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    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    Yeah he just got beat to the outside and the RB didn’t do him any favors. I’m not down on him at all, just noticed it. I’d start him over flowers no doubt but the coaches feel otherwise till now. Also saw twice our TE’s being asked to block a LB or DL one v one. Both sprinkle and Holtz struggled with is.

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    Geron looked solid on both sides yesterday btw. We gotta remember he’s working his way back from injury, but I think he’s better than many on here give him credit for.

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    The dilema with Flowers is that Martin does not seem to be quite ready to start. I think they figure EF is their best option right now, which is scary. Martin whiffed on pass pro that got Haskins hit, and caused him to overthrow Sims on the crossing rout. The run game did appear to be way better last night then we’ve seen in a min, so there is that.

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    I think we definitely have a chance to win in Philly. We’ve lost 4 in a row to them, I think we’re due. Last year we didn’t play them till Dec, so we were in shambles w/ injury’s for both games. 17’ we lost both but played them tough. We swept them in 16’ & 15’
  5. He looked more settled, more sure, more poised. He's still rushing a few throws but overall he's progressing nicely. It's exciting to think of him with the 1's making plays for him.


    I here you, but Atl missed a FG after a an 11 play 68 yd drive that consumed 6:45 min. A few more of those and you're gasping for air come the 4th quarter. We've seen that movie before, it's not a good recipe for success. I still said they played ok, love our D. I feel like we always play so much Off coverage, even during the regular season.


    Things I took away from the 1st half: 1- Run game came alive a bit. 2- Sweat made his presence felt 3- Landon everywhere 4- Specials looked better 5- Case was ok, needs to tuck that one away. 6- Flowers struggling 1 v 1 in space, mental errors, he's a problem. 7- Moreland willing tackler. Out there with the 1's. 8- Terrible end of half 1 min drill. 9- D looked ok, same m.o. of attack against us: spread us, throw and run outta nickel.

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Love this ☝

    2019 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    It’s Gameday, Let’s Get it Boys! Hope to see Case shine tonight, if that’s the way we are gonna go early in the season. want to see Simba keep progressing..

    Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    This guy need to get healthy and stay healthy if he wants to ball this year. Not a fan of his availability up to this point.
  11. I’m also not completely convinced that Jay is completely convinced on who gives him the best chance to to win, Case or Dwayne. So If he went with DH I would not be totally shocked or insist it’s a move by Danny Boy to get what he wants. Jay hasn’t been in a rush to anoint Case at all.
  12. Excited to see TM on a GO route and let him go get it. Hope he brings the needed spark to our offense. Dam well know we need it.
  13. Dan should not be involved in any decision regarding the QB. Hoping Case plays well this week and puts the conversation to bed. Reports suggest we’ve already made our decision. But if Case struggles w/ the ones this week and DH plays well then idk anything can happen. I’m ok sitting DH till Jay feels comfortable putting him out there, hopefully it’s sooner rather than later. If we are winning and playing well w/ Case this whole issue may become moot. Hope we have that problem. I’ve accepted we prob won’t see #7 the first quarter of the season.

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    Oh it can happen, but it won’t. Best case we go 3-2 worst case we go 1-4. We aren’t just gonna lay down. In the best case we go undefeated in the division and lose to the Bears and Pats. But only the Pats game do I say we don’t have much of a chance. All the other games I think we’ll be game and we will play them tough with a chance to win all 4 imo. People forget this team is tough and resilient. Don’t sleep on the Skins! Maybe Case finds his magic stick from a couple years ago. Maybe we’re forced somehow to play the Kid and he balls.. I’m excited for the season bring it on!
  15. I Miss Trent! It’s gonna really suck to not have him starting week 1. But I’ve resigned to the likelihood he is a goner. Also hope we bring home the goods on a trade.