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  1. The two day data in FL is concerning to say the least. Most cases To date back to back days, is No Bueno.
  2. Fangio is Out of touch. I understand what he’s trying to get at. But all you need to do is Check the coaching ranks, the executive ranks, the ownership ranks. If these teams exist in society and racism is a societal problem....we’ll Vic, you got a problem too. When the the makeup of your workforce/team is 70-80% African American to Not address what is going on in the country right now would be a mistake. I think it was right to participate in the blackout, 100%.
  3. 42 (me) and 39 over here..... 2 kids (7) and (5) I'm definitely more gen X. Trying to do it right. Didn't marry till 35 and have been with the Mrs. Killa, 21 years. Definitely trying to avoid the pitfalls of the broken home I come from. She lives in fantasy land, so it balances out.

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Anonymous has a role and has been effective at points, but in the end they are a bunch of nerd keyboard warriors (no offense to the nerds out there, I'm one) so our expectations have to be tempered I think. lol

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Or Shooting at them or throwing them to the ground, or spraying pepper spray in their face. All people for that matter.

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    The way the police are going about their business all over the country I don't think anyone will forget this, I know I won't. I know it's a tough spot to be in, but its shameless and rather despicable.

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Anyone know where the vid of the person/cop posing as a protester that says he’s with cnn, in an unmarked truck, filled with what looks like cops is? It was here yesterday and I can’t find it. Thank you in advance..

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    So to sum up some of the stuff that is out there. 1. There are real protestors with real pain with a real case to be made for fundamental systemic change regarding black/brown people and the police/justice system. 2. There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that some of the more violent or unruly protestors are part of a larger organized group, traveling into protest areas and coordinating chaos around the country. Reports in KY of buses bringing them in/and in Dallas providing piles of bricks and info on police presence. a. some of these protesters may be Antifa or Anarchists or black bloc or some other left leaning group. They want to tear the system down.Attending Riot season. very possible. b. some of these protesters may have been deployed by the government? Several fotos and videos shared up top of potential law enforcement involvement in order to stoke division and continue muddying the waters of the whole intent of the protests. Change. Justice. We've employed these tactics throughout the world over the years. very possible. c. some of these protestors may come from the group of real protestors who have an actual beef and are acting out. very possible. d. Russian involvement too? haven't seen anything, but we know their online. They organized and set up rallys and protests in the US from over there in 2016. less possible. 3. We've seen instances of Police lashing out at Civilians, throughout these protests. Losing their cool or acting out in malicious ways. The very reason why these protest sprouted. Mostly have remained levelheaded but the blemishes just stand out much more especially with video. Pushing that girl down in NY, and KO'ing the lady in Baltimore aren't good looks. 4. And now Trump is preparing the army to be ready to go to Minnesota, and probably everywhere else they feel it's needed to regain control, law, order. happy Saturday, stay safe out there peeps.

    US Government vs Social Media...

    This is a big nothing burger until they change the law right? So just more distraction and bluster from the Orange.

    Reuben Foster; can he come back?

    Ruben has done everything asked of him since we took the chance. I hope he gets back out there and shows the asset he can be!

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    This is all positive. Getting out there and working with top shelf talent is always good. This will help with his confidence and performance on the field. Keep working DH!
  12. The Wrong Missy had me Lol’ing like I haven’t in a while. It’s silly but I enjoyed it a lot. Netflix
  13. @Renegade7 yeah I’m not a AOC super fan by any stretch, never mentioned her. She has the right spirit but not the right policy’s yet imo. I don’t fall along normal factions or camps of the Democratic Party. I’m not advocating to doing it exactly like the GOP does it. I’m advocating for doing what is right and best for as many people in the US as possible. It’s a tough balancing act for sure. The specifics of policy can be sorted out once they take power but the spirit fight and will need to be similar. It isn’t about lowering the bar, it’s about raising the bar for whats best for the people as a whole. The truth is usually found somewhere in the middle. Love me some Katie Porter, funny you mention her cuz I’d love to see her get some VP pub, but I guess she wouldn’t bring enough people w/ her. Just get tough and fight for what you believe in, Like your life depended on it. And from the looks of the current state of things, it does.
  14. @Renegade7 I totally agree. As an additional point, you think the GOP or Trump thinks about the dems feelings or the appearances their moves will make? Or the division their policies might cause? TheY don’t give a rats ***. If the Dems ever want to be taken seriously, bring that same fervor and willingness to go for yourS regardless of how anyone feels about it. If there is a revolt or the GOP supporters try and intimidate the will of the people in anyway then you squash it. Hard, fast, and throughly...all while adhering the rule of law. I’m an independent and my probLem w/ the Dems is how damn soft they are in going for theirs. Believe in it and get it the **** done. Quit being so willing to compromise and scared of the repercussions. Stop worrying what people will think. Be ready for the collateral damage. That’s why you have these yahoos doing mock lynchings on the governors lawn, they know ain’t nobody gonna do anything about it. That’s why they show up inside the state capital armed to the teeth, scaring everyone in their way. That’s why Trump has shat on every untested but accepted convention regarding executive power and firing IG’s and pushing every limit he can regarding his power. All I’m advocating for is a little friggen backbone and conviction in the principles you stand for. Power to the People!