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  1. football team is okay; their law school is inundating us with very strange judges and attorneys.
  2. My sleeper at Q.B. Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins. She is able to throw a good one with her right arm.
  3. I am betting on Tanya; I think she finds a franchise QB in the fourth round in 2022.
  4. I thought there was a report they all had the flu the week before. Maybe someone mentioned this, I am watching the video
  5. I am more interested in the way, way, too early 2022 draft grades
  6. Just got back from my morning jog to church where I talked about being God and jogged back. I gave our draft a pq to the 27th power.
  7. I don't know 3 of his touchdowns in his 8 touchdown day were under 30 yards on the carry. We would really prefer a running back who averages over 40 yards a carry
  8. I want 1600 yards just like Morris
  9. Render unto Rivera what is Rivera's (Football). Render unto Jogging God what is Jogger's God (Jockstraps?)
  10. don't know how to edit a title
  11. add your source Undrafted free agent tracker 2021: Rookie signings from all 32 NFL teams in one spot following NFL Draft - CBSSports.com
  12. If the Allen family was still in charge we would still draft him in the 7th
  13. I heard he was real "hot" in his interviews. He wore an off pink negligee and bikini underwear. Who is your source?
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