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  1. Williams for head coach. Rex Ryan for defensive coordinator
  2. gooseneck

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    hopefully, with this latest front office is move, Allen is being kicked upstairs and out of the football operation; wishful thinking, I know. It is time we start doing things on the Brown's model. We are 3 years away from being a competitive superbowl type team. Keep the young talent. Let Trent go to find his superbowl team to end his career( reward good vets by letting them go) Let go of Norman and other older vets and load up on undrafted free agents hoping to find a diamond in the rough. This year start building an o-line comparable to our d-line, look for franchise qb next year or start trading down for future pics if one is not available
  3. I am no rooting for other teams I like. I am rooting against teams I do not like.
  4. gooseneck

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yes, but it is easier to tank when we are winning off the field
  5. I really have no opinion about this, but if it is something the Redskins front office is doing, I don't like it.
  6. gooseneck

    Just a friendly reminder regarding our QBs

    I will; Just want to remind you about what happened the last time we were so bad at. Quarterback. Oh, wait, just a minute, never mind
  7. gooseneck

    An Offseason Plan

    start building a young, strong offensive line so that if we ever get a quarterback, they are not maimed beyond repair in his first game as starter
  8. gooseneck

    Taking Action To Make Redskins Park Listen

    Why don’t we show up in mass to see Allen and Snyder with our nose painted brown with each of us brining a six beer as an offering to them
  9. Maybe his wife could hire him a wino, to decorate his home
  10. If we got quarterbacks with accurate arms we could have them play "pin the tail on the Allen, and Snyder" at our after the draft 'Winning the offseason Parade" this year
  11. Can we have a winning off the field parade this spring.
  12. gooseneck

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: The Coal-Stuffed Stocking Special

    42-3 eagles win, I think one team will be more highly motivated
  13. gooseneck

    What do YOU want to happen?

    Tar and feather them and run them out of town on a rail
  14. gooseneck

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Hear they are changing the Redskin name. It is now going to be the “WASHINGTON BRUCE ALLENS”
  15. gooseneck

    The Season WILL Begin Anew Next August

    you take any of this seriously? I have been a fan since Otto Graham was coach. The point is some coaches and organizations have winning philosophy's. Lombardi could spot talent (Only here one year but spotted Larry Brown and Mike Bass), some coaches can build a dynamic (George Allen-over the hill gang), solid coaching and know above average talent, no mistakes. Gibbs is self evident. Bruce Allen should be no more than a contract person. He could not spot talent if it kicked him in the balls. Gruden would be fine in developing a QB what would need a kick ass defensive and offensive coordinator. Many players are going to rebel because their I.Q., though only of a grapefruit, are much higher than Allen or Snyder's. Can you imagine in any real business, not one that is expanding as a welfare program for any owner, that any of these clowns would be around?