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  1. Celtics aren’t gonna just Lay down. Heat played poorly, couldn’t hit a jumper to save their life last night. They’ve gone a little cold. Hope they finish this game 6. Gonna be another battle.
  2. @carex Well he's on the roster. He was active game 1 and inactive game 2. Just would like to see what he can bring to the table. We've been so subpar creating separation sans Terry that why the hell not? lol. We'll see if/when he gets his shot.
  3. I think we need to see Isaiah Wright out there over Inman, and where necessary over Sims. Would like to give him a shot. It isnt like we dont need the help. Let's go Scott, if guys arent ready to contribute (AGG, Inman) lets see if Wright can make something happen please. Got nothing to lose.
  4. Christian was My Breakout player, fingers crossed he can continue to build on his performance.
  5. Neither were great tonight, From 3 we were a wreck. But man, what a performance from Herro. Super Solid performances from Bam/Jimmy/Goran too, but Tyler, best player on the court tonight. Not even close. Historic performance. He went to new levels tonight. vs Elite Defensive Wings.
  6. One win away from the Finals! The Heat, Flexxin in Primetime!! Herro!!!! Love watching players becoming as good as they can be right before our eyes!! Lets get back to work and finish this.
  7. For being so big and athletic, he’s a bit awkward right? He’s not very fluid. I thought he shoulda caught that pass in the endzone last week. He was slow to have his hands ready and it came flying high. I hope He does ball out though!
  8. 23-14 Browns. Fans continue to pile on the Skins O. Hoping this works in reverse.
  9. Geron Christian, better game two big guy!. One step at a time I guess. lol.
  10. So the last two games production from 2019 has not carried over yet into this year. He’s started 9 games in his career. New coordinator, new coach, distanced learning. Those aren’t excuses they are facts. What’s also a fact is the way he’s started these two games have been piss poor. I’m personally not ready to cut bait. He’s showed last year that if he understands what he’s seeing he can be something. I hope he starts to “see it” soon because I don’t think Ron is gonna accept being down 17-0 in every game for too long.
  11. Wish we’d get some information on Charles, we sure as hell need him. Through two weeks my prediction on this unit not being terrible, looks really bad. Also my hope that Christian would breakout and grab the spot, thumbs down. Maybe they’ll find their way, lots of wishing, hoping, and maybe’s with this group.
  12. Really disappointing effort from the offense. Long long way to go.
  13. Wow...slap in the face 4th from the 27. Offense needs to find some pride here.
  14. Bru.Tal. Oline looks worse than I thought they could do. Schweitzer with the whiff right there. Not sure what we want Haskins to do with this. Really tough spot. Not like he's been good with the time he's had, but still.
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