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    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    All this hope that we'll have new management seems like a pipe dream at this point, sadly. A Schaffer or Smith Promotion to run more the football side of things, is more likely, id guess.. But from the sounds of it, until the Stadium thing shakes out I dont think Bruce is going anywhere unfortunately via the comments by Wylie & Sheehan & firing in the FO.

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yeah I definitely don’t disagree at all. It a great time for it. Somehow I don’t see it happening. Have a feeling we are gonna be stuck in this malaise for a minute. Bruce is probably gonna start throwing hailmary’s. This do nothing Mode is brutal.

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    We seem to be at Next-Level disfunction this year. We deserve better as a fan base. Gruden has to be depressed as well, given he’s the front man to this terrible band...Here’s hoping we pull a rabbit out of the hat this year, chances are slim.

    ProFootballTalk : Zach Brown On This Organization

    This dude went from all over the field to invisible after being paid. Watch what they do, not what they say. ZB looked like the classic Ive been paid, bust my ass for what? Player. I wouldn’t blink an eye if we sent him packing.

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at An's Boobs

    I thought the team played valiently, gutsy, and came up short on the road. The gameplans were fine and good enough to win. I would look to upgrade Manusky and if you can move on from Allen I would. Promote the kid Smith and keep Gruden. I would also change the entire medical and physical training staff. Reset that puppy. To call the coach to be more aggressive with a qb that’s been here 3 weeks is unreasonable imo. To say that injuries are part of the game is true, to say that the amount the skins have endured over the last two seasons is not a huge impediment and a big part of the reason for our record imo is also unreasonable. I think Gruden can get it done.


    Bibbs deserves better. Dude did nothing but play well when asked. It’s a bit dumbfounding..
  7. The dawn is darkest before the light. Maybe this darkness we are wading through is the step before we actually turn the corner. There were signs this year we were doing that, turning the corner as a franchise. We were 6-3 despite a load of key injuries. Imo, Snyder must fire the entire medical and training staff. To say there is a problem with injuries/infection would be an understatement. Here to everyone getting healthy and us laying the groundwork to make the turn next year.
  8. Sorry I left y’all hanging a couple weeks between this team and injuries and work have zapped all my juju.. Sanchez was tough to have any hope with. But let’s let’s get out this funk and stumble into the playoffs! Lol. Yes! Irie Now!
  9. Deflating. Not sure how the locker room doesn't feel the same. Everyone jumping on Gruden, I don't like it. I thought he did well this year. I know the sharks come out when there is blood in the water, but just doesn't feel right.
  10. Dont you gotta double Ertz at this point? Cuz damn, he' s abusing anyone who's on him.
  11. Sweet Play by Norman. Huge. Let's Go!!!!!!!
  12. Im just saying, hes only been here 2 weeks, that last try was nice. keep running the plays he knows. He generated points. Postitive. Just try to eek one out.
  13. Get the sense Sanchez has no clue what hes doing.
  14. Yes Yes Yes Yes AP AllDay!!!!!!! wow...just what the doctor ordered. Let's Go! grind one out!
  15. This team cannot catch a break. 3rd string QB is never ever a good thing. yeesh.