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  1. Bobby Wagner? Prime for the taking if you wanna pay. You would probably have to cut Norman and resign Scherff to make it work. He is a beast 4x1stTeamAllPro. Just playing a little Cerrato LoL.


    Dude started for the Steelers which ranked 6th vs the run and 10th vs. the pass. In combined tackles he was 3rd on the team. He’s definitely a journeyman but he’s a proven avg commodity. Seems like a good pickup would not surprise me if he starts.
  3. He was the best most accurate natural passer in the draft. He could be really good. He just needs to work, work, work, on everything. Best part is he knows how to work. It won’t be from lack of work and effort if he doesn’t succeed. When you set your sights on something, a goal, at 9-11 yrs old and you achieve what you set out to do and shine spectacularly doing it, obviously anything’s possible for the kid.

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    It’s fine to take shots on injury history players just don’t rely on them without serious competition. Instead have them be in addition to’s..

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    It’s a bummer for sure. Was excited to see him play. But like others have said We have time to fill the need. We did draft one in back to back drafts. I think this also gives Ruben some time to just concentrate on himself and getting healthy. SDH and the rook time to step up. Welcome to the NFL.
  6. Oh I dont want to muzzle either, I’m all about letting people speak even if it’s not what I think. It was just a slight pushback on the incessant slow drip of sludge that will permeate this discussion concerning DH. As it did with so many other topics through the years. It was more a reminder to give the guy a chance and enjoy the ride along the way. Everyone is in a rush to prove they were right. I personally just want the kid to succeed, my words will not stop the water torture that followed and will follow until we know wether he will.

    Welcome to the Redskins Jimmy Moreland CB James Madison

    In college he was a playmaker. Hopefully that translates to the pros. Excited by his potential.

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    For the front seven to be absolutely dominant, those two inside LB positions need to pan out. If Ruben can keep it together w/ his behavior and injury’s it would make all the difference in the world. If RF does step up and ball it makes the second ILB position less crucial. If RF is not reliable, then the ILB could remain a problem.
  9. Haskins is saying all the right things and he means it. I like his attitude and demeanor from his interviews, especially post draft. The day of the draft I think he was overwhelmed a little by the draft night spectacle. I do believe Jay knows how to work well with qb’s and get them to maximize their skills, I have no doubt. Bottomline: I believe if a QB has the goods, by goods I mean a top 12 QB. A qb that gives you a chance to win your division every year, consistently make the playoffs and maybe make a super bowl run. He shows you that talent and those flashes from day one even in the worst of situations. The talent shines through. Whether he starts day 1 or game 1 of his second season. I don’t believe that giving him time to sit or throwing him into the fire will affect whether he ultimately succeeds in the league as a top 12 QB. If he’s got it we’ll know sooner than later. And that takes us back to the young man that looks ready to play the part. He seems adept in the film room, seems very coachable, wants to be great, and has earned everything he’s achieved till now. He’s got a lot going for him, it’s gonna be a fun ride to see if he’s the one.
  10. I think things are pointing to us being a better team than anyone realizes. With a little luck we’ll have the chance to play meaning games at the end. I do hope Jay let’s KOC do his thing, fresh eyes and mindset with the O would be godsend.
  11. Oh boy here come the proud contrarians. Cooley the be all end on draft prospects? HahahahahahahahaHahaha, who knew?! He gets paid to stir the pot. But but Drew Lock will be the 2nd qb taken in the top ten, book it!! Smh. LOL.... People need to just let this play out, instead of scurrying to justify their guesses, I mean takes, on how these players will pan out. Sit back and enjoy the ride instead of having your write up ready on “you see this wasn’t my guy” just to make yourselves feel like you are the best GM on a message board. The internet is awesome gotta love it. You mean there are disparate opinions on how good Haskins will be? Shocker! He’s ours now, get on board, cuz god forbid the kid actually makes it. I promise if he does to remind you forever on the fact you didn’t want him. And if he doesn’t make it I’m sure you’ll be first in line waving a finger at yourself.. but until then, support the kid who is 21yrs old and Enjoy the ride please. Look to build him up instead of tear him down. Save us from the countless reasons he sucks and all the ways we made a mistake, that you saw coming. Its like going to see a movie with a friend and he’s like “this movie is gonna suck, ebert only gave it 2 stars, and roper says he won’t even see it till it’s out on video, I’m telling you it’s gonna suck.” Thanks bud, can we just watch the movie please. ✌


    I think people forget just how good this kid was rounding out to be. Super shame his career was derailed by injury..He had an innate feel for the game, hope he translates those skills to being a great coach. Congrats to him and the FO for giving him a chance.

    Does Doctson even care?

    Totally fine not picking up the option. With it being guaranteed for injury there is 0 chance I take that risk... also hope he wakes up and breaks out,
  14. I‘m pretty optimistic regardless of our offseason moves. Our fan base deserves a winner.
  15. I’m Ok leaving it in Jay’s hands. He should know what kind of grip he’s got on the O. Also let’s remember we are going to run the ball and play D to win. He won’t be asked to do too much or carry too much. I wouldn’t be shocked either way and am fine giving him some time to get it together.