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  1. Still on the hunt for a PS5 digital preferable. My Xbox series X arrives today. Jumped on a new killer TV too. Wifey thinks I’m crazy, I said crazy like a fox amirite! Lol.
  2. Best win beginning to end we’ve had in quite some time. Turner has seemed to finally be settling in. We can move the ball at will. Still need to improve with our shots downfield and chunk TD’s. But that’s nitpicky. Love to see that we are running the ball with so well. The D was stingy and opportunistic. Felt great to sweep the cowgirls.
  3. Fox is asking that question because they are working off a totally bogus premise. That deaths would have been 2 Million if Trump hadn’t done what he did, which was basically not that much. I’m constantly shocked at people who say what could he have done? His actions or lack there of vis a vis Covid has been criminal for quite some time now. Not sure how they’ve skated on the subject within their own ranks and vs the democrats. Always felt the left never pinned him down and fully spotlighted on the fact he absolutely Sucked and made it exponentially worse for the USA.
  4. This is what I was getting at. This rollout is a disaster. When your the only game in town long term it will be fine for both. But for the end users this is beyond wack.
  5. @KDawg Dude! Happy for you. The worst thing Is I had it in the checkout and they tried running my card twice, somehow I had the wrong expiration date for my card in there. By the time I figured out what the hell was going on I had lost it. lol. Cuz I’m trying to get work done, I haven’t been able to be on it tonight, so I jumped in like a chicken with my head cut off and it burned me. Oh man the frustration, lol.
  6. I’m sooooo over this process of getting a dang console man. LOL who am I kidding..the fight goes on. !
  7. Yep...just got the cancellation email from Kohl’s..:( 2020 FTW...lol
  8. I got in on the Kohl’s Flurry last night. Was able to secure a Ps5 and switch for the kids. I’m fully expecting them to take my hope away and crush it mercilessly with a cancellation email, so, we’ll see if it sticks. Fingers crossed. 2020 has been a fickle vixen so until those puppies are in my hands I’m a non-believer.
  9. The Liberator on Netflix. Follows a rag tag bunch of soldiers 500 miles during WW2. True Story. Amazing, loved it..
  10. It’s gone already..smh. TY for the heads up..
  11. Lets Go Skins...Take it to them. Ready for a fight, lets go..!
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