80% chance the play is a running play. I would rather see Jay phase out the pass receiving TEs and go with in-line TE's who can block their butts off and who can also slip out and catch a few balls a game. That would be better than what the Redskins have been doing. I suspect that Jay is moving in that direction because both receivers that were drafted are willing blockers.
  9. ThomasRoane

    Welcome to the Redskins Wes Martin OL Indiana

    Callhan will have to really work on his pad level in the run game. I think he gets excited and trusts his upper body strength too much. He wants to bury his man and you can't always do that. Watch the film again. Note that on a lot of run plays his helmet is higher than his opponent. Ok for a tackle. Not good for a guard. A good guard is a knee bender. I tell my guard's that if they can't see the defender's chin strap then they're playing too high. If he tries that vs Ionnaidas, Payne, Allen, or even Settle he's going to be knocked on his ass. Hopefully that will happen early on so he'll realize what he needs to do. (He should watch film of Brandon Scherff; who almost always has his helmet below his opponent - hence the reason he's one of the best guards in the NFL.) It can definitely be fixed though and I attribute his bad habit to his aggressive mentality. I think he gets excited and wants to big boy his man. He has a good first step to cut off back side 1 tech; gets his helmet between the defender and the ball and gets that second power step up-field in a hurry. That's not an easy thing to do and too often we've seen our LG miss and the poor RB wondering how in the hell he got hit from behind so quickly on an outside zone run. On play side he does a good job on combos. Not super athletic in the open field but really in today's scheme you'd rather for your lineman to get in the way of defenders and impede their progress. Pancakes are nice but it's more important to screen the defender and let the RB read it out. I really like his mental acuity and footwork in pass pro. He maintains a wide base and, iIronically, he does get his butt down in pass pro after he anchors. (He'll need to anchor sooner tho vs NFL talent and I'm sure he'll realize that in training camp). He does a really good job of recognizing stunts and passing off his man. He stays active and doesn't just guard grass. He looks for work. Overall, I like the kid and not having seen Flowers play guard yet I'd give him the edge (based on potential) to be the week 1 starting LG. P.S. Watch his hand placement. Experts talk so much about it for defenders but really it's just as important for offense. He does an excellent job of keeping his hands in the chest. Which will negate a lot of holding calls and will help him to maintain control of his man. He does a good job of mirroring with his feet too.
  10. Reminds me a lot of Sean Lee from the cowpies. Even though I hate him, when healthy, he's a heck of a player. Holcomb does a great job reading the play and you can tell he spends time in the film room. Esp on the play where the RB tried to leak out. The RB didn't do a great job of selling the block first but you can tell that Cole was already anticipating the check down. ZB was fast but too many times fast in the wrong direction. Being savvy and fast is a good combination. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up on the field in sub packages. Def as a special teamer.
  11. Source: Do you really think Haskins can't hand the ball off and do play action? Is that really a thing with you? You know OSU ran the RPO a lot right? The R in RPO means "run". Do you think Haskins couldn't get outside? I swear, some people do not value the benefit of silence and how it can assist the way others view them. Seriously? I go to Nike Coach of the year clinics where the very best coaches (Saban, Dabo, Bud Foster, etc) come to teach what they've been running. I can teach 8 year olds to run RPO's. I was running the spread a year after Rich Rod came up with it at WV. Even ran the Pistol (great concept since you're not tipping your hand on direction) after Ault ran it at Nevada. Don't talk down to me please. Anytime you want to challenge me on a whiteboard with schemes and concepts (offense and defense) just let me know. Side note: Saban is a Beli style evil genius when it comes to coverage concepts. The NFL steal from him all the time. Also, you are right about the Alex Smith comparison. There really is none and I think Haskins is better than Smith; who was too afraid to let the ball go too often. (Hated that move last year) Even tho Haskins is an upgrade for this year, I'm hoping to see the team build a SB caliber team within the next 3 years. Maybe Haskins can do enough on offense to get them there. I hope so but I'm not optimistic.
  12. Haven't you witnessed the transition in the past couple of years? Jay has been adamant (hard-headed even) about establishing the run and going with play action. Coaches evolve and change. Personally, I think he saw the light when McVay was his OC and he realized how to establish the Shanahan IZ and OZ and then run play action off that. Good coaches change with the league. (Won't say that Jay is good or not because you are what your record says but he's not Jim Zorn dumb either) Still, Jay learned from all the big stat games that his offense put up which didn't often lead to wins. The NFL is becoming more of a league where the defense leads (Patriots being the outlier but they have Belichick and the GOAT at QB). Even so, last year's SB was a very defensive battle and until Belichick/McDaniels flipped a play and hit on the big seam route to Gronk the game could have went either way. Jay is trying to build a team with a very good defense and a complimentary, ball control/play action offense. He said as much years ago. That he wanted big guys up front. See? I have been paying attention
  13. One season is not a good sample size to make a good evaluation; I wouldn't have touched Kyler Murray either. I'm still smarting over the last guy we drafted in the first who had only one good year. I'd like to see a body of work where a QB has to deal with the adjustments that defensive coordinators make in the off season. Not to mention losing big time contributors and still being productive. I think Tua and Fromm both did a good job of adjusting. Every QB has weaknesses so I don't expect him to be perfect. But I'd like to have seen that he was weak in an area and corrected it before the next season. That would give me more comfort and I'd say that about any QB. Stats for a one year player? He blew it up. I would have been more impressed if he had done that in the SEC or even the ACC. Not impressed with the big 10. Not even Michigan's defense. (Would they have been such a great defense in either the ACC or SEC? I doubt that very seriously) If they had picked Haskins (or really any of the QB's in this draft) in the 2nd I'd be fine with that? Knowing that he is already Snyder's guy and is a first rounder means that if he is a bust it could set the franchise back 3 years. If you're honest you'll admit that you've seen that scenario play out in Washington before under this owner. If Haskins is just not ready and Jay thinks that Colt or Case gives the team a better chance to win is it going to require another 5 hour meeting? I hope not! I would just love for my five kids (oldest is 30 and youngest is 19) to be proud of the team I cursed them with. Also, I'm not even sure how much time I have left (mantel cell lymphoma sucks) and I want to see the Redskins play in a Super Bowl first. Hope you don't take any of this personal. I don't and I appreciate the thoughtful replies.
  14. So, having watched Jay's offense, you really think he prefers an immobile QB? He has said multiple times that he wants to run the ball and then hit on big plays with play action. I don't see Haskins doing a great job under center running bootlegs. Unless he drops about 20 lbs (and he really should) he ain't gonna make it outside the pocket without getting chased down. I don't have to make anything up. I study the game. I've coached for over 35 years so I know how important it is for a coach to find a QB that fits his scheme.
  15. Honestly? The fact that Dan only went to visit this kid (no other QB's) and that his son goes to the same high school as Haskins is what bothers me most. And I think I have a right to be concerned because Danny's track record sucks! If Kyle Smith and Jay had made this pick I'd be fine with it. But it just smells like a DS panic move and that makes me very nervous. I'm not buying that Jay was all in on Haskins because he typically likes guys that can move. I fear this kid will be exposed by the speed of NFL linemen. But hey, maybe that bad record will come in 2021 with Haskins playing for a new coach (who isn't invested in his QB) and we can get Lawrence after all.