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  1. Agreed it has really taken the steam out of my optimism. Hard to stay hopeful, but we must push on with it and enjoy the ride!
  2. This whole issue is the ultimate Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes scenario. Hoping for news of a big jump in vaccinations over the next few weeks. If not, this can get real ugly real fast for Washington.
  3. So the question we all want to know. Is Chase Vaccinated? I’m sure we’ll find out the scuttlebutt on who’s who soon.
  4. You have the right to do what you want, so do the players, its your choice. But bud, you are incorrect that there is no definitive research that the vax works. Bottom line. Stick to the science and facts. The information is widely available. You are more likely to suffer from the Covid than you are from the vaccine, by an immense number. You either believe in Science or you don’t. I think it’s an unnecessary risk for you and those around you.
  5. I am vaccinated. But I’m not trying to hang with an unvaccinated person indoors. Unmasked or halfmasked. Not something I’m looking to do at all. With Delta and the other variants to come, no thank you. We work in a warehouse and small office w/ poor circulation. I have unvaccinated younger kids, older susceptible parents, and a wife. Everyone’s vaccinated except the kids. But even the small chance that I can be infected by him and then put myself and my loved ones at risk, especially my parents is enough for me to not hang. I also coach soccer 4 days a week. So, I’m loo
  6. No. I’m sending him info on the reasons he told me why he doesn’t want it. To try and inform him regarding his doubts. I’ve just stayed away from the office mostly because I don’t need to be there. But yeah, it’s not a great situation.
  7. So yeah our team is at a serious disadvantage rn. I have some hope it’ll turn around, not sure why. Lets not let one ugly voice derail a place to talk about what’s gonna be an issue all year. I’ve found a bunch of the unvaxxed in a stressed state, understandably. Like more than normal stressed state for these stress-filled days. My employee is unvaxxed and when I brought up that I’d like him to get it, he got super defensive and stressed. So I lowered the temp and asked what were his reasons why and if he’d be open to reading stuff I would send him. I’ve got to find a way to get
  8. The Vaccinated are tested every two weeks. They are now considering increasing this, given the virus’ prevalence.
  9. Sucks we have to wait until next year man. Smh.
  10. There was still a giant hole after him on the roster though. I think the need for more TE was always there.
  11. Damn Shame and only means we have a higher chance to forfeit games if it stays like that throughout the year. It seems inevitable at this point. Was hoping to come here and see that we’ve begun to turn a corner. But alas, no.
  12. May be. That’s towards the top of his value imo. So hoping for 5-6 with a chance at 7. We’ll see eventually. Either way I think it’s a good signing. Is he better than Hooper who signed for 10-11 last year? I’d say so. Ah they just released it. He got 8 per. Nice for him and honestly pretty dang good for us given his production vs some of the other players who’ve signed for more in the last couple of years.
  13. Nice move to solidify Logan. He put in the work. Sounds like a value move, since the $ wasn’t really a big part of announcing it which is usually the case.
  14. Kinda a big deal to hear Ron say it… I’m not gonna get excited yet..lol.
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