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  1. Apples to oranges. An exceptional QB can impact a game more than a pass rusher. For evidence, see what happened to Clemson vs OSU (Young) and then vs LSU (Burrow). Switch the players and I'd bet anything that OSU would be national champs.
  2. After seeing him thrive vs Steele, Saban, and Venables I do whatever it takes to get Burrow. Aside from Mahomes, he's the best prospect to come out in five years. Hell, maybe 10!
  3. That's an understatement. LSU brought in an NFL passing game coordinator and Burrow swam like a fish in water. OSU is working towards that but they still have a ways to go if they want to attract NFL talent at the QB position. I've only been watching Burrow since midseason but from what I see he is miles ahead of any QB drafted in the past five years minus Mahomes. I'd take Burrow over any other QB not named Mahomes in a second. This kid is a winner. He manages protections, goes thru his progressions, moves great in the pocket, protects the ball, doesn't get rattled... I'd bu
  4. After watching Burrow take apart defenses by Saban, Steele, and Venable I'd trade every QB on the roster, a 2020 3rd rounder, and a 2021 2nd rounder to swap picks with Cincy and get him. That kid is going to be an assassin at the position. Nothing gets to him. He can beat you with his mind or his body. Last year I was campaigning to load up on picks for this year. The 2019 draft was weak on QB's. Burrow is a franchise changing QB. What in the hell was OSU thinking to let him go!?!? They'd have been National Champs this year.
  5. And to all the mods. Doing a crappy job with little reward and a lot of headaches.
  6. This is an excellent article. It's comforting to know that outsiders know what the problems are. That it starts at the very top. Our only hope for a change is that DS becomes more aware that even writers and experts who don't cover the Redskins understand and will write about the primary problem - owner interference. I'm not exuberant about the hire of Rivera/Del Rio but I'm not pessimistic either. We need a couple of years where DS has been kept in his box before I'll start believing in the Redskins again. https://sports.yahoo.com/the-redskins-future-is-already-l
  7. I think we'll see Haskins for the remainder of the season. Callahan is using coachspeak to keep DH on his toes with his comment about starting. He probably just wants to ensure that DH takes this bye week seriously and continues to prepare with a sense of urgency. I hope I'm not giving Callahan too much credit but if I were the head coach that's how I'd play it. Haskins seems like the type who responds to being challenged and pushed. Good first game as a starter. Not great but not terrible. I just wish he'd have taken some shots with McLaurin (having that OSU relationship).
  8. In addition to coaching football another hobby of mine is military history. I'm tracking with what you're thinking but I'll veer off a bit. I like to compare my QB's to military commanders. There are several styles and many ways to get the job done. But since you bring up Alex Smith that's a good place to start. I'd compare Alex Smith to the cautious, conservative Monty in WWII. Everything had to be just right to go into battle; Eisenhower almost fired him because he took so long to break out of Normandy. Supply lines, intel, logistics, etc. were all carefully pla
  9. Hoping for the best for DH. Regardless, gotta see what they have in him. He doesn't have to be great. Just show progress from week to week. If he doesn't then the team needs to look hard at another QB in 2020.
  10. I wasn't alone in saying that 2019 would not be a good year to draft a QB. None of the candidates had that "can't miss" aura about them. The 2020 draft has been seen to be more impressive. But, when you have a telemarketer picking in the 1st round you end up reaching.
  11. You're making my point. A running QB who bounced around as a back up looked better than the 15th player selected in the 1st FREAKIN ROUND!! Are you seriously going to be an apologist for a first round draft pick? If DH was a 6th round pick (or 4th like Cousins) forced into action then I could relate to your position. Who, but the Dan Snyder Redskins, would draft a raw project in the top half of the NFL draft? Would Andy Reid? Payton? Kyle? But hey, I know where you're coming from. We're all beat down by so many years of mediocrity that we have this battered victim's mentality
  12. And we know that coaches always say what they really think to the press right? Cause that worked out so good for Jay G after he chastised RG III. The team is 1 and 7 and the new Head coach still insists that Haskins should not be QB1. It doesn't take a genius to read between the lines and see that Haskins is a long, long way from being ready to play in an NFL game. To contrast, look at Kyle Allen in Carolina, Minshew in Jax, and the duck caller in Pittsburgh. All three looked way better than a kid picked in the first round with the 15th pick. That's damning no matter how y
  13. Josh Johnson, who didn't have the advantage of OTA's, training camp, and preseason looked better than Haskins. Let that sink in.
  14. I'd never say that it's impossible to change throwing mechanics but it would take a lot of work on the side. I'm talking every day he's throwing a few hundred balls. If he's not committed to put in the work (which is suspect from what we see now) then he will look good in some drills but, like Tebow who so many coaches tried to fix, when the pressure is on he will revert to his style. I've coached many kids who were ex pitchers and could never get them out of their baseball type windup! I hated it when a parent brought in a kid and mentioned he should be a good qb because he was a great pi
  15. Having coached Tyrod I see the total opposite from DH. (I wish Tyrod had DH's height and arm strength). Tyrod was always engaged and trying to learn even in Baltimore. Unfortunately, he has Colt's disease; can't stay healthy. Even though he had some good success in college he didn't act like he knew it all. The words that come to mind when I see DH on the sideline are aloof, overconfident, and sometimes disinterested. At times when KOC is talking to him his eyes are elsewhere. That's a bad sign. Anytime you're talking to a person and they look away they're pretty much letti
  16. Let's pump the breaks on the blue chip moniker. You have no idea if he can adjust to the NFL or not. Blue chip is Patrick Mahomes type success. Funny, I heard the same argument about hiring Art Briles on this MB to pair him with RG III. The team is more than just a QB. A head coach should be able to build a relationship with the entire team.
  17. You got that backwards. I'm betting it's Bruce who has dirt on Dan.
  18. Bubbachuck was Allen Iverson's nickname. Coached against him in little league. 757 is the Hampton, Norfolk, Newport News Area code. Dan has broken me. This kind of BS is something you'd expect from a banana republic. I'll watch the Chiefs until Snyder sells or God brings all his wickedness back on his own head.
  19. I've got five kids that are in the "woke generation." They don't give a damn about the team name. Only a few white liberal writers beat that drum. My kids know the problem starts and ends with Dan Snyder. Period. End of story. If you keep the same owner and change the name, the colors, and the location it won't make a damn bit of difference with Snyder in charge. I'm so very close to rooting for the KC Chiefs. I happen to think that Native American team names is an honor and will always support them.
  20. Sadly, those are the glory years of the Snyder era. Looking back that was the best it's ever been under him. And yet he could restrain from interfering with Saint Joe!
  21. You'd be setting KoC up for failure. Better to let him take over in the offseason. Give him time to infuse his identity into the team. They should also start unloading anyone over 25 for draft picks. But you make Jay finish out the year. Really though, who are we kidding?! Hiring a new coach with Dan Snyder as owner, any new coach, would be like trying to cure cancer with baby aspirin. He is a toxic leader who has to buy loyalty. He will always end up with mercenaries & yes men when you need loyal troops and straight-shooters to win. I know his ego won't let him but i
  22. Ah, the Manusky game plan. First half: Play well on first and second downs. Give up long TDs on 3rd and long. Second half: Slow down the opponent's offense by forcing them to settle for 5 plus yards per carry up the middle. Pray they get tired from running so much.
  23. I'm with you. I have no hope and plan to go to bed at halftime. I hope the Redskins will surprise me but I really doubt it. Don't care enough to post a score. Because I don't want to see any more Redskin's gear around the house.
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